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This story is No. 6 in the series "Birthday Insanity Challenge Ficlets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Twenty-five stories and crossings of worlds (read: insanity) to celebrate twenty-five years. Various pairings, and will contain both cross and non-cross fic.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherJmariaFR151818,2150508,86618 Apr 1023 Jul 12No

Are y'all getting sick of the info chapters yet?

Ah, dear readers. Dontcha just love my info chapters? I think I've written more of these than I have actual fics. Just kidding. So, below are the chapters and pairings/crossings contained within for your easy viewing pleasure. I'm not sure yet if sub-lets are gonna pop up. With me, you never know.

If you're following this series, you probably noticed the glaring gap of year 24. It was the year of no internet, thus no reader involvement. I do have some ideas scrabbled together, so it'll be coming out someday. And since there were only four requests (really five, but I'm not familiar enough to fake it with the fifth request so...) that means there's 21 open request slots. More info about filling those slots are in chapter two.

EDIT: Second edit: There's a huge multiverse, and a few subplots.

* - Resurrected 'Verse: Graham and Buffy...because everyone loved the one-shot. And I love Graham. He's kind of awesome. Basically Graham making efforts to get everything smoothed over for his and Buffy's future. Dawn's been hunting with Sam Winchester and keeping him on the straight and narrow...until she meets big brother back from the dead. And has to find other branches of the family trees. Also, Cordelia is medling with the Doctor's girls. And Joyce and Hank are watching out from not-so-up-above.

+ - I've Heard It Both Ways: Or the Summers-Spencer, Spencer-Summers cousins...Buffy, Dawn and Xander invade Shawn's life and try and pay him back for invading other people's lives.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Fandoms are owned by Whedon, Russell T. Davies, Henson, Kripke, Franks, Hanna Barbara, Smith & Williamson. (This will be edited to include those creators as soon as I know them.) The words and ideas pertaining to the plot belong to me, the characters do not.

1. Info & explainer

2. One: Now’s the time to be alive… - Cordelia Chase & Donna Noble (Angel/Doctor Who) * (1a)
3. Two: It gets the best of me... - Buffy Summers/Graham Miller (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) * (2a)
4. Three: Where do your passengers wait... - Dawn Summers & Dean Winchester (Buffy/Supernatural) * (3a)
5. Four: Cruel and unkind... - Xander Harris & Shawn Spencer (Buffy/Psych) +
6. Five: Nothing until now... - Scooby-Doo and Mystery, Inc. meet the Doctor (Scooby-Doo/Doctor Who)
7. Six: Don't you feel like crying... - Katherine & Glee (The Vampire Diaries/Glee)
8. Seven: Well, technically I am... - Martha Jones & Riley Finn (BtVS/Doctor Who) * (2b)
9. Eight: So you can be hunted... - Graham Miller & Riley Finn (BtVS) * (2c)
10. Nine: Even bad wolves can be good... - Dawn Summers/Dean Winchester (BtVS/Supernatural) * (3b)
11. Ten: Worst of all you doubt yourself... - Rachel Berry & Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who/Glee) * (1b)
12. Eleven: Get by with a little help... - Finn Hudson, Noah Puckerman, Rachel Berry & Dean Winchester (Glee/Supernatural)* (3d)
13. Twelve: Don't see what anyone can see... - Noah Puckerman & Dean Winchester (Glee/Supernatural)* (3e)
14. Thirteen: I need a hand to hold on to... - 10th Doctor, Jenny, Donna Noble & Kurt Hummel (Doctor Who/Glee)* (1c)
15. Fourteen: Couldn't drag me away... - Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman, Sarah, Hoggle & Jareth the Goblin King (Glee/The Labyrinth)* (3f)
16. Fifteen: Follow the voice that's calling you home... - Dawn Summers, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of Faith Lehane, Cassie Newton, Bobby Singer, John Winchester & Adam Milligan (BtVS/SPN) * (3c)

Resurrected 'verse:
* 1 - follows Buffy & Graham's relationship which leads to...
* 3 - follows Dawn and Dean's interactions with his family, and splurges off to deal with...
* 2 - the Doctor's own convoluted 'family'.
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