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A Vampire's Halloween

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Summary: Cordelia's Wish Universe still has halloween and people still transform. Willow/Xander vamps are alive. F18 to be safe.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenKingHawkeFR1835,3620102,72212 Apr 1019 Dec 11No

A Vampire's Halloween 3

Disclaimer: I do not own the original Buffy-verse; hope you all enjoy!

Halloween Night:

Ethan and Oz paint the back of the floor with elaborate circles and symbols. Anya grumbles as she carries in the two-faced statue, "If I had my powers, I would—"

"You would be an evil vengeance demon. Put the statue over there," Ethan states calmly. "Who knows? There may be a world where you haven't lost yours yet. With Janus, anything is possible!"

Anya sets the statue down and announces, "I want sex!"

"I don't care," Oz snaps. "If we don't finish this correctly, we will all be dead!" She quietly goes into a corner to stay out of the way and take care of herself. Amy enters the room with a large crystal orb.

Amy sighs, "I don't know if this will do much good, but it was my mother's. She used it for magic often. It's possible that it will boost the spell's power."

"Good, set it in the circle," Ethan instructs. They finish painting the symbols. The two men sit on either side of the statue near the faces. Oz mimics Ethan's movements, putting some paint on his forehead and nose. They read out loud simultaneously, "Please hear and grant our request, oh Janus. We are your faithful, degenerate sons."

The warrior librarian stands at the doorway with a broadsword in one hand and a crossbow in the other. He keeps the crossbow leveled at the chaos magician and continuously glances out into the shop to keep watch.

The eyes on the statue begin to glow with light. The crystal sphere lights up like a disco ball, shining as brightly as a star going supernova. The light dims to a glow.

Elsewhere in Sunnydale:

The teenagers and children of Sunnydale walk around with their parents decked in their finest costumes! Vampires have never hunted on Halloween night; they believe it is safe. The night has already begun to set in. The sun is set from view.

Unbeknownst to the hapless public, the demons, the Scourge of Sunnydale, the lifeless quartet of death; Xander, Willow, Drusilla, and Spike stalk the streets. They blend in with their costumes. The dark haired vampire has dark goggles over his eyes, a black muscle shirt on, dark baggy pants, and small curved blades hanging from his thumbs. His blood lust is in check with his woman at his side.

To commemorate their old times as humans, Willow dressed up as a ghost. The black notebook from Ethan's store is clutched firmly in her hand and her other hand is holding that of her love's. The poor humans would run in terror if they could see her smiling face.

The blonde haired British vampire of the 18th century wears a long red trench coat that raises his intimidation factor higher than it has been in centuries. The wide brimmed hat covers his hair and yellow goggles cover his hungry eyes. He twirls Drusilla under his arm as they dance through the streets. The people see them as happy, possibly drunk, trick or treaters, but no threat to them. They go about their business as usual.

Drusilla, the dark beautiful foreteller of the future, sings beautifully the lyrics that only make sense to her as Spike hums along. Her black hair is up in a bun under her white dreadlocked wig. A skeletal costume clothes her and a small black notebook hangs on a chain from her waist, pinned to the leg. She is the first to notice. Her yellow-tinted contacts cling to her face and magic spreads through the air like a thick mist. She sees the magic and embraces it as her body changes. The vampiric demon is cast out to be replaced by the soul of a Shinigami, equally deranged by poor Drusilla. The demon tries to retake the body, only to have a large holy bullet be put through its skull. Spike grins with longer vampire teeth than usual.

Drusilla tilts her head and says with surprising clarity, "I think the costume man tricked us, love."

Spike holsters his gun, stating, "I do not know who you are, magnificent creature, but I am Alucard, master vampire of all other vampires. I feel strangely…unbound! I am free of the Hellsings!" He examines at the familiar symbols on the back of his gloves but feels no binding power in them. His laugh resounds through the streets.

Drusilla says in a hushed tone, "I am Rem, the Shinigami of the Void."

Willow growls as she yanks the white blanket off of herself. She looks at Drusilla, giggles, and tackle hugs the strangely taller Drusilla. "Oh, Rem! I have missed you so much. Do you still love me?"

