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Wherever the Road Takes Us

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Summary: Buffy and Faith run into the Winchesters on a hunt for the Yellow Eyed Demon.

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Chapter One: Here We Go Again

Wherever the Road Takes Us

Disclaimer: BTVS and SN are properties of their creators, Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY no infringement intended. I own nothing.

Summary: Buffy and Faith run into the Winchesters on a hunt for the Yellow Eyed Demon.

Spoilers: Post Chosen BTVS, SPN Season 1 Post “Provenance”

Rating: FR18 For Violence and Eventual Smut

Chapter One: Here We Go Again

A/N: “Dead Man’s Blood”

Castle Rock Lake, Minnesota

“Where are we going?”

Faith blew out a sigh and glanced over at Buffy.

“Wherever this road happens to take us. That is the point of a road trip.”

Faith cranked the volume of the radio as a light snow began to fall, blanketing the hood of the SUV they had rented. As they passed by a chain of snow capped mountains, both girls let out a sigh at the scenic beauty.

“I saw that.”

Buffy snapped her eyes back on Faith. “Saw what?”

“The smile. Come on, admit it now. You’re enjoying this spontaneous excursion. I told you we could take a trip without having to fight anything supernatural. It’s been a whole week and the scariest thing we’ve come across was that pack of rats in that Denny’s back in South Dakota.”

Buffy went back to admiring the view and drew out a breath. “Okay, you’re right. This has been nice.”

“So where are we going?”

“Wherever this road takes us.”

“You got it B.”

Faith steered the SUV up the winding road leading through the mountains. After a few more miles, Buffy felt her gut spear with turmoil. She spotted an old two door car parked haphazardly on the side of the road. The driver side door was wide open.

“Faith, stop here for a second.”

Faith noticed her and then saw the abandoned car. She pulled up behind the car. Buffy hopped out of the car. Her boots crunched along the hard packed snow as she made her way to the car. She peered inside. Nothing seemed to be disturbed. As she looked more closely she found drops of blood on the car seat and along the ground. She followed the blood trail as it formed a crimson path through the snow leading into the woods. Faith caught up to her at the edge of the woods.

“We should look into this.”

Faith huffed, “Doesn’t look like our kind of gig B. We’ll make a call to the cops.”

Buffy shook her head, her face shrouding with suspicion.

“We should still see what’s going on. If somebody is dying in the woods, we should try and help.”

Faith frowned, “This isn’t our beat anymore. We got an army of girls on the defensive lines now.”

“So you just want to ignore this? If we could have saved someone’s life but didn’t because we were having too much fun, could you live with that on your conscience?”

Faith drew out a breath. “No, you’re right. I’m just – venting. Let’s go check it out.”

The girls bundled into their parkas and followed the blood trail through a thick patch of forest. After several miles, the blood trail thinned out and stopped at a lonely rundown cabin. Buffy and Faith ducked behind a cover of snow packed trees.

“Okay, my gut is screaming,” Faith replied.

“Mine too. So much for our supernatural free streak.”

They crept toward the cabin and noticed the windows were covered with dark curtains on the inside. Buffy reached for the door and found it caked it dried blood. She gently pushed the door open.

“Uh…oops, someone left the door open.”

She poked her head inside and winced as the smell of blood and bile laced the air. Faith stepped in behind her and shared her nauseous expression. Buffy snuck through the cabin and froze when she spotted several lifeless bodies on the floor. She crouched down beside one of the bodies, careful not to get her boot prints in the pool of blood. She eyed the neck, torn to shreds and noticed two large incisions.

“Oh great, we got bite marks.”

“Are you kidding me? Vampires in the Midwest? Damn, I guess we got a gig now.”

Buffy and Faith searched through the cabin looking for clues.

“I got a big hunk of nothing. This could be a random feeding opportunity.”

“We should check outside,” Buffy replied.

She headed out the back door and circled the perimeter of the cabin. Five minutes later, Buffy and Faith started down the path leading to the car. As they made their way through the forest, Buffy stopped, her internal alarm sounding off. Faith paused and tensed, getting the same strange feeling. Suddenly, a young woman jumped out of a patch of trees.

“Help! Please help me!”

The young girl grabbed Buffy hysterically. She had a head wound that was bleeding profusely.

“You have to find him, please! They’re going to kill him!”

“Slow down. Are you okay?”

The young girl was shaking and frantic. “Please miss, you have to call the cops. They’re going after him, they’ll kill him. Please.”

Buffy and Faith exchanged looks.

“Who were they?”

The girl shook her head, despondent, “I – I don’t know…this is going to sound crazy but I think they were – monsters….one of them tried to bite me….you have to believe me.”

Buffy drew a breath. “I do. I believe you. What’s your name?”

“My name is Tracy Elkins.”

“I’m Buffy and this is Faith. Now who are they trying to kill?”

“My grandfather – Daniel. I haven’t seen him since I was very little and then last night, he – he just showed up at that cabin. He helped me escape. He saved my life. He said he’d been ‘tracking’ the things that took me. He said I had to ward off my scent. We need to get him help. We need to call the cops, please.”

