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Unintentional Consequences

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Summary: Xander, Andrew and Faith find themselves in the Pegasus Galaxy and inadvertently help two men find each other

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash(Past Donor)improvedpeanutFR151632,737915248,0062 Apr 107 Oct 10No

Chapter Sixteen

Title: Unintentional Consequences
Genre/Pairing: Xander/Graham, Lorne/Sheppard
Spoilers: Vague Season 4 Tabula Rasa SGA, Post-Chosen Buffy
Summary: Xander, Andrew and Faith find themselves in the Pegasus Galaxy and inadvertently help two men find each other
Disclaimer: Buffy and all themes and characters are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Stargate with all themes and characters belong to MGM. No copy right intended

A/N: After scouring the internet I finally found a source that said Faith's first watcher, who was killed by Kakistos, had the name Diana.

"What is going on here?” Samantha Carter demanded trying to cut through the chaos of the mess hall wondering if she should have just had security throw everyone into the brig. “No, you know what it doesn’t matter right now. Corporal, go to the infirmary and get checked out and someone have Dr. Keller sent down here to check on Willow before we move her.”

As the marine passed Evan on his way out he sneered, “You and your little hag better watch your backs around here from now on and once your little bitch of a bodyguard goes home, you’ll have no one to defend your honour.”

The marine assumed no one could hear him but Buffy did from where she was crouched down by Willow’s body. Her head whipped around from her examination of her friend, this went unnoticed by everyone but the Scoobies. Dawn made to lunge at the man again but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder by Giles.

Sam said pointing at Giles “Keep your people under control.” Her radio chirped Dr. Keller telling her that she was on her way. Sam was truly hoping that there was no serious harm from the stunner or the resulting fall, she really didn’t want to find out how serious the president was about keeping these people safe and unharmed.

Giles nodded and gave Dawn a squeeze letting her know that he wouldn’t just let whatever was happening here go. She wondered what his journal entry about her would be for today. Nothing like being memorialized in the Council’s journals a mystical ball of energy-turned girl-who caused an intergalactic incident with the lamest fight, ever.

Sam had been watching the interactions between Giles and Dawn until Evan began to scramble around after a bunny rabbit that appeared to have popped up from a pile of clothes on the floor.

Her left eye started twitching and pointed unnecessarily at the clothes. “Whose uniform was that?”

Nobody answered.

“Why is it on the floor?” Looking around she see’s Evan now holding a rabbit in his arms, her eye twitches again.

“Is that is that... a rabbit?” She noticed the patch on the arm of the uniform her voice becoming shriller and quieter, “Is that Rodney?”

She should not be thinking these questions. She should not have to ask these questions. No one answered her right away, confirming what she thought but couldn’t really wrap her head around.

Evan decided to scramble around trying to grab the bunny!Rodney deciding that ignorance would be bliss, especially considering everything that just happened. He’ll deal later. Snagging the bunny!Rodney, trying to get him to settle down and seeing the looks everyone was giving him, he decided to think about everything much, much later.

Dr. Keller came in and immediately started checking over Willow bringing everyone’s attention to the girl on the floor. Andrew was unsure how to feel about what just happened, Ronon just shot Willow and though it was set to stun like a phaser he still shot Willow, while aiming for Buffy. That wasn’t better he still had nightmares about Warren aiming for Buffy and killing Tara, the First using Jonathan’s image to tell him to kill all the girls. Take the gun and kill all the girls.

Andrew scrambled up and scrabbled his way over to Willow he collapsed by her side in a dramatic pose clutching one of her limp hands between his own tears brimming his eyes.

“Cut down in her prime the Red Witch has fallen, how will the Scoobies go on? How will the bunny!Rodney ever return to his original form? Oh sweet merciful Goddess how could she be taken away from us like this?”

