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Unintentional Consequences

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Summary: Xander, Andrew and Faith find themselves in the Pegasus Galaxy and inadvertently help two men find each other

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash(Past Donor)improvedpeanutFR151632,737915248,0222 Apr 107 Oct 10No

Chapter One

Title: Unintentional Consequences
Genre/Pairing: Xander/Graham, Lorne/Sheppard
Spoilers: Vague Season 4 Tabula Rasa SGA, Post-Chosen Buffy
Summary: Xander, Andrew and Faith find themselves in the Pegasus Galaxy and inadvertently help two men find each other
Disclaimer: Buffy and all themes and characters are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Stargate with all themes and characters belong to MGM. No copy right intended

Major Lorne had his team in full retreat heading back to the gate, and even though it was within sight they were going to be cut off. There were several Wraiths here and they were hungry, and damned if it was going to be any of his team that’s the entrée.

Before they could open fire there was a loud noise and three bodies fell straight out of the sky.

And in direct line of the Wraith.

Which was directly in the way of their clear shot to take down their enemy.

The trio scrambled on to their feet and assessing the area looking for threats, all standing back to back and two of them were wielding what appeared to be swords and one had a medieval looking axe.

“What the hell?!? Gods I think my head broke my fall, I told Rona not to touch anything but nooo...” The dark haired man with the eye patch, who Lorne couldn’t get a good look at, was the first to speak, not taking his gaze off the Wraith. “Shit, what we’d get dropped into?”

“Yo’ soldier-boy, they friendly? Or can I introduce ‘em to the sharp end of my friend here?” The woman of the group asked, with a husky voice and a feral grin.

“Move so we can shoot them. Don’t let them touch you, they’ll suck out your life force before you can even blink.” Speed was imperative; these people were going to get them all killed, taking out the Wraith with their renaissance fair weapons

“Great, just great fucking-albino-dreadlock-having-pseudo-vampires-from-the, well who knows where from but, really?” The first man was muttering under his breath.

The trio burst into action and the smaller blonde man screeched, “Scoobies to the rescue!”

The Atlantis team watched as they proceeded to fight the Wraith with speed and skill that they had rarely seen.

The two men worked with precision together the brunette punched the enemy then ran him through with his sword. The smaller blonde man came in behind and when the Wraith had doubled over from the pain of the sword he lopped of it’s head with an axe.

The woman, dressed in red leather pants and a black shirt that had sheer black sleeves was fighting the other two by herself.

“Don’t fire your weapon’s she’s faster and stronger and you will hit her, no matter how good you think you are.” The brunette shouted as the two men turned to help their companion. Nobody lowered their weapons. “Hit one of us and we’ll be very cranky.”

The woman was hit by one of Wraith’s and thrown through the air. It moved in for the kill, Lorne aimed a shot and fired.

He missed the Wraith.

He almost hit the girl.

She was shoved out of the way by one of the men.

He had hit.

It was the man with the eye patch.

It had all happened very fast, the man’s right shoulder rapidly becoming crimson with blood. He hit the ground with an incredibly explosive and creative exploitive.

She was back on her feet faster than humanly possible.

Lorne realised that he would have killed her if the guy hadn’t thrown her out of the way, and himself into the path of the bullet.

“No! Boytoy!” The woman froze the sight of the man on the ground.


From a gunshot wound.

From Evan’s gun.

The small man gave a startling war cry and beheaded the closest Wraith to him. The remaining one reached out for the woman.

“Faith! Pull it together, what is Scooby rule one?” The wounded man groaned from his position on the ground that he was currently trying to get up using the sword in his left hand, his right arm hanging uselessly at his side.

Lorne could swear he heard the woman growl the she flashed a look of pure malice at him and his team. The first thing that happened, the Wraith lost it’s arm, then she dropped her sword and pummelled it with a flurry of movements that was to hard to follow.

“Enough.” The word was barely a whispered. The woman had her back to everyone and the wounded man tossed the sword that he was using to hold himself up at her. She caught it without looking and finished off her opponent in one swift move.

