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Unlikely Friends

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Summary: Hermione is attacked and finds help in unlikely places

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesShannonFR181229,77231611,75323 Nov 031 Jun 04Yes

chapter 12

Part 12

Saturday morning after breakfast Draco met Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Neville at the main entrance. They were all going to walk to Hogsmeade together. It wasn’t as if there was anyone else to walk over with. Most of his house wasn’t speaking to him anymore and the students in the other houses still feared him too much to even try to form a friendship with anyone.
The plan was for them all to walk over together but then separate once in town. Ginny and Neville were going to follow behind them for the morning to make sure they weren’t being followed, and Ron and Harry would take over later in the day. Snape had suggested they follow at a distance so no one would realize they were watching the Hermione and Draco but be close enough to notice anything odd and alert someone if necessary. Tonks and Moody were going to be in Hogsmeade as well as Snape and Dumbledore. They weren’t supposed to look for either Auror if there wasn’t a danger. Dumbledore didn’t want any attention called to their presence too soon.
They walked over to the small town in relative silence. For that Hermione was grateful, silence meant that Draco and Ron weren’t arguing about something. Once they reached town Harry and Ron headed off to visit the joke and Quidditch shops. Ginny and Neville headed into Honeydukes but kept an eye on the other couple so that they could follow them when they headed away.
“What do you want to do?” Draco asked.
“Um… I guess the stuff that will cause Harry and Ron to be difficult and whiny if they have to do it,” Hermione suggested, “Book store?”
Draco nodded and took her hand as they headed in the direction of the bookshop. Both did their best to act as normally as possible and not look back to see if the others were behind them. Pushing open the door Draco waited until Hermione was inside before pulling it closed. The book store wasn’t his first choice of places to go in Hogsmeade but he doubted Hermione wanted to spend the morning looking at Quidditch supplies.
“Are we looking for anything specific?”
“No, I just haven’t had anything new to read in a while,” Hermione replied as she began browsing through the shelves of books. “I think I’d like a few books on potions though.”
“Why Potions?” Draco asked.
“I enjoy Potions Draco,” she replied, “I’ve told you that before.”
“Doesn’t mean I understand it,” he smirked, “Wouldn’t you rather do something more interesting?”
“Such as?” she asked jumping slightly when he moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“I could probably think of something,” he said before placing several small kisses on her neck.
“Neville’s acceptance of this is kind of unstable,” she whispered as she turned her body to face him, “I wouldn’t push it.”
After leaving the bookstore the visited several other shops as they headed toward the Three Broomsticks where they were meeting Harry and Ron for lunch. Lunch was relatively uneventful much to Hermione’s relief. She and Ginny only had to intervene on an argument once.
“Maybe he won’t show up,” Ron said hopefully.
“He’ll be here,” Draco muttered, “Not while there are so many students though.”
“So when then?” Ginny asked, “The only time you can be here is when there are students.”
“Everyone will start heading back soon,” Hermione pointed out.
“Right then he’ll make his move,” Draco agreed.
“So what are you doing now?” Harry asked.
“I’d like to go to the Quidditch shop and Honeydukes,” Draco suggested.
“Then we’ll see you in a few hours?” Ginny responded as she nudged Neville to leave the booth, “We’ll meet you back at school.”
“Bye Ginny,” Hermione waved as the other girl led Neville away.
Draco and Hermione wandered through the rest of the shops they hadn’t yet had a chance to visit as Ron and Harry followed behind. As far as anyone could tell Lucius wasn’t there but it wasn’t making Draco feel any safer. He also hadn’t seen either of the Aurors or Snape but he knew they were around too. When they had finished with their shopping they headed back to the small pub and were joined several minutes later by Harry and Ron.
This time Draco and Hermione spotted Snape and Tonks sitting at tables on opposite ends of the room. Hermione had no doubt that while she couldn’t see them Dumbledore and Moody weren’t far either. The four students ordered butterbeers and talked for a while discussing their various purchases and the last Quidditch match the two teams had played.
“Is that him?” Hermione whispered when they saw someone walk in carrying a cane and his head completely covered by a dark hood so that his face was hidden.
Harry, Ron, and Draco all glanced in the direction Hermione had indicated. Draco nodded with a sigh, “That’s him.”
Harry nudged Ron who was sitting on the end of the booth. Ron stood up and said loudly, “Harry we really should head back now. I wanted to get some practice in before dark.”
“Right,” Harry also stood, “We’ll see you two later.”
Both Gryffindors headed outside. However instead of heading back the school as they had said they circled around to the back the building and met Mad-eye Moody near the back door.
“He in there?” The older man asked gruffly.
“Yeah,” Harry answered.