“Andrew, pull yourself together.” Giles said pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I can do that all stiff upper lippy, just like you so strong and silent you lead us in the stoic in your grief, the kind of man we all want to be, well the kind of leader we all want to be since really it’s mostly girls, well all girls really, well I guess its not all girls what with you and me and Xander and Graham, then there are the army guys that come around and Robin but he’s so, you know he totally has the stoicness going on, but I think that’s only when Faith is there, or lots of people but of course nobody compares with Angel but that’s more of a dark brooding air then stiff upper lipped stoicisms. Can’t look to Spike, oh Spike he would rage, demanding retribution, tossing the furniture about with a cigarette in his mouth in his tight black pants and swirling leather jacket...”

The man Giles stepped forward, crouched down next to Andrew, and whispered something that Ronon couldn’t hear. There were two out comes Andrew stopped talking. And Ronon’s stomach turned watching the scene.

The bunny!Rodney had stopped trying to get away from Evan and was now trying to burrow his way into the crevices of his arms as if seeking the safety as if it would lead to a nice safe dark place.

“Ok I need to get her to the infirmary, she should be ok but I would like to do a scan just to be sure.” Dr. Keller said looking to Sam.

“She is not going alone.” Giles, Buffy, and Dawn said all at the same time.

Sam’s eye twitched again, “You don’t get to dictate terms around here. Yo,/bu and your people started a brawl in the middle of the mess hall, one of my marines has a broken nose and claw marks down his face, and my friend and the head of my science department is a BUNNY RABBIT!!”

Wincing slightly and standing up a little straighter Giles said to her “Be that as it may, she will not be going to the infirmary or anywhere else without one of us.”


Sam picked Andrew to be the one to escort Willow to the infirmary with Dr. Keller. Sam had arranged for all of the council members along with Evan and John. To cut down on the amount of people she had to deal with she gave Ronon choice were he wanted to go, unsurprisingly he went to the infirmary even though with all the words that came out of his mouth he refused to even look in Ronon’s direction. Ronon was desperately trying to look as if he wasn’t intently focused the young blond man, and it wasn’t working. Sam wondered when her life had become a soap opera.

Soap opera at the best or a classic Shakespearian comedy or maybe fairly take what with Rodney turning into a rabbit, she was hoping for comedy those plays always had a happy ending.

Outside of the conference room she was trying to gather her thoughts before entering the guards were kind enough to give her space and pretend they couldn’t hear the conversation on the other side of the door it was unfortunate that she could hear it, it wasn’t helping her headache.

“You know she should learn how to be calm, and maybe get some lozenges cause she’s totally going to hurt her throat if she keeps that up kind of piercing tone.”

“Yeah, can you just imagine being around somebody who screeches? Can you imagine the kind of damage it would do to the ears of those around at the time? Hey do you hear that ringing sound?”

“Buffy!” The voice going up an octave sounding scandalized.

“Do you hear that ringing sound?”

There was a huffing sound “Anyway... did you see the way her eye started twitching? Do you think she is should get that checked out?”

“You know what it reminds me of? Imagine her pinching the bridge of her nose and polishing a pair glasses?”

“Oh, and saying ‘Oh dear lord’? Maybe make that weird tongue clucking sound.”

It was at this point that Giles interrupted the girls snapping out, “People!!”

She didn’t want to think about Rodney as a bunny and whether she’d be have another argument with him. He was one of the smartest people she had the privilege to know who could keep up with her, whose obnoxious attitude made her blood run hot and her heartbeat faster. Surrounded by the worlds leading minds, they were still set apart alone together.


Evan sat next to Dawn with the bunny!Rodney on his lap gently rubbing the spot behind his floppy ears, the conversation going on around him by the girls was to help cheer him up, but he wasn’t listening he was not thinking about anything, not the fact that the bunny was Rodney and how this might be awkward after he was turned back to regular form and not the fact that his military career was probably over. Ruined by a rumour that was spread by his commanding officer, that was spread by his friend.

John was actively trying to block out the conversation the girls were having since Col. Carter was not the only one with a headache. He was trying not to hover (he was tremendously unsuccessful) Evan hoping to get the man’s attention wanting to talk. He wasn’t sure what he’d say, what he’d do.

