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Lessons, Revelations and Surprises

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Angela receives lessons from a surprise source, the New Watcher gets visitors and Buffy gets a new trainer. Part 3 of the New Watcher series. This story has been rewritten.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Dawn slowly walked up the staircase after dinner and all she wanted was a hot bath to soothe her tired and aching muscles and go to bed. It was Saturday night and she knew she could rest all day Sunday. It’s been a week since she arrived at the Academy and her magic, weaponry, and martial arts lessons have been grueling, especially weaponry and martial arts training. After David and Professor Graham tested her in most disciplines, they told her the discipline that came naturally to her was Aikido, which she’s now learning.

Her magic lessons with Maril are going great and she’s learning much more than she could ever image and loved using her wands. She also thought elvish magic was better than any magic practiced on earth – with the exception of the magic practiced by Members of the Angel Institute. Potions came easily to her due to her excellent grades in chemistry. Aral tested her all week to see what weapon she was best suited for and to his surprise, it’s a short double bladed staff weapon with a short sword at each end. He watched as Dawn taped the hilts of two practice short swords together and after she was finished, she stood up and danced around the room practicing with the make-shift weapon she’d put together. Aral smiled to himself and thought she’ll be an easy student to teach.

Jason Stanford watched Dawn walk up the stairs and the 18 year old senior had taking a liking to her the moment he laid eyes on her and vowed to get to know her. The 5'10¼", medium built, blue eyed, platinum haired blond was smitten.


Mrs. Evans Office

“How’s Dawn’s magical lessons going Maril?” Mrs. Evans asked.

“Very well,” she answered. “Dawn is a fast learner, enthusiastic and very pleasant.”

“What weapon is she best suited for her Aral?” she asked.

“The short doubled bladed staff weapon,” he answered.

“That’s an unusual weapon,” David said.

“After practicing with the short shorts, she seemed to know instantly that the double bladed staff weapon was her weapon. I watched her as she put it together and practiced with it and it suits her very well,” Aral replied.

Mrs. Evans nodded her head. “Don, David, her martial arts discipline?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Aikido,” they answered in unison.

“Good,” she said.

They continued discussing Dawn’s progress for another half hour.


Dawn called her sister the next day and told her about her week and Buffy asked her many questions and was surprised when Dawn told her which weapon suited her best. She also told Buffy about the other student’s she’d met and their magic. After they said their good-byes, Dawn headed to the dining hall for lunch.

“Hello,” Jason said when she entered the dining room. “I’m Jason Stanford.”

“I’m Dawn Summers,” she replied smiling.

“Would you like to have lunch with me and some of my classmates?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied and they walked over to the table.

During the ensuing months Dawn progressed in his studies and talked to her sister every Sunday morning after breakfast...and she also spoke to Giles and informed him of her progress. She had dinner with Angela one Sunday and also with David and his family at their home. She met his wife, Carol, his son Christopher and twin daughters Grace and Ana. But, she spent most of her Sundays with Jason and his friends.


Watchers’ Council

It’s been several months since Maglor became a Watcher and he’s being trained by Rupert Giles. Willow has also been a great help and made sure he knew how to use his computer, cell phone and debit card. He was surprised to see some of the books in his library were in Quenya, and spent his evenings reading those books which were the history of this world, which he found fascinating and very different from the history of Arda. He also wrote letters to his mother about this strange world and has dinner with Aral, Maril and their family every Saturday evening and learning to speak their language.

Giles informed Maglor that someone from the Angel Institute will stop by to take several photos of him and explained what they were. He also told him a Doctor Robert Edwards from the Angel Institute will also visit him, but he didn’t know why. Lawrence Miles arrived at the Watcher’s Council a week later and took several photos of Maglor, who was dressed in his formal elvish wear.


When Doctor Robert Edwards arrived at the Watchers’ Council Headquarters, he was escorted to Rupert Giles’ office. They talked for a few minutes before Giles had Willow escort him to Maglor’s cottage. So this is the young women who tried to destroy our world, he thought, and he could feel her discomfort when they were walking to Maglor’s cottage. He thanked her when they arrived and watched as she hurried away.

