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The Dreams of the Lost

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book II". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Slayers of Dune must figure out how to live in the world they've created.

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Chapter 19

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Battle? There’s always a desire for breathing space motivating it somewhere.

- The Bashar Teg

He was the last of the Senior Partners and as such deserved better than this.

Tens of thousands of years had passed since his associates had lost their foothold on Earth. Now they were forced to wander the stars lurking in the shadow of humanity. They had watched with interest the rise of house Arteries and the rule of Leto the second. On more than one occasion they were tempted to make contact with Leto to form an alliance. They liked his brutal leadership style. Cooler heads prevailed. In the end, they remained hidden from humanity content to use others to achieve their ends until Leto unleashed the slayers and ruined their plans for Tailos three.

The Senior Partners had planned to use the Old Ones as shock troopers for their takeover of the galaxy but the damn slayers had gotten in the way. There were other forces they could bring to bear but only after they had exterminated every single slayer on Arrakis and beyond.

The Senior Partner stood over seven feet tall and was rail thin. He was covered in dark stained robes that hid the details of his true form. The occupants of this dimensional plane often confused him with a demon. He laughed at the concept. The Senior Partners despised demon kind and their kin and was nothing like them. Whereas, the Old Ones, the vampires, and the slayers were the direct desendants of the Destroyer, the Senior Partners were in no way connected to them. The Senior Partners were the orginal inhabitants of the galaxy. Millions of years before the Old Ones arrived, the Senior Partners had evolved naturally from the primevial slime of thier alien world. They had achived a fair amount of technological progress on thier own before the Old One's had arrived to thier world.

Across multiple dimensions and multiple worlds the power of the Senior Partners remained but he was the last Senior Partner here in this dimension. His job was to command the Old Ones when they were awakened. But the slayers had ruined that plan. When he had awaked on “Her Graceful Measure” He was stunned at the lost of his army. He was reduced to making deals with vampires, an arrogant Bene Gesserit vampire, whose only value to him was that she wore the Gem of Amara.

He could hear the bothersome creature stomping her way down the hallway. He knew she would soon be before him with her irritating and trivial demands. As if on cue, the door to his sanctum burst open and Reverenced Mother Nisha appeared. She had one finger pointed at him and her mouth open to no doubt nag him again about logistics and other trivial concerns. That’s when he decided to teach her a lesson.

The Senior Partner turned and opened the palm of his left hand. Thick oily fire poured out of it. Nisha was on fire before she could take her second step. Her screams echoed off the stone masonry of the keep.

The Senior Partner watched dispassionately as her charred black form writhed on the floor. Little drops of flame and flesh popped off of her setting the carpet on fire. If she was not wearing the Gem of Amara she would have been dead by now. As it was, the Gem kept her alive and screaming. It would be weeks before all of her flesh grew back. She would be in searing pain the entire time.

“Indestructibility can be a curse when death is a better destiny.” The Senior Partner said to himself. The Senior Partner watched the Gammu sun dip into the evening sky as he focused on the field test he had arranged for the weapon. Even now, a squad of vampires were headed to Arrakis armed with the mystical serum that could remove a slayers powers. The Watchers had used it to test the resourcefulness of the slayers thousands of years ago on Earth.

The only skill he wanted the slayers to have now was the ability to die quickly.

It was night of Arrakis. Lucilla stood on the marble steps of the Church of Universal Light. She was unwinding after an especially hard night. Thousands of citizens had seen the stars and the moon disappear from the skies of Arrakis. Hundreds had packed into the evening services. That was ten hours ago. The last of the citizens were leaving. Lucilla sat on the marble steps in front of the church and took in the cool night air.

She saw a star fall from the sky.

The small glowing object arced silently across the nighttime sky and then made a right angle turn. That’s when she knew it wasn’t a meteor but an assault ship coming in hot and fast under Fish Speaker radar. The slayer in her knew that the glowing object rapidly turning her way was bad. She could feel the evil radiating from it.

“Bless me Lord. A slayers work is never done.” She thought to herself.

A single missile shot out of the ship and hit a few meters from her. The impact was curiously muted. The warhead gave a “pop” as a brown gas was released. Her experience with biological agents told her to run but it was too late. The brown gas burned her lungs slightly but there were no other effects in evidence.

The first vampire slammed into her knocking her backwards. The creature was on top of her with fangs bared. Its face was twisted into an evil grimace. Lucilla tried to push him off of her. She couldn’t. Her strength was gone. It’s teeth were penetrating into her neck. She let out as gasp as the vampire exploded into a cloud of dust.

The old niab she had saved held her stake in his hands.

“These things are worst than the water thieves of Jacurutu.” The niab said. He helped her up to her feet. From inside the church, they could hear the sound of desperate hand to hand combat and the screams of the dying. Lucilla didn’t know what to do. There were no other slayers nearby and her greatest weapon for such a short a time was gone.

She was helpless before the storm.

“You have other weapons.” She could hear the Destroyer in her head.

“What must I do Lord?” She asked. The niab was starring at her.

“All slayers are connected, the new slayers more so. Surayya is a nexus. She and Leto's slayers encompass both space and time. They are connected to Spike and the amulet by mystic threads that cannot be broken. I can give you some of that energy.” The Destroyer said to her.

The niab was slammed against a wall as three vampires appeared out of nowhere. He screamed as they tore into him.

“Tell me, tell me Lord! What must I do?” Lucilla was desperate and running out of time.

“If you do this, you will not survive.” The Destroyer warned her.

Lucilla watched the old niab struggle against death.

“Do it!” She said without hesitation. She was a slayer. She stepped up to the plate.

“Do it!” She commanded the God of the Slayers.

“Relax and let the energy flow into you.” He said.

Lucilla would feel the empty parts of herself fill up with a warm and buoyant energy that lifted her off the ground. From where she floated she could see hoards of vampires rushing in towards the church. She relaxed as the energy washed over her. The Destroyer tapped into the magics of the amulet that Spike wore at the battle of Sunnydale tens of thousands of years ago. Her flesh flared. The skin on her arms began to glow. White light exploded out from her in all directions. Her body was instantly incinerated. The army of vampires burst into flames as the light cut through them. Historians would later record this event as the first miracle of the Church of Saint Lucilla.

Her ashes would never be found.

Surayya dropped to her knees with her arms folded. She just felt something sharp and powerful flow through her then explode. Her breath left her. The shock of it left her dazed. Buffy felt it too.

“A slayer just died.” She said flatly. “She was glowing.” Buffy searched her senses for the source of the energy that turned a slayer into a supernova. “Spike.” Buffy concluded. “The energy felt like Spike.”

It took a moment for Surayya to get to her feet. She still felt light headed. She remembered her spice vision from Buffy’s arrival.

She saw the surface of Arrakis covered with billions of Turok-Han and a sky the color of red.

“The blood storm is coming.” Surayya said. She sounded as if all hope had been squeezed from her.

She grabbed Buffy’s arm.

“Hurry, we have to make it to Sietch Kindle before the end of the world.” She said.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Dreams of the Lost". This story is complete.

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