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A Vampire's Halloween

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Summary: Cordelia's Wish Universe still has halloween and people still transform. Willow/Xander vamps are alive. F18 to be safe.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenKingHawkeFR1835,3620102,72212 Apr 1019 Dec 11No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or any other shows included in the Halloween event.

Author's Note: I use cliches sometimes. Please don't complain about it. Enjoy the story!

Xander, Willow, and Jesse are dragged through the crypt from the graveyard. Poor children, with no big bad Vampire Slayer to save them. The dark passages echo with the struggling grunts of Jesse and Xander while Willow whimpers pitifully. The fair haired Darla laughs with delight. “This one has some spirit!” she exclaims, drawing Xander closer to her. “I want to taste you,” she purrs. “But the Master has want of you first.” Luke takes a nip at Willow’s neck, lapping her blood just enough for a taste. “Luke!” Darla scolds harshly. “Keep the sacrifices pure!” He grumbles and drags the struggling teens to the lair.

The three teenagers are thrown to the ground roughly. Xander staggers to his feet and helps up Willow and Jesse. They go back to back to face their captors. Xander grits his teeth and gets into a defensive stance while Jesse does the same. Willow hides between them. “I won’t let them get you, Willow,” Xander states, staring at the vampires around them. "If you harm a hair on her head, I'll kill you!" Jesse growls at the vampires around him and nods in agreement. Finally the figure facing away from them spins on his heels to see them. The humanoid creature has a smooth bald head and distinctively ugly vampire features. His sharp fingernails look almost like claws as he clasps his hands together in front of him.

“Such devotion to each other! I am inspired,” the Master speaks pleasantly. “Darla, make those two into vampires. I can use them.” He shoots Luke a sharp glance, “Especially since the girl has been touched, after my express orders for them not to be.” Luke falls to his knees in repentance and bows his head. The Master approaches him slowly and ruffles his hair. “Young blood, so impetuous these days.” He strikes the vampire across the face, leaving claw marks. “Know your place, my servant. Leave me.” The man rises to his feet and retreats quickly to the dark tunnels.

The Master watches with amusement as Xander and Jesse try to punch at the vampires, only to have their fists grabbed and they are forced to their knees. Willow hits the vampires holding them to no avail before Darla forces her to her knees as well. “Get away from me, vampire witch,” Willow says bravely before being slapped across the face. The Master laughs at the redhead’s renewed shaking.

Xander grunts in pain and shouts, “Leave her alone! ”

The Master replies smoothly, “Is that so, young man? Would you be willing to die for her?”

Willow and Xander’s gazes connect. “Yes, I would,” he states solemnly. “Please let her go.”

“Xander,” she whispers, “I won’t leave you. I-I love you.”

“I know,” he whispers back with a weak smile.

Darla makes dry heaving noises at the sappiness while the Master watches the couple curiously. “Enough of that,” the elder vampire commands. She immediately stops. “What is your name, boy?”

“Xander Harris,” he says boldly.

Jesse opens his mouth to say something but the Master quickly grabs him by the jaw and lifts him off of the ground. “You will be the sacrifice to make me free tonight. Before the sun rises, Sunnydale will be mine. Now be quiet.” He flings the boy against the wall, bones cracking on impact. He falls to the ground and does not get back up. Turning back to the couple while ignoring their outraged screams and shouts to leave him alone, he silences them with a wave of his hand. “Now, my children,” he speaks in a soothing tone. “You two are inseparable. Such love is like that of my beloved Darla and my old favorite Angelus…before he got a pesky soul. Since we wiped out the clan who cursed him, we have no fear of that threat again. I have an offer for both of you. Either I will kill the girl, or we can make you two live together forever.”

“You mean as vampires?” Xander asks incredulously. “You’re joking, right?”

Willow stammers, “B-but, Xander, we could be together!”

“Your lady friend is wise,” the Master intones cheerfully. “You should heed her advice. I do not offer this gift of immortality to just anyone, you know. What say you?”

Xander looks back and forth between the imposing Master Vampire and the pleading, fearful eyes of his Willow. Darla places her hands on his shoulders and whispers in his ear, “I would say yes if I were you.” He feels an odd urge to listen to what she has to say.

“O-okay,” he says slowly. “Just don’t hurt Willow.” The Master nods to Darla who immediately raises them both up with a hand on each of their necks. Licking her lips, the beautiful blonde sinks her teeth into the luscious neck of the young man in front of her, draining her blood slowly but surely. Willow gasps for breath while watching helplessly as her Xander is slowly being drained away.

