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Summary: When Jack gets a sister~~~ Nominated for 2010 Best Movie Crossover

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Movies > Pirates of the CaribbeanShulikFR1888,54433714,4232 Apr 104 May 10Yes


The Pirates of the Caribbean Move and Media franchise is owned by Disney.
BTVS is owned by Kazui Media/Joss Whedon.

Crossover elements are coming soon. Jack has a sister, she's pretty obvious if you know my writing.

Please review!

The first thing that Norrington notices when he’s six and Captain Teague has pulled him out of the ocean, is that the pirate looks absolutely, disgustingly free. His long hair is matted beyond belief, dreadlocks separated by various shiny trinkets and his grin is an endless beam of golden sunshine.

James Norrington thinks that pirating must be good work. For about thirty seconds, before his father gets his hands on his scrawny, wet six year old neck.

The Admiral Lawrence Norrington drags James away from the slyly grinning Teague, curses of pirates sticking their noses where they don’t belong trail after his father’s fuming footsteps and James can only think of what would have happened had Teague not pulled him out.

The Norrington heir would have died at six years of age and life would have gone on as before.

James stumbles a bit as his lungs try to give out on him, coughs overtaking his tiny body as his father stomps on ahead of him. The Admiral has given Captain Teague a reprieve for pulling his only son out of the water, but he’s refused to stand around longer than needed with the dirty, chortling man.

James is almost bent over, wheezing as the saltwater makes his lungs burn and his airways clog up with the fear that he’s still in the water .

And then there are small hands rubbing soothing circles on his back and a hot breath in his ear as urgent whispers to “Just breathe” reclaim him to reality. James calms down, gradually regains his breath and straightens up just in time as a fist comes flying into his face. It stops right in front of his nose and his eyes are wide enough to see a small girl about his age holding the fist of a taller boy who looks absolutely enraged.

She sighs and purses her lips as she drops the taller boy’s wrist, “honestly Jack, stop being so damn pigheaded all the time.” Her yell is akin to a banshee’s, loud and liable to pierce an eardrum.

James blinks as the taller boy throws his hands up in an exaggeratedly effeminate and slightly lunatic gesture and shouts back at her “so stop fondling him then!”

The girls stalks forward and slaps Jack upside the head “I’m six you dingbat! I don’t fondle!” She sounds remarkably pirate like for a small waif of a dark haired, dark eyed sprite with a loud voice and absolutely no manners.

“Stop hitting me! This is not the pirate way,” Jack hisses and shoves back at her.

She gives him a speculative glance and it’s almost amusing to see the taller boy stiffen at her gaze.

James decides to intervene before things get out of control. Near death experiences or not, but he is still a gentleman and it wouldn’t do to have a brother and sister fighting over him. Because he can clearly see the family resemblance between them. Both are almost bronze from the Caribbean sun and James’s London bred pride is hissing like a scolded cat that nobody from his class would ever allow themselves to become that color. Both are dark eyed, gazes glittering with a particular brand of glittering amusement and violence. Both are long haired, though the boy has his in braids and various trinkets woven in them. The girl’s hair flies around her as she moves, it’s a live thing.

And both are apparently quiet engaged in trying to beat the ever-loving shite out each other. James startles a bit as his brain starts to take on the speech patterns of the two hellions beating each other senseless and cursing a blue streak while doing it.

It isn’t right- he thinks and so decides to stop it. He screams at them to quit, to stop and they disengage from each other- hair madly in disarray, shirts ripped and chests heaving with exertion. But both are grinning madly and look like a pair of particularly violent wolf cubs that James has once seen in a zoo back home.

He stalks towards the boy and pushes him a bit, “she’s a girl”, James hisses in righteous indignation “what were you thinking?”

Jack rubs at his chest where his sister had just given him a particularly nasty bruise and raises an eyebrow in question “that I’ve been fighting with my sister for as long as I could remember?”

James flails a little with his hands as he tries to make him understand “but, she’s a girl!”

And that’s when the aforementioned girl aims a very well placed kick to the Norrington family shin, bony and starkly white under his slightly too short breaches- her boot drags a bit as she delights in his cry of pain

James hops up and down in pain as the two animals crow and laugh at his awkward stumbling. Captain Teague interrupts them, a small frown creasing his kohl lined eyes as he scans the horizon for Admiral Norrington.

“Why don’t you run to your da lad?” he asks and gives James a gentle shove in the direction that his father had previously disappeared in. He’s almost kind as he corrals the two children away from James, the smell of rum and seawater cloaking the little family like a shield.

James Norrington feels indescribably lonely, not for the first time in his relatively short life, as he begins walking away. Head down, fists bunched up and lungs still burning with the faint echo of the seawater that he’d inhaled before the pirate had pulled him out. The seagulls circle above him and the sea air is salty and heady to his newly discovered senses. It’s all well and good to be proper, but James thinks that he’ll never be free.

He walks until he’s at the road’s turn and he can see his father up ahead arguing with a merchant. James sighs and straightens his posture. He was born for this, made for a life of serving others. Of being better. But just for a moment, a brief second of bitter regret- James turns back to the pirate family at the end of the pier and he’s startled to see that both Jack and his sister are still watching him. She’s standing next to him, and his arm is flung casually over her shoulder while his chin rests on her head. Both of them are still staring after him, eyes dark and gazes strangely amused for kids their age. The two of them are too close, too free with their bodies casually flung over each other and it is not appropriate James thinks scandalized.

But what can you expect from a pirate’s children?

The girl tilts her head closer to her brother’s ear and whispers something to him, gaze still trained on James’s face sticky with tears. Jack throws his head back in laughter and for a horrible moment it feels like the two of them are laughing at him. At the son of Admiral Norrington.

James steels himself and turns away. He begins walking towards his father, his destiny. He leaves the two ruffians behind in his dust.
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