Lorne had never seen anything like it before, not even Ronon or Teal’c could move like that.

Without the sword to help him stay upright the man swayed and would have fallen over. Lorne moved to help him but the woman took up a protective stance in front of him. The blonde man moved in and was now supporting him.

Getting his first clear look at the man he wounded, Evan realised that he recognised him. “Xander, Xander Harris?”


“Xan you know these guy’s?” Andrew asked.

Xander really looked at the men for the first time since arriving at... wherever the hell they were. “E-Ev? Did you really have to shoot me?”

“How, what, how...”

“Hey Boytoy you got ‘em all tongue tied.” Faith said relaxing her stance marginally.

“Not that I don’t mind all the stammering and by-play here but I’m starting to feel woozy, big with the wooziness here people.”

“Listen up soldier boys, we’re jus’ gonna call for a ride, be on our way finda doc to patch him up. He makes it, I don’t come after ya, kay?” Faith pulled out her cell phone but couldn’t get a signal. “No signal? Why is there no signal? We always get a signal.”

“Are those cell phones?” Dr. Parrish asked speaking for the first time since the group was dumped in front of them.

“Fine point us in the direction of a doctor.”

When no answer was forth coming Andrew asked “Well could you at least point us in the direction of the closest town?”

“What the fuck continent are we on?” Faith was losing patience rapidly and she didn’t have a lot once they were vanished from the demon lair they had just finished eradicating, before Rona willy-nilly started touching stuff before it could be cleared by the Wiccan in the group.



“See...” The team all answered at the same time.

“You boys can’t be very bright if you don’t know what fuckin’ continent we’re on. Course you are military types.”

“You better come with us back to the base, doc’ll fix you up good and we’ll get you all home.” Evan needed to get them back to Atlantis, and then figure out how they got there and then how to get them home.

“You tell us were we are and we’ll be on way, how ‘bout that for a plan?”

“Miss we have to get going and we’ll explain when we get there.”

“Just tell us what’s going on Ev because no offense, you guys aren’t instilling a lot of confidence in us to trust you.” It was the last thing Xander said before he passed out. His dead weight brought him and Andrew both to the ground.

Faith startled back to the reality of Xander being injured she picked him up like he it was nothing and grunted at the men to lead the way. “I’m Faith, that’s Andrew, you don’t want to know what I’ll do to you. I will provide more details once Boytoy here is patched back together.”

They dialled back to Atlantis; the wormhole whooshed before flattening into a pool of water.

“Faith the ride is a little rough the first time through, I’ll take Xander so he doesn’t get lost on the way or dropped when we get through, ok?” Evan asked tentatively reaching for the unconscious man. She gazed at the stargate and nodded once gently handing over her burden.

Faith had a look of wide-eyed scepticism and flat out disbelief on her face, while Andrew appeared to be dancing in place like a puppy, and squealed “Oh Xander is going to be sooo jealous that he missed that!”


It doesn’t matter what any little niggling voices in the back of his head are telling him. John Sheppard was not at the control room waiting for his XO to return. Just like he wasn’t there to watch his XO leave on his mission.

After twenty minutes passed the appointed check-in time with no word from Evan he was not fretting, not on the outside, not on the inside either for that matter thank-you very much.

It was an hour passed arrival time when John was ready to tell Carter that he was going to head out and find his wayward XO, not that he was worried or anything. The gate finally sprang to life and the IDC was received as the late-no-longer-assumed-missing-and-possibly-harmed team.

When Lorne finally crossed the event horizon John breathed easier, for approximately 1.5 seconds. That’s when he saw the blood, and then he saw the man slung over his shoulder. He then noticed the other man and women. Both men were wearing jeans, the woman leather. Outfits that were clearly of earth’s origins, even though these people were not from the original expedition, or any of the recruits that came on the Daedalus.

“He needs the doc, I’ll brief you after we get checked out.” Lorne’s voice was clipped and sharp, he pressed his lips into a tight line. Cradling a wounded man in his arms he strode off towards the infirmary.


