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Mikey and Buffy

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Summary: With Dean and Sam still saying no, Michael makes alternative plans that include a certain slayer who’s spent quality time in Heaven.

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredDelphineFR151729,879108850,9278 Apr 102 May 14Yes

A Dish Best Served Cold

Note: Honestly, I’ve been sitting on this chapter for a while (so long that I forgot that I had it.) I deeply apologize.

Mikey and Buffy

By Delphine Pryde

Chapter Sixteen: A Dish Served Cold

If it had been Dean walking into that office, he probably would have gone in guns blazing like the modern day cowboy he was, a smartass comment upon his lips. Sam, however, prided himself on having more common sense than his brother--usually, the relationship with Ruby and demon blood non-withstanding. So he chose a less violent approach. The younger Winchester plastered a smile on his face as he entered the CEO office of Niveus Pharmaceuticals. “Hello, Brady,” he said, in a faux friendly voice.

The demon called Brady looked surprised for a moment before his eyes narrowed in a suspicious stare that he quickly hid behind a pleased-to-see-his-old-friend type of façade. “Sam, what are you doing here?”

The hunter gave a shrug.”Oh, you know I was in the neighborhood and wanted to look up the old college friend that turns out to have been a demon that got my girlfriend killed.”

All pretense faded away as Brady made a move to attack, but found himself frozen in place. “What…” he began before trailing off as Michael appeared in front of him, her hand stretched out as she bound his movement and powers.

A smug look crossed Sam’s face as the demon paled considerably when he realized he and been captured by an angel. “You and I have a lot to talk about,” he told the demon. The tone in his voice hinted that the talk would involve salt and holy water. “But not here. We need to meet up with some other friends first.” He glanced at the angel.

Michael took the hint, grabbing the demon by the throat at the same time as she gently gripped Sam’s arm, and transported them away to where they would meet up with the others of their group: Bobby Singer’s house.

The scene they teleported into was fairly amusing to Sam. Anna appeared to be doing her best to choke Gabriel—which isn’t as effective when the choke doesn’t need to breathe. Dean was egging Anna on, while Castiel tried to pry her away from the trickster. Bobby just stood there, faint amusement hidden by a gruff exterior.

“What is going on?” Michael demanded as she observed the scene.

The arrival of the archangel immediately broke up the fight as Anna scrambled away from her captive, unwilling to tempt Michael’s goodwill. Gabriel just gave his big sister a grin, “Just playing around.”

Michael just raised an eyebrow at the excuse. “He has been a Trickster for the last couple of thousand years”, Buffy remarked. “I bet he pulled a prank on Anael.

Heaven’s General gave a mental sigh and a fleeting thought about obnoxious brothers. “Well, play time is over,” Sam interjected, gesturing to the captive demon. Everyone fell into a sobering silent as they studied Brady.

Michael dragged the demon to the middle of the den where a Devil’s trap had been painted both on the ceiling and the floor. Her bindings made the creature powerless, but there was no sense in not taking an extra precaution. “No such thing as overkill,” Buffy approved.

As the archangel let go of her grip on the demon, she also released the spell keeping him frozen. Brady stretched out, casually, like being frozen by an archangel wasn’t a big deal. He gazed disdainfully at the room’s occupants. “What is this, the hunter’s version of the Brady Bunch?” he mocked.

An evil grin appeared on Gabriel’s face, one that sent an urge to run and hide through Anna and Dean. “Hardly, I’d consider us more like the Avenger,” he commented, walking closer to the Devil’s trap. “Well, they’re the Avengers,” he corrected, glancing at the rest of the group. “Me, I’m Loki, and I meat that in the most literal sense.”

Brady snorted. “Like a pagan god would work with those who hunt their kind.”

Gabriel shrugged. “We have to live here too, so the Apocalypse is not in our best interest.” He gave another evil grin. “So why don’t you tell me the location of Pestilence and I won’t have to go Viking on your ass.”

