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Summary: Response to the 'The one Hundred Word Challenge' from Aomizuoko. A collection of companion fics based on 'NKotB' 'W:tA' 'SC' and others. Most are Willow-Centered, but some are will be centered around other characters. (Temporary Hiatus)

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - TtH 100
Stargate > Willow-Centered
pezgirlFR13136,2430156,68513 Apr 105 Jun 10No

Introduction- (Friends/BtVS)

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters; BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon, David Crane
Marta Kauffman created Friends. For future purposes Roland Emmerich
Dean Devlin created Stargate.

Chandler pushed open the door to his and Joey’s apartment, he was grasping a rolled up copy of some porn magazine to give to Joey, “Hello-

He blinked as he looked around the empty front room, “-empty room!” he chucked the magazine down onto one of the armchairs and looked around. “Joey? Joe?”

He was about to come to the conclusion that Joey was out when he heard his best friend’s voice come from the next room.


Chandler’s eyebrows rose in concern as Joey’s voice met his ears, a combination of confusion and fear laced the word. He went to the room and saw through the half-open door that Joey was sitting on the bed facing into the room.

Chandler gulped as he saw his pale complexion; the man looked like he’d just been hit over the head with something big and painful. Knowing that something was wrong he tiptoed to the kitchen, and grabbed whatever weapon he could get a hold of.

He had to save Joe.


Joey and Willow jumped in fright as Chandler flew into the room holding a ladle in front of him like a weapon; he frowned at his friend in confusion and looked at his…daughter?

Then back to Chandler again…

Chandler brandished the ladle in Willow’s direction threateningly, “Take what you want, criminal! But don’t hurt an innocent man!” he gestured towards him.

Joey felt his eyes widen as he got it, “No, no, Chandler. It’s…alright, I think…” he looked towards Willow again and smirked at the amused and slightly shocked look on her face.

Chandler frowned, “It is?”

Joey nodded, “Yeah,” he gestured to Willow. “Chandler, Willow. Willow, Chan.”

Chandler moved towards her clumsily and just about moved the ladle out of the way before he shook her hand.

Joey stood up warily, feeling light-headed again, “I just fainted, is all. Willow put me on the bed…I think I banged my head.”

Chandler smirked and looked at Willow cheekily, “He’ll be okay. A bang to the head probably won't be a bad thing.”

Joey glared at his friend, “Hey!”

Chandler shook his head and eyed Willow curiously, he turned back to him, “Isn’t she a little young for you?”

Willow pulled a face, “Ew.”

What?! “No! Chandler, she’s….she’s…” he trailed off, and wished to God that he hadn’t just eaten his ‘Joey Special’ of two pizzas. “…my…”

Oh, God. How had this happened?!

Weren’t those condoms supposed to be one hundred percent effective? Had he even used one? How was he supposed to know?

It had happened ages ago.

“Oh, c’mon, Joe,” pressed his friend, lightly. “It can’t be that bad.”

Joey sighed, Chandler was going to tease him for weeks. An idea suddenly clicked in his mind. No one had to know, he’d just make up something, and pray that Willow went along with it.

But what if she didn’t?

He looked at her in what he hoped was a pointed expression, “Uh,” he shifted uncomfortably under both their gazes. “She’s…ah…an extra!”

Oh yeah! That was a great idea!

Willow sent him a dubious look; there was also another expression that he really didn’t want to work out; the same one he’d gotten right before he’d passed out.

Chandler blinked and cocked his head a little, “An extra…”

In the corner of his eye Joey saw her gaze drop to the floor, he fidgeted a little; feeling a heat burn at the back of his head, he rubbed the spot and avoided the other occupants’ eyes.

What should he do?

She wouldn’t be that upset if he pretended that she was an extra on his show, right? Right?

He needed some time to think, to work stuff out. To make sure he didn’t do anything…Joey-like.

Joey finally looked at the girl- his daughter, he felt unsteady and rubbed at the back of his head again, he felt like his head was going to explode. He had a kid!


Joey lifted his gaze from the carpet, and met his friend’s concerned expression; “Uh…” his gaze shifted to Willow and saw that she was staring at the wall behind him.