Xander was immediately sequestered and taken into surgery. Lorne’s team had their regular off-world check-up and the nurses were heading towards Faith and Andrew they were sitting next to each other on the clinic’s bed. They were agitated and twitchy and unhappy with the situation, whether that had to do with Xander, the oppressive soldier’s presence or the infirmary in general, Lorne didn’t know.

He dragged a chair over to their bed and sat down and began softly whispering to them, he vaguely knew who they were. Before being accepted into the stargate program he had been in LA.

LA, the ‘riots’, the official announcement sent out across the nation. But he was there, his life saved by a one eyed man, several civilian individuals, girls really, and one young black-ops man covered in kevlar.

None of them used guns.

None of the things they fought were human.

Lorne got a shiny new scar on his thigh, some random medal of valour that he wasn’t aloud to mention and a 10-page confidentiality agreement stating that as far as everyone was concerned it was run of the mill riots.

Recognising what and whom the trio were he knew he had to get Faith and Andrew to trust him. The display of power and the girl’s overprotective nature of the two men could only lead to massive problems, and possible blood loss, if trust could not be forged.

And considering he had shot one of them in the shoulder, after they were told not to fire weapons because they’d end up hitting one of them, well that may just prove to be a difficult task.

That was confirmed for him when the two took up defensive stances as he approached. Deciding that blunt honesty would be most productive, he spat out, “I was in the riots in LA.”

“Yeah so were we, what of it?” Faith scoffed.

“I, ah, I met a Major Miller and one Xander Harris,” his voice faltered slightly before continuing, “the two men and a handful of young girls saved my life...”

“And you shot him?!” Andrew squeaked indignantly. “That’s it Buster whatever is going on here with the vertical watery ring thingy isn’t cool any more, as soon as he is stitched up we are leaving!”

Faith looked over subtly impressed at Andrew’s outburst, he definitely had become manlier since his training with Giles, now whether it was 82% manlier was a whole ‘nother question. She inclined her head at her companion, “What he said.”

Lorne was impressed when some how he managed to look both proud and bashful at the same time. “Look, I... I know I can’t excuse what happened.” Faith snorted in agreement at that statement. “But I can protect you here, and I will get you home. You’re in Atlantis, in the Pegasus Galaxy, very far away from Earth. You need to trust me, I owe all of you so much, please, please let me help.”

He watched the disbelief cross their faces, the careful looks around the complex and to the uniformed people that surrounded them.

He tensely watched an intense but silent exchange between the two before getting identical nods of acquiesce. With that Lorne relaxed for the first time since they encountered the Wraith, which albeit was a short time ago still felt like a lifetime.


John watched as his XO carried the stranger to the infirmary and barked out an order about debriefing later, something was off. Well that was obvious what with the strangers and all, but there was something off about Lorne.

Not that John had been staring at him, or daydreaming about him it was more like covertly watching him.

In a purely professional way of course.

He followed them to and watched from the door of the infirmary. Things were tense and John was certain the man and woman were going to attack Lorne after he started speaking with them.

What ever he said to them had made their disposition towards him change. Dramatically.

Carter was anxious, about the stranger, about the way Major Lorne was behaving and especially about him. John could feel her gaze on him long before the gate opened. He wa almost glad about the extras that were brought here, which was probably wrong but he wasn’t prepared to talk about what ever was going on with him.

Not that there was anything going on with him, purely professional in his interest with a certain major.

Who was under his command.

Which nothing, for lack of a better word was problematic, was happening.

Or ever going to.

No matter what he felt.

Not that he felt anything.

Oh gods she’s staring again, John thought, with that look on her face, the ‘I know what you’re thinking look and I don’t know if I approve.’ How can she fit so much in with just a glance?

All med checks came back clear, except for the gunshot wound, he was still in surgery.

“Major I believe we need to debrief, and make with the introductions to your new friends here.” John made a sweeping gesture towards the door so they could head over to the briefing room but nobody but Carter moved. “Major?”


