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After the Beginning

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Summary: After the events of Halloween a mildly traumatized "Lady Buffy" is returned to her own body, era, and dimension. This is her story.

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Chapter One: Miss. Summers

After the Beginning

Chapter One: Miss. Summers

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or the Pirates of the Caribbean.

AN: An idea about what might have happened to “Lady Buffy” after she returned to her time and body.


“Father, really, there is no need for any of this,” Elizabeth persisted following her father out of his study and into the hall.

“I just don’t know what else to do Elizabeth, I really don’t, I mean your collapse at Mrs. Patterson’s ball, your nightmares...”

“That’s no reason to send me to the Indies!” Elizabeth protested.

“It’s not only that, my dear,” sighed Lord Summers rubbing at his temples.

“Then please, Father, do explain!”

“It is the colony itself my dear, Virginia is in a state of supreme unrest, my own position here is not as firm as you think,”

“That was why I was pushed to marry Baron Rockford to secure our status,” Elizabeth agreed.

“Ah, well, yes, I had hoped you wouldn’t notice that little aspect, you did seem to care for the man,”

“He was handsome and kind and I would have gladly married him. I see no reason as to why you should be bothered by the fact that you would also benefit from the match,”

“Yes, well, it is unfortunate that the Baron withdrew his suit after the ball, quite unreasonable of him,” Lord Summers muttered incensed, as always by the mention of Baron Rockford’s cessation of courtship.

Privately Elizabeth was glad she wouldn’t have a husband who thought her mad. The events of that night, the demons and vampires and strangers and the gut-wrenching fear that accompanied them were not, Elizabeth knew, a product of a temporary madness brought on by the heat and she also knew that the regular visits from the doctor to drain the ill humours out of her blood with leeches would do no good. It was witchery, some strange dark magic, which had brought her to that place. It was not her imagination although her nightmares were doing it a fair approximation. No, somewhere in some other place where demons roamed free there was a common girl who looked like her, she was brave and a leader and even brave men who wielded muskets and lovely handsome vampires looked to her for advice and protection. Sometimes, like now, arguing with her Father, she wished she were more like the one they called Buffy.

“But it is no matter now,” Elizabeth tuned abruptly back in on what her father was saying, “His support wouldn’t have helped us in any case. I had hoped to spare you this, but I can see that you won’t be persuaded otherwise. Elizabeth, the colony is revolting; those who support the British Empire are out of favour with the common folk. They are all in quite a tizzy and I fear Tory supporters will soon be subjected to violent removal from their lands and possibly even death. My dear you must understand it is our lives at stake here. Your mother has already agreed to adjourn with you to our small estate in Port Royal, and Richard and I will make our way to Boston and from there to England, I still have many friends there, it is possible we may yet come out of this unscathed,”

“You’re deserting us? You’re leaving mother and I to face untold dangers from pirates and villains on the open seas alone with no protection!”

“The Captain is a man in whom I have the utmost faith, he will see to it that you and your mother arrive safely in Port Royal and your uncle, Mr. Benjamin Bartley, do you remember him?”

“Wasn’t he the one who first called me La Belle?”

"Yes, yes indeed, wonderful memory my dear! Yes, Benjamin will meet you at the docks. I'm sending Thomas, Phoebe and Louise along with you to help on the journey as well. You will be perfectly safe Elizabeth; I don’t know why you insist on being so melodramatic,”

“I don’t want to leave here Father, this is all I know, I was born in this house, I was raised on these grounds...” Elizabeth sobbed.

“I know it’s hard, but you must accept that it is the right thing,” Lord Summers insisted squeezing her shoulder gently.

“As you like it, Father, I see I cannot dissuade you,” Elizabeth sniffed dabbing hastily at her eyes with a lacy handkerchief.

“Not in this matter my dear, I am deeply sorry, I need you to go for another reason Elizabeth, your mother...well her health has always been somewhat less than satisfactory, I do hope you’ll keep her company on the voyage,”

Elizabeth nodded her tears still choking her in the back of her throat and threatening to overflow. She grit her teeth and refused to let them for the moment.

“That’s my girl, now run along and pack a trunk, your ship leaves in two days and Thomas will take you in the coach tomorrow to Port,”

“Of course, if you will excuse me Father?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” nodded Lord Summers kissing her lightly on the forehead and then continuing down the hall.

“Miss. Belle are you all right?”

“I am well Phoebe, I need you to get together a few other girls and help me pack, Mother and I will be leaving for the Indies tomorrow,” Elizabeth ordered her lower lip trembling with the force of keeping her tears reigned in.

Elizabeth half-jogged down the hall and when she reached the safe haven of her room she sank wearily to the bed and had a quick fit of hysterics. Phoebe and the others courteously waited for her to be done before knocking and entering. The slave girls made no mention of Elizabeth’s minor breakdown as they brought out her trunk and began loading up her unmentionables and for that she was supremely grateful. Of course slaves knew better, Elizabeth was lenient with the house slaves but she’d heard some of the stories about slaves that were...less than discreet.

It took the girls the better part of the afternoon to sort through and properly package all the gowns that were going to be making the journey to the Indies with her. Her one book, La Belle et la Bête, was carefully enfolded in her trunk along with what jewelery she intended to bring. The whole affair was enough to bring her to the brink of tears over and over again as she had to leave a particular gown or hat or necklace behind. It wasn’t even the ache of parting with her things but the ache of parting with the only home she’d ever known.


AN: Next chapter we get to meet Lady Summers, the Captain, and the Sailors as Lady Buffy sets sail for the Caribbean. Hope you like, please review.
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