Dr. Edwards was shown into Maglor’s study and a maid brought in tea for Maglor and coffee for Dr. Edwards. After she departed, Dr. Edwards told Maglor why he was there and Maglor asked many questions, which Doctor Edwards patiently answered. The discussion went on well into the evening and Maglor invited Doctor Edwards to have dinner with him and he accepted. After Dr. Edwards left Maglor’s home, he had a keen insight into Maglor, however, he wanted to have more discussions with him and Maglor agreed. Over the next few months, Dr. Edwards met regularly with Maglor who eventually confided to Doctor Edwards what he and his family had done.

Talking to Dr. Edwards was a great catharsis for Maglor and felt his burdens have been lifted.

Doctor Edwards prepared a report for Manwë, Námo and Nienna.


Valinor - Four Months Later

Manwë, Varda, Nienna and Námo watched as Members from the Angel Institute arrived on Arda with Whistler. They saw one of the female’s disappear and return a few minutes later. Then Whistler snapped his fingers and a house appeared, according to the Members specs, and they watched as they entered carrying their packs (luggage and computer cases).

“When will Doctor Edwards arrive?” Nienna asked.

“In two days,” Manwë answered.


The way was being prepared for Doctor Edwards by members of the Angel Institute, who sent eight of their members to Arda to select a site for his meeting with Manwë, Námo and Nienna, and when they arrived, Kate put a spell around the entire area. The house was located in a secluded area and there was no one around for many miles. The house was quite large with a modern kitchen, dining room, great room, 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There was also a study where Doctor Edwards could talk to his guests.

Doctor Edwards arrived 2 days later with his assistant and an hour later someone knocked on the door. “I’ll get it,” Frank said and put his computer on the coffee table and walked to the door. When he opened it he saw a tall man with long blond hair and blue eyes. Another angel masquerading as a human, he thought, and raised an eyebrow at the stranger.

“I am Eönwë, Herald of Manwë,” he said to the tall dark-skinned bald headed man.

“Come in, Eönwë, Herald of Manwë,” Frank replied and opened the door further so the Herald could entered.

When Eönwë enter he noticed no one returned his smile, nor did they acknowledge his presence and they continued doing whatever they were doing. He looked around the great room he saw furniture he’d never seen before and could not make heads or tales of the things in the kitchen (appliances) or the other strange things around the room (computers).

“Doctor Edwards this is Eönwë, Herald of Manwë,” Frank said when Dr. Edwards walked out of his study.

“Hello Eönwë, I’m Doctor Robert Edwards,” he said. Doctor Edwards is 6'0½ " tall, has brown hair, blue eyes, is 38 years old with a slender to medium build. He’s married and has three children, two sons and a daughter.

“Hello Doctor Edwards,” Eönwë replied.

“Tell Manwë and the others I’ll see them tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.,” he told him.

“I will Doctor,” Eönwë said and disappeared.

If anyone in the room noticed the smell of fresh flowers when Eönwë entered, no one commented on it.


At precisely 9:00 a.m. the following morning, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it,” the tall statuesque brunette named Jacqueline said and walked to the door. When she opened it she saw three angels clothed in human bodies. One male had long blonde hair, another long black hair and the female also had long blonde hair. “Come in,” she said and opened the door wider and everyone watched and the three walked into the room.

The Members of the Angel Institute knew there were Maia warriors surrounding the building and the entire area.

When Manwë, Námo and Nienna entered they noticed the females were wearing pants and two had short hair, along with all the males, with the exception of the one who had a bald head. Everything in the room was strange to them and they noticed that none of the mortals acknowledged their presence.

“I’m Doctor Robert Edwards,” he said when he appeared in front of them.

“I am Manwë Súlimo,” the blonde hair man said. “This is Námo and Nienna.”

“Hello,” Dr. Edward said and they responded in kind. “This is my assistant Erin and she’ll show you to my office.”

“This way,” Erin said and they followed her, with Dr. Edwards taking up the rear.