“You two should head back to school,” Moody said holding the door open for them. He knew they weren’t going to take his advice so he might as well keep them where he could see what they were doing.
The three quickly moved to the doorway of the small backroom so they could have a view of the rest of the pub. They were finally arranged in a way they could all view the table holding Draco and Hermione as the waitress walked away from the table having taken their order. Harry also noticed that he could now see the Headmaster at a dark table in the far corner. He appeared to be reading the daily prophet but neither boy doubted that he was aware of every movement in the building. Snape and Tonks were now both watching the table too. Tonks was twirling her wand on the table.
“Hello Father,” Draco said quietly as the hooded figure approached the table.
“Draco what are you doing here with…” The older Malfoy paused for a moment, “her.”
“Hermione is my friend Sir,” Draco said raising his head to stare into the face behind the hood.
“She’s a mudblood,” Lucius said angrily.
“She is muggle-born but she’s also one of the smartest and prettiest witches at school,” Draco replied softly, “And I will so who I wish to see.”
“She’s a mudblood whore,” Lucius practically shouted. Harry placed a hand on Ron’s shoulder when the other boy started to move forward.
Hermione glanced around the room, her face reddening. This was all so public and so loud, she was sure everyone in the room had heard the older Malfoy. Glancing toward the table Snape was at she was sure he had heard, she turned her attention back to the two Malfoys as Snape rose from his chair to move quietly closer to the Death Eater.
“She is not a whore Father.” Draco sneered, “She hasn’t done anything wrong at all.”
“You don’t know what she…”
“Being raped doesn’t make her a whore,” Draco said his voice dropping lower; “It makes her a victim. Just like all the other people you’ve hurt.”
“You are disgracing your family,” Lucius shouted to wrapped up in his anger to notice that he was now surrounded by Snape and Tonks as well as Harry, Ron, and Moody. Dumbledore had also pulled his wand out and moved closer to the group.
Draco stood up and faced his father, “I’m disgracing the family? You tortured and raped a sixteen year old girl just to what? To make Harry Potter make some kind of move toward Voldemort?”
“Draco do not…”
“Do not say his name?” Draco shouted back at his father, “I will say his name, I will date Hermione, hell I’ll be friends with Potter if I chose. You’re the disgrace, torturing people for the sheer pleasure of it is the crime.”
“You will not speak to me that way Draco, I am your father,” The older Malfoy said reaching into his pocket.
“I will speak to you however I please; I no longer have a father.”
Harry saw that the older Malfoy was pulling his wand from his pocket and wasn’t sure if anyone else had seen the same. He happened to be at an angle to see the man’s movements.
“Expelliarmus.” Harry whispered and the wand flew from Lucius hand giving Draco time to pull his own wand out and point it at his father. As well as the other four wand already trained on the Death Eater.
“Leave it,” Draco said quietly, “Don’t make me do this.”
Ignoring his son’s words Lucius lunged for his wand. Coming back to his feet he pointed the wand at Hermione. He would make Draco understand one way or another. “Ava…”
“Avada Kadavra!” Draco shouted before his father could finish his curse. The older man fell backwards to the ground as several people screamed at the sound of the Unforgivable.
Snape and Tonks both moved to the fallen Malfoy to ensure he was dead. Draco, Harry, and Ron all ran to Hermione’s side and began speaking at once.
“Are you all right?” Ron and Harry were asking Hermione.
“Draco are you okay?” Hermione was addressing the blonde Slytherin as she attempted to wave off her friends.
“Are all of you all right?” Dumbledore stepped over to the students after being assured that Lucius was indeed dead. “No one was injured?”
“We’re all fine sir,” Hermione answered for the group.
“Rosemerta as agreed to let you all floo back to my chambers. While we take care of this.”
Harry approached Draco first after they arrived back at the school. They had been waiting for almost and hour in Dumbledore’s office and all were tired and hungry. “I’m sorry about everything.”
“Right thanks,” Draco muttered. He was still somewhat in shock over the events of the day. He hadn’t expected it to happen the way it did or as fast as it had. He certainly didn’t expect to kill his own father.
“He’s right Malfoy,” Ron added, “I guess its okay for you to see Hermione.”
“Gee thanks,” Draco sneered, “So glad to have your permission Weasley.”
Before Ron could respond and a fight ensue Hermione stepped in, “You know what he means Draco.”
“I’m sorry about all of this,” Hermione said softly, “You shouldn’t have had to do that. No one should have to kill their own parents.”
“You’re right but, I did have to do it,” Draco said pulling himself up straighter and looking at all of them, “He couldn’t be allowed to hurt you or anyone else anymore. He’d already gotten away with too much.”
“So we’re still friends then?” Hermione asked sitting on the edge of the chair next to him.
“More than friends I hope,” Draco smiled as he pulled her toward him to kiss her.
“Do you two have to do that in front of us?” Ron groaned, “I swear I can’t deal with it right now.”
The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Unlikely Friends". This story is complete.

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