"Of course, Misa," Drusilla purrs. "How could I ever stop loving you?"

Alucard feels a strong hand reach from behind to grab his chin and snap his neck. The master vampire reconnects his spine with a twitch of his back. He spins on his feet and picks up the attacker by the throat. "Who are you, pest?"

The dark haired attacker snaps the vampire's elbow and knees him in the stomach before backing away. "I am Riddick the Furian. What are you?"

"We are all friends here!" Drusilla cries out. "Please. Follow me." Alucard has his massive gun pressed against Riddick/Xander's head while the Furian has his own blades hovering on either side of the vampire's throat. Willow pulls Drusilla down into a luscious kiss. The Shinigami returns the kiss passionately before lifting her off the ground with ease and holding her bridal style. Willow giggles happily and clings to her savior. The boys back away and follow, driven by a strong instinct to heed the women's wishes.

Drusilla's eyes glow with interest. The surrounding people have numbers and names over their heads. Her friends have no numbers. There is a blue mist radiating off of herself and the others in her company. A trail of it leads down the street towards a small shop. Children and adults run when they see Willow being carried in their midst unmasked.

Inside the shop, Giles peers out the window to see the quartet. He whispers, "You had better be right about making them weaker, Ethan."

"The redhead should be the most vulnerable! Kill her first. After that, you can take down the others in the confusion," Ethan calls back, praying intently to his god. Oz's eyes shimmer with chaotic power and fur forms on his arms.

Oz whispers, "If they come in here, I am taking Harris down."

Anya sits in the corner and whimpers, covering her head with her hands. "This is so stupid!" she cries. "I just want to be a demon again and go with my friends! I wish I were a demon again!" When none of her 'friends' appear to grant her wish, she openly weeps.

A few moments later, the Shinigami stalks into the room with the Furian. Arrows fly through her as she patiently looks around the room. She opens her notebook and starts jotting names down. Xander dashes forward with vampiric speed, slicing Giles' wrist to make him drop the sword. He follows up with a thrust kick that sends the librarian into the next room.

Anya bawls in the corner, covering her face with both hands. "I don't want to die!"

Willow stands outside with a content smile as she hears the sounds of pain.

On the inside, Giles shouts to Ethan who has backed into the other room, "End the spell! Now!" Giles can say no more while Xander tries to drive the thumb-blades into his eyes. They roll around on the floor, both trying to get the upper hand. Their powerful grips rival each other's. Ethan reaches for the statue to smash it when a strong gloved hand catches his wrist.

"Nah-ah-ah-ah, worm," says a deep smooth voice. He looks up to see Alucard staring down at him. "I don't think I will like that. You must be the fool responsible for summoning me to this plane of existence. Thank you!" Ethan screams as his arm is…relocated to attach at the joint to the far wall. His head follows soon after. The blood splatters all over the floor, being absorbed into Alucard. He laughs maniacally as the chaos wielding werewolf hurls a javelin at him. The spear goes through him and imbeds into the wall.

A moment later, the werewolf clutches his heart and falls to the ground dead. Ethan's screams distract Giles at the wrong moment…ending in the Furian's gory victory.

The Shinigami towers over Anya. Numbers flicker at irregular intervals above her head ranging from several hundreds of years to a single minute. "Lover," Drusilla calls. "This one isn't human. Now are you?"

Anya looks up through tear-soaked eyes, "T-They said I am because I lost my powers! I used to be a V-Vengeance Demon." A single look from Alucard causes her to break down in a hysterical crying fit again. Riddick joins them with his bloody hands.

Willow enters the store with a cheerful smile and a sadistic look in her eye. "Riddick, play nice with the child. I want answers." Anya instantly starts babbling about the spell, how it works from what she understands of it, how to break it, and its effects.

Alucard picks up the statue with a maniacal grin, "Fascinating toy. I think I'm going to keep it intact for awhile until we meet up with the master of the vampires around here. I want to see if he is up to my standards of wanton destruction!" Willow starts giggling while Drusilla pets the redhead's soft hair.

Read and Review! Sorry for the shortness of the chapter. at least it got published!

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Vampire's Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Dec 11.

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