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Drugs & BBQs

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Summary: Edited - Hug to Donor Challenge – Answering Challenge 1324 – An incident from his past makes him a valuable witness in Miami. How many times will Xander’s past come to haunt him?

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CSI > CSI MiamiLilNezumiFR1314,8061156,61812 Apr 104 Aug 10Yes
Title: Drugs & BBQs

Main pairing:  No pairing.

MY X-Over Inspiration:  CSI - Miami, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (T.V. Series & Movie), Angel (T.V. Series, maybe) 

Disclaimer:  This is my standard disclaimer; I don’t own anything in regards to the sources of MY X-Over Inspiration.  All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All the characters, worlds, base concepts or general ideas are just a bit food for the writing bug.  This story is pure fiction and is in no way meant to copy or reflect real life, events or people, should this happen then obviously it is pure coincidence.
Summary:  Hug to Donor Challenge – Answering Challenge 1324 – An incident from his past makes him a valuable witness in Miami.  How many times will Xander’s past come to haunt him?  It was about the only true thing that had ever made it to the courts in Sunnydale, it’s a wonder that that information made it out of that town.


Xander’s leg was shaking with nerves.  He was never good at this, but they had subpoenaed him for this case.  He was only there to look into the new Slayers surfacing in Miami.  He wasn’t supposed to wind up in court, especially over something that had happened back before Sunnydale sank into the ground.

“Mr. Harris,” the lawyer for the opposition began.  “We’re just trying to establish if there is a precedent or not.  The records that have been recovered from the State of California were not clear.  You’ve previously testified against other perpetrators of this nature and we need to know if that was just a one-time incident or a…” He paused dramatically and the said, “A trend, spree, repeated offense.”

“Look,” Xander said.  “I don’t remember too much about that time because I was still in high-school when it happened.  Yes, I was called to testify in a matter similar to this one, but it was only against the ones that had attacked me.  I was one of ten victims who had been attacked in the same manner over the period of approximately three months.”  He looked to the judge and said, “We were all called to testify.” 

He looked back at the lawyer asking him the questions.  “So why do you think that my word alone will hold any substance here?”

“Just answer the question,” the lawyer said getting irritated because that young man talked in circles.

“Objection,” the lawyer for the defence said.  “Calls for speculation on the part of the witness.”

The judge looked at the man that the defence had called in.  He was well dressed, but looked rakish with that eye patch over his left eye.  They had wanted to examine it and the man’s eye to be sure that there was no recording device attached to it, but that would have been against his civil rights. 

The man was armed and has a legitimate permit to carry, but he left his weapon in a locker at the court’s entrance.  Again it was well within his rights to own and carry a firearm for protection.

“I’ll allow it this time,” the Judge said.  She turned to the man and said, “Please answer the question.”

“As far as I can recall,” Xander said.  “That situation was part of some kind of initiation into a gang.  It wasn’t a gang that had been in the town long, but we suspected that they were trying to set up shop.  Getting some of bored locals in on the deal and scaring the rest of the people.”

“Who are you referring to when you say we?” The lawyer asked.

Xander looked the man in the eye and said, “My friends.”

“Ah yes,” the lawyer said looking down at his notes and papers.  “One Buffy Summers, known to have burned down a high-school gym.  Willow Rosenberg with questionable computer hacking skills and a gentleman by the name of Rupert Giles, who appears to have been exiled to America for a while.  Are these the friends you were speaking about?”

Xander’s eye narrowed and then he said, “Digging a little too deep aren’t you?  Buffy’s record has been expunged because she was minor when that incident had occurred.  You shouldn’t have found any of that at all.  Willow has never done anything that would get you to speculate on her skills with a computer and that has no bearing here.  Rupert Giles is an upstanding man and if he chose to live in self-exile that was his choice, not mine or yours to question.  What do my friends have to do with your case?”

The Judge hit the gavel on the block and said, “The young man is correct.  This is the second time that you are bringing up a line of questioning that puts him in the position of defending himself.  He is not on trial here.  One more time and I will find you in contempt, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, your Honour,” the lawyer said.  “No more questions at this time.”

“Do you wish to cross examine?” The Judge asked the lawyer for the defence.

“Not at this time your Honour,” the other lawyer replied.

“You may step down until further notice,” she said to Xander.

“Yes your Honour,” he said with a slight bow.  He stepped down from the witness stand, moving back to the hard benches and listened to the rest of the proceedings.

Xander stood when the rest of the people in the room did and then walked out of there with a sigh.  He retrieved his gun and then stepped out of the court house.  He looked up into the sunny sky and smiled.  He didn’t even have to look to his left to know that someone was there and know who that someone was. 