Darla drops him to his knees after a few minutes and cuts her wrist with a fingernail. She holds out her wrist to the young man. With eyes glazed over and his skin pale as a sheet, he grabs onto her bleeding wrist and laps up the precious life giving fluid hungrily. His appetite grows more with each drop that slides down his throat. She moves her wrist away and places her hand on his forehead. “Enough, boy.” He tries to get more, his tongue hanging out of his mouth like a puppy. She frowns and swiftly strikes him on the forehead, knocking him out. “He is kind of cute, isn’t he?” she grins evilly at Willow. “Maybe I should make him mine personally. Probably still a virgin too.” Willow’s eyes go wide as she tries to protest despite her lack of breath.

Her hand loosens around Willow’s throat as she draws the adorable redhead girl closer. “Don’t worry,” Darla coos. “I will make you mine too.” She stares into Willow’s eyes, causing the teenager to fall into a trance. “Tilt your head for me, cutie pie,” she drawls. Willow tilts her head and pulls her hair back off her neck. “Perfect,” Darla grins with blood-laden lips. She bears her fangs and buries them in her new victim’s throat. Willow gasps in pain weakly as the blood is drained one gulp at a time. When Darla has had enough, she holds up her wrist to Willow’s mouth. The redhead latches onto the blonde’s wrist without hesitation, slurping away noisily. When she has her fill, Willow’s eyes roll to the back of her head and she collapses. Darla catches her on her arm and lifts both of them onto her shoulders. “May I put them in my quarters, Master?” she inquires respectfully. The Master nods once, causing two vampire minions to help her carry them.

The Master claps as they leave the room. “Skillfully done, Darla. That was marvelous.” He turns his watchful eye to the remaining boy on the floor. “You on the other hand, my boy, are meant for a higher purpose.” He reaches for Jesse with his eyes locked on the jugular. "Namely, on letting me go higher than this place."

Several Hours Later:

People run in terror as their houses are caught on fire and vampires flood the streets. The undead fall upon the fleeing victims like locusts upon a wheat field. The people are dragged into the sewers or alleyways, screaming all the way. The Master stands on top of the building with Luke and Darla on each side. “The Age of the Master has come!” he roars. Vampires cheer while humans cry out in terror.

“They are led like lambs to the slaughter, but before their shearers, they are not dumb, but very loud and violent,” Luke intones. “How predictable.”

Darla grins at the fleeing humans. After a moment of enjoying it, she whispers, “Master, my children are resting in earth filled coffins below. They will wake soon.”

“Go to them,” he permits. “Be sure they are treated as one of the elite in our new era.”

She bows and smirks, “Of course, my Master.” Luke glances at her with obvious disgust but says nothing.

At the Library:

Vampires explode into dust as wooden arrows fly. “Twelve,” a red headed boy sounds off from the safety of a metal cage with two crossbows sticking out of it.

The elderly librarian paves through their lines with a two handed sword, slicing them limb from limb with each swing. “Don’t stop until they're dust!” he shouts, beheading another.

Amy stands near a window with her own crossbow and shoots, missing her intended target but still nailing a vampire in the forehead. “Where is the Vampire Slayer you keep talking about?!” she cries out, reloading her bow clumsily. Harmony screams as she's pulled out a window by two vampires.

Giles grits his teeth. “She’ll be here. She has to be.” In the normal universe, Anya feels a dark chill go up her spine.

A Few Days Later:

Angel hides behind a barrel and reloads his crossbow. Bullets rain through the flimsy water barrel and blast him from his hiding place. Darla laughs evilly while her two favorite toys Willow and Xander fire their pistols repeatedly at the souled creature. “How the mighty have fallen,” Darla hisses. “You were once a true monster, the Master’s favorite. Now look at you. You are weak.”

The dark haired man winces in pain at the gunshot wounds but levels his crossbow with one hand. “Strong enough to right one wrong.” He pulls the trigger and Darla explodes into a cloud of ash.

Xander snarls harshly, “How dare you!”

Willow screams in outrage and shoots him until he can no longer move, reloading her gun twice in the process. Xander hugs her and she cuddles against him. They mourn their mother’s loss quietly. A short while later, they drag the bullet-ridden vampire to their lair, chaining him up in a cage.

“Master,” requests Xander furiously. “I want to kill him! May I?”

The Master sits on his throne and ponders thoughtfully. “Perhaps, but what does your beloved think?”

The sexy redhead snuggles against him and whispers, “I think we should keep him alive. He can be our puppy! We can play with him with knives and matches and all sorts of fun things!”

Xander’s frown turns to a sadistic smirk, “Of course, my love. Torture is always better than simply killing him.”