Buffy softened her expression. She hated introducing people to the dark beings in the world.

“Tracy, I’m sorry to have to tell you this. But calling the cops won’t help. They can’t stop the things that killed those people.”

Tracy sobbed, her face clouded with fear. “Then who can?”

Buffy and Faith eyed each other.

“We can,” Buffy replied.

Tracy studied Buffy and Faith. “But – how? Who are you two?”

“We should get you cleaned up. If you come with us, we’ll explain it you.”

“But my grandfather – he’s in trouble.”

“He’s okay until nightfall. You have to trust me.”

Tracy searched Buffy’s eyes and found a strange comfort. She nodded.


Buffy and Faith settled into a lodge six miles from the carnage. Tracy wept as Faith handed her a cup of tea. She forced an appreciative smile on her face.

“So why were you out in the woods alone?”

“I was passing through – on my way to Wisconsin – I go to school a few hours from here and I was going home for a visit. My car broke down. I couldn’t get a signal to call triple A so I waited and hoped someone would pass by.”

Buffy bit her lip.

“I know it wasn’t the safest idea but the people in this town are all very nice. I drive through here all the time and I’ve never had problems – until last night. This car stopped and there were a bunch of people who got out, said they would drive me to the nearest payphone. They seemed like regular folk until they –“

“Flared their fangs?”

Tracy’s eyes widened. “Yes. You’ve – seen them before?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Your grandfather, you said he was tracking them?”

Tracy gulped down some tea and nodded. “He – he said he couldn’t tell me too much but that I had to trust him. He told me to run as fast as I could and that I needed to - I needed to put cabbage and skunks together to ward off my scent. Is that some sort of ritual sacrifice?”

“You got me,” Faith replied.

“Did he say anything else?”

Tracy shook her head. “Only that he was sorry I had to see him in that situation. You see, my dad and aunt – they haven’t talked to my grandfather since they were teenagers. I didn’t even know he was alive until about three years ago. My dad doesn’t like to talk about him. He says that he’s crazy but the few times I’ve seen him, he’s been caring. I – I don’t understand any of this.”

“I know it’s a lot to digest. The important thing now is that you’re safe.”

“I want to find my grandfather. My dad may not want me to be involved with him but I’m a grown woman. I don’t care how crazy he is, he’s family and that’s all I care about. How are you going to find these things?”

“We’ve got a couple of resources.”

Buffy made phone calls and after an hour and met up with Faith in the lodge restaurant. She had stayed with Tracy to coax her into resting.

“Any luck with Willow?”

Buffy nodded. “Looks like our vamps have set up shop here for quite some time. There have been a string of murders in this town over the course of two years. Police are clocking them as vicious wild animal attacks.”

“The nest has got to be nearby.”

“Willow took the liberty of trying to triangulate the past murder locations. They were all within a half mile of this cabin on Breakers Hill. I’m sensing the police here aren’t that thorough.”

“Either that or just lazy. Okay, we’re on vamp dusting duty tonight.”

“How is Tracy doing?”

“She finally conked out after a couple of rum and cokes. Are you thinking her granddad is a vampire hunter?”

Buffy nodded. “Signs are pointing to a big whopping yes.”

A half hour before sunset, Buffy and Faith checked on Tracy. She was watching television. Her eyes were damp. She looked up and saw Buffy cross into the closet and pull out a brown leather bag. Buffy set the bag on the dresser and unzipped it.

“Well, I’m glad I made us pack for plan b.”

She retrieved a couple of stakes and a long bladed knife.

“Uh…I guess you’ve done this for awhile?” Tracy asked.

Faith stocked her pockets with knives, holy water and stakes.

“Yes, a long time. Too long it seems. Anyway, we’ll be back as soon as we can.”

Tracy got to her feet. “I’m coming with you.”

Buffy huffed, “That’s really not a good idea. It could get very dangerous.”

Tracy frowned, “What if they come after me? My grandfather said if I didn’t ward off my scent they would find me. I’d be safer with you.”

Buffy and Faith eyed each other.

“Are you sure this is it?” Tracy asked.

All three girls were hiding behind some trees, examining a small cabin.

“It’s far off the main road and well hidden by trees. It screams vampire nest.”

“Ready B?”

Buffy nodded and eyed Tracy. “Stay behind me. If things get crazy, I want you to run like hell and don’t look back. If your grandfather is in there, we’ll get him out. Okay?”

Tracy slowly nodded. “Okay.”

Buffy snuck toward the cabin door with Faith flanking her. She turned the knob and quietly propped the door open. The faintest of sunlight streaked through the room as all three crept inside. Tracy gulped as she saw six figures sleeping on cots under dark green blankets. Buffy crossed through the main area and into a hallway. She spied into the bedrooms and found most of them empty. She met Faith and Tracy at the foot of the hallway. She kept her voice to an almost inaudible volume.

“He’s not here,” she whispered.

“Let’s take these bloodsuckers out then,” Faith replied.

