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Lessons, Revelations and Surprises

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Angela receives lessons from a surprise source, the New Watcher gets visitors and Buffy gets a new trainer. Part 3 of the New Watcher series. This story has been rewritten.

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Chapter Fifteen

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Tol Eressëa - One Month Later - Home of Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrían

Glorfindel arrived that morning for a 100 year or so stay with Lord Elrond and his family and knew there was going to be a feast held in his honor that evening and Lord Olórin was invited and accepted.

“My Lord,” Elrond said when Olórin appeared on the large terrace.

“Hello Elrond,” he replied and acknowledged the other guests, who gave the Maia a nod of their heads.

A servant handed the Maia a glass of wine and he thanked him.

“Now will you tell us about Dawn?” Galadriel asked smiling after Olórin sat next to the host.

“What would you like to know?” he asked her with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Everything about her,” Galadriel answered and took a sip of her wine.

“Dawn is 19 years old and Buffy’s younger sister and she’s attending an Institute of Higher Learning, or a University as they call it. She can speak, read and write in seven different languages, including Elven and Sindarin. She’s also a magic wielder and healer and Princess Maril is teaching her elvish magic and healing and human magic and healing. Prince Aral is teaching her weaponry and from what I’ve seen and was told, she’s an excellent student in all her subjects,” Olórin answered.

“Dawn is a also a healer and is being taught by the Crown Prince and Crown Princess?” Elrond asked.

“Yes,” Olórin answered. “Prince Aral and Princess Maril are also magic wielders, as are many of the Avalian Elves, and this is Eru Ilúvatar’s Will. They’re both very fond of Dawn and she has come to love them and the Avalian Elves. A female magic wielder on Angela’s world is called a ‘witch’ and a male magic wielder is called a ‘warlock’.”

“What did Dawn turn into?” Glorfindel asked.

“That Lord Glorfindel shall forever remain a mystery. No one there would tell us, but we do know that power was created by Eru Ilúvatar and is much older than the Ainur, and it was Eru Ilúvatar who gifted it to Dawn. The human magic Princess Maril is teaching Dawn was gifted to her from Eru Ilúvatar, as well as the knowledge to teach Dawn how to use the power He bestowed on her,” Olórin answered.

“The Avalian Elves know about that power?” Elladan asked.

“Some, but not all, and I’m sure the ones who know will never tell us,” Olórin answered looking at Elrond’s son.

“What elvish magic is Dawn learning Lord Olórin?” Celebrían asked.

“Avalian elvish magic is very different from the magic all of you know,” he answered. “The wind Dawn called on the rooftop was taught to her by Princess Maril.”

Elrond raised an elegant eyebrow and Galadriel smiled.

“What was in her hand and what language did she speak?” Celeborn asked.

“The object that was in her hand is called a crystal ball and the language she spoke is Latin. Latin is the language spoken by magic wielders on Angela’s world when they perform magic,” Olórin answered. “A crystal ball is similar to Lady Galadriel’s mirror.”

“How so?” Galadriel asked.

“All Dawn has to do is look into the crystal ball and see what appears. As some of you saw, the crystal ball can also trap others inside,” he answered.

“Was that elvish magic?” Erestor asked.

“No, that was human magic,” Olórin answered.

Murmurs from some of the guests.

“They call that magic Divination,” Olórin told them.

“A crystal ball can be dangerous in the wrong hands,” Elrond said.

“I agree,” Olórin replied.

“What were the other strange things Dawn had in her hands?” Elrond asked.

“Those are her wands,” Olórin answered and explained to them what wands were and their function.

“They’re a small staff,” Elrond said.

“Yes they are; but Dawn is unusual, in that she can practice magic with or without a wand,” Olórin replied.

“Why is that unusual?” Gil-galad asked.

“No magic wielder on Angela’s world, which they call earth, uses a staff or wand to practice magic,” Olórin answered. He didn’t know that Angela didn’t know about the few hundred wand users on her world. “They use words, their hands or motion to wield their magic...and it was the words Dawn spoke that called the elleth to her.”

“Those words were very powerful,” Glorfindel said.

“Yes they were,” Olórin replied.

“Do they have the ability to change others?” Celeborn asked remembering the orcs and others.

“Yes they do and they call it Transfiguration,” Olórin answered. “They do it by saying a few words and the person or object changes into whatever they want them to be. They can also change the person or object back to their original form. Angela gave us a demonstration after dinner one evening at her and Lord Eönwë’s home. She said a few words and the dinner table started talking and moving around. When she snapped her fingers the table was back in it’s proper place. She also said a few words while clapping her hands and the columns in their home moved to the center of the room. When she spoke different words and clapped her hands again, the columns moved back to their proper place. She held a cup in her and when she threw it up, it turned into a bird and flew around the room. When she said a few words the bird turned back into the cup and dropped to the floor. She held out her hand and the cup came to her. The half-Ainur and other magic wielders can also send anyone where they want them to go with just a wave of their hand.”

