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Wishes and Magic

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Summary: Willow makes a wish...

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeShannonFR131120,92024224,35223 Nov 037 Jun 04Yes

Wishes and Magic

Title: Wishes and Magic

Author: Shannon

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: W/Snape

Disclaimer: BtVS stuff belongs to Joss Wheadon, ME, UPN, WB, FOX; Harry Potter Stuff belongs to J.K. Rowling

Distribution: My site NHA, WLS, TtH

Spoilers: Through Season 4 “Something Blue” of BtVS, and OoTP of Harry Potter

Summary: Willow makes a wish, which we all know never goes well.

Author’s Notes: Don’t know when exactly Willow’s birthday is so we’re going to assume she is 18 during season 4.

Part 1

Willow flopped down on her bed, if she baked one more cookie she would go crazy. It wasn’t as if she had realized all those things would happen to her friends. She didn’t want Giles to be blind or Xander to be a demon magnet. She certainly didn’t want Spike and Buffy to get married. Hell, she didn’t even want to think about that one. She didn’t think the Slayer or the vampire would ever forgive her for that one.

Why did her spells always end up being so screwed up, well not all the spells really, only the small ones. Resouling Angel had been fine; sending her vampire self back to her own world had worked with out a problem. Just the little things that should be easy, wanting Oz to come back, wanting to do a locator spell, those ones get all ‘wonky’. She might as well shower and go to bed, it wasn’t as if her magic would fix it self any time soon. What she needed was to have real training in magic. Not just reading the books that Giles had done his best to hide from her.

She pushed herself off of the bed and began rummaging through her drawers. Finally locating a black t-shirt with a pink teddy bear on the front, and pair of black boxers with matching pink bears she headed down the hall to shower. Returning to her room twenty minutes later she hit the play button on her answering machine.

“Hey Will, it’s Buffy. I’m staying with Mom tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow after class. Bye.”

“Well, at least I’ll have some quiet in the morning, since I don’t have an early class,” Willow mumbled to herself as she climbed in bed and turned out the light. “Now I wish there was a way to take a class that would teach me about magic.” She mumbled as she drifted to sleep.

The demon standing outside the door smiled, “Done,” and walked away. D’hoffryn would be pleased. He may still have a chance to convince the girl.


“O-okay,” Willow stood in the middle of what she assumed was a train car. Glancing through the small window on the door she was closest to, the next car contained five teen-agers, all wearing black robes. One was playing with what looked like a gold golf ball with wings. “Where the hell am I?”

Looking down at her clothes for the first time she realized she was also wearing black robes. There was a small crest sewn just below the shoulder, it said Hogwarts. She stuck her hands in the pockets of the robe and pulled out a wand from one pocket and two folded pieces of parchment paper in the other. Sitting down in the seat closest to her she set the wand next to her and unfolded the first piece of paper.

Miss Rosenberg,

You have been accepted as our first

Exchange student at Hogwarts

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You will be attending your seventh

And final year with us beginning

September 1. Your ticket is enclosed.

The Hogwarts Express leaves from

Platform 9&3/4 at precisely 11 am

At Kings Cross station.

We look forward to meeting you.

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

Willow stared at the letter; she knew where she was at least. This must be the Hogwarts Express. But Kings Cross was in England, how did she get here? And why didn’t she remember anything—the last thing she remembered was going to sleep in her dorm, and thinking—that’s it she was thinking she wanted a class to teach her about magic. She wished—

“Damn, I know better than to use that word,” She muttered, “It explains the wand though.”

Picking up the second letter she opened it and realized it was a school supply list of sorts. She stood up and looked in the luggage compartments above her. She saw two trunks with her name on them, realizing her wish must have included making her prepared for this new school she relaxed slightly. She might as well see what she could find out about the school. She stood up and headed for the door to the next compartment. The door opened before she could reach it and the people she had seen before began to file in.

“Hello,” The first one said. He was tall and had slightly long black hair, and one of those smiles that just kind of told you he was trouble, “Don’t think we’ve met.”

“God Sirius,” The girl coming in behind him said, “You’ve been in here thirty seconds and you’re hitting on the new girl. I’m Lily Evans.”

“Willow Rosenberg,” she replied shaking the offered hand.

“Well this is Sirius,” Lily smiled and gestured to each of the four guys with her, “James, Remus and Peter.”

“Hello,” Remus shook her hand, “Don’t let Sirius bother you, he’s really quite harmless.”

“You’re the American exchange student right?” The one Lily had introduced as James asked. He was holding the small winged ball Willow had seen earlier.

“Yes, sort of,” Willow smiled, “I’ve never been to a wizard school though.”

“You’re a muggle born then?” Peter asked.

“Um what’s a muggle?”

“Non magic person,” Remus explained. “We knew you were American but assumed you had come from an American school.”

“Have you learned any magic?” Sirius asked, “They said you were coming in as a seventh year.”

“Nothing official just from books and stuff. But I learn quick,” Willow smiled as the five of them took seats around her, “Show me something I should know already.”

They spent the remainder of the train ride to Hogsmeade demonstrating different charms and Willow copying their actions, and they found that she did in fact learn quickly. They explained Quidditch and the four houses of Hogwarts and all hoped she would be sorted into Gryffindor but would be happy as long as she wasn’t put in Slytherin.