He didn’t know how to fix what just happened Col. Carter would have to do an inquiry he glanced at Evan he gently rubbing Rodney’s ears and sitting still and ramrod straight, he was distant and empty. John would have preferred anger or coldness or even white-hot rage anything would have been better than the hollow eyed vacant stare he was getting now. He reached out to grip the other man’s shoulder maybe try to forge a connection when his wrist was crushed in a unyielding grip by the brunette, her eyes like flint the one who got into a cat fight with one of his marines, he looked at Dawn then to Evan and he decided to take a step back for the time being.


Faith and Robin reluctantly headed to the conference room in a euphoric state slightly dazed with goofy little matching grins, their shoulders brushed bumped into each other two of their fingers gently hook together the tips of their fingers.

“You think it was Mr. Giles? You know how he sometimes starts talking and forgets whom it is he’s talking around. Like that time with the head of the FBI?” Robin mused.

“Nah it ta be B, either someone made her break a nail... or she heard someone call her short.” Said Faith

“Hmm, plausible but it’s more likely Andrew, once he starts talking...” Replied Robin.

“Trust me, I know being trapped here for three weeks. What about Miss. Muffet? She coulda fallen into trouble like when she fell in that closet thing and Evan had to go fetch her.” They looked at each other and nodded, Dawn definitely was a strong contestant for why they’re time together had been interrupted.

“Wanna make a wager on this?” Asked Faith waggling her eyebrows.

“Depends what are the stakes going to be.” Said Robin as he sent a small smirk towards his wife.

“You know what I want lover, and it ain’t no five dollar bill.” She said huskily.

“Let’s make this a slightly different wager,” noticing the small pout on her face he made an amendment, “How about we still do that thing you love so much, and the winner.” A look of triumph desire flashed across her face and a discreet look back towards the room they were staying in. Robin chuckled lowly, tugging her towards the conference room. “Who ever wins gets first suggestion at the name of our future child.”

She stopped dead in the hall with eyes wide their fingers still intertwined between them. She may have been slightly shocked but the small smile on her face said more than any words could.


Graham headed for the conference room walking apart from Xander, locked in his own thoughts- turmoil rolling through him gnawing at the trust they had and no matter how hard he pushed it away it kept coming back, stupid sketch battering away whenever he closed his eyes he never hated blinking more.

Xander was worried about Graham, since he joined them in the hall coming from Evan’s room; he looked both ashen and shaky. With a hollow eyed dead stare he didn’t even notice the fact that Xander was actively and subtly trying to get his attention.

They made it to the room before everyone else and even though they were sitting next to each other they might as well have been worlds apart. Buffy, Dawn, and Evan who was carrying a rabbit in his arms, all entered the room. Graham’s gaze was solely on Evan.

Evan whose eyes landed on Xander so briefly that if he hadn’t been watching he wouldn’t of noticed. Evan’s cheeks flushed a dull red and he looked immediately away from Xander.

Xander had eyes only for Evan. And Graham’s eyes ricochet right back and forth between the two. Graham’s heart started beating erratically and when Evan took the seat next to Xander, his stomach constricted painfully.

With everything that had happened that day Graham had no idea what to do. He wanted to stake his claim on Xander thread his hands into his hair tilt his man’s head up and devour him, right up against the wall. Unfortunately he didn’t know how Xander would react, he had no idea where they stood right now, and fear of rejection the fear of being pushed away, stilled him from acting on his impulses.


John came into the conference room and chose to sit down next to Evan, who still had bunny!Rodney clutched in his hands, he was hoping to... well he didn’t know what he was hoping for but John could practically feel a wall being built up between them and that was something that he couldn’t stand. Every second, brick by brick, the wall was closing on their professional relationship, on their friendship, on their... everything.

Evan shifted closer to Xander as if seeking protection, putting as much space between the two of them. John didn’t notice the conversation going on around them, didn’t notice the curious and contemptuous looks he was getting, didn’t notice the undue suspicion that Graham was sending Evan’s way. All he could sense was the gap growing wider between the two of them until that is Col. Carter walked through he door commanding everyone’s attention.