More murmurs from some of the guests.

“Their magic is different and they have the ability to turn objects into whatever they wish and make them do what they want,” Celebrían said.

“Yes they can and the magic practice there is very dangerous and always has unintended consequences which no one can foresee, especially on the hellmouth,” Olórin replied. “I saw the students practicing their magic at the Academy and they have the ability to walked through walls and doors and some were doing hand stances in the air. The twins sank into the floor and then appeared behind me with grins on their faces. They were a joy and delight to watch.” Olórin smiled and had a twinkle in his eyes.

Elladan and Elrohir smiled when they heard what the twins did and knew they would do the same thing.

“We saw white light come out of a few half-Ainur’s hands,” Elrohir said.

“That was power Elrohir and not magic,” Olórin replied.

“Why are the consequences on the hellmouth different?” Erestor asked.

“When I went with Buffy to the hellmouth, I felt the magic in air and the energy field that permeates the hellmouth is corrupting...and someone cast a spell on the hellmouth and it was the residue of that spell that got the First Evil’s attention,” Olórin answered.

“Unintended consequences,” Galadriel said.

Olórin nodded his head and took a sip of his wine.

“How powerful are the half-Ainur Lord Olórin?” Haldir asked.

“They all have the power of an Ainur and Angela’s father is an Ainur in the Timeless Halls. However, they’re like the Ainur in that their gifts also vary. Some are healers, teachers, counselors, builders and the like. The one you saw blowing ashes into the sky is their Manwë and his name is David. They all have the ability to do that, but David’s ability is much greater,” Olórin answered.


“Who’s Buffy?” another guest asked.

“The slayer who killed Saruman?” Olórin answered and saw the ellon nod his head.

“That surprised us,” Glorfindel said.

“I’m sure it did,” Olórin replied.

“One sister is the slayer and the other sister’s power is a mystery,” Galadriel said smiling.

Olórin returned the smile.

“What did Angela turn into Lord Olórin?” Gil-galad asked.

“Fire, which was her doom. Eru Ilúvatar chose her to destroy that hellmouth,” he answered.

“It seems Eru Ilúvatar only chooses females to do His Will on earth,” another ellon said.

“It’s females who guard the hellmouth and always have and will. It’s females who’re his Herald and Dooms-women on that world, except on three occasions throughout their history,” Olórin replied.

“I wonder why?” Elladan asked.

“Angela told me it has something to do with a female’s biology with regard to the slayers and a female’s temperament with regards to being Eru Ilúvatar’s Herald and Dooms-woman. She also told us that no one will ever suspect a female and they have an iron fist in a velvet glove,” Olórin answered. “She also told me females are more ruthless and deadly than any male because Eru Ilúvatar made them that way.” He saw the confused looks on most of the elves faces.

Galadriel smiled and knew exactly what Angela meant and listened as Lord Olórin told them the doom she pronounced to three mortals who made a deal with a demon.


“How does Maglor like his new home?” Elrond asked changing the subject and took a sip of his wine.

“He’s doing very well and everyone likes him,” Olórin answered.

“Including the Avalian Elves,” Celeborn said.

“Yes they do and Prince Aral and Princess Maril and their children treat him, Mahtan and Nerdanel like family, including the King and Queen of Avali...and the elves on Avali have excepted them into their family. Maglor wears their clothing, eats their food and drinks their wine and tea...and he’s now part of a different elvish community,” Olórin replied.

“I see his skills have not diminished,” Elrond said.

“No they haven’t and he’s going to need them on earth. Maglor is also a Watcher,” Olórin replied and told them what a Watcher is and does.

“Do they know what he did?” an elleth asked.

“If they do, they’ve never commented on it,” Olórin answered looking at her.

Galadriel suspected the Avalian Ruling Council and the Royal Family know.


“How did Angela’s world come to be that way?” Elrond asked.

Olórin told them.

“That’s how they met the Avalian and Sylvan Elves,” Elrond said nodding his head.

“It was their doom to meet, as we’ve learned,” Olórin replied.

“Their history is very different than Arda’s,” Celeborn said.

“Yes it is Lord Celeborn,” Olórin replied.

“It’s time for the feast,” Elrond said.

During the feast everyone wanted to know what Avali and Sylvan looked like and Lord Olórin told them. Glorfindel remarked that their worlds are very different from Aman and Galadriel concurred. Olórin also answered their questions about the Avalian and Sylvan Elves.

After the feast there was music and dancing.

Elrond talked to Lord Olórin in his study after his guests had retired for the night and asked more questions about Maglor, which Olórin answered. Before Olórin departed, he told Elrond he’ll tell him more of the history of earth.


Aman - One Week Later

Manwë, Námo and Ulmo spoke to Eru Ilúvatar in Manwë’s garden and He told them His Will. After Ulmo left, Eru Ilúvatar told Manwë and Námo His Will concerning Eönwë in another matter.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Dawn was delighted when Maril returned and was happy she looked well and is her old self again. “That city looks familiar,” she said walking over to her crystal ball after it glowed.