Willow stood nervously in the crowd of first year students waiting to be sorted into their houses. She felt even more awkward being several years older than the children around her. She glanced back at the Gryffindor table and smiled when Sirius and Remus waved at her. She had listened to the sorting hat’s song and was sure she would be sorted into Ravenclaw though she hoped she was wrong. She really liked the five Gryffindors she had met on the train and would love to spend more time with them.

She also needed to figure out why she was here, and how to get back to her friends. Of course she had seen the newspaper Remus had on the train and it appeared her friends hadn’t been born yet, well Giles was, but the whole Ripper thing could be an issue. She would have to figure something out soon, it was a magic school so maybe she could explain her problem to the headmaster.

“Willow Rosenberg?”

Willow walked up to the stool and sat down as the hat was placed on her head.

“Odd,” Willow jumped slightly at the voice in her ear, “You shouldn’t be here.”

Willow frowned, the hat knew she didn’t belong here, so it was as smart as Sirius had said, she thought he had been joking.

“You have magic,” the hat continued, “But this isn’t your time.”

Okay, Willow thought, maybe the hat can help me explain to someone that can help me.

“Let’s see though, you could be so many things. Your powerful, though you don’t realize it yet, you need powerful friends to guide you. You should be in…”

It was silent for a moment before it shouted “Gryffindor!”

Smiling Willow quickly made her way to the long table as her new friends cheered and made room for her to sit with them. As a seventh year she would be sharing a room with Lily and a couple other girls. They talked quietly as the rest of the new students were sorted. Willow grinned when the sorting was finished and food appeared on the table.

She spent the meal mostly listening quietly to the conversations around her, answering questions that were asked as vaguely as possible not really sure how to explain that she wouldn’t be born for several more years. The fact that these people knew very little about the ‘muggle world’ made it easier, they had know idea that some things she said didn’t really exist yet.

When dinner was finished she walked to Gryffindor Tower with the rest of her house, as Sirius explained to her that to watch the staircases as they had a tendency to move. She let out a yelp when a ghost suddenly appeared in front of her and Remus.

“Mr. Lupin who’s your new friend?”

“Willow Rosenberg,” Remus smiled touching her arm to calm her, “This is Sir Nearly Headless Nick.”

“Nearly?” Willow asked, “Know what don’t explain. I usually find out I’m happier not knowing.”

Nick smiled and floated away stopping to speak to several other students as he went.

“You took that better than most muggle-borns,” Remus said raising an eyebrow.

“Lived on the Hellmouth,” Willow laughed, “It takes a lot to scare me.”

“Hellmouth?” Sirius asked turning to look at her as they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“Password?” The portrait asked.

“Did that--?” Willow asked.

“Wolfsbane,” Lupin said and the portrait swung open revealing the portal to the common room.

“The portrait spoke,” Willow said following the others inside.

“Wizarding portraits and photographs can move and some speak,” Lily explained, “You get used to it.”

“If you say so.”

“Now you said you were raised on a Hellmouth?” Sirius asked again pulling her into a corner of the common room, Lily, James, and Remus following behind.

“Yep, lots of evil nasty things there,” Willow grinned, this time she had shocked them, “Last year the mayor turned into a demon and tried to eat the school.”

“You’re not kidding are you?” James asked.

“No,” Willow laughed, “I’m totally exhausted or I’d tell you more.”

“You can’t just say a demon tried to eat your school and then good-night,” Sirius said blocking her path.

“I promise to tell you all you want to know about vampires, slayers, and werewolves tomorrow okay,” Willow promised.

Remus raised an eyebrow at the mention of werewolves but Lily grabbed Willow’s arm and forced her way past Sirius before anyone could question her any more.

“We will see you all in the morning,” Lily said and pulled Willow to the stairs.

Willow turned to wave at the four guys as she followed Lily. She could see by the looks on their faces that they had questions and she would have to answer them soon. None of them seemed like the type to be put off for too long.

Lily pushed open a door at the top of the stairs and Willow followed her into the large room. Lily dropped her wand on her bed and took off her robe dropping it next to the wand. Willow located her bed and did the same before sitting down.

“Willow,” Lily said approaching the bed, “You shouldn’t, um, it’s not a good idea to tell a lot of evil werewolf stories.”

“Wasn’t going to,” Willow frowned, “Only have one evil werewolf story, mostly their happy wolf stories.”


“Yeah, well, I dated one until recently, hence the evil story,” Willow explained, “evil wolf girl slept with my not evil wolf boyfriend. Why?”

Lily looked around the room; the other girls hadn’t come up yet. If Willow dated a werewolf and was this casual about it she didn’t see the harm in telling her.

“You can’t tell anyone okay?”

“I don’t know anyone but you guys, so no won’t tell,” Willow agreed.

“Remus was bit as a child,” Lily explained, “He leaves the school during the full moon so he doesn’t hurt anyone, but if anyone found out…”

“Yeah, I get the idea,” Willow said, “I won’t say anything, and it’s really not a problem for me if he’s taking precautions to not hurt anyone.”

“Oh, he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone that’s why he goes to the shack in Hogsmeade people think it’s haunted and stay away.”

“I so want to know more about this but I really need to get some sleep or I may sleep through my first day of class,” Willow started searching her trunk for something to sleep in.

“We’ll talk more tomorrow, I’m sure the guys are going to have a lot of questions anyway.” Lily assured her and started searching for her own things.
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