Evan moved closer to Xander when John sat down next to him, he didn’t know what to feel and he was using the bunny to help him focus on something other than the shocked horror of the past half hour. His XO just outed him by means of accusing him of having an affair with Xander.

Anyone would know that Graham and Xander were meant to be. You meet one, and you know that they are half of a whole. Evan knew from when they met, during the chaos of LA, that that is what he wanted in his life. Someone whose love shines so bright you can see it through the gore of battle, and while he knew that he couldn’t have it while he was in the air force he had a plan. Firstly a life altering experience in another galaxy, then honourable discharge and get a job as a teacher at the academy or as an art teacher at a high school. He would then find his love and as a civilian they would become a family. He wanted kids, he wanted to take them to his mother’s house in San Francisco, he wanted his nieces and nephews to have cousins.

But now all he could see in his future was a dishonourable discharges cut from gate travel way to soon. Can’t teach at the academy, possibly not even at a high school. Parents would hear his sexual orientation and a dishonourable discharge- they would hear nothing else.


Robin led Faith into the room a quick look around the room raised more questions than it answered. She noticed the bunny and deduced part of what happened, well at least that Willow hit someone with the mojo and turned one of them into a cute fuzzy bunny rabbit. She peered around taking into account that she wasn’t in the room did this mean that Willow is in a holding cell? Hmm B and Giles looked agitated but wouldn’t be so calm and if she were hurt, not to mention that Xander would be with her... unless he doesn’t know if anything’s happened to her since he was with Graham.

Her assessment and thoughts about the new developments swirling about flew out her mind when Robin leaned over and whispered, “My first choice for names is going to be Diana.”

Nothing registered with Faith after those softly spoken words not until Col. Carter strode through the door.


Sam was tired of their antics, tired of feeling out of control and when she entered that conference room she was going to get them all to sit still and be quiet. “All of you have turned this station into a God damn zoo! I want explanations, I want them one at a time, and I want them with a minimal of words because president protection or not- I will dump all of you on an uninhabited planet and take away the DHD.” Sam practically growled at the group before her.

The group startled and many opened their mouths to speak “Be. Quiet." When she had made her point she turned to Col. Sheppard. “John?”

“Ahh...” noticing the looks he was getting he cleared his throat and hesitantly began his story. The way that Evan flinched before he even began hurt more than he could say. “Well I was having a discussion, a private discussion” John emphasized, “with Rodney, on the way to the mess hall and he may have repeated something I said. Loudly enough for others in the area to overhear it.” She stared hard at him forcing the rest of what happened out of him. “It’s of a sensitive nature and one marine in particular may have... commented on it. In a derogatory way.”

Dawn clenched the table but kept quiet, she knew that the whole truth would come out but the hedging that was going on here was putting her on edge.

“After which Ms summers here,” At the glare from both girls he clarified, “Ah Ms Dawn Summers over heard what was said and reacted a little violently towards the marine.”

Sam looked around the room John was fidgety; the ‘Scoobies’ were agitated and angry or in some cases just plain confused. She rubbed the bridge of her nose and took a deep steadying breath. “Just what is it that the marine said that would cause such a reaction I want a direct answer, stop stalling.”

Clearing his throat he continued, “I may have said something about Major Lorne here... possibly having an affair with Xander.” John didn’t look at anyone when he said this and spoke so quietly that everyone had to strain to hear what he had to say.

The Scoobies moved in their seats reading them selves for action. Xander put a hand on Evan’s back and ran his hand in a soothing circular motion.


In the infirmary Andrew stood quietly, standing no more than 2 inches from Willow at any given time. His body was shaking slightly and no matter how hard Ronon tried to get his attention but Andrew kept his eyes glued on Willow. He didn’t know what to do other than wait, and pray and hope that Xander would arrive soon. Willow needed her Xander.

Dr. Keller pronounced Willow healthy but still under the affects of the stun that had hit her and would be keeping her overnight for observation. Ronon tried a more direct approach for getting Andrew’s attention. He laid his hand on Andrew’s shoulder wanting to express a thousand things. I’m sorry, please look at me, it’s not what you think, why are you so mad, I’m here for you.