“Lieutenant Caine,” he said.

“Mr. Harris,” Lieutenant Horatio Caine said.  “I was wondering if you’d like to tell us the verdict of that case.  Was there one rendered?”

Xander smirked still not looking at the man and replied, “Yes there was a verdict, but I don’t know how that will help you with your case.”

“You let me worry about that,” Horatio told him.

“Is there somewhere that you’d like to meet?”  Xander asked turning to look at the man.  “I just don’t believe that talking about this out in the open or here would be too helpful either.  I do have a question for you, if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind,” Horatio said in that distinctive way of his that indicated he was curious.

“How did your team locate the Sunnydale records from that particular case?”

Horatio let out a chuckle and said, “I have a very good team, which includes a couple of experienced lab technicians that specialize in computers.”

Xander snorted and only said, “Where do you want to meet?”

“Follow me please,” Horatio said.  Xander nodded, getting into his car.  He followed the Lieutenant home where Speed, Eric, Callie and Alexx were waiting for them.

Eric and Speed were on the stoop talking, drinking beer and waiting, when the two vehicles pulled up.  When Xander stepped out of the car, he saw them and then looked at Horatio, asking.  “Part of your team I take it?”

“They’re the best,” Horatio said with pride.

“I’ll just bet they are,” Xander mumbled taking off his tie and suit jacket.  He made sure that they were stored away carefully for the next time he needed them.  He unbuttoned four buttons from the top of his beige dress shirt exposing the tank shirt underneath.  He did the same for his cuffs, rolling up the sleeves to his forearms.  He then locked his car with a beep-beep sound and pocketed the keys.

The three men were joined by the two women when Xander had been removing the court dust from his good duds.  He ducked his head in embarrassment when he realized that he had an audience.  He took a deep breath and then walked up to get introduced to Horatio’s main team.

“Mr. Harris,” Horatio said.  “This is Callie Duquesne…”

“Pleasure,” she said with her distinctive southern accent.

He shook her hand gently with a mumbled, “Hello.”

“Alexx Woods,” the lieutenant said.  “She’s our Medical Examiner.”

“Hey,” Xander said taking her hand with equal gentleness.  “It is nice to see you again.”  Alexx just nodded and he knew that they would discuss her daughter’s situation later on.

“This is our diver Eric Delko.”

“That is so cool and so gross at the same time,” Xander said.  He had to explain after Eric shook his hand with a confused and pissed off expression.  It was like the man never thought that anyone would not like diving.  “Don’t look at me like that, parts of the Miami waters are disgusting and I’m sure that you know it.” That caused Eric to grin and Speed to laugh.

“Timothy Speedle, our trace expert,” Horatio continued.  “He prefers to be called Speed.”

“How ya doing,” Xander said.  He looked at everyone and said, “Just call me Xander.”

He was led through the house and out the back.  He just started laughing when he saw the set-up out there.  They were about to have an outside picnic and the barbeque was up and heating nicely.  He shook his head and said, “That’s big hint.”

“We figured that anything that could help to jog your memory would be good,” Callie said cheerfully.

“I don’t need anything to job my memory,” Xander said.  “I remember everything.”  He sighed and said, “It was my fault that the whole thing got started and that I was attacked in the way that was.  Actually I blame the Old Rose Theatre, but mostly it was my big mouth...”

“Why,” Speed asked, handing him a bottle of beer.

“Well,” Xander said taking a sip of the drink.  “The Old Rose Theatre was in the middle of town, but it wasn’t doing so well.  So, I’m guessing that the owners were hopping onto the movie marathon bandwagon and were showing a series of films that had the same themes.”  He took another sip of his drink and continued, “You know, one week it’s all pirate movies, the next is every version of Romeo and Juliet, another week it’s all to do with Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur.  I don’t know how they did it, but they even had the old black and white silent films to round the more recent stuff, but it was all thematic.”

They served the food and when Xander, “This looks good.”  He took a bite of the fried fish and groaned, “This is very good.”

“So what was the theatre playing during the week that started the problem in town,” Eric asked.

“Vampire movies,” Xander said with a small grimace.  “They showed every kind of vampire movie possible in that theatre for one week straight and then they repeated the week about one month later and one more month later and another month later.” 