Tracy stumbled forward and heard her foot crack on something. Faith and Buffy tensed as one of the vampires twitched but did not stir. Tracy gulped and moved toward the door when a vampire lunged at Faith. The five vampires caught in a slumber bolted upright at the noise.

“Tracy! Run now!”

Tracy turned for the door but found a male vamp blocking the door. He flashed a wicked grin.

“Mmm, I love a snack after a nap.”

He closed in on Tracy. Faith and Buffy dove in and a flurry of fighting ensued. Buffy charged at the vampire in front of Tracy, taking him down.

“Tracy! Go!”

Tracy raced out the door as Buffy and Faith launched a counterattack. A male vamp yanked Buffy into a chokehold from behind. She hurled her upper body forward and flipped the vamp over her, throwing him hard on the floor. She plunged her stake into the heart as her eyes danced with adrenaline as she waited for the vamp to turn into dust.

She frowned when nothing happened. “Huh?”

The vamp grimaced for a second before pulling the stake out of his heart. He chucked the stake aside and grinned. Buffy glanced at Faith and saw she was equally stunned by the vampire she was fighting had not exploded either.

“Watch your back!” Faith cried.

Buffy snapped her eyes on the vampire on the ground as he charged at her, sending her flying across the cabin. Faith dove back at her vampire, wielding her blade. The other three vampires joined in, tag teaming the two Slayers. After nine minutes of brutal fighting, Faith had managed to slice the heads off of two of the vampires. Buffy knocked two more down. The remaining two fled.

Buffy and Faith wiped the blood from their faces and glanced at the headless torsos.

“Why the hell didn’t the stakes work?”

Buffy, quite perplexed, answered, “I have no idea.”

Buffy and Faith swept through the door of the lodge, battered and bloodied. Buffy spied Tracy in the bar, four empty shot glasses in front of her. She looked over the two girls.

“You’re okay! I was scared out of mind.”

Buffy and Faith slumped into the booth and shared a collected sigh of exhaustion.

“I didn’t know if I would see you two again. That was just – crazy.”

“Welcome to our world,” Buffy replied.

A waitress swung by to take their drink order and eyed their condition curiously. They both declined.

“Please, order whatever you want. Drinks are on me. I forgot I had some cash in my pocket.”

Faith’s eyes brightened. “Well in that case…”

“We really shouldn’t. We still have to find your grandfather. Let’s get back to the room. I need to shower off vampire blood and guts.”

Faith flipped on the television while Buffy showered first. Tracy jumped when the house phone rang. Faith picked it up and after a second, frowned.

“It’s for you.”

Tracy reached for the phone. “Hello?”

“Tracy, are you okay? It’s Daniel.”

“Grandpa? I’m fine. Are you okay? Where are you?”

Faith tried not to pry but couldn’t help listening.

“I’m fine.”

“How did you know where to find me?”

“I followed you. I needed to be sure you were okay.”

“I want to see you. Can we meet?”

There was a long silence on the other end. “Sweetheart, I’m afraid that would be a bad idea. The things that took you, they’re – incredibly dangerous and they could be anywhere. I want you to go home.”

“I know – but you don’t have to worry. These girls, they’ve been helping me. They wiped those things out.”

“Is that so?”


“Who are these girls?”


Back at the vampire nest, the two that had escaped returned with a third. He glared at the mess of bodies strewn all over the cabin. His dark hair fell over his eyes as he circled the floor with booted feet. One of them, Bo, wore some faded blue jeans and a black tee shirt. He was trying to be cooler than he looked.

“And you said two girls did this?”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone fight like that,” Bo replied, “Not even those hunters we’ve come across from time to time.”

“And the one who escaped last night?”

“She fled on foot.”

“Pick up her trail – see what she knows.”

One hour later, Buffy, Faith and Tracy were hanging out in the bar lounge. Buffy collapsed her cell phone and sighed.

“What’s the scoop from Giles?”

“He’s banking on a new breed of vampire we haven’t come across. A breed impervious to stakes, sunlight and holy water.”

“Well, that about covers all of our defenses. Except fire and blade, which, I don’t mind.”

“I don’t either except – the whole blood and guts in my hair part. I better buy bulk shampoo if we find anymore of these new vampires.”

A couple walked into the lodge and strolled into the lounge.

“I need to use the ladies room.”

Tracy got up and disappeared.

“What about the two that fled?”

“I doubt they’ll go back, we know where they live.”

After ten minutes, Buffy grew worried when Tracy hadn’t returned. She shot out of the lounge and flew into the ladies room. A dark haired woman had Tracy in a chokehold.

“Let her go,” Buffy growled.

The dark haired woman turned her head and gave an amused smile.

“Bo said you were small but I didn’t picture this.”

“I said let her go.”

The dark haired woman released her grip on Tracy’s throat.

“I just hate when my meal goes cold anyway.”

Tracy slumped to the ground as Buffy and the dark haired woman circled each other.

“You took out my friends. That wasn’t nice.”

