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The Golden Age

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Summary: With Buffy catatonic Willow goes toe to toe with the Hellgod's alter ego Ben and gets Dawn back. Dawn needs to get away, so she calls Hank and moves herself and Buffy to his new wife's house. There she decides to grant a request from Edmund Pevensie.

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Chapter One: Running

The Golden Age

Chapter One: Running

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or the Chronicles of Narnia.

AN: A Thank You fic for my good friend Sophie for letting me use her computer. Please note that this story is rated for what will likely be offensive future pairings, including but not limited to future incest. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! EXPLICIT PAIRINGS OF A POTENTIALLY DISTURBING NATURE AHEAD!!!!! Those future chapters will be marked with a higher rating, so feel free to skip them once they're posted.


Dawn led Buffy gently out of airport security.

“Check it out Buffy we’re in England, home of the Tweed,” she said forcing a smile.

Dawn stared at her sister hoping for a flicker of something, her green eyes remained blank.

Willow said she was caught in a mental loop that she couldn’t handle the pressure of dealing with Glory or something. All Dawn knew was that her sister couldn’t see her anymore and Willow wasn’t going to elaborate any further on why that was.

With danger closing in around them from every corner Willow had done the only thing she could do, she had gone into Buffy’s mind and reached out to her psychically, and it hadn’t worked. Buffy hadn’t come back, Willow wasn’t even sure she remembered how to come back anymore.

Dawn had been afraid for her life, Ben and Glory had both decided that killing her was the only way out and Buffy wasn’t there to save her.
The Witch had appeared eyes black and lightning crackling around her and ripped her from Ben’s clutches. She said that without the Slayer the only thing they could do would be to keep her away from the time and place that would allow Glory to end the world. They needed time, Willow was going to get Angel and Oz and launch a hunt for Glory so that she could restore Tara’s sanity, now that they knew Glory’s weakness they could destroy her if they had enough man-power.

Dawn’s job was to stay out of the way and keep trying to reach Buffy. So Dawn decided more running was in order which was why she’d called her absentee father Hank Summers, the running champion.

Hank had been surprised to hear from her, no doubt because of the scathing dressing down Buffy gave him via answering machine when he couldn’t be bothered to come to their Mom’s funeral. Hank was more than ready to do his part though. Guilt ridden he’d paid for first class seats on a flight from LA to London, where he was staying with his new wife’s family. It rankled that she would have to stay in the same house as her father’s new wife but Buffy couldn’t fight, and so they needed a safe place to hide.

Dawn glanced around the crowded receiving area looking for her father. She didn’t have to look long as he was waving a sign that read ‘Summers Girls’ in big black block letters. Sighing Dawn propelled Buffy forward and dragged her carry on suitcase behind her with her free hand. In the rush to leave Sunnydale they hadn’t been able to pack much but if she knew her father, and she did, he would pay for a shopping spree no matter how large.

“Hey kiddo,” said Hank grinning.

“Hi Dad,” sighed Dawn wearily hugging him.

Then Hank looked at Buffy and the once vibrant Slayer looked right past him her green eyes focused on some inner turmoil only she was aware of.

Hank frowned waving his hand back and forth in front of her face.

“She’s really out of it isn’t she?” he said shaking his head.

“Yeah,” Dawn replied.

“Come on sweetie, you look wiped,” Hank said concernedly putting an arm around her shoulders.

Dawn shrugged him off and led her sister forward.

“It’s been a long month,” she replied.

Hank looked hurt for a moment but got the message, all was not forgiven. He led them to the car and the drive into the country was long and silent and beyond uncomfortable. Dawn thought she might have dozed off a bit because she hadn’t noticed they were approaching the manor house that must belong to the new Mrs. Summers’ family.

Dawn’s eyes when wide, it was a magnificent house, just the kind of dark brooding manor Dawn used to imagine Dracula living in before Buffy had told her about him. At the same time though the house seemed to be in mourning despite the fact that inside incandescent light bulbs gave rooms a cheery yellow glow.

“This is the Kirke Manor, it was left to Karen’s father’s brother when Professor Kirke died in 1953, and then when his brother died Mr. Pevensie inherited it. Karen and I are staying here to look after him, he’s recovering from an illness but he doesn’t seem to be all there if you know what I mean,” Hank explained.

“I know what you mean,” Dawn said caustically as she helped Buffy out of the car.

“Right, of course, I didn’t mean…” Hank sighed grabbing the carry-on bag out of the trunk, “Edmund, that’s Mr. Pevensie, is still very weak and the doctors don’t think he has too much longer so we’re, keeping an eye on him, making him comfortable,” Hank continued.

“That’s very kind of you,”

“Yes, well, couldn’t do anything less, he’s Karen’s father after all,” Hank said.

Dawn thought of telling him how it was funny how he could manage a long death vigil for the father of a wife he’d known for two years but he couldn’t manage to make his first wife’s funeral for the sake of his daughters, but she was to tired.

“…he is a bit of a crusty old bastard, never really approved of me marrying Karen, but all the same he is family and Karen loves him dearly…” Hank blathered on as he led her around back and let them in through the kitchen door.

“Dad, can we talk about this tomorrow? I just want to get to sleep,” Dawn pleaded.

“Of course, sorry, of course,”

Hank led them quietly up the stairs, the whole household having just gone to sleep and set them up in one of the guest rooms with two double beds. He hovered in the door uncertainly for a moment before saying goodnight and then Dawn and Buffy were left blessedly in peace.

Dawn dressed her sister in her pajamas and tucked her gently into one of the beds. Buffy just stared at the ceiling blankly. Dawn sighed as she stripped out of her travel clothes gratefully and pulled on her own pajamas she brushed her teeth and hair before climbing into bed exhaustedly and falling immediately into a deep sleep.


AN: Please review and tell me what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome and reviews make me smile inside.
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