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Debts Owed

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Summary: Legend of the Seeker, Prince Roderick of Thryce claims a price for impersonating him.... who will end up paying it and how?

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Literature > Fantasy > Sword of Truth SeriesDennSedaiFR1812,6880182411 Apr 1011 Apr 10Yes
Disclaimers: The Sword of Truth Novels belong to Terry Goodkind, the TV series based off the books belong to Disney and ABC. I claim no rights or ownership of the characters or imply anything about them. This is purely fictional.
Genre: Slash
Pairing/Characters: Richard Cypher/Prince Roderick of Thryce
Acknowledgments: Many wonderful thanks to Katrina aka Ryan Wolfe of Sylum Clan for the wonderful help with beta reading, and also for idea bouncing and inspiration *smirks* You're just as evil as I am, if not more so. Love you.
Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Season Two, Episode 13 'Princess'. Complete and total spoilers kind of for the episode. Sort of a filler for the end of the episode which isn't dealt with . Yes the bunnies are evil.

"So tell me Seeker, do you often go about attacking innocent people and stealing their identities," Roderick asked softly staring at the young man who had impersonated him.

Richard blushed slightly at that, especially as he recalled the events while they'd been the Margrave's 'guests'. "If there had been an alternative, I'd have taken it. I can only offer my apologies and plead necessity."

Roderick let out a small snort at that. "Given that my own reputation is now soiled, that hardly seems to be enough, I suppose I could demand the satisfaction of a duel, but you weren't the one who assaulted me, even if you did take my clothes and identity."

Richard shivered ever so slightly as he felt the Prince's gaze linger on him. "I suppose that is true enough... but I'm afraid that we can't let you do anything to harm our party."

Roderick let out a small laugh at that. "Who said anything about harming them? Oh it's a tempting though, I will admit, but I can think of a far simpler and much more agreeable solution....provided you are willing to personally make amends for your party. As other wise, they will all be hung for assault upon royalty."

Richard slowly considered his options and nodded. "And what amends do you require your Highness?"

"Nothing all that arduous my dear Seeker, in fact it should be rather pleasant for you at least. You and your party will remain at the palace for a few days, during which you will personally attend me and my every whim, without question or argument. Simple enough, I dare say."

"We can't afford the time right now...."

"You can, or I can ensure that the trial will be swift and the punishment even swifter Seeker, a few days delay in relative comfort, the chance to restock your supplies and then you are on your way. Or else, you'll end up dodging those who come seeking your death, and the law will be on their side," Roderick said softly, his voice slowly shifting from gentle to cold as ice. "It's really a rather simple decision I dare say."


Taking a moment to look around the spacious rooms that the Prince kept, Richard let out a soft whistle as the subtle but still obvious wealth registered upon him.

Roderick let out a soft chuckle at that. "Yes, they are rather pleasant rooms, aren't they my dear Richard?"

"Yes....yes they are your Highness, but where exactly will I be staying?"

"Here, and before you ask, I'll also be staying here as these are my personal rooms."

Richard gulped ever so slightly at that. "I.... ah, I see. But there's....ah only one bed."

Roderick let his grin widen at that. "Why yes, I believe that's right, fortunately it's a fair sized one, more than enough room for two, I dare say."

Richard blushed a brilliant shade of red at that, as the full implications of the Prince's intentions slowly sank in.

"Come now, surely you aren't that much of an innocent Richard, while I may have a reputation as a lady's man, that's simply because it's what is expected of me," Roderick said as he slowly moved closer to Richard, circling him slowly. "It's very rare that I get to indulge my other tastes, but in this case....I'm definitely going to enjoy the opportunity to the full."

Richard slowly backed away, stopping when he bumped into a wall. "Please....I...that is....."

Roderick let out a long laugh at that. "Oh don't tell me you've haven't have you?"

Blushing Richard shook his head in the negative, at a loss for words.

"Oh my, oh what a delightful treasure you are indeed then my pet," Roderick said as he slowly closed the distance between them until he was standing right in front of Richard. "In that case, I'll be sure to take my time and ensure that you enjoy it, but you did agree to answer my every whim to save your friends, didn't you?"

Richard slowly nodded at that. "Yes," he said softly, his voice a bare whisper as he fought to stay calm.