The irony was not lost him or his friends back then.  “It seems that they were very popular in my town.  I mean who doesn’t like a good vamp movie every once in a while. ‘Dusk ‘til Dawn I & II, The Lost Boys I & II, Vampires with James Wood, Dracula Dead ‘n Loving It with Leslie Neilson, My Best Friend is a Vampire, Love at First Bite, The Littlest Vampire, and then some.  I never realized how many there were until the Old Rose started playing them.”

“Wow,” Alexx observed.  “I didn’t think that there were that many vampire movies.”

“Movies fad in and out,” Speed said.  “Movies themes, just like fads and fashion will come and go.  Sometimes you’ll find the supposed ‘Summer Blockbusters’ to all be mostly about one topic, like war, vampires, horror,” he said nodding to Xander.  “Cartoons, martial arts… hey Horatio, do you still have today’s paper around here.”

Horatio went to get it and pull out the entertainment section, knowing that was what Speed was looking for.  “Here,” he said.  “The entertainment section.”

“At first glance what to you see Alexx,” Speed said.

She looked at him and then took a quick look at the paper.  “They look to have romantic titles,” she said.  “Romance is a theme?”

“Oh yeah,” Xander said.  “The girls back in my old town, heck the women of all ages loved it when the theatre played a Romance week.  All of the great romance movies were there… thank god I could never get a date to save my life back then.  I’d have really been broke then.”

The men laughed at that and understood exactly what Xander had been saying.  They’d all have been broke trying to impress the girls back then, if they were teenagers.  The women were justifiably miffed at the men, but they did know what they were saying too.

“How does the vampire theme fit into your story,” Horatio said getting them back on track.

“The gang that wanted to take over the town were known as the Krypt Keepers,” Xander said.  “They were humans living a vampire type of lifestyle.  They were annoying, completely crazy and we thought that they were relatively harmless at the time.  Thing that we didn’t know was that they were dealing drugs too and that is the key to the whole issue.”

He took a deep breath and then began his story, “It was at the end of my shift when the trouble came…”




Xander was just stepping out of the pizza parlour when a large tough looking guy got in his way.  He was tired and just wanted to go home, but he had to meet up with the others at the library first.

“Ya wanna pass me, ya gotta pay up,” the large guy said.

“Dude,” Xander sighed.  “I just finished a shift of work at this place, what makes you think that I got anything to give you?”

“Ya gotta pay up,” the other guy said holding out his hand as though his victim would comply immediately.

“Nope, don’t think so,” Xander said taking a look around at all of his options.  “I wasn’t planning to head in your direction, sorry.”  He turned and walked quickly away in the opposite direction.  He planned to take a roundabout way through a few of the better alleys before he had no choice, but to get onto a well lit street.

Alleys are not of the good,’ he thought.  ‘Too many incidents in the papers lately about Gangs on PCP and charging the townies with a BBQ Fork of all weapons.  Like anyone really believes that shit.

He certainly didn’t and neither did anyone else that met in the library to plan their near nightly fights against the evil undead that were crawling out of the wood works nowadays.  He leapt over a can and the tough guy hadn’t even tried to follow him, which only meant that the guy was either really, really slow or had orders to stop people from going in one particular direction.

The rest of that night was normal with his friends and their extended study research sessions.   They speculated about some of the things in the papers.  They even commented casually that next week was another week of vampire themed movies at the Old Rose.

Xander had no trouble for the next few days, but it happened again one night after his last shift at the pizza parlour that the same tough guy was there, but this time he brought a friend. 

It was just the beginning of vampire week at the Old Rose.  These two toughs were now sporting dark clothing and really cheesy looking capes to honour the occasion.  To top the whole thing off they were wearing cheap plastic fangs that caused them to lisp whenever they talked.

“Look guys,” Xander said.  “I work here and my pay is deposited directly at the bank.  So you’re not going to ever get anything from me.  By the way those teeth won’t do any damage; you’d be better off using BBQ Forks like the other guys do in the papers.” 

He ran across the street, dodging a few cars and took off quickly down another alley.  He switched his direction and lost the two toughs that had tried to accost him.  His big mouth set off a chain of events that he would regret four days later.

Again it was after his last shift at the Pizza Parlour.  The same tough guy was there, but this time his leader was with him.  “This the one,” the leader asked.  Xander’s eyes widened, he stood still and waited to see what would happened.  “My colleague here tells me you owe us some money.”

Xander snorted from nervousness because now this was really getting out of hand.  He was still looking for the best escape route, so he repeated what he had told the others several time before.  “Look you cheesy vamp wanna-bes,” he said.  “When are you going to get it?  I have no money, nada, no deneros, nothing to give you.”

“You may think that,” the leader said.  “But you’re forgetting one thing.  I want to know how you learned about our initiation ritual.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”  Xander asked confused.

