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Amber Blood

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Summary: YAHF. Xander has kept a secret for the last five year, but with the final battle with the First fast approaching it's time to come clean. But will the Scobbies survive what is coming? Spoilers and language.

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Chapter 1

Amber Blood

This is something I just couldn't resist!

It's an answer to challenge 2608: An Amber Halloween.

I don't own, BtVS, The Book of Amber, or Star trek.

There really isn't enough crossovers of this type out there, which is odd as it lends itself to fanfiction so well!

Spoilers for BtVS seasons 2, 5, 6 and 7. None for the Amber Books.

Canon, other then the costume change during 'Halloween', and a bit with Glory.

Set some time around 'End of Days'.

[Words] = Thoughts.

Chapter 1

Xander stood in the doorway, with his arms crossed, watching his friends and the potentials chatting, in fact the only one missing was Spike and he was down in the basement as it was the middle of the day. Xander thought back on all that had happened in the last few weeks since he'd lost his eye. Buffy being expelled from the group along with Spike and Faiths disastrous assault on the catacombs, to Buffy's return. Now the final confrontation with the First and it's forces was fast approaching and none of them were sure of their survival.

[Is it the right time?] Xander couldn't help wondering. Xander aborted the movement of his hand towards his eye patch, it was inching again, just as had ever since that crazy priest gouged it out with his thumb. Xander hadn't told them the real reason he'd discharged himself from the hospital early. That he couldn't let them see that it was healing faster than it should, for anyone human that is. But Xander hadn't been fully human for five years. It was his biggest secret, Giles knew about the Hyena and suspected about the lie he'd told Buffy about Willow's soul spell. But no one knew this, except Anya, the demon had recognised what he was the instant she got her powers back, but she agreed not to tell anyone. Possibly due to the inbuilt fear most demons had of his kind. Only the stupid demons and vampires couldn't see the truth. It didn't even make a blip on the Slaydar. Glory recognised it, that's why she never attacked him, and backed off until she realised he never used his power. [Hmm, even the First has never contacted me.] That is until he'd killed her while everyone else was distracted by what was happening on that tower. The others thought she just disappeared when she could no longer use Dawn to get home.

Now he thought about it his friends seemed to come down with their own form of the Sunnydale Syndrome when it can to him. There was no way they should have ignored the fact that a normal human would survive not one but two blows from a troll hammer and full strength with nothing but a broken arm, which by the way had healed in less the three weeks. They was also the fact that no human should have survived an attack at point blank range by the amount of dark magic Veiny Willow had sent into him, in fact Xander himself hadn't been sure he'd survive it, he wasn't invulnerable after all.

When Xander had dressed up as the 18th century nobleman, complete with a sword for Halloween that one year it had been an attempt to get Buffy to notice him. It was just his luck that a Chaos Mage called Ethan Rayne had cast a spell that year that turned everyone that bought even the smallest thing from his costume shop into their costume. All would have been well if he really had become an 18th century nobleman, when the spell hit him. But Janis or maybe the Fates themselves were not on his side that night and decided to royally fuck his life up, literally. To everyone else that night he became an unknown Prince named Corwin. But it was so more than that, Corwin was a member of a very powerful family from Amber. Ambrites, as they were known, weren't just the royal family of a country or even a world, but of the Shadows, otherwise known as the multiverse. The Shadows stretched between the Castle Amber and the Courts of Chaos. The Shadow he was on right now was closer to the Courts then Amber, not that it made much difference really, other than possibly explaining the presence of the Hellmouth.

The memories Corwin left him faded over time and Xander didn't give it much thought until he left the Hellmouth after high school, and he found out that he'd been unconsciously been Shifting Shadow while he'd been driving, and had landed himself in a bastardised version of the Star Trek universe. That had led to a major freak out session on his part. It was also a story for another time.

This also led to him hiding what he discovered from the gang, when he finally got home, while exploring his new found abilities. He was now stronger and faster than a Slayer and healed as fast as well, but unlike the Slayers his eye wouldn't stay gone. He had maybe a year before it was fully regenerated. Which led to his current dilemma. Should he reveal his secret now, and face the wraith of some very powerful women. Or should he wait until after the battle and risk some of his girls getting killed or at least seriously hurt in the upcoming battle that appeared to be the worse they'd ever faced. Now that he thought about it there really wasn't much of a choice. Xander straightened and took a deep breath to steel him self for the upcoming storm he was going to unleash.

"Guys, I got something to tell you."

Never fear there will be more, but not any time soon.

Please review.


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