The Master smiles widely. “You make me so proud! Teach him a new level of pain for killing our sweet Darla!” Xander and Willow share a passionate kiss at the thought of causing such agony.

As they turn to leave, Xander calls over his shoulder, “New level of pain? That’s just the beginning.” He laughs as he leads his sweetheart away.

A vampire hurries to the Master’s side as soon as they leave. “What news of my servant Luke?” inquires the Master vampire.

The minion hesitates. “My Lord…Luke is dead.”

“How?! The Slayer is far from Sunnydale!”

Scratching his arm nervously, he responds, “The school librarian is a Watcher. He slew Luke with a sword. I barely got away to tell you!”

The Master sinks in his throne and weeps, “My poor son! My daughter! Both taken from me! I will avenge you, my children!”

Xander and Willow hear his cries through the pipes. “He must be having a good day,” the vampiric boy comments snidely.

“Let’s give Angel a good day,” purrs Willow. “He’ll sound just like Master.” Xander’s grin darkens with delight.

About One Year Later:

Xander sits on the far side of the room, tossing knives at a chained up and gagged human. “I am so bored!” he shouts to his lover. The muffled cry from a knife hitting the human’s leg makes him smile. “What is there to do around here?”

“Tomorrow is Halloween. It could be fun,” Willow suggests mischievously. She brushes Drusilla’s hair slowly while nibbling on her ear. The dark haired vampiress giggles and holds a dolly close to her chest.

Drusilla murmurs, “Fun fun on dress up day!”

The Master rubs his temples. “Teenagers!”

The bleach-blond vampire Lord struts into the room. “Master, the boys are getting restless. I know it’s supposed to be dead for the undead on Halloween or something, but a bloke needs a break.”

“Fine! Go dress up! Cause some havoc! Wreak some mayhem, just be quiet!” the Master shouts.

Willow and Drusilla goes to either side of the Master and hugs his arms. “Thank you,” the chorus sweetly. He sighs and gives them both a hug.

“I can’t stay mad at you girls,” he says tiredly. “Spike! Xander! Keep them safe. The Whitehats are still causing some trouble. If you find that bloody Librarian, kill him.”

A short knife pierces the human’s eye, making her scream through the gag. “We always keep them safe,” Xander sneers. “I wouldn’t let any filthy human touch my sweet.” He draws her close and kisses her before her offering the injured human. Willow sighs dreamily at him. She pulls her red hair back behind her ear and pulls the knife out, making the human scream louder. She runs her tongue up the girl's cheek, slurping up the blood from the eye. Willow pulls the gag off and kisses the poor girl full on the mouth before finishing the human off with a quick twist of her head before she can react. Drusilla giggles madly when the body goes limp.

Willow stares at the body for a few moments. She turns to Xander and says simply, "Bored now." The Master laughs at their antics and claps slowly.

At the Library:

An older British man ducks under the sharp blade of a sword and rolls to the other side of the room. “Giles, it could work!” He counterattacks and pushes the Librarian back.

Giles grunts, “If it fails, they will be stronger then ever! We’ve lost too many as it is!” He kicks him in the gut and pushes him to the ground. Giles levels the sword to his throat. “It’s too risky, Ethan.”

Ethan kicks the sword away and jumps to his feet. He drops his sword and draws a knife, holding it to the other’s throat. “Rupert, we won’t have another chance like this. My contacts tell me that the vampires are probably coming out to play on Halloween. That never happens. This is the perfect chance.”

Glaring into Ethan’s eyes, Giles states, “How certain are you of this spell of yours? The last time you said that you could defeat the Master, the demoness Anyanka came close to killing me for summoning her, for all the good destroying her power did.”

“Completely,” Ethan replies confidently. “It will not fail this time. It may be enough to kill the Master. The rest will be easy to clean up.”

“All we have left is Oz, Angel, Amy, Anya, and you,” says Giles, pushing Ethan’s blade away at the hilt. “If we lose anyone else and this fails, not even I will be able to stop them next time they go on a raid.”

Ethan sighs, “I know this is asking a lot, old friend. But have faith in me. My powers have grown since the Master has taken over. I can do it.”

“Just make sure that it doesn’t harm our people,” Giles warns. “If even one of them gets hurt because of your spell, I will gut you.”

Ethan laughs. “Fair is fair. If I fail, you can gut me if the vampires don’t do it first. It’s time to open up shop!”

“Anya and Oz will help you out. Angel and I will keep watch until you have the wards up so that you aren’t harmed by your…customers. Amy will advise your spell-casting. I don’t like this idea, for the record.” Ethan nods and picks up his sword on his way out.

Read and Review! I hope you liked it.
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