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As Time Goes By

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Alissa's Interests". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the things that Alissa has been through over the centuries

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ChristyFR152014,9490310,03731 Mar 1020 Nov 14Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Blood Runs Grey

Title: Blood Runs Grey
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 13
Fandom/Theme: Highlander/Buffy
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: and TtH
Spoilers: None
A/N: This is actually part of a much larger series that I’ve written out longhand, but keep losing pieces of.
Summary: Alissa deals with an Immortal she runs into in 1930s Chicago.

She looked around downtown Chicago, surprisingly busy considering the Depression currently gripping most of the nation. She’d had to die again back after the Great War since most of her family, including that wonderful little girl she’d once introduced Guinan to, had all died in the ensuing influenza epidemic. Still melancholy over something that had happened nearly 20 years ago, as only an Immortal could, Alissa wasn't looking where she was going and got clipped by a nearby roadster.

“Oy, lady! I’m sorry- I didn’t see ya there. Lemme help you up.”

Alissa tipped her hat back and smiled up at the broad Sicilian face. “It was entirely my fault. I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No, no. I insist that, to make up for it, you come relax over some dinner with me. My friend owns a place nearby, so whatcha say? It's the least I can do for nearly runnin’ ya over.”

“All right, but on one condition,” she said with a laugh. “Tell me your name.”

“Henry Lansky,” the gentleman said, tipping back his fedora.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Lansky. My name is Jennifer - Jennifer Parker.”


Myer Lansky’s nephew strolled into the restaurant soon after, the beautiful Miss Parker on his arm. The Maître d', seeing who it was, personally sat them at an out of the way table and promptly sent over the house wine.

“Miss Parker, I do apologize again for my inattention on the road. How long have you been in Chicago?” Henry asked as he poured.

“Only a few years- the Depression, you know,” Alissa explained with a sad smile. She was about to continue when she felt the tell-tale sign of a nearby Immortal. She turned with a curious look as the feel intensified and Henry got up to greet someone behind her.

“Miss Parker, may I introduce one of my family's closest associates- James Mathison, Miss Jennifer Parker.”

It was all Alissa could do not to glare daggers at the former Confederate spy as introductions were made.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Parker. Mayhap later I can show you some parts of Chicago while you're with us,” James offered.

“Hands off, Mathison- she's my gal tonight,” Henry joked goodnaturedly as he put his arm around Alissa.

Mathison smiled coldly at the other Immortal. “Another time, then,” he replied with an incline of his head, before heading back to his own table.

“Can't understand why he'd act like that,” Henry muttered to her as they sat back down. “He's generally so nice.”

For a gangster, Alissa thought sardonically. Damn bastard tried to have me killed for being a Union spy back when your grandfather was young.


“So, got tired of young Lansky after only a month and ready to move on to me?” James asked, his southern accent more pronounced now that they were both alone.

“Not something I would ever be interested in. You had me murdered for being on the 'wrong' side, you bastard,” she ground out.

“Oh, come now, you're not going after my head for a mini ball,” he scoffed.

“No, you're right, I'm not. It's more for the fact that when you captured my three friends, you sold them as slaves. White women, Mathison! Why?”

James shrugged. “All women need to know their place, some more than others.”

Alissa cocked her head to the side, one hand edging towards her sword. “Let me guess- either under a man's cock or his bootheel?” she asked as she drew her new katana.

“Oh, I want it both ways and those three women did so admirably- with a little instruction, of course,” he replied, taunting her, but Alissa just laughed and parried his first thrust as the fight began in earnest.


Derrick Brody tried to duck out of the way of the bullets whining by his head as they crisscrossed the vacant lot. He'd been temporarily assigned to Alisé MacKenzie after his Potential had been killed in the gang violence, since she'd been here in Chicago as well. Now, here she was trying to dodge bullets from the compatriots of the late James Mathison.

Oh dear, and she's coming this way! They didn't cover what to do if the Immortal you're watching catches you! How am I supposed to deal with this? he thought in a panic as Alissa, hair awry and clothing torn, crept towards him, still weakened from the Quickening.

“Here, this way, miss. Let's get you out of this mess. Damn shame, Chicago,” he babbled as he put one of her arms over his shoulders.

“ Call....Duncan....Mac-” she managed before crumpling as she passed out.

Welcome to Watchers overlap, Derrick thought as he picked her up and shuffled to his car and then his house to call for a Council doctor.
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