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Summary: Any other time it would have been funny, he could have used this against Sammy for months, but right now he wanted to kill a certain witch

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: HumorAstridWinchesterFR71789031,35412 Apr 1012 Apr 10Yes
A/N: the idea for this one came while listening to music and dancing around the kitchen while cooking speghetti... Set before Chosen obviously... Characters arn't mine!


Dean and Buffy walked hand in hand up the walk to her house and heard the distinct sounds of shouting inside. They exchanged a brief look and pushed open the door, preparing for imminent danger only to be greeted by complete and total chaos.

A brown and white rabbit dashed past, and Dean yelped then pulled Buffy toward him and out of the animal’s way. The rabbit was quickly followed by Anya with a broom in her hand, which was rather odd, seeing as how they all knew Anya had a phobia of bunnies. They glanced into the living room to see Faith and Xander lounging on the couch, eating popcorn and watching the madness.

They hesitantly entered and looked around, then glanced at eachother when they heard Dawn yelling at Anya to stop chasing Sam.

This statement caused Dean to jog out of the room in the direction Anya and the bunny had ran in only to find her on top of the counter, the rabbit twitching it’s nose in the corner of the kitchen. Dean picked up the squirming rabbit just as Dawn ran in, panting.

“Oh good you caught him,” she said and Dean looked at her in confusion.

“What the heck happened Dawn? Tell me this isn’t Sam!” He demanded and held the animal up to his face, and sure enough, the little guy had Sam’s eyes.

“Well you see…ah…it’s not my fault, really it’s not!” She defended, and wrung her hands. “He’s okay, see; he’s just…um…not himself.”

“Yeah I can see that! What happened?”

“C’mon Willow can fix it, I promise.” She led the way back into the living room and had to duck because of the birds flying around the room that darted for their heads.

Dawn yelped and dashed to the door to let them outside, but Dean just shook his head and continued into the room, a still squirming Sam in his grip.

His gaze fell on Willow in a far corner, a circle of candles on the floor behind her. Buffy was sitting next to Faith and Xander, and when he entered Willow met his gaze and gave him an apologetic look.

“I cast a little spell,” she said, lifting a hand and gesturing with her thumb and forefinger at the word little.

“I don’t want to know, just fix it.” He told her, and Dawn went to sit on the arm of a chair. Buffy was fighting giggles on the couch and Dean was torn between wanting to laugh himself and wanting to kill a certain redhead.

All he and Buffy had wanted to do was patrol, and Sam was to stay and help them research while Giles was training the mini-Slayers, and this is what happens.

Willow seated herself inside her circle, concentrating. Dean was nearby with the bunny-Sam in a box in front of him. The potentials were out patrolling and would be back soon, supervised by Giles. Spike was in a far corner of the room watching, Anya next to him. Buffy, Dawn, Xander and Faith were still seated on the couch, watching the chaos.

She began the spell to- she hoped- turn Sam back to normal, when Andrew entered with some comic book or other, whining again about Faith stealing his hot pockets.

A bright purple light went off in front of her facce as her concentration was interrupted and she covered her eyes. Suddenly, she heard barking and looked around, her eyes going wide when she saw a small Pomeranian go chasing after Spike who ran up the stairs, the small dog yapping and trying to bite his duster as it followed.

They all heard a door closing upstairs and Anya ran up to rescue Spike from who Willow realized was Andrew, having been transformed into the dog. She looked around, but found no Sam. She peered into the box and her jaw dropped at what she found.

She looked back up at Dean, who was failing in his battle to keep a straight face, and she gave him a lopsided smile. The others came closer to look into the box and Dawn fell on the floor, she was laughing so hard.

Buffy erupted into giggles again and had to excuse herself to go outside before Dean killed her. Xander and Faith grinned even wider and went to join her outside, so they could laugh in private and away from Dean’s wrath.

“Well….look at the bright side…” she told Dean, and he just stared at her, trying to find a bright side to the fact that his little brother was no longer a rabbit, no, this time he was a turtle. “He’s not a rabbit anymore?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Oops....". This story is complete.

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