When they entered his office, they saw a desk, chairs and a round table with four chairs. Dr. Edwards’ assistant lead them to the table and they each took a seat, along with the Doctor. On the table was a computer, files and a pot of coffee and tea. Erin poured the three angels a cup of elvish tea and Dr. Edwards a cup of coffee. They thanked her and she disappeared from the room.


“I would like to tell you a little something about myself before we discuss Fëanor’s illness. My mother was an angel or an Ainur as the elves call you. She and my father had three sons and I’m the youngest. She became mentally ill a few years after she had me, but no one knew it at that time. As the years went by, she began to act strangely and was taken to see a Psychiatrist, who’s a mind healer. She was eventually diagnosed as a schizophrenic, which means she had a mental break from reality and became delusional. She was treated with medication and became better; however, a few years later, she stopped taking her medicine and one day she walked out of our home and never returned. In essence, she abandoned her family. We looked for her everywhere but we couldn’t find her. I was 10 ten years old at that time and my brothers were 13 and 16.

We were devastated because we loved her so much and we couldn’t understand why she did what she did. Her Psychiatrist explained her mental disease to us, but we were still in a great deal pain, and we’ll carry those scars with us for the rest of our lives. When she was taken back to heaven, or the Timeless Halls, the Angel Institute was told were to find her body; and when they did, they found out she was living in an abandoned building in squalor and in her own filth. They contacted us and told us she was in the city morgue and we had to go and identify her body. When we saw her we wept, and we received the preliminary results from the autopsy, which was Liver Failure. The Medical Examiner told us she’d become an alcoholic, and an autopsy is the examination of a dead human body to determine the cause of death or a disease.

She was trapped in that dark place in her mind and descended into madness and no one could know her torment. I was 18 when they found her and vowed then to became a Psychiatrist so I could help others. What I’ve just told the three of you is never to be discussed with anyone,” Doctor Edwards told them.

They agreed and Nienna now knew why she saw so much pain and hurt in Doctor Edwards’ eyes, and unlike the Eldar, she realized mortals carry their pain, scars and hurts with them until they go beyond the circles of the world.


“Let’s go back to the beginning, which is the death of Fëanor’s mother, who died a human death. When she died, Fëanor felt his mother abandoned him and he never got over it, which is a human trait. She was also the only elf to die a natural death in Aman.

Fëanor also didn’t like the fact that his father remarried and he hated Indis and their children, and if anyone saw the dynamics in that household, anyone with eyes could see Fëanor was headed for a fall. He was arrogant, selfish, belligerent, hot-headed and had a sense of entitlement, and all those traits were a recipe for disaster. When someone was as great as Fëanor, their flaws are equally as great, and you can’t have one without the other because they go hand in hand. He was the shining star of the Noldor and as all stars do, he imploded.

Melkor went after Fëanor because he saw his flaws and exploited them, and he hated him more than any other elf and lusted after the silmarils. Melkor never marred Fëanor because Fëanor was already marred and he was ripe for exploitation and Melkor simply took advantage of it. What none of you knew or understood was that Fëanor was unpredictable and his temper was always going to get the better of him and you underestimated him. When Fëanor fell to the floor in the Ring of Doom after he found out his father was murdered, his mind broke and he sank into the depths of madness and blind rage, and it was that rage and madness that caused him to kill his kin and carried him to his death,” Dr. Edwards told them.

“He became trapped in that dark place in his mind,” Nienna said now understanding.

“Yes,” Dr. Edwards replied. “Fëanor must recognized his own faults and exercise his demons. If, and when that happens, he’s going to have to forgive himself, apologize to all of you and ask for your forgiveness. It’s his own stubbornness and pride that’s preventing him from taking the first steps towards healing and repentance – and he’s very prideful – which is his greatest sin. The first step is dealing with the abandonment of his mother, and the reasons why she did what she did and he’s going to have to come to terms with that.”

“Why did you say Míríel died a human death?” Námo asked.

“Her body was worn out and she had no more strength left because she’d given all she had to Fëanor and she knew it. She said it, but none of you understood what she meant, but we did and her death was no mystery to us,” he answered. “Before my grandfather died, he kept saying he was tired and was ready to go and a few nights later he died in his sleep,” Dr. Edwards answered. “Finwë and Fëanor could never understand why she did what she did and they didn’t know she was acting like a human and not an elf.”