"Then I would suggest, you do so Richard. If you fight with me, well then I'll just have to force the issue, which you would definitely not enjoy," Roderick said softly as he reached up to gently run one finger through Richard's hair.

"I can promise that I'll be gentle, if you cooperate, but I can't promise that some of what I have planned won't hurt at times, but it won't be so terrible as all that as you get used to it."

Leaning in even closer Roderick dropped his voice to the barest of whispers, "And perhaps you'll even come to enjoy it a great deal, just let yourself feel rather than fight things."

Pressing his lips to Richard's, Roderick kissed him gently, even while he let his fingers tangle further in the soft brown hair of Richard's taking a gentle grip upon those locks, as he slowly deepened the kiss.


Roderick smiled as he propped himself up on one arm and enjoyed the sight of the lovely man who was laying in the bed with him. Reaching over, he ran a finger lightly over the slightly parted lips of his lover, even while he watched his expression flicker in the depths of his sleep.

The night before had been pure heaven, once he'd broken Richard of his foolish reactions of pulling back from his touch, and being so hesitant to respond in turn, he been delighted for endless hours.

The lean lines of Richard's body had yielded up their own secrets, as he'd fully explored them, gentle caresses, licking and nibbling until the young man had been reduced to senseless babbling and pleading for release. Only at that point had he finally moved on to claim his prize, continuing to lick and suck at his lover, even as he gently eased him open with oiled fingers. He was surprised at how eager for more Richard had turned out to be and he'd barely held anything back.

Instead despite Richard's begging he'd slowly worked a second and then a third finger into him, leaving him begging and pleading for more. So, when he'd finally sank into him fully, he'd nearly thought he'd died from the sheer pleasure of it.

In the end, they'd fucked like mad, trying every position that he could think of until Richard had finally come, in spite of the bindings he'd placed upon him to keep him from coming. Afterwards they'd soaked for a leisurely time in the tub, with the water kept hot to ease aching muscles. They'd spent the time with him teaching Richard still more secrets about his own body, bringing him off twice more, and leaving him so exhausted at last that they'd fallen asleep shortly after returning to the bed.

Letting out a soft sigh, Roderick, slowly let his finger trail down the length of Richard's throat, and down unto his chest, reaching out, he gently stroked over the solid chest, gently teasing semi hardened nipples up to taut peaks, even as he heard his lover let out a soft whimper.

"Come now Richard, it's hardly kind to pretend to be asleep, especially when I have plans for us this morning," Roderick said softly. Grinning as he saw Richard's eyes crack open ever so slightly he leaned down and kissed his lover, taking his time and letting the kiss linger as he slowly let himself roll over on top of Richard.

"Please....." Richard said with a soft moan. "Want you...."

"And you'll have me, but this time, I think I'll tie you down, since you're such a naughty thing," Roderick offered with a grin.

Richard shivered at that thought, being tied down and helpless as Roderick teased him, oh hell yes that was definitely something he was up for.

"Like that idea, do you, my lovely one?"

"Oh yes, please Roderick, please....."


Standing back, Roderick took a moment to glance over his delightful handiwork; Richard definitely made a lovely change of pace from his usual choice of lover. And the sight of the seeker laying upon his bed, arms stretched wide and bound to the bed, with a blindfold covering his eyes, and a silken rope bound very snugly about his lean waist before the ends trailed down to be secured firmly about his swollen and eager cock and balls made it a sight to truly behold.

"Oh how delightful and delicious you appear my dear Seeker, a shame that I can't have a portrait painted of you as you look right now, still it's one memory I'll dearly cherish I can promise you that."

Richard shivered at those words and gently tugged at the ropes at first, then harder as he slowly realized how truly helpless he was and how securely he was bound.

"Yes indeed, I could easily leave you like that, and show you off, but that's a pleasure I reserve solely for myself," Roderick said as he let his gaze trail over the bound man, enjoying the sight of those muscles as they strained and then relaxed. "All for me, and so desperately eager to please....I can just imagine what your companions would say if they learned of this.... which they won't from me."


Smiling Roderick, felt himself relax even further as Richard slowly sank back against him in the tub the two of the shared. "Tell me lover, what will you do after this quest is finally done?"

Richard let out a sigh at that. "I don't know... I mean I care a great deal for Kahlan, but it's something that simply cannot be. And now that I've had this time with you....I just don't know."

