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Not Really the Sidekick

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Kensie the Vampire Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: (NCIS:LA) They didn't know, couldn't know, what lurked under the surface. That was what both the Chairman and the Director had told her when they first sent her to L.A.

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NCIS > General(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR714312134,29314 Apr 1014 Apr 10Yes
Disclaimer: Don't own NCIS:LA or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Which is really too bad.
Some dialogue borrowed from NCIS:LA episode #1.11 "Breach".

"Not Really the Sidekick"

They didn't know, couldn't know, what lurked under the surface. That was what both the Chairman and the Director had told her when she'd been sent to L.A. in the first place.

Her new job required her to be a fighter, a mistress of deception and disguise, and go toe to toe with the baddest of the bad without so much as blinking or shirking from it like a typical girl.

All in all, the perfect job for a Marine brat-turned-Slayer.


"Hetty wants our action reports by Fridays at five... I was kinda counting on the weekends to get caught up."

Callen smiled. "I'll talk to her."

"Thank you." She smiled, heading out of the office. The shadows were gathering outside, and she'd already gotten the text from the shared L.A. watcher. Andrew was a bit annoying, but he had a knack for knowing right where she'd be needed.

She settled into her silver BMW convertible and headed out, a series of freeways seeming to fade one into another before she pulled up at the meet, the Starbucks' in Venice Beach, just as the winter sun set over the sparkling ocean. She recognized two vehicles in the parking lot - Andrew's sensible (for a Watcher) white Hummer H2, and the black-with-red-trim Indian motorcycle with Faith's oversized saddlebags attached.

Slipping through the door into the crowded coffeehouse, she skirted around all the suits and saw Andrew and Faith and three other Slayers clustered in a set of comfy chairs near the bathrooms. She gestured vagulely toward the line, but Andrew had a whole row of drinks in front of him and pointed at one. Efficient, that.

She sauntered over to them and claimed her drink, which as usual, was perfect. "Hi, Andrew, ladies." As usual, that provoked some laughter - from Faith. Glancing at Andrew's row of drinks, she knew they were waiting on two more.

Just then, a voice came from behind her. "Hey guys." It was Xander, and Kensie spun around to get a better look. And nearly spilled her drink when she saw the face behind Xander's shoulder. "This is Callen, he's going to be working with us tonight. Callen, that's Andrew, Faith, Allison, Jane, Susie and..."

"Kensie." Callen echoed Xander's voice, as he walked up to her. "What are you doing here?"

"I was going to ask you the same question."

"Xander said I was going to be working with a bunch of Vampire Slayers. You?"

"Not really the sidekick you thought I was."

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Really the Sidekick". This story is complete.

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