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The Beginning

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Succour". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ryan and Xander finally find succour. BTVS and The OC cross. Non-explicit slash.

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AN: I don't own either BTVS or The OC. I make no money from this story.

Um, I'm not really sure where this chapter came from. This wasn't at all where I had planned to take the story. Oh well. Here it is, nonetheless.

This is also probably going to be the last story of this series. I'm considering re-packing it all as one story when I finish. We'll see.

Um, I accidently clicked the box saying that the story is complete. It isn't. There'll be a total of five chapters.


Ryan soon pulled away from the hug and tugged Xander towards his apartment. It seemed like they had more than just Ryan’s issues to discuss. There was more than one part of the conversation he’d heard that required some sort of explanation. He also wanted to tell Xander about his conversation with Seth. Ryan was still confused about what to do. He needed someone to talk to.

“Xander, I think it is time we finally had a real conversation. As much as I enjoy what we normally do, I think we have some things to clear up. First, vampires and demons?” Ryan asked with a raised brow. Xander grimaced slightly in response.

“I guess you overheard that part of the conversation, huh? Well, you know the muggers I told you about the other day? Not really big with the mugging, more with the biting and killing. Occasionally turning too. Yup, they were vampires and I totally lied to the super-awesome ‘Charmed Ones.’ I have been patrolling. Only once in a while, when things get to be too much. There really isn’t much to do in San Fran, on the supernatural front. Those ladies you didn’t actually meet take care of most things and the city’s slayer usually deals with the rest.” Xander shrugged when he was done speaking.

Ryan was impressed that while Xander had said a lot, it wasn’t like his usual babble. This was actually fairly clear explanation. What Ryan wasn’t sure about was the whole “vampires are real” business. Vampires, really?

“Yes, really. There are vampires. Demons and other stuff too,” Xander smiled at Ryan, who seemed to be shocked that he spoke the last bit out loud, “I guess I really did shock you, since you almost never say more than you have to.

“I’m not sure that I can believe this,” Ryan’s voice was laced with doubt.

“Well, stick around for a little while and I’ll at least be able to prove that magic exists. Now, just a warning though, I’m not really good with the mojo. I learned some stuff in Africa that pretty much anyone can do, if they know what to do. What those witches don’t know,” Ryan raised a brow.

“Yes, those three ladies were witches. Very famous and powerful ones, too. I know some pretty important people in the supernatural world. Pretty well connected, I guess. Anyway, what they and Willow don’t know, what they can’t know, is the type of magic I’m about to use. They learn all their magic from books, this stuff is older than books.

“Not every culture invented writing, or once writing was introduced, wrote everything down. Lots of African tribes have long oral histories. Also have a lot of oral teachings passed down throughout the generations. Now, normally they don’t teach outsiders anything about this stuff, since it usually gets shrugged away as superstition. But, if you’re in the know, you’ll know that some of it isn’t just superstition. Some of it is real.

“I’m about to perform a ritual I learned from a grateful parent in Africa. Don’t ask me about the exact details. That’s another story I’m not going to share. I learned this because I thought it might be useful someday. You never know when you might have to hide from your enemies. Guess I never considered that I’d have to hide from my ‘friends.’” Xander’s voice was not only sarcastic, but it was also bitter. Ryan also thought he heard the smallest trace of sorrow.

“Now I don’t want you to wig or anything, so I'm gonna warn you: the ritual involves some singing, some dancing, and some bleeding. Don’t interfere or do anything while I’m doing the ritual. I just want to make one thing clear: magic has a price. If you learn nothing else today, learn that. Powerful people like Willow are able to defer payment, but they still pay in the end. This ritual has a price and I’m going to be paying it today. This is old magic and it can have Old Testament style consequences. Okay?” Xander paused and waited for Ryan to nod.

Xander stripped down to his underwear, something that surprised Ryan. He then took out a small object from a chest. Placing the object, it looked like some kind of idol to Ryan, on the dresser. Xander consulted a compass and turned the idol to face some exact direction. Xander then pulled a bone knife out of the same chest. He cleared away all the furniture to the sides of the room. In the centre, facing the idol, he began chanting. Ryan then heard the distant sounds of drumming. Drumming that didn’t seem to come from anywhere specific. As Xander began to move, chanting at intervals, the drumming increased in both pace and volume.

As the dancing and chanting became frenzied, Ryan began to feel tense. There was something oppressive in the room. Ryan, for the first time believed that Xander was telling the truth. It was indescribably but he knew, just knew in his bones and on his flesh, that Xander had drawn the attention of something other. Something vast and old. Ryan shivered.

All at once, when everything felt like it was becoming too much and Ryan began to feel like he was losing himself. Xander stopped dancing and stopped chanting. The drums stopped. Everything was absolutely still and quiet, not even street noises could be heard. In this moment of quiet, Xander gave a sudden cry and plucked out his eye with the knife. The knife that Ryan had forgotten was in his hand.

The presence in the room suddenly felt warm and light, no longer oppressive. Ryan became inexplicably hard. He could see that Xander was too. Ryan had the sudden need to be naked and quickly took his clothes off as Xander slid his underwear off. The presence hadn’t left and continued to feel warmer and warmer. Ryan began to feel little tingles of sexual pleasure course through his body. It was pleasure on a magnitude he never thought possible.

Xander handed him the knife. Ryan, feeling like he had lost all control, brought the knife to his left pink and cut it off. The knife slid through flesh and bone as if it were nothing but air. Ryan felt no pain. Quite the opposite, the feelings of pleasure only increased. Xander’s face was bleeding profusely and Ryan was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the sensations in his body.

The pleasure increased steadily. Ryan distantly thought he heard drums again. He grabbed Xander’s hand and squeezed. Xander squeezed back. Ryan gasped as he suddenly began to have an orgasm. He heard Xander gasp at the same time. Ryan felt like his head exploded with the intensity and, suddenly, everything went black.
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