Buffy shrugged, “It’s not nice to kill innocent people just because you’re hungry.”

“We have to eat. What are else are we supposed to do?”

“Gee how about….die?”

Buffy attacked the dark haired woman with a hard punch to the face. The woman stumbled back into the wall, cracking the tile. Buffy came back at her with full force, pummeling her in the face. The woman counterattacked, getting her in a chokehold. They fought across the room, banging into stall doors, sinks and dispensers. Buffy got the advantage and hurled the woman to the floor. She was about to move in when she was hit suddenly from behind. She sailed into the wall and slumped over. She shook it off and looked up to see a guy standing a few feet away. He had a brooding expression on his face, a lot like Angel.

“You’re in the ladies room, pervert.”

He studied her as she gathered herself.

“Are you okay, Kate?”

Kate rubbed her head as she sat up and groaned. “She’s strong Luther. Stronger than an ordinary human.”

He helped her up as Buffy stood tall, her fists ready for the second round.

“Leave, I’ll take care of this one.”

“But you know how I love to watch.”

“Go!” he growled.

Kate folded and darted out of the room. Recognition flared into Luther’s eyes.


Buffy narrowed her eyes. “Vampire. You know what happens next.”

“Kate and I leave. We don’t want any trouble.”

“Well then you shouldn’t have been stockpiling bodies in this town.”

“We do what we have to in order to survive.”

“Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly….Slayers gotta Slay. Let’s get on with it.”

Tracy groaned, regaining consciousness. Buffy glanced at her. Luther lunged at Tracy and gripped her by the neck. Buffy started toward him.

“One more step Slayer and I break her neck.”

Buffy paused, forming a battle plan in her mind.

“Walk away and I’ll let her go. Kate and I will disappear.”

“Yeah, into the dirt.”

Luther swung around to see Faith holding a knife against Kate’s throat. Buffy pounced on the distraction, jumping into the air. She shot her foot out and hit Luther in the head. He stumbled back, releasing Tracy from his grip.

“Let her go and we’ll leave this town. We just want live in peace.”

Buffy scoffed, “Hello? Everything about that statement contradicts itself. You’re undead, you’re evil. There’s no negotiating. I hunt you, I kill you. End of story.”

Faith chimed in, “Let’s get on with it.”

An arrow blew through the room and hit Luther in the small of his back. An old man charged into the bathroom. Faith loosened her grip on Kate, stunned by the intrusion. Kate took off as Faith and Buffy surrounded the old man.


Faith and Buffy regarded Tracy. When they looked back, Luther was gone.

“Damn,” Faith said.

Buffy and Faith regrouped in the lounge, leaving Tracy and Daniel alone. Tracy returned after five minutes, a sad expression on her face.

“He went after them. I couldn’t get him to stay.”

The next morning, Tracy had her car towed to the nearest repair shop. She found Buffy and Faith at the registration desk.

“You’re checking out?”

Buffy nodded. “We’ve got to head out. Will you be okay? Do you have someone who can stay with you?”

Tracy nodded, “My roommate. She’s driving out to pick me up.”

“Okay, good.”

Tracy hugged Buffy and Faith. “Thank you so much. For everything.”

Buffy gave her a blank business card. “If you ever need anything, I’m a phone call away.”

Tracy walked them to their car and watched as they drove off.

“You think she’ll be okay?”

Faith shrugged, “She seemed pretty good to me.”

“I meant knowing about the things that go bump in the night.”

“She seemed to handle it okay. Better than most. You really want to head back right away?”

“We should find out what we can about these new vampires. Our happy undead couple are out there somewhere and we need to be ready.”

“We got a lot road ahead of us. Any objections to stopping along the way for some rest and relaxation?”

“No, we’ll need plenty of that.”

One Year Later

Keystone, Colorado

Buffy swept through the door leading out to the back porch. She folded herself into the Adirondack style chair and took a long sip of her coffee. She inhaled the crisp air and admired the azure skyline tugging over the icy lake. The bungalow was quiet and peaceful. Birds sang a cheerful tune in the distance. She was still in awe that she lived here.

Buffy wasn’t crazy about the occasional snow storm but the view was impeccable and calming. Plus, she only stayed at the bungalow during the warmer months when snowfall was an inch or less. She was living off of checks funneled through the new Council’s private donation fund started several years ago. Most of the donators were family members of Watchers and board founders who were aware of the evils in the world.

She heard the buzz of her phone inside and quickly shuffled into the kitchen.




“It’s Tracy Elkins. I’m not sure if you remember me – it’s been almost a year.”

Buffy recalled her memory. “Yes, of course I remember you. How are you? Is everything okay?”

“No. It’s my grandfather. I think he’s in trouble.”

Buffy cradled the phone to her mouth as she poured another cup of coffee.

“I haven’t heard from him until last night. He was frantic. He told me he was sorry he walked out on the family and that he loved me. I think it was the last call he ever made because I’ve been trying to get a hold of him all morning with no luck. I’m freaking out.”

Buffy sunk her coffee. “Do you have any idea where he was calling from?”

