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Life Decisions

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer's House". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and House negotiate important life decisions

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Television > House, M.D. > Buffy-Centered(Recent Donor)kaelaFR1542,4451278,71331 Mar 1015 Apr 10Yes
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See first chapter for disclaimer, timeline ect

One month later

After ten hours and dozens of creative and swear laden threats later 8 pound 2 ounce baby and half an hour of new parent happiness, House and Buffy were glaring at each other again.

“We are not naming our son Rupert. He’s already the god father he doesn’t get a namesake also.”

“Well we are not naming him after a character off of you soap opera. That’s a really dumb way to pick a name.”

“You haven’t even heard what I’m suggesting; it’s not from a soap opera.”

“Right, like I’m going to believe that.”


Buffy looked up and blinked.

“I thought that it could honour that friend of yours that died seeing as how you insist on naming our son after one of your friends and this way it isn’t completely blatant and won’t get him beat up.”

She smiled, “Its perfect, Terrence House. Now all we need is a middle name. Do you want to use your father’s name?”

House face darkened and bit, “James I would prefer James.”

Buffy continued to beam, “Sounds perfect to me, I guess he does deserve it after having to put up with you all these years.”

House nodded, “But now you owe me. I mean I came up with the perfect name.”

“I’m so happy right now I’d agree to almost anything.”


“Almost anything.”

“So a role playing sex tape is out?”

“Well at least until we lose some weight.”


“Yup I fully intend to have a hot husband. I didn’t say anything when we first started dating seriously and you gained a few pounds because it wasn’t that much and you were still getting used to slayer snacking habits. Then during the pregnancy I was ballooning up like whale so it would have been a little silly to criticise you. But now sir this has gone too far,” she said patting his belly, “you will lose weight with me and re-become the lean mean doctor I met or all sex in the future will be as vanilla as... angel food cake.”

House looked what she named her version of resolved face and sighed, “Do you have any other secret plans for us?”

Buffy grinned, “Lots, starting with me getting an IUD so that I get to be part of the family planning.”

Giles and Cuddy stood in the door way observing the argument. Giles leaned over and whispered, “You know, between the show they put on at the wedding and this exchange was I think they have demonstrated just how well suited for each other they are.”

Cuddy smiled back at him, “Yes, it’s like they are perfectly evenly matched for tormenting each other.”

“Precisely,” replied Giles wrapping his arm around and her, “Let’s just hope that they lead long and healthy lives otherwise we have raise their likely doubly conniving offspring.”

“Agreed,” Cuddy replied and gave him a small kiss, “Well co-godparent it has been a long day, I think that we should leave the new parents alone and get something to eat and then consider how vanilla our sex will be tonight.”

Giles gave her a thoughtful look, “Tonight I feel like devil’s food cake.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Life Decisions". This story is complete.

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