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Hiding Places

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Summary: AU BtVS S5 ficlet/drabble series. A few ways the Monks of Dagon might have hidden the Key from Glory by sending her to someone other than Buffy... now includes a crossover in Chapter 4.

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Games > Fantasy(Current Donor)SpeakertocustomersFR1342,7210596,84431 Mar 1017 Apr 14No

Protective Custody

“The Beast has located us,” said the Abbot. “We must send the Key to the Slayer. Only she can protect it.”

“Which Slayer?” asked Brother Jaroslav. “There are two now, remember.”

“To the one who can protect it best, of course,” the Abbot replied. “The Beast approaches. We must hurry. Summon the rest of the Order, without delay, so that we may perform the ritual.”

- - - - -

The cell door opened and a guard entered. Faith put down her magazine and sat up.

“Hey, Lehane, new cell-mate for you,” the guard said, pulling a slim figure into the cell. “Her name’s Dawn.”
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