‘No. But – I have a birthday card that was sent to me six months ago. At first I thought it was weird because the return address said it was from Martha Holt – my grandmother on my mother’s side. She passed away when I was ten. The card inside was from him. I’m not sure if the address is still good – it was postmarked from Manning, Colorado.”

Buffy blinked. What were the odds?

“I’m trying to get a flight out there to check on him but the earliest one isn’t until tomorrow evening.”

Buffy sighed. “Save your money, I’m in Colorado. I can drive out and check on him.”

“Are you sure? I hate to just drop this on you – I debated whether to get you involved but I just have this really bad feeling that something is wrong….I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m a couple hours away. What’s the address?”

Buffy rummaged for a pen and notepad and took down the address and a number to call Tracy back. By the time she had stocked up on weapons, checked in with Faith and Giles, gassed up the car and figured out directions, it was almost four in the afternoon. She guessed she would reach the Wilkins’ place a little after sunset.

Buffy punched down on the gas pedal and sent the car soaring up the winding road of a snow capped canyon. She was grateful the sun had melted away the ice on the road as she peered over the steep cliff side. She passed by a bar riddled with trucks and cars all with foreign license plates. She watched for her turn as the sun disappeared into the horizon and sprung a heavy blanket of darkness over the sky.

The house itself was easy to find once she reached the top of the canyon. There were no other cabins around. She climbed out of her car and stuffed her pockets with a few knives and a flashlight. She walked down the long driveway to the small bungalow, similar to the size of her own. There was a faint light spilling out of the window. She reached the door and knocked lightly.

After several minutes she knocked again. She peered inside the window but couldn’t see anything. She sighed, wishing Faith had been here to use her pickpocket skills. She reached for the doorknob and was surprised to find it unlocked. She had figured the old man lived cautiously and bolted his door every night. Her body felt heavy as she pushed the door open. She spotted something on the ground and crouched down.

A thick white substance littered the ground. She swept a finger over it and realized it was not snow but another grainy element.


The old man had a salt line in front of the door. Why? She crept inside and snapped on her small flashlight. She gasped when she noticed the walls were almost completely covered with notes containing weird symbols and news articles pertaining to mysterious disappearances or deaths. The floor was strewn with loose papers, books and various items and furniture was turned over.

“Mr. Elkins?” she quietly called.

Something caught her eye. She turned and noticed a leather bound journal. She flipped through the pages and saw similar handwritten notes, dates, symbols and Latin text. She swept the beam of her flashlight across the room, cutting the darkness. She looked through the pile on the floor and didn’t see anything that caused her internal alarm to ring. She noticed a thick wood box that looked to hold a gun, only it was gone along with the bullets. Then she saw the blood. Lots and lots of blood and no body.

Buffy drew out a breath and bit her lip. She didn’t want to call Tracy back just yet. There was a possibility that Daniel Elkins was alive and until she knew for sure, she wasn’t about to add to Tracy’s stress. She straightened and carefully made her way outside. She called Faith from the car.

“Sounds like gramps was a real pro. Are you thinking vamps did this?”

“Well, with no body around, I can’t be certain.”

“Did you find anything in the house?”

“Other than blood and a whole lot of weird wallpaper? Not much that could really clue me in. I’m going to patrol the area, see if I can find a trail.”

“You want backup? If I start driving now and floor it to like ninety, I think I could get there in about three hours.”

“No. I’ve got a handle on it. I’ll keep you updated.”

“Okay. Watch your back B.”

“I will.”

She started the car and pulled onto the road, heading back into town. The traffic on the road was even slimmer than in her town. After ten minutes, she had passed a single car traveling in the opposite direction. It was almost a blur as the color of the car blended in with the night and rumbled past her at top speed.

“Wow. That’s the first car I’ve seen in six miles. This really is the pocket of America.”

Dean let up on the gas as they reached the Elkins’ residence. He cut the engine and climbed out. He fell in step with Sam as they got out their flashlights and crept inside.

Buffy pulled into the parking lot of a Best Western after passing by a few dreary looking motels. She and Faith had stayed a single night at a lonely motel four years ago after driving all day. They couldn’t afford the plane ticket to Florida State so they had to drive and haul ass to make it in time for Dawn’s graduation. The motel was rundown, filthy and she had been pretty certain something was living in the pipes. Faith was used to the crappy conditions having stayed in a similar place when she first came to Sunnydale, so she didn’t mind. Buffy on the other hand swore she would never stay in a dingy motel room again.

After she checked in, she grabbed a light dinner from the hotel quick grill. She loaded up the pockets of her coat with weapons and headed out on foot. She had walked several miles, following the highway through town. She hiked up a short hill into the woods and slowly snuck through. When she heard a low pitched scream, she bolted through the trees. The screaming echoed through the trees. Adrenaline sprung up into her veins and soared through her body as she flew out of the clearing and came out on the other side of the road. She darted her head around and saw a car in the middle of the road, the lights still on.