“Boys,” the leader said.

Xander watched in horror as they all moved in a synchronized manner, lifting the hands to their faces and taking something.  He knew that this was not going to be of the good.

“Hello wabbit,” the leader said with an evil grin. 

Xander looked back at him and noticed that he had pulled out a weapon.  It was no ordinary weapon.  It was a short handled two pronged fork with sharpened points.  Worse the leader and a couple of the others had hand files and they were sharpening the points to an even deadlier tip.

Oh you’ve got to be kidding me,’ he thought.  ‘They not going to use those, are they?’  He looked around and knew that he had to leave… NOW.

He took off in a new direction and that was the only thing that saved him from getting killed.  They were not prepared for this tactic because he was quite experienced at getting out of sticky situations.  Only this time he was nicked a few times, but nothing touched a major artery, like their other victims.

He bolted down one alley, changed directions quickly and moved through the back of an abandoned home that he knew he could run through without too much trouble.  He practiced these things on his own because he knew that he wouldn’t always be protected by the Slayer. 

(Not that he mentioned the Slayer or the true reason he needed to practice running away, to the Miami CSIs, who were sitting there captivated by the fact that this man had had quite an adventuresome youth.)

Xander ran from the gang members and he ran quickly to the one place that he figured he could get decent help, even if his friends were never going to believe him about this.

The door to the library slammed open startling everyone that was there researching their latest demon problem or prophesy.

“You… you guys,” Xander came running in with blood dripping from a few scratches and noticeable wounds.  “You…” He huffed breathlessly.  “You... you’re never going to believe this.”

Giles was the first to approach.  He knew what the puncture wounds looked like and it was his worst fear come true.  “Alexander,” he said.  “What have you been doing?”

“G-man,” Xander said.  “How many times have I told you?  Call me Xander and I was doing nothing, but running for my life.  I think that I’m going to be quitting that job instead of getting fired from it.”

Giles approached him with a cross out and a spray bottle full of Holy Water.  He watched the boy hold out his arms and nod, knowing what the man wanted to do.  He sprayed him and noticed that Xander was unaffected by the Holy Water.

This allowed the other two to approach him.  “He doesn’t feel wiggy,” Buffy said.  “I’d know.”

“Besides,” Willow said.  “He was alive when he went to work today.  It takes time to turn you know.  So what really happened?”

“I need to sit down,” Xander said taking a deep breath as he slowly calm down from the adrenaline rush of running for his life.  “How about some first aid and advice?”

“Of course,” Giles said going to his office.  “Don’t bleed on the books.”

“I’ll do my best,” Xander said.  “Look guys, I’m okay, but you have to know this is tripping me out.  I was attacked by humans.  HUMANS!”

“What,” Buffy said.

“Why,” Willow asked.

“I wouldn’t pay up,” Xander said.  “You remember what I told you about what happened to me a couple of nights ago.  Well this time they came back with their leader and started the whole thing again.  Apparently it’s some kind of initiation ritual…”  He paused wincing from time to time as his wounds were being treated while he talked.  “They drank or took something and then they started to attack me, calling me a rabbit.  They actually chased me with forks, sharpened BBQ forks.”

“This is rather…” Giles couldn’t put it into words.  “I have no words for this.”

“No way,” Buffy said.

“Way,” Xander replied.  “Now what do I do?  This is real.  There’s a gang of regular Joe humans in town, hunting people down with BBQ forks.  Oh and did I mention…” He paused dramatically.  “They like to dress up like vampires.  Cheesy looking ones... like from the movies.”

A giggle escaped from one of the girls.

“Black clothes,” Xander said with a grin and that got him another giggle.  “Pale skin…”  A snort this time and from the direction, it was Giles.  “Black cape with a red liner…”

“Oh please,” Giles said with his voice wavering between laughter and disdain.

“Yeah,” Xander said.  He looked at the girls and then pulled something out of his pocket.  “They were also wearing these.”

They all stared at what he had in his hand and they burst out laughing.  It was a pair of cheap plastic vampire teeth.




Xander was holding out his hand in the same position just like the time he had held out the key piece of evidence from back then.  The Miami CSIs and Alexx were laughing.

It was Speed who said, “That was good evidence, those would have a lot of DNA.”

“It was,” Xander agreed.  “Giles called the cops and a couple of them came down to take them from me and to take my statement.  It was then that I found out I was not the first survivor, but I was one of the first to tell them everything and to get DNA.”

“Why,” Callie asked.  “Why didn’t anyone else say anything?”