She did not look happy.

Willow made a huffing sound, sounding like a rough sigh, “I think I’m gonna leave.” Her voice quivered very slightly, he almost didn’t notice. Without so much as even acknowledging his existence, she stalked out of the room.

The guilty pulsing intensified a little and he massaged it absent-mindedly; he caught Chandler’s look; already knowing he was going to crack a joke.

“Do you have fleas, or something?” Chandler edged away suspiciously, the ladle was now held loosely down by his side.

Pushing down his exasperation, he said, “No, it’s not fleas.” It was something else, and he knew it was because of the girl.

Sighing, Joey walked out of the room and saw that Willow was opening the door, “Wait.”

Willow half turned, glaring faintly, “I-I just wanted to know, I guess. Listen, you don’t have to phone or anything-

Joey shook his head, it was too full of questions- a very unfamiliar feeling- and he needed to lie down, but he very much doubted that Willow would wait around long enough.

“Look, I-” he struggled to come up with something to stay.

This was happening too fast.

And Chandler couldn’t back him up, he didn’t know anything. Why had he tried to be smart? Maybe he should have just come out and said it.

“Joey?” Chandler’s tone was drawn out, cautious and a little condescending.

Willow smiled stonily at him, “I’ll let myself out.” She opened the door and stepped out quickly.

See, he really shouldn’t have lied!

“What’s going on?”

Joey decided to bite the bullet, “She’s my daughter.”

Willow was almost entirely out of his sight, she froze and slowly turned back to him; her expression was wary, guarded. But at least it wasn’t outright dislike.

“What!?” Chandler almost laughed, but he must’ve caught onto the tense situation because he sobered. “She- really?”

Joey nodded, not taking his eyes from her face. He wasn’t sure how he was feeling, but the one thing he was sure of was that he’d probably regret letting Willow walk away; he didn’t know her, wasn’t sure if he even liked her- he knew she didn’t like him, maybe that was his fault- but he wanted a chance.

Besides, the girls and Ross hadn’t even met her yet. Neither had his sisters.

Oh God! What would his parents say?

Joey ran an unsteady hand down his face, one problem at a time, “Yeah, she’s my daughter.” He smiled nervously, clearing his throat.

Chandler suddenly chuckled, “Oh, man. So many jokes,” he touched his fingertips to his temples. “Overload, overload.”

Joey glared at him half-heartedly, he saw that Willow had cracked a smile; feeling his own in response, “Very funny, Chan.”

Chandler looked at Willow, “So, you’re Joe’s kid? Well, if you’re anything like Joey we should get on fine.” Then he blinked, “If you stick around, that is.”

The door opposite them suddenly opened and Monica stepped out, looking perturbed, “Okay, who upended the jar of coffee beans!?”

Joey felt a twinge of sympathy for the person responsible for setting Monica off again, he saw that Chandler’s eyes had gone suspiciously wide, “Uh, hey, Monica?”
Okay, distract her-

Chandler pointed at him accusingly, “Joe’s- Joe’s- Joe’s got a kid!”

He gasped, “Hey!”

Monica paused, obviously reining in her demons. She looked at the redhead, as if seeing her for the first time, “Oh, hi. I’m Monica, Joey’s friend-

Her gaze snapped to Joey, “You have a kid?!”

A grin lit up her face; she swung back to Willow who took a step back, “Oh God! I have to tell someone!”

She wheeled around and was about to run back into the apartment, then she stumbled to a stop and spun around, and almost wailed shrilly, “Chandler!”

Chandler gulped and followed her into the apartment.

He and Willow had been left alone for the first time since he’d fainted; he started fidgeting again under her gaze, “Uh, yeah, Chandler’s my room-mate.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on her face.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets, “You could stay and meet them, i-if you want.”

There was a pause, and then Willow nodded shyly, “I’d like that.”

He felt himself relax slightly, “Okay.”

After a few moments of silence the discomfort was back again, when were the others going to get back?


A/N: The next drabble is a companion to 'New Kids on the Base'.
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