She approached the car and felt her gut turn over. She stopped when her eyes swept over a pool of blood on the ground. She searched the area around the car and along the dirt. She leaned down when something bright flashed and caught her eye.

She groaned as she identified the object: a vampire fang.
“Oh great. Here we go again.”

“Boys, you need to get up. We got to go. Just got a police dispatch.”

Sam and Dean stirred and slowly sat up.

“What’s going on?”

They hurriedly got dressed.

“A 911 call came in – a couple found a body in the road – the police went out to the scene and didn’t find anyone. Vampires got them.”

Sam frowned. “Are you sure?”

“I’ll head out. Follow behind, okay?”

The elder Winchester left promptly.

“Vampires. It still sounds ridiculous,” Dean muttered. “Next you’re going to tell me that Misty the Vampire Slayer is real...god I hope so…”

A smirk cracked his face as Sam eyed him on the way to the car.

“What? You’ve never seen it? It’s a classic. Misty is this smokin’ hot chick who masquerades as a high school girl by day and by night she hunts and humps vampires –some female ones too.”

Dean chuckled for a long minute as Sam groaned.

“This is a porn movie?”

Dean paused, “Well, yeah. What the hell do you think I’m talking about? A legend? A real girl who slays vampires? Come on, don’t be ridiculous.”

Buffy ambled through the forest, keeping a watchful eye out as she revealed her findings to Faith.

“Ah, so it is the fang gang. Did you find the nest?”

“I’m still out patrolling. They can’t be too far from here. I didn’t see tire tracks on the shoulder in any direction.”

“Until you know how many we’re dealing with, don’t do anything until I get there.”

Buffy paused. “You’re driving out?”

“I’m about thirty miles out.”

“Woah. You’re really hauling – butt.”

“Told you I could. I don’t like the idea of you fighting these bloodsuckers alone. Even if you are the Slayer, we’re dealing with a different brand of vamps. Same ugly face but whole new style of killing them.”

Buffy came out of the clearing and found a large dilapidated house.

“Score,” she said as she paused behind some trees.

She spotted a guy getting out of a car and stepping right out into the sun. Her eyes widened with amazement as he met up with a familiar face. That brooding vampire named Luther. She was betting that Kate was inside as those two were never far from each other. That meant at least three. She had to know how many more were inside. She snuck back into the forest and circled to the back of the cabin. She darted out of the forest. She was about to climb through a window when she heard three sets of footsteps near the front of the cabin.

She pressed herself against the cabin wall and moved along the other side until she reached the front. She peeked around and saw the front door swinging shut. She came back around to the window to see it sliding close.


Why would a vampire go through a window? She hiked herself up and snuck through the same window. She landed quietly on the floor and found herself in an empty room. Before she reached the doorway, a horrible scream cut through the silence. She heard yelling and a scurrying of movement. Less than a minute later, she saw an older man with a scruffy beard in a vampire’s chokehold.

Buffy lunged at the male vamp, kicking him in the side. The bearded man was knocked from the vampire’s grip. She met his dark eyes.

“Run!” she barked as the vampire charged at her.

John Winchester dodged out of the nest, stealing a glance behind him as five vampires converged on the young blonde woman. He hesitated at the door for a single moment until he saw the girl attack the vampires with the fierce skill of a seasoned warrior. She ran up the side of the wall, spun around and drove her feet out, hitting two vamps in the head. A third threw a hard left hook, making contact with her face. She shook it off and glared the vampire down. She did a spin kick to his head, sending him flying across the room.

John snapped back to the immediate present, remembering his boys. He took off after them.

When John returned to the motel room, he sent Dean off on a task. He settled down at the table and rifled through his journal, looking for a specific entry. Sam paced around the room anxiously.
John tapped on the page and read over his notes. He drew out a breath and smiled small. He took his pen and crossed out the question mark noted behind a sentence: The Slayer. He replaced the question mark with an exclamation point and added the note: Possible run in with the Chosen One.

“I should have gone with him. Maybe Dean got in a bind.”

John closed his journal and regarded his youngest son.

Buffy tore out of the clearing and headed back toward town. She was sorely outnumbered but still managed to kick the crap out of the vampires lurking in the nest. They hadn’t followed her out since the sun was bright and clear in the sky. She shuffled into her room and shrugged out of her coat and shoes. She examined herself in the mirror. She had only a few cuts and bruises on her face but no major injuries. After she showered and changed, she heard a knock on her door.

“I bring reinforcements and – refreshments.”

Faith dropped a take out bag on the table. Buffy brought her up to speed as they devoured the food.

“So Lex Luthor is at it again.”

Buffy downed a glass of water.

“We should have taken him out before he started blubbering.”

Faith tossed her plate in the trash.

“Okay, time to motor.”

Buffy and Faith spied through the window of the nest.

“Looks like no one’s home. Probably getting take out.”

Faith pulled herself through the window, followed shortly by Buffy. They crept through to the main room and saw only one vampire, drinking a beer.

“Someone order a pizza?” Faith said.