“Why did Fëanor hate Indis and her children?” Námo asked.

“Fëanor thought Indis was taking his mother’s place and he resented her for it. There’s always been strife between the sons of Indis and Fëanor. That’s why he moved out of his father’s house...and he especially hated Fingolfin who he thought was trying to take his place. When human’s remarry, sometimes there’s strife between the new parent and the child or children of the person they marry. You have to remember that this is not easy on any family and it takes time to adjust, and in some cases there can be no adjustment, as in Fëanor’s case,” he answered.

“When will I know when he’s ready to be helped?” Nienna asked Dr. Edwards.

“If or when he cries out to you,” he answered with a sad smile.

“How would you treat him?” Námo asked.

“I would treat him like a human because he has a human psyche and not an elvish one, which none of you understand and he’s like his mother in that regard,” he answered. “That entire family needs therapy and they have to come to terms with what happened to them and the reasons why they did what they did. I’ve written a report for each of you and we’ll go over it after lunch.”


While Doctor Edwards was talking to his guests, Mia Chang appeared outside to pick fruit from the trees and flowers. She could also feel the Maia’s presence.

“I’ve never seen a female wear pants,” the blonde Maia said.

“Neither have I,” the dark haired Maia replied. “She looks different from any female I’ve ever seen.”

“Yes she does,” the blonde Maia said. “This is the first time I’ve seen a mortal.”

“They’re very different from the Eldar and I never knew Atar made mortals so different,” the dark haired Maia replied.

“As we now know, Atar did,” the blonde haired Maia said.

“I wonder why?” the dark haired Maia said.

“It’s Atar’s Will,” Eönwë said when he appeared before them.

“Lord Eönwë,” they said when he appeared.

“All mortals, or humans as they call themselves, look different on their world,” Eönwë told them.

“What are they like?” the blonde hair Maia asked.

“They’re nothing like the Eldar,” Eönwë answered. Eönwë remembered the reception he received when he entered the cabin the day before, which brought back memories of the Great Battle, or War of Wrath, as some called it – where he fought alongside the Eldar and men. He remembered that men kept their distance from the Eldar from Aman and the Ainur, and they too did the same; and the Ainur and Eldar only dealt with Elros, whom they chose as their Captain. Something stirred deep in Eönwë’s spirit and he felt great sorrow at the way the Ainur and Eldar from Aman treated men, however unintentionally. He now realizes there’s a great gulf between the Ainur and the Eldar towards the second-born children of Eru Ilúvatar. When he heard a few unpleasant comments from the Vanyar, he quickly reprimanded them and reminded them that mortals were also Eru Ilúvatar’s children, which shamed a few of them, but not all and that saddened him greatly. After their Atar showed them a glimpse of his children in the Timeless Halls, he loved both deeply and came to Arda because of the them. Eönwë knew by the time mortals awoke on Arda, Valinor had been shut to the outer lands and many of the Ainur didn’t know what a mortal looked like, nor had any of them had any dealings with the second born children of Eru Ilúvatar, save for Lord Ulmo.

Eönwë knew he was the first Ainur mortals on Arda had ever seen and he saw first hand the valor of men during the great war. He also took great delight in teaching them when he was sent among them; and his love for the Atani grew immeasurably during that time and he knew the Atani loved him. He was sad to hear that mortals on Arda have forgotten the Ainur and the Ainur have faded from memory...and something stirred deep in his spirit regarding the second-born, but what, he didn’t know and knew it was his Atar’s Will.

After Mia Chang gathered her fruits and flowers, the three Maia watched as she disappeared.

“How do mortals become half-Ainur?” the dark haired Maia asked.

“I don’t know,” Eönwë answered.


After lunch, Dr. Edwards, Manwë, Námo and Nienna discussed the report he handed to each, and they asked many questions. After Manwë and Nienna departed, Námo had dinner with Dr. Edwards and afterwards they talked well into the night.

When Whistler arrived the following morning after breakfast and after everyone was ready to leave, he snapped his fingers and everything and everyone disappeared.
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