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A Touch Of Life

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Summary: Crossover with Pushing Daisies. When Buffy swan-dived off the tower, Willow didn't invoke Osiris; instead, pie maker Ned was called to help.

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Television > Pushing DaisiesMillarosFR1515240268231 Mar 1031 Mar 10Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be. Pushing Daisies belong to someone who I forgot his name, and Buffy belongs to Joss.

A/N: Was bored. Watched the show. Got the idea… Seriously, it’s a very funny and occasionally sarcastic show. Oh, and the ficlet is set after Buffy swan-dive. Does anyone know where Pushing Daisies is set in?


Willow closed her computer and turned to the others.

“Okay, here’s the info ; there’s a pie maker called Ned that can supposedly bring people back with a touch of his hand. If we want to bring Buffy back, we will have to talk to him.”

Giles sighed and rubbed his glasses.

“As much as we would like to bring Buffy back, this idea is preposterous,” He glanced around the room and took in everyone’s gaunt faces, “ A mortal is never given a power to bring a human back! Th..This defies the balance of life and death!” He sputtered.

“Please Giles, we have to try. It might be our only lead.” Dawn spoke quietly from her curled position.

“Yea, G-Man, just give it a chance. We can leave patrolling to Dead Boy Junior over there for a couple of days.” Xander pleaded.

“Oy! Stop calling me Dead Boy junior! I don’t want anything related to Peaches!”

“Shut up Spike,” Xander shouted and turned back to Giles, “ I would even do the Snoopy dance for you?” He offered.

Giles sighed again and rubbed his glasses harder.
“Fine, if you insist so.”


Three days later, pie maker Ned found himself standing in a cemetery.

“You want me to bring this girl,” he checked the tombstone and frowned,” Buffy back to life?”

“Do you need any help or any stuff you need to bring her back?” Willow asked anxiously.

“No, but you will need someone to give their life away in return for her life back. Are you sure you want to do this?” He warned them.

Anya whispered:”Told you nothing comes for free. Except orgasms, which Xander is going to give me later.”

Xander blushed and nudged Anya not too gently.

“Anya, we really need to talk about tact.”

As the pair began to squabble, Giles cut in sharply.
“Yes, because a Slayer’s life is worth more than a mortal, only vampires and mythical creatures or demons have almost the same life value as them. Spike will assist you to revive Buffy.”

Ned had never seen such chivalry before.
“You are willing to give up your life for this girl?”

Spike smirked.
“I’m already dead.”

Ned gulped.

“Giles, we are going to meet you back at Buffy’s house just in case something happens to Dawn.” Tara told him.

“Yes, please do, and take Xander and Anya along with you.”

“Are you going to start anytime this decade? I don’t mind waiting, but old Rupert here is getting older by the second.” Spike asked.

Giles scowled at him.

“Umm, okay, I will just touch her and Spike here will umm, have to die again?” Ned told them.

“Just get on with it.”

After 1 minute, Spike doubled over in pain and Buffy opened her eyes.

She screamed:
“Oh god! What did you dress me in?”

The End

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The End

You have reached the end of "A Touch Of Life". This story is complete.

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