The vampire jumped and swung around to meet Faith’s fist. He stumbled to the ground as Faith charged him and attacked him with a knife. The front door swung open as three vampires ambled in. Their cheerful expressions faded when they saw the intruders.

“Dinner’s on!” Buffy said as she leaped into the air.

After six minutes, Buffy and Faith were caked in layers of blood and guts. Headless torsos surrounded them. They moved cautiously through the rooms and found a cellar full of people tied up. Buffy took one look at the padlock, gripped it and ripped it off.

“No Lex Luthor.”

“We’ll follow the trail coming out of town. Maybe we can catch them with their meals.”

Buffy and Faith took on through the forest and headed toward the highway.

Sam and Dean stood in the main room of the vampire nest completely flabbergasted. They looked at the headless bodies, the pools of blood and the thrashed state of the room. Dean shuffled over to the cellar and found it empty. He scratched his head.

“Uh, that’s weird,” he said.

He noticed the padlock was completely demolished and barely hanging off the door. Sam made another sweep of the room with his eyes as Dean returned from the cellar.

“Find any fangies?”

Sam shook his head. Dean took another quick look at the headless torsos.


Sam nodded. “I’d say so, not too many people know how to kill a vampire let alone know that they exist.”

Dean headed toward the door. “Yeah, I’m still trying to grasp the whole idea of their existence myself.”

“Let’s get to dad,” Sam replied urgently.

Sam and Dean armed up and took off racing through the forest.

Buffy and Faith paused at the foot of the forest hugging the main highway. They spotted a row of cars and several people lingering around. Buffy eyed Faith when she saw Luthor in the mix.

“Bingo,” she said softly.

Faith reached into her bag and pulled out a crossbow. Buffy selected her ‘boomerang’ dagger, which had a long, curved blade. As they snuck along the highway, using the cover of trees, they noticed an older man dragging a girl out of a truck. He pushed her toward Luthor, holding her at knife point. Buffy narrowed her sights on the girl.

“That’s Luthor’s chick,” Buffy imparted softly.

Faith glanced at the girl and nodded. Buffy and Faith edged their way closer to the action.

Sam and Dean took a short cut through the woods to get back to the highway. As they reached the edge of the forest, they froze when they saw a vampire tossing their father into the air. There were three other vampires milling around the highway, surrounding him.

Dean leveled his crossbow and was about to squeeze off a bolt when he caught sight of a vampire pitching forward. Dean blinked when he noticed the arrow jutting out of the vampire’s neck. He scanned the trees across the highway but couldn’t pinpoint where the shooter was.
Sam pushed off toward the highway. Dean shook off his surprise and quickly fell into step with Sam.

Buffy and Faith paused when the older man was suddenly thrown across the road. Faith pitched her crossbow and took aim at the closest vampire within her sights. The bolt sailed across the highway and sliced a vampire clear through the neck. The vampire bellowed forward and hollowed. The remainder of vamps froze in shock for several minutes, allowing Buffy and Faith time to charge down a steep hill. Faith blinked when she spotted two young guys spilling out from the opposite side of the road.

“Where the hell did they come from?” she asked.

Buffy eyed the two guys as they launched a defensive attack.

“I don’t know but they’re going to get themselves killed!”

The vampires converged upon John just as Sam and Dean arrived with their weapons engaged. The vampires swiftly disarmed the boys as Sam swung at Luther. Luther caught his fist and countered with a powerful punch to the face. Sam staggered back as Luther grabbed him by the throat and lifted him in the air. Luther snarled and began to choke Sam. Dean bolted forward with a knife.

Buffy frowned when the two boys playing heroes got themselves in trouble as she expected. She paused and took aim at a vampire standing a few feet from Luther. She hurled her dagger through the air. It soared across the air and made contact with the vampire, slicing it clear across the neck before the dagger twirled around and flew back toward Buffy. She caught it gracefully in her hand.

Dean froze when the brooding vampire barked off a warning. He pitched his knife and tried to drum up a plan when he heard a weird whirring sound. A vampire suddenly howled as a long blade sliced across its neck. Dean blinked several times in shock when the blade furiously spun around and sailed back like a boomerang toward its owner.

Luther frowned and glared behind Dean.

“Why can’t you people just let us be? We just want to live in peace.”
John Winchester pushed himself up against his truck and was about to rebuttal when two young girls charged over.

Buffy rolled her eyes when she heard Luther’s complaint. She strolled over to him as she twirled her boomerang blade in her hand.

“Waa waa waa,” Buffy groaned. “Poor undead vampire can’t take the harassment anymore, well, you know what you can do…..DIE ALREADY!”

Faith fished out her favorite blade and stood tall next to Buffy.

“Let the guy go, now,” Faith warned.

Luther growled until he suddenly jerked forward. Buffy and Faith blinked when they saw a bullet hole pierced through Luther’s forehead.

“What the fuck….” Faith muttered softly.

Luther released Sam and crumbled to his knees.

