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Two Ships

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Summary: Willow runs into an interesting professor.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeLadyChipmunkFR1354,379069,25023 Nov 0323 Nov 03Yes

Two Ships Passing

Title: Two Ships Passing

Author: Lady Chipmunk

Rating:PG 13 or so

Pairing: W/SS

Disclaimer: Not mine. Buffy belongs to Joss and assorted others, HP

to JK Rowling.

Summary: Willow's in a mood, Severus is lost.

Oz had left, her friends were too busy or fed up with her mood to deal with her emotional turmoil, and her grades were slipping. Willow officially had nothing to hold on to or to hope for, or at least that's what her heart said. Rationally she knew she was just depressed, and that things would look up, and the pain would pass, but it seemed like that time was so far away, and what if it didn't happen, and-

Her train of thought was cut off as she ran into something. On looking up she discovered it was a man. An attractive, scowling, black-robed man who was apparently saying something to her.

"I'm sorry." Willow murmured while pulling herself out of her thoughts. "I'm afraid I didn't catch what you were saying."

"I said," the man spat, exasperation soaking his tone, "could you tell me where the intersection of Pine and Cresent is?"

Willow opened her mouth to answer when her irritation at his tone, and men in general thanks to Oz, got the better of her.

"You want me to give you directions, do you a favor, and you're all snotty. It would serve you right if I just walked away and left you lost, or...or gave you wrong directions or something!"

She watched him grit his teeth. "If you will not help me after so rudely running into me I will find someone with more manners and brains to direct me."

"Whoa! You did not just insult me, Mr.-Tall-Dark-and- Creepy."

"My name is Severus. You may call me Snape if you must refer to me as anything. Now if you will excuse me-"

"Nope. You insulted me and I'm not leaving you alone until you apologize."

"Apologize! Why you obnoxious little twit-"

"I'll have you know I'm considered one of the smarter people around here!"

"No wonder the United States is such a mess. May I go now?"

"Sorry, Sevvy. No apology, no leaving."

With a growl the man tried to brush past her. She linked her arm through his and practically made him drag her.

"Let go!" he demanded.

"Are you sorry?"

"I'm certainly sorry I ever asked for your help."

"That's a shame. You're kind of cute. Besides, Pine and Cresent is in the other direction."

With that Willow let go and continued on her way home. Looking back once she saw the strange man staring at her in what she could only assume was annoyance. She walked the rest of the way with a smile on her lips.
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