Lorne was torn; he knew that the two civilians wouldn’t want to leave till they knew the fate of their friend. And if he was being honest with himself, he didn’t want to go either. Torn between his loyalties he hesitated, and in that moment he chose.

To everyone’s surprise he had not chosen Atlantis.

He watched the trust, small as it was, form and grow with Faith and Andrew.

He watched the trust falter ever so slightly between him and his CO.

John Sheppard, the man who would always be his CO, and if he wasn’t that meant one of the two would no longer be on Atlantis. A thought that made his heart hurt in a way that he valiantly ignored.

“We can go to the office across the hall, close to the infirmary but private.” Lorne was bold with this; he didn’t actually have the authority to make it happen this way but his fear of what would happen otherwise was real enough to risk it.

Faith altered her stance so that she was slightly behind his left arm, ready for action but showing loyalty and trust for him. A huge deal, Evan was impressed that he could make enough of an impression to earn just the little display.

Of course it could be because every other person who was trying to get them away from the infirmary where their friend was having a slug removed from his shoulder. And he had been the only one to offer info and promise of home.

It was a tense few moments, Lorne idly wondered if it was high noon at the OK Corral.

Carter blinked at first and tentatively agreed since her major had moved into a protective stance and the two strangers were overwrought and looked ready to explode into action.


Faith was trying not to wig out. She felt trapped and outta the loop and freaking out about all the uniforms, she heard all about the Initiative from the Scoobies and Boytoy’s honey.

She did not want them to be split up, not even from Andrew. Together is good, and with the only person giving them straight up answers was better. The fact that he knew about their world would make this easier, well in theory. Protect them and get them home, hell she’d overlook the whole gaping shoulder wound in Xander if he did what he promised.

Introductions were made all around, not that she was overly paying attention since she could care less about names and more about their threat assessment and getting the hell outta there.

She was roused out of her calculations of getting over the desk and out of there without getting shot by some throat clearing from the blondie in charge and captain frowns-a-lot.

Crap... crap, crap, crap she wasn’t listening and now they were all looking at her, and looking at her expectantly. She settled for bored and annoyed hoping that they would just repeat themselves.

“Well Faith, can you tell us how you got here?” Lorne asked giving her an amused expression.

“Right about that, no ideas.”

“Well you can tell us what and where you were before winding up with Major Lorne.” The blonde was asking, well demanding somewhat impatiently. But this, this was a military operation with only one-way home. No experimenting or coercing the slayer.

“Yeah, you don’t got clearance for that, besides it’s kinda not important at the moment. Just give us some sparkly red shoes so we can get home.”

Eyebrows, four very high eyebrows were raised at her.

“Clearance?” Carter asked, “There is no way you have higher clearance.”

“Yeah, whatever we sure as hell ain’t army, but we sure as hell have higher clearance than you.” Gods this was gonna be a long ass meeting she thought.

“Air Force.” All three corrected automatically.

Lorne started speaking, sounding more than slightly nervous, “Ma’am, they are classified. And I am sorry, but you... don’t have clearance.”

“That’s right Flyboy.” Faith said in a smouldering voice shooting him a wink.

“What? That’s not possible Major, and how do you know these people, did they do something to you...”

“Colonel, Ma’am, that too is classified. It’s not on any of my records because of the nature of their work. That and I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Andrew started in at this point, Faith was surprised he had managed to keep quiet for as long as he had. He claimed in his most portentous tone “Or you know the wrong place at the right time like Jar-Jar Binks who was saved from an untimely demise at the hands of the federation.”

“That’s it! The truce is off; when we get back home the hot pockets are fair game!”

“Faith, you always said that we’d have a truce and you never kept your end of the deal! And you can’t go and say you didn’t know, because they had my name on it, they always had my name on them.” Andrew whined back at her.


John was dumbstruck, speechless, gobsmacked, flabbergasted, taken aback.

He had no words. And by the looks of it neither did Carter. Of course that changed the moment they started talking about hot pockets and Star Wars.

“Major you can’t expect us to just believe that not only are they from earth, but that they can’t tell us anything because we do not have high enough clearance?”