Maril mentally told her husband to have Mrs. Evans come to their classroom.

“Welcome back Maril,” Mrs. Evans said with a bright smile when she appeared.

“Thank you,” she replied returning the smile. “This city just appeared in Dawn’s crystal ball.”

They watched as the crystal ball shifted to the Golden Gate Bridge. Then shifted again to a woman and man arguing – and that scene kept repeating itself without them hearing what was being said.

With a thought, Mrs. Evans summoned Robert Francis Xavier.

“Hello Helen,” he said when he appeared in the classroom.

“This is Dawn Marie Summers,” she told him.

“Hello Dawn, it’s finally nice to meet you,” he said and shook her hand. “I’m Robert Francis Xavier, Assistant Director of the Angel Institute.”

“Hello,” she replied and thought he looked like a warrior and saw the hard look in his eyes.

Maril and Dawn told him what they saw when the crystal ball glowed.

“This scene keeps repeating itself,” Mrs. Evans told him.

Robert Francis Xavier watched the time-loop of the man and woman arguing.

“You son-of-a-bitch, I’m going to make you pay,” the woman screamed at the man as he was walking away – which they heard. Then the scene shifted back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

“That’s San Francisco, but their clothing tells me that’s not our San Francisco,” he told them.

“San Francisco in another dimension,” Dawn said.

“Exactly,” he replied.

“Why were we watching an argument between a man and a woman in another dimension?” Dawn asked looking between Mrs. Evans and Mr. Xavier.

“My gut tells me she made him pay,” he answered.

“What does this have to do with us?” Dawn asked.

“We’re going to find out,” Xavier answered.

The crystal ball glowed again and they saw the different things and places that appeared.

“I’ll be damned,” Robert Xavier said.

“The Powers are telling us something,” Mrs. Evans said.

“Yes they are,” he replied.

“Do not discuss this with anyone else,” Xavier told Maril and Dawn.

They agreed.


Mrs. Evans Office

“Hello Whistler,” they said when he appeared after Mrs. Evans and Xavier appeared in her office.

Whistler returned their greetings and handed Xavier a thick piece of parchment and disappeared. He made himself comfortable on one of the love seats, poured himself a cup of coffee and read the parchment. After he finished reading, he handed the parchment to Mrs. Evans.

“This is a fine mess Robert,” she told him after she finished reading the parchment.

“Yes it is and they’ve been there for 25 years and they’re dug in deep,” he replied.

“They’re not going to like this one bit,” she said.

“I know, but I’ve been put in charge and they have no say in the matter – and they don’t know what they’re us against,” he replied. “They don’t even know that they’re there and they’ve already done a great deal of damage without anyone being the wiser.”

“I agree,” she said. “Now we know how she made the man pay.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” he replied.

Mrs. Evans smiled at him.


A few days later, General Maxwell Alexander (David’s father), Rupert Giles and Maglor were summoned to a meeting with Robert Xavier in Mrs. Evans’ conference room. When Giles and Maglor arrived, they were introduced to the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute. Whistler was also there.

“What’s this about Xavier?” General Alexander asked after everyone was seated and were served either coffee or tea.

Robert Xavier handed each of them a copy of the parchment.

“Good Lord,” Giles said after reading his parchment then wiped his glasses on his tie.

“When and how did this happen?” the General asked Xavier with a livid expression on his face.

“Through Anya Jenkins at a demon party in Los Angeles in 1975. When she appeared, her friend Halfrek asked her where she’d been and Anya told her. Unbeknownst to the two vengeance demons, a lawyer from Wolfram and Hart was there and overheard their conversation and reported back to his bosses what they discussed,” he answered.

“They’ve been there for years and have set up shop in more than one place,” Giles said.

“Yes they have,” Xavier replied and told them what he, Mrs. Evans, Maril and Dawn saw in Dawn’s crystal ball. . .”

“I see you’ve been put in charge,” the General said. “I know their politicians and military are not going to like that. If the shoe was on the other foot, I’ll feel the same way.”

“Our commands come from a higher authority and they’ll acquiesce because they’ve no choice. They can’t fight them, but we can, that’s why we’re being sent, and with Eönwë’s brother’s help, nothing of the demonic will be left in that dimension,” he replied. “There’s also a hellmouth on that world.”

“They have left nothing to chance,” Maglor said.

“No they haven’t Maglor,” Xavier replied.

“We all know what they’re going to do when they’re found out,” the General said.

“Open the hellmouth,” Giles replied.

“Of course they are, and we’ll be waiting for them when they do,” Xavier said.

“They’ve corrupted many children,” Maglor said.

“Yes they have,” Giles replied.

“That world is not suppose to have magic wielders, yet they do,” Alexander said.

“The consequence of living near a hellmouth,” Giles replied. “They’re also dark magic wielders – and we know the reason why.”

“Yes we do,” Xavier said.

The End

You have reached the end of "Lessons, Revelations and Surprises". This story is complete.

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