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Promises To Keep...

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Summary: You are all there is, all there will ever be...

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NCIS > GeneralDavidFraserFR1516010101,87712 Apr 1012 Apr 10Yes
Disclaimer: We own no part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS. Written for fun, no infringement of copyright is contemplated or intended. (No resemblance to anyone living, dead or undead is intended either).
Title: Promises To Keep...
Authors: David Fraser and Emily Louise Moore.
Rating: FR15. Don't ignore this!!
Feedback: Please. Any author craves feedback and we're no exception.
Note: By its very nature Crossover Fanfc is AU, so please accept that this Universe does exist somewhere.


"The first time, I was nine."

There was no way he could keep the shock from showing on his face, nor did he want to after what she'd said; even had she been looking at him.

They were having a rare night in at home, watching 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe', and she'd fast forwarded through the Mary-Louise Parker character's death scene as usual, when she'd turned her head to place a kiss on his bare chest, just over his heart, before making her statement in a calm voice.

The burning in his eyes that threatened to spill tears down his face were as much to do with happiness as they were the result of rage at his inability to change history. Rage for the obvious reasons, but also happiness at her trust.

He hugged her as tight as he could, arm awkwardly about her upper body even as he placed a kiss on the top of her head; remembering, for a moment, the rather brash-seeming young woman walking down from Leon Vance's office; all leather and dark brown hair, kohl-surrounded eyes taking in the team waiting round their desks.

The fact that they were getting nowhere with the investigation into the sudden rash of dead and mutilated marines, and other navy personnel, had only added to their anger at the appearence of some unknown agency's liaison being foisted on them.


Appearences aside, she'd slid effortlessly into their dynamic, shocking them with her expertise and impressing them with her abilities. The fact that she had destroyed their world-view in the process... Well, they'd learned to cope with the shock.

She had disappeared after everything had been more or less resolved, gone as mysteriously as she had appeared, and he had never expected to see her again. Except one morning, as he'd headed out, he found her leaning against the front of his car. "Buy me breakfast," she'd said.

That had been the beginning as they started the age old dance; both becoming increasingly aware where they were going.

He'd met her family, the one she had created for herself which had nothing to do with blood...

The small blonde who threatened to wear his ribcage as a hat, her sister, the tall brunette who told him he'd wake up on fire, and the redhead whose eyes had darkened as she promised to beat him to death with a shovel. Abby and Ziva had stood beside them and nodded in appreciation of their inventiveness. The males in her life hadn't needed to say a word, their looks more than enough...

As her father-figure had walked her down the aisle in that dress and placed her hand in his, he'd known he was the luckiest man ever born...

Taking the remote from her hand he switched off the DVD and TV, and scooted down till he was laying opposite her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, as he looked into her eyes and repeated the promises he'd made that day...

"I promise to support and cherish you with all my powers from this moment forward... In your Right Causes and Endeavors, I will trust and sustain you at all times... You are all there is, and all there will ever be... I will fight for you, and love you until Death herself drags us kicking and screaming from each other."


Complete. The End.

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The End

You have reached the end of "Promises To Keep...". This story is complete.

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