“They were afraid,” Xander said.  “Some people were just afraid to come forward.  This gang had some small political backing, but the evidence put them away.  After I came forward, nine more did too.  I never realized how many people were attacked.  A lot more never came away with their lives intact.  You have to understand the local papers were filled with these kinds of stories.”  He shrugged.  “No one ever really believed them, until there was evidence.”

“It must have been difficult to get someone to believe, if no one was saying anything,” Alexx commented.  “At least you got away safely.”

“Yep,” Xander said.  “I even have a cool scar from it too,” he said pulling his shirt away from the right side of his neck.  There were two puncture wounds that were long healed over, but definitely there. 

Alexx looked at it closer and said, “They must have healed a long time ago.  I’m glad you’re better.”

Xander smiled and asked, “How is Jamie?  Doing better?”

“Yes thanks to you and your group,” Alexx said.  “I’ll never understand how you knew to do, but I’m grateful for it.”

“It’s my job,” Xander said.

“I’ll tell you later Horatio,” she said to her friend when he looked at with a questioning tilt of his head.

“So the reason they called you to testify was because you had already testified in something similar,” Callie said.  “I heard that town.  Sank into the ground?”

“Fluke sink-hole,” Xander said.  “Even the experts hadn’t been expecting that to happen this soon.  Their predictive analysis was incorrect or there was something wrong with their data.  They knew it was going to happen, but their prediction indicated that it was supposed to happen about a hundred or two hundred years in the future.”

“Wow,” Eric said.  “You’re lucky you got out.”

“The town had been evacuating during its last year,” Xander said.  “I don’t know why, but it was a lucky thing.  There were some stubborn people that stayed til the last minute, but managed to get away in time.”  His memories were tugging at him, but he turned to the others and waited for their next questions.

“What happened to the gang,” one of them asked.

“Most were caught and put away,” Xander said.  “Varying of charges were laid against them.  Some escaped the town quickly and were caught elsewhere causing mischief and murder in the same or similar format.”  They looked at him wondering how he could have that information and one word told them everything, “Internet.”

“What about the ones in your town that were charged,” Horatio asked.  “Where did they end up?”

“Los Angeles or other nearby places that had the jail space for them,” Xander said.  “Some had to go through rehab and others had that forced on them when they got sent to jail.  It turns that the drugs were a modified version of PCP that allowed for hypnotic suggestions to take hold, if they were coming from one source.  Conditioning had them used to attacking and hunting Wabbits.”

“Wabbits,” Speed asked with a grin.  “Sounds like a bad Bugs Bunny cartoon.”

“That was the cause,” Xander said with a grin of his own and a shake of his head.  He explained, “The leader was obsessed with Bugs Bunny and Wabbit Season.  Turns out he had some strange sympathy for Elmer Fudd and something in his twisted mind told him to hunt the rabbits and catch them for the poor man, since he never succeeded.”

There was nothing that they could say to that.  They knew that people were twisted everywhere and the description of this man only left them with the conclusion that he was a severe head case.

“So they called you in because...” Callie asked.

“Because they believe that I might know where the remaining members of the gang are,” Xander said.  “However I don’t know that, but since I was in town checking up on the girls,” he shrugged.  “They called me in to get a handle on some of the facts, maybe to check if there was a precedent for such things.”

The evening ended with lively conversation and the following day the Judge decided that there was enough for the case to be brought to trial.  Xander was told that he may be called to testify in the matter, much like he had during this pre-trial.

Xander left his contact details with Alexx and with Horatio, who’d contact him when the trial was about to take place.  There were always going to be more Slayers to found in Miami.  He told them that he’d schedule his travels to coincide with the timeframe for the trial.

“See you around Alexx,” he said hugging her after the pre-trial court was over.  “Take care and take care of your girl.”

“You too,” she said with her mothering tone.

“Horatio,” he said holding out his hand.

“Xander,” Horatio said shaking it.  “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Xander said and then he left.  There was still so much to do and more Slayers needed to be found.



The challenge was -

Challenge 1324: You mean it really was a gang on PCP? With barbecue forks?

Xander staggers into the Library covering the two bleeding holes in his neck. With a look of shock on his face he mutters "There really are gangs on PCP. And they stabbed me with a barbecue fork!"

What if there was an incident where someone really was attacked by a barbecue fork wielding gang on PCP? Maybe that's how all those "gangs on PCP" rumors got started. This should be a crossover with any police show (Law & Order, The Shield etc). Other than that anything goes.

The End

You have reached the end of "Drugs & BBQs". This story is complete.

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