After the shock faded from his face, Dean felt the sharp kinks in the corner of his mouth as he grinned when a super hot little blonde stared down a vampire without an ounce of fear. She twirled her blade and taunted him before she hardened her game face. On top of that, another super hot brunette fell into step beside her and flashed her wicked blade. Dean blinked several more times, convinced he was fantasizing until he heard the distinct sound of a gun firing.

Buffy and Faith shared a collective look of shock when Luther began to jerk violently. His body flashed with light before he pitched forward and died. Kate bolted toward Luther and screamed. She howled and started to charge toward John. Another vamp held her back as Kate began to sob. The remaining vampires began to retreat to their cars.

Sam and Dean blinked with astonishment when the vampire keeled over and died from the Colt. They looked over to see the triumphant smile on their father’s face as he wandered back to his truck.

Buffy, Faith, Sam and Dean regarded each other for a short minute before the girls pivoted and headed down the highway.

After more shock passed through his system, Dean drew a goofy grin as he watched the pair of chicks retreating. He blinked when he realized they were running away. Sam ambled toward the Impala when he heard his brother’s voice.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

Sam twisted around to see Dean taking chase after the mystery girls. He rolled his eyes and made a quick pace over to his brother. He clapped a hand on Dean’s shoulder. Dean glanced back at Sam and frowned.

“Aw crap, fine, you can have one too I guess,” Dean grumbled.

“Dean, we have to go,” Sam replied.

“Yeah I know, I’m going THAT way.”

Dean eyed the direction where the girls had taken off. Sam sighed and shot a glance behind his shoulder, toward their father. Dean met his father’s eyes and heaved a sigh.

“Aw man,” he moped.

Dean reluctantly retreated toward the car. He glared at Sam.

“If one of those girls’ names turns out to be Misty or some other ditzy name, I’m going to kill you.”

Sam rolled his eyes as they met up with their dad.

Buffy forced air through her lungs as she and Faith charged down the road, keeping their sights on the cars loaded with vampires. Faith had thankfully parked on the edge of the main road. They bolted into her car and she swiftly gunned the engine and tore after the vampires. Buffy wiped a coat of sweat from her face as she tried to settle her breathing. Faith stamped down on the gas and focused her eyes on the winding road. She shot a glance at Buffy.

“Since when does a gun kill a vampire?”

Buffy let out a long breath as her heart beat began to settle down.

“You got me,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like that. What I want to know is who the guy with the gun was – how did he know about the gun?”

Faith licked her lips as she pushed down on the gas pedal even further.

“Probably a hunter too,” Faith replied. “As for those two hotties….”

Buffy glanced at Faith who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Too bad we didn’t have time to ‘get to know’ them,” she said.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Focus Faith, we’ve got vamps on the loose. Plus, I don’t think they’ve been hunters too long, I mean, they couldn’t put up much of fight. And then when they were looking at us, I couldn’t help but feel like the blonde guy was picturing me….naked. I really don’t think we want to run into them again…for the sake of their own safety….”

Faith hitched her head back and chuckled.

“Yeah, we sure could wipe the floor with those two…..and other things.”

Buffy rolled her eyes again.

“Oh come on B, despite this little kink in our road trip, we’re still supposed to have fun. We’ve been through dozens of places across four states with no decent guys. I mean, when is the last time you actually got some?”

Buffy flushed red. “Uh…..”

Faith smacked the steering wheel. “See? It’s been so long you can’t even remember. I bet your insides are boiling hot after seeing such tasty specimens like those guys back there.”

“No,” Buffy replied casually.

“Right. So you’re not thinking how annoyingly handsome Mr. ‘I’m Thinking About You Naked’ guy is?

“No,” Buffy answered quickly.

Buffy rolled down the window as Faith caught her blushing. Faith cracked a smile. Buffy caught her eyes and let out a sigh.

“Okay so they were easy on the eyes,” Buffy admitted. “But there’s no sense in dwelling about them when we probably won’t see them again. We have to dust – or – slice and dice these vamps first.”

Faith let out a breath. “Yeah, work first, play later…BUT….if we by some miracle do run into them, we’ll PLAY first….”

Buffy rolled her eyes but burst into laughter at Faith’s silly grin.

“You blatantly disregarded my orders,” John barked.

The Winchester men were packing up their bags at the motel. Sam nodded as Dean gave a defiant look.

“We saved your hide dad,” he said.

John eyed his sons. “Well……those two girls did.”

Dean brightened when images of the girls struck his mind.

“Yeah, they did…..”

“Dad, do you think those girls were hunters?” Sam asked.

John let out a long breath. “With that much courage and weaponry skill, yes, I believe so.”

Dean shined a gleeful grin. “Yeah, not to mention that kick ass ‘boomerang’ dagger thing. That was friggin’ awesome!”

“It’s just surprising,” Sam remarked. “I mean, they’re both pretty….small.”

“Oh well good things come in small packages,” Dean quipped.

His smiled faded when he felt the weight of his dad’s stern expression.

“Sorry,” Dean said softly. “I’ll uh….get packing.”

“Alright boys, we’ll hunt this thing down together,” John replied firmly.
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