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Love Means Believing in the Impossible

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Summary: From across space and time, they'll never stop searching for one another. (Buffy/Obi-Wan)

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredkerrykhatFR1322,3452153,5411 Apr 1025 Apr 10Yes

Love Means Believing in the Impossible

Disclaimer: Joss owns "Buffy," Lucas owns "Star Wars," I own my pen.

AN: This piece was originally written for the "Love Means..." February challenge over at Paradise Lost. It's unconnected to any of my current Buffy/Obi-Wan stories posted on TtH. Enjoy!

"Buffy, are you coming inside?" she heard Dawn yell from the doorway. Buffy ignored her sister for a moment, content just to look at the stars for a little while longer. It was a few days after the collapse of Sunnydale, and they were just outside of Cleveland. Soon, the lights and the smog would obscure the stars from Buffy's view, so she was getting one last, long look. She had been looking at them ever since being pulled back to Earth by Willow's spell, forcing her to leave her new life behind without a warning to those she had grown close to. Her hands fingered the small pendant that Obi-Wan had given her, the only thing from her time with him that had made the journey back to this dimension.

"Buffy?" Dawn had come outside, standing beside her. "Did you hear me?"

"I heard you, Dawnie," Buffy answered, finally looking over at her sister. "I just needed some time to think." Dawn gave her an odd look, but otherwise didn't say anything. None of the Scoobies knew about her time with the Jedi, instead thinking that she was in Heaven. It hadn't been that exactly, but she had felt that when compared to her life in Sunnydale, living in the strange, new galaxy was somewhat of a vacation. Albeit a vacation where she had to dodge blaster bolts and killer robots, but it was still nice not to be the one with the weight of the world on her shoulders. And she had met Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan, with all of his sarcasm, calmness, and hidden humor. Obi-Wan, who she had grown close to while she had been living on Coruscant, and who she considered more than a friend.

He had been different from anybody she had known, taking her as simply "Buffy;" not the Slayer, not the dutiful daughter, not the sister expected to provide for her younger sister, or anything like that. He had... he had been somebody she could see herself having a future with, even with that damn Jedi Code he had to follow. But it was gone now, snatched away from her the moment Willow had decided to do the spell.

I'll see you again, Obi-Wan, she promised silently, her hand closing around the pendant before she went inside. No matter what it takes, I'll see you again.

Obi-Wan absently watched Anakin spar with another apprentice, whose name he forgot at the moment, his mind deep in thought. It had been three years--three years since Buffy Summers had vanished without a trace from her Coruscant apartment. There had been no sign of a struggle, but he couldn't be sure if she had been forced to leave or not. The mystery of her disappearance haunted him, taunted him with his inability to protect her.

Buffy, for all her temper and her annoying tendency for demeaning nicknames, was probably one of the few people who treated him like she would any other sentient being. To her, he was somebody she could tease, challenge, confide in to a certain extent. He didn't know what had initially drawn her to him, but as time had worn on, she had become less of a nuisance and become one of his true friends. More than a friend, in fact. He had fallen in love with Buffy, but it had been so gradual that he hadn't known it was upon him until it was too late. He looked at the pendant he had given her two days before she had vanished, and that he had found in her apartment when he had gone looking for her. He kept it with him at all times, to remind himself that Buffy wasn't just a figment of his imagination.

"Master Obi-Wan?" Anakin asked, standing alongside the other apprentice, their duel over.

"You're both done for the day," Obi-Wan answered, hiding the pendant from sight. "Go clean yourselves, and Anakin, I'll meet you in the Archives in an hour." Both Padawans nodded and walked away, leaving Obi-Wan alone with his thoughts.

I'll find you, Buffy, he promised silently, running his fingers along the contours of the pendant. I won't ever stop looking for you.
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