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The Dreams of the Lost

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book II". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Slayers of Dune must figure out how to live in the world they've created.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > DunenedwardsFR131924,2330216,2838 Apr 107 Jun 10Yes


All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

William Butler Yeats * The Second Coming.

Buffy sat on her porch and watched the stars.

“My son is out there.” She said to Willow. They sat a moment in silence.

“You know the dreams, the slayer dreams?” She said. “All I see is him. We’re sitting on an unknown planet surrounded by dunes. There is sand everywhere.” Buffy paused for a moment.

“He’s just a boy!” She said. Her distress was evident. “He’s just a little boy!”

In her dreams she saw a small boy with dark skin and black hair. His eyes were the strangest blue within blue. He looked so small and fragile. His face was round and his figure was thin and delicate. His vulnerability made her want to hold him close and protect him. Her maternal instincts were in full swing.

“There are others there.” Buffy continued. “They're women, but these women… they are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They move with unbelievable speed and their eyes are blue within blue just like his.”

“Don’t worry Buffy, we’ll figure something out.” Willow said trying to be supportive.

“That’s the thing Wil. I recognize one of the women from my dreams. I remember her!” Buffy looked at Willow with big round eyes. “How is it I that remember someone I’ve never met?”

Willow knew the answer to Buffy’s question. But she had taken a vow never to reveal such incredible information. However, she didn’t promise not to drop clues.

“What do you remember about the time you found out about the true nature of Dawn?” Willow asked.

“I remember constantly getting my ass kicked by Glory.” Buffy said smartly. “Glory wanted to bleed Dawn when the stars became right. She wanted to release the green energy that was the key.”

Ten thousand years later the children of Dawn would carry just enough of that green energy to burn the galaxy.

“Surayya!” Buffy said with shock and surprise. “Her name is Surayya Atreides!”

She stood as the memories came flooding back to her. Buffy felt as if the scales had fallen from her eyes. The fullness of the revelation left her floored.

“That was not the first time we met!” Buffy leaned in close to Willow. “The night we closed down the Initiative, the night you did the joining spell!”

Not a single drop of water flowed on the surface of Arrakis.

In cascading waves, the memories flooded back into her. She could feel hot dry sand on her skin. She remembered shattering time with spice. She remembered a sandworm nearly a mile long. But she remembered something worse; she remembered a white casket miles long and something powerful enough to destroy the Old Ones with a flick of its wrist.

“Who will morn over us?” Illyria asked. “Who will build our temples? Who will know we were even here? She asked with real sadness in her voice.

“We will.” said Surayya. “The slayers will be an everlasting monument to the demon age.”

“Buffy? Are you ok?” Willow asked. Buffy was staring directly at her but not seeing her. Buffy was in the grip of a clear and awful memory.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, we released it, we released The Destroyer!

Willow stood. She grabbed Buffy and held her tight. Buffy’s body was shaking. Willow could smell the fear coming off of her. The muscles down Buffy’s back rippled as adrenaline flowed through her. Her stomach muscles clinched in uncontrollable fear.

“We released the Destroyer!”

Willow gently wiped Buffy's tears from the corner of her eyes.

“This Destroyer, is it bad?” Willow asked.

“It is the worst.” Buffy said with a grimace. “It is the source of the thing that kills demons. It is the source of the slayers. “

Willow looked at her dumbfounded.

“The Watchers got it all wrong. The first slayer wasn’t raped by a demon. The Dark Men chained her to the ground to protect themselves from her. The Destroyer gave a portion of his sprit for the Dark Men to use to protect the world. The destroyer knew he wouldn’t be here for us when we needed him. He was at war with the Old Ones, and they were winning. He knew that the final conflict between him and the Old Ones would result in a type of death that would require millions of years to recover from. He loved her Wil.”

“Who?” Willow asked

“Sineya, the first Slayer. You know, scary rasta mama?” Buffy managed a weak smile.

“Your daughters rule now. The bride is waiting. Remember how it started? Remember the deal that was made?”

“Is she ready to receive all of my essence?” The Destroyer asked.

They could all hear his voice in their heads. Surayya answered. “Yes.” she said. “Sineya waits for you. It has been a long time.”

Buffy remembered what happened next. The full essence of the Destroyer poured into Sineya who was the last sandworm of Arrakis. She had taken every drop of him into herself. No woman had ever been so fulfilled.

The Destroyer was there on Arrakis with her son.

"They have my son.”

That one thought echoed in her head over and over again and again and every time she thought about it she became madder and madder.

“They have my son! What the hell gives them the right!?”

Buffy was shaking with pure rage now. She pushed herself away from Willow and looked for something to hit. She paced back and forth, her fury building with every step. Finally, she smashed her fist into the side of the house shattering the wood frame.

“THEY HAVE MY SON!” Buffy said.

“I know.” Agreed Willow. “We’ll find a way to get him back.”

“Damn right.” Buffy said. Willow had never seen Buffy so angry.

“Whatever we do, we have to make sure we find her first.” Buffy said as she examined her bloody fist.

“Who?” Willow asked.

“A demon, named Illyria.” Buffy said.