Roderick let out a soft chuckle at that. "Hmmmm spoiled you for the fairer sex have I? As capable with the sword as you are Richard, I'm more than willing to hire you on directly as the head of my guards, and I can promise you wouldn't have to sleep in the barracks...or at least not too often."

Richard silently considered that, as well as the fact that he'd held back the secret of who his father truly had been. "Maybe, but there's many things that I still have to do yet. Responsibilities that I can't just toss aside."

"Perhaps, there are always ways, if one wants something badly enough though," Roderick said softly as his arms reached up to encircle Richard and he nibbled gently at his ear. "Or if one needs them enough."

Richard shivered at that, as he felt his lovers hardening cock press up against him once more. "There's always hope for that, I suppose....still time presses on for all of us."

"Hmmmm," Roderick said softly as he continued to nuzzle at Richard's neck, while his fingers teased gently at swollen and sore nipples. "True enough, which is why I'm going to enjoy the time we have left as completely as I can. Such a beauty as you is rare enough indeed."

"Roderick," Richard said softly, almost hesitantly. "Mind if I take the lead this time?"

Roderick let out an evil chuckle at that. "I'm more than willing to let you show off your talents, especially now that you've learned a fair bit Richard, but that doesn't mean that I'll let you take me least not this time."

Richard shivered at the tiny hint that he might have the chance to take his new found lover, as he'd been taken so many times. "Agreed, but I'd like to try and please you, like you've done for me."


Letting out a wistful sigh, Roderick dug through the chest packed with various rings and chains that were part of his regalia as a Prince of Thryce, finally spotting the piece that he'd been searching for he smiled ever so slightly. It was a pair of rings that had been crafted long, long ago and were given to the Prince to bestow upon a special person of his choosing.

Over the years it had fallen more or less out of favor, as it was rare that a Prince had a need to keep an eye upon someone at a distance from them, or to send a special servant out to serve as their personal eyes and ears. Still the enchantment that had been woven into them was both subtle and enduring. The ring it's self was a simple silver band set with a fairly large square cut onyx. Nothing special, or so it would appear to casual observation.

"Mmmmm, aren't you going to enjoy our final morning before we have to part lover," Richard called softly as he watched Roderick from where he lay in bed. "Who knows when we'll be able to meet up again."

Roderick let out a low chuckle at that. From such a timid and hesitant virgin, Richard had become a nearly insatiable lover who was truly devoted to his partner's wants and needs.

"Much as I'd like to enjoy your lovely charms again this morning, I fear your companions might notice if you can't sit astride a horse comfortably. Still I do have a small gift for you to keep beside you, as a reminder of our time together."

Richard blushed at that and ducked his head.

Roderick just grinned at that. "Not to worry, it's something simple and it won't be all that apparent to your companions Richard."

"If you say so," Richard said with a smile of his own.

"I do, so trust me lover," Roderick said as he slowly moved to stand in front of Richard. Reaching down, he grasped Richard's right hand, and gently slid the simple silver and onyx band on him, and said the words that activated the spell built into the ring. "There, perfect."

Richard just raised a single eyebrow at that. "So how is it that they won't notice this?"

Roderick smiled and sat down beside Richard. "Very simple, my pet. The ring is fairly old, and was crafted by a Wizard an unbelievably long time ago. One of the things he did when he crafted it was set a spell in it, to keep it concealed save if the giver or the wearer wished for it to be seen. Since I've given it to you and placed it upon your hand, only you and I can see it, unless one of us wills it otherwise. It can serve as a reminder to you of me, and of what's waiting for you when you finally return to me."

Richard shivered at the soft spoken words and the heat that lingered in them. "Promise?"

Roderick just let out a sow, husky chuckle at that. "Trust me Richard; I'll be dreaming of that moment, as will you. I promise that you'll always have a place in my bed and my heart. No matter what other obligations I may have, there will always be room for you."

The End

Yep a complete, fairly straight-forward one-shot fic. *shrugs* Love it, hate it, let me know. Trying to write slash for this show is damn hard, as they kill off so many possible options left and right.... still occasionally you can have a little fun . No, I'm not planning a sequel. If someone would like to do a sequel to it, go for it.

The End

You have reached the end of "Debts Owed". This story is complete.

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