All Andrew did in response was shrug off the hand and whispered, “You shot the girl.”

Ronon took several steps back not knowing how to respond and unable to just leave he took a sentry spot out of Andrew’s line of sight.


“Col. Sheppard, my office. Now.” Samantha Carter’s heart rate had shot up, she couldn’t believe what she just heard, and she couldn’t fathom who the news of this was going to splinter the small world that they had developed here on Atlantis.

She turned her gaze to Major Evan, her eyes softening minutely when she saw him. This would surely turn into a scandal that would forever taint his military career, innocent or not. Her focus then slid to the rabbit. How could she have forgotten? Licking her lips and closing her eyes for the impact of what was coming she asked Dawn to finish the story.

Turned out that the short answer was magic.

“Ok first off, I want off of all you Council members to go to your guest quarters and stay there till further notice, and Evan, I’ll want to talk to you in the morning.” She grimaced slightly before adding, “Try not to worry to much. Oh, and take the bunny, ah Rodney that is with you.” She then left before the inevitable protests erupted.

On her way past she organized more security she knew that if they didn’t want to be confined to quarters there would be little to nothing to do about it but she wanted to try and impress upon these people that she was serious.


Graham sat not hearing a thing that was being said, John’s words echoing through his head and then it happened. Xander’s hand lingering on Evan’s back, smooth steady circular motion, which caused his back to constrict and then relax.

At some point John was told to go, then Col. Carter had left he still didn’t notice, Everyone was on their feet speaking at once, but only the rapid snippets of Xander’s side of the conversation filtered in through the fog of his mind, all of it acting to speed the poison of doubt that ran through his veins.

“’ll be alright Evan...”

“.... we’ll always have a place for you...”

“...we can work together...

“...are you sure you want to be alone?”

“...I’m here for you...”

Everyone noticed that Graham hadn’t moved, hadn’t said anything, and was sporting his stony blank. Xander seemed to unaware of his lover’s emotions and growing disconnection to the current situation. Evan noticed, and with a look of sorrow tossed at Graham he left the room clutching bunny!Rodney to his chest.

Xander turned to Graham and said, “Can you believe the nerve of that stupid Neanderthal, that... that... guy! Why would he say something like that?” When he finally noticed that Graham wasn’t responding he continued, “Well I know it’s not the best insult, but I’m under pressure here since I had actually liked that guy.”

Graham twitched at the last sentence that was spoken, that was finally enough to get Xander’s attention, he swallowed hard moved down to crouch down to eye level and asked so very quietly. “Graham?”

“Heh, yeah it’s strange, a weird-weird lie. No truth to it at all, no truth what so ever...” Graham said mechanically still not looking at anyone. Xander paused at the tone that Graham was using and the way he was rubbing the back of his neck.

“You can’t possibly think that I slept with him you?” He asked incredulously.

Graham hesitated and to Xander that meant he took to long, that there is at least a part of him that thinks that Xander cheated on him and that made Xander’s heart stuttered. “You think that I slept with him.” It was a statement this time.

“Well...” He started.

“No. No this is pretty cut and dry, either you think I cheated on you, or you have faith- in us.” Xander’s voice got quieter and harder and definitely colder. It was at this point Giles ushered everyone else out of the room. “Either you have doubts about me or you don’t, its really that simple.’

Before Graham could say anything Xander continued, “Either you trust me or you don’t.”

“Xander I trust you its just...” Graham whispered.

“Just what?” Again there was the slightest hesitation so Xander continued voice getting louder with each word until he was practically screaming. “You know what? You obviously need some time to decide if you trust me or not!” Then he stormed off out of the conference room without looking back.

“Xander! Wait...” But it was too late, Xander was out of the room and Graham made the heartbreaking decision not to follow.


Xander ran to the infirmary where Willow was ignoring everyone on the way, crawled up on to the small bed and curled around her, clinging like a small child to a parent during a storm.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Unintentional Consequences" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Oct 10.

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