The demon let out a mocking laugh. “There is nothing you can do to me that would make me betray my lord. Traitors aren’t permitted oblivion, just never ending pain.”

“Lucifer is not the only one who can bring never ending pain,” Anna told him, understanding Gabriel’s strategy, backing him up even after his prank. Everyone else wisely stayed silent, fixing their best serious stares on the demon. “Loki is very familiar with pain,” she continued.
“I seem to recall a story of being chained to a rock for eternity while a serpent dripped acidic venom upon him.”

Gabriel grimaced, hinting that the story was at least partially true. “Yeah, if a being of power hadn’t taken pity upon me I’d still be there.”

Michael figured out what he wasn’t saying. “So that is how he hid so well from Heaven,” she commented.

Buffy sent a mental request for clarification. “Gabriel’s vessel is the actual Loki,” Michael explained. “He must have offered the pagan an end to his torture in exchange for him being his vessel.

So his Grace was obscured by Loki’s power and no one else knew the one in charge was actually an archangel,” Buffy concluded, “Smart.”

My Father would have,” Michael said, her mental voice dinged with longing for her Creator. “I do not know why HE concealed where Gabriel was.”

Buffy didn’t even bother to say the cliché “God works in mysterious ways.”

“The serpent and rock torture is one option,” Gabriel mused. “Though, I was thinking of just handing him over to my daughter, you know the one who rules over a kingdom of dead—Hel.”

Brady paled considerably. “I guess Hel has a reputation,” Buffy thought.

Keeping the demon from being destroyed as he is put through unmentionable torture is well within Hel’s power.”

The denizen of Hell licked his lips nervously. “So my options are torture for eternity of tell you where Pestilence is and have you kill me after? Yeah, no, how about you let me go in exchange for the where about of the Horseman?”

“No!” Sam growled out before any consideration on the offer could be made. He had been silent since arriving at Bobby’s, content to glare in hatred at the demon and wait for his chance to avenge his girlfriend—a chance he wasn’t going to let pass no matter what information was given for Brady’s freedom.

Said demon smirked. “Sammy, so upset over pretty Jessie’s death. You know it wasn’t Azazel that killed her, I’m the one that burned the bitch on the ceiling,” he confessed in a delighted voice.

Sam lunged for the demon, Ruby’s knife in his hands. Castiel was quick to intercept and hold him, before the youngest Winchester could kill their only lead to Pestilence. “Let me go, Cas,” he said, straining to break the angel’s grasp.

“Not until you start thinking rationally,” the stoic angel replied.

“I am,” he lied.

Dean snorted. “Not even Cas will believe that.”

A hurt look briefly appeared on the angel in question’s face at the jab about his naivety. Bobby gave a loud suffering sigh. “Idjits,” he grumbled and hauled out a shot gun which he pointed at Brady. “How about this, you talk and don’t see how much consecrated iron your body can take before one of the angel’s needs to heal you so we can start over again.”

Brady gazed at the old hunter’s eyes and knew he was deadly serious. His shoulders slumped as he realized he wouldn’t be able to talk his way out of the situation. He pulled out a piece of paper from his coat and a pen before beginning to write. “You’ll find Pestilence at a retirement home posing as a doctor, here’s the address.”

He handed off the paper to Gabriel. “What of the Croatoan virus?” Michael asked.

“Still in its trial phase, all the samples are at the labs in the building you captured me from.”

Michael nodded at Castiel, who then released Sam. The freed hunter stalked towards the trapped demon, holding the late Ruby’s knife in a firm grip.

Anna shifted uncomfortably, her eyes darting around the room. “Um, I’ll just go take care of the virus now,” she said, before fleeing. She clearly didn’t want to see Sam take his vengeance upon the demon.

“I’ll go help her,” Gabriel put in, handing off the piece of paper containing Pestilence’s location to Castiel after memorizing the words. The younger angel stowed the paper in his trench coat for safe keeping as Gabriel took off.

Buffy, Michael, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel were left to bear witness as Sam finally avenged the woman he loved. The victory was bittersweet.
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