Above them, the stars still shined cold and bright and by no action or deed did they betray their secrets.

“Surayya Raisa Atreides. You will have to answer to me.“ Buffy said to herself.

She folded her arms over her chest and stared into the dark.

Buffy found him working in a garage outside of El Paso Texas. He was over six feet of muscle and smooth brown skin. Buffy watched him for a moment before she walked over. He looked pretty good for a man that had been to hell, had been a vampire and had challenged the forces of darkness as a member of Angel Investigations.

“Charles Gunn?” Buffy asked.

The man rolled himself from under the ‘67 mustang. There were oil spots on his work jumper. He stared at her for a moment. He ran his eyes over her body the way men did when meeting an attractive woman, then something clicked. A memory long buried came back to him.

He stared at her face and then smiled.

“Anne?” Charles said remembering a young waitress he’d had met years ago, a young waitress that liked to kill vampires.

“Angel, I could kill you if you weren’t already dead.” Buffy muttered to herself.

“It’s Buffy, Buffy Summers. “ She said as she held out her hand for him to shake.

Charles eyes went wide. “The Buffy Summers?” He said. Charles ignored her hand and grabbed her in a bear hug. “Girl, we’re practically family.”

Buffy returned his hug.

When Charles released her she went to the reason why she was here.

“Charles, I need a lawyer.’ She said seriously.

Charles frowned as he remembered his time with Wolfram and Hart.

“I don’t do that anymore.” Charles said. “Let’s just say my former employer will no longer vouch for my services.”

Buffy had heard all about Los Angeles being cast into a hell dimension and Angel’s part in returning it to the world. Buffy stepped closer to Charles making sure she was inside his personal space. She knew that Charles had memories of certain nights in Los Angeles, certain hot sweaty nights they had together, certain nights that always happened after they had gone slaying together. Getting to her son was the only thing that mattered to her. She had no problem seducing him.

“I need you to take an affidavit from a demon.” She said. “I need a legally binding contract with Illyria.”

Charles backed away from her a little. It was like he had heard her suggest grinding up puppies to make milk shakes.

“Why?” He asked. Charles had his arms crossed. The lawyer in him was all business.

“It’s personal.” She said.

“A slayer wants to make a deal with a Old One and I’m not supposed to have any problems with that?” He said to her.
Buffy stepped closer to him and looked him in the eye. Charles could see her pain.

He frowned. “I ‘m a damn fool.” He said to himself.

“Yo! Blue Thunder!” He yelled to the back office.

Something wearing the body of Fred Winifred walked out from the back. She wore a white blouse and a tan skirt with black Nile West pumps.. She smiled as she came towards Buffy. She extended her hand.

Buffy cringed and drew back some. “You’re dead.” She said. “Willow said you were dead.”

Fred’s expression grew grim. “It has been transformed.” She said.

“What, what has been transformed?” Buffy asked.

“The shell.” Illyria answered. Subtly, quickly her body transformed even her clothing. When it was finished the tall, thin blue skinned Illyria stood before Buffy. Illyria was dressed in her standard blood red body armor.

Buffy looked at her intensely. Illyria looked exactly the same as in her visions. She had appeared not to age a day.

“Why are you here, slayer?” Illyria asked. Her voice was filled with arrogance.

Buffy was fast. While Illyria was talking Buffy was hyper charging her bloodstream with oxygen. She focused her mind in the way Surayya had taught her. With an unimaginable speed, Buffy exposed her knife, stepped in and sliced a small curl of hair from the head of Illyria. Only after it was done, did Charles even know she had moved. He jumped back.

“Whoa!” Charles said. “I didn’t know you could do that!”

Illyria saw the curl of hair Buffy held in her hand. She knew where Buffy was going with this.

“You are invoking the nikah?” Illyria said astonished. Illyria spoke of an obligation, of a covenant so strong that it resembled marriage. “Why would I do that?” Illyria asked as she slowly inched her way to within striking distance of the slayer.

Buffy held the lock of hair. “Because, I now own a part of you and you will never be whole until you get it back.”

“What’s to stop me from just killing you and taking it back? “ Illyria asked.

“I will stop you.” Buffy said.

“Oh, really?” Illyria sneered. “You and what army.”

Forty seven slayers appeared out of nowhere rushing into the garage at Buffy’s prearranged signal.

Illyria looked them over. There were young women of various ages and races holding all manner of mystical weapons. Illyria knew she could probably fight her way out of here but she would know she had been in a fight.

Illyria exhaled. “Yes slayer, I will accept the nikah. I will make a covenant with you on my sacred promise.”

“Then it is agreed?” Buffy asked.

“Yes, you have my word.” Illyria said. “I am yours until the end of the demon age.”

“Good.” Buffy said. “Willow will fill you in with the details and my lawyer will take your statement and make it binding”
Buffy turned to Charles.

“You want to get some dinner and catch up on old times?” Buffy asked him.

“I’m still trying to catch up on the new times.” Charles said. “But yeah, dinner sounds great but you’re buying.”

Charles left to get dressed. Buffy looked at Illyria. She could tell. Illyria glared at her with no small measure of hate.
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