Oh god glass was going to start shattering from the pitch in her voice.

More talking, the only thing that John got out of this was the fact that Lorne a) Took the strangers side in what felt like an us against them mentality, b) Had something huge, scary and important happen to him and hadn’t said anything to John about it.

Not the his XO had to tell him everything, it just felt like they had been getting close, and sure even though he had stories that were classified that he couldn’t share, he would at least have the decency to look like he wanted to. Well maybe not but still...

There was arguing going on, something about quarters, fact checking it was all very important but very vague.

Because John saw something that Carter didn’t. That look in Lorne’s eyes. That look that said I will do whatever I have to, even if it means my life, or at this point to be accurate, his career.

It was only a look that John had ever seen a handful of times, and this time it was not intended to keep anyone on Atlantis safe.

It was for the outsiders.


Xander groaned as he regained consciousness, flashes of a routine patrol, him telling Rona and Andrew to keep their hands to themselves, strange monsters and oh goddess no, military. And Evan? A little hope perhaps? Or flash backs to LA mixed in for good measure?

Uniforms and monsters, not a good mix.

Trying to take in his surroundings without actually opening his eyes got him hospital noises and him on a bed with things attached to him. ‘Well at least they are medical things and not tentacle things’ he thought ruefully to himself.

“Glad to see you’re awake, surgery went well, I’ll let the doctor and your friends know how you are unless you need anything.”

He mutely shook his head and waited.

He didn’t wait long. The doc had arrived and stared asking all sorts of questions when Faith, Andrew and Evan? Huh, so that part wasn’t a desperate dream.

Faith looked immensely relieved, and then tried to look nonchalant.

Andrew threw himself on the bed and started sobbing melodramatically.

Evan looked relieved and guilty. Xander idly wondered if it hurt to combine those two looks.

Then came the uniforms, looking pissed and frazzled as hell.

Must not like the idea of them having higher security. Those looks meant questions, and trouble.

Xander gave a reassuring nod to Faith while petting Andrew’s head. He looked at Evan and said five words, “Gray, G-man, big guy now.”

There was an explosion of noise while everyone else in a uniform started speaking at once. But he got a nod, a very slight nod that looked fuzzy through the drugs but a nod none the less.

All Scoobies noticed the exchange and did what they do best, well besides slaying that is, they confused their foes with words. It was the biggest most veracious Star Trek is real fight that there ever was.

Andrew had pro. Faith had con. Xander played switch hitter giving the other the upper hand when the other was leading.

It was a fight of fights that would be recounted many times for future generations in the form of a class or lectures; How to Confound your Enemy 101, or Distractions in the Form of an Amusing Debate, or The Time Faith Discussed Star Trek.

At any rate it gave Evan a chance to leave unnoticed to deliver his messages.


Evan left as soon as he saw an opening. He felt guilt knowing that the three arrivals could greatly increase their chances of success here but he assuaged that feeling with the knowledge of what would happed to Faith if she were to remain, if Andrew would find a spot for himself, or what would become of Xander’s heart and spirit.

Not to mention what would happen on Earth. He quelled the thought and the memory of the small girl with red/black/white hair and black eyes before it could fully form.

He searched Carter’s computer for the one address he didn’t have and then typed fast knowing it wouldn’t take long before someone realised he was no longer in the infirmary. He had typed a very short message:

Xander, Faith and Andrew in Atlantis alive and safe. CO’s need briefing and need to send them home.

He forced his way through the security protocols and sent it out just as Carter, Sheppard and a security detail burst into her office.

He refused to answer their questions and was taken to the brig.


Giles had a headache he had made the calls to Robin, Graham and the Scoobies. Stress was eating at him and getting steadily worse since they disappeared. Since Willow tried her locator spell which ended in the conclusion that they were no longer on Earth.

He had just sent everyone to go and pretend to eat and was considering pulling out his finest bottle of scotch, instead of aspirin, when his computer made the chiming noise that his assistant had informed him was electronic mail being delivered.

“Oh dear Lord”
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