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Not Quite Paradise

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Convergence Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: For all of the things they're not. Sequel to Life Past Death and These Small Hours

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyjezaeiriFR1849,608156512,59820 Apr 1019 Jul 11No


Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN!

A/N: Ok so I'm way beyond sorry about the year long wait but things have been insane in my little corner of the world to say the least. Thankfully though I've FINALLY managed to rebuild all my notes for this series (you would not believe how hard it is to reconcile a proper timeline)

Thanks you so very much to everyone who has waited patiently and kept on reviewing without demanding updates or me to tell them when I'd update. Its you guys that kept me plugging away, a little bit at a time at rebuilding all I'd lost amidst 70 hour work weeks and wedding plans.

Now I know this is short and I'm sorry but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

Of all the odd and possibly stupid things to pop into her head as she dodged a screeching spindly....thing it was the bumper sticker that had been on the back of Andrew's scooter when she'd left Rome after her retirement.

It had read 'Do not poke sleeping dragons with sharp sticks.'

Apparently the Doctor had never seen a bumper sticker that said that. Because if he had, well, she was pretty sure she wouldn't have been trying to fight off about two hundred very angry, screeching, clawing, and generally unpleasant little creatures that looking like tiny root demons or aliens or something.

Seriously, only the Doctor could manage to piss off something within ten minutes of landing in a new time. Well, maybe not. She'd done it once or twice too but neither one had actually been her fault.

She snatched one off the arm of her jacket and tossed it away, drawing a knife as she considered getting a similar sticker made for the Tardis that read 'Do not sonic dormant monsters, they take offense.'

Not that the Doctor would actually ever stop provoking things but she could always dream. She ducked low and several of the small creatures passed over the space where her head had been as she began to lash out with her free hand and knife. The little buggers had sharp needle like claws but thankfully her jacket wasn't exactly from the same zip code, galaxy or even century as she was and it was a lot more sturdy than regular leather.

Which she was very grateful for as she kept herself moving at full slayer speed to keep as many of the things off her as possible.

“Buffy! Down!” she didn't think when the Doctor yelled, she just acted, dropping flat.

And narrowly avoiding a huge plume of fire that the Doctor sent to exactly where she'd been standing only a heartbeat before. She glanced over and saw the Doctor with a candle in one hand and his sonic in the other, the little device giving off its usual high pitched whine.

She blinked and then found herself smirking as the creatures began to retreat away from them and back into the dead tree. “See, I told you. Lots of uses.” then her brows went down as she actually looked at the candle. “Hey isn't that from that temple on Ioe?”

He glanced down at the candle, shoved it into his pocket and reached out a hand to help her up. “Suppose it is.”

She started to dust the leaves off her clothes. “You're like a squirrel, I swear.” then her hair. “I squirrel who likes to antagonize vicious dogs.”

“You tried to stop me. Before they attacked.” he looked pointedly at her. He had his 'gifts' and she had her own and in spite of or maybe because of who and what she was he actually trusted her slayer abilities.

“Hey!” she turned her head and spotted the owner of the voice. “You mind tellin' me what you're doing on my property?” well crap. Nice normal house, freaky tree and its little defense system aside, had normal owners. Owners who weren't used to having random people running around their homes. Add the possibility that said owners were parents and humans, or just about any species for that matter, got very protective.

“We're trespassing.” came the Doctor's glib reply and she oh so subtly elbowed him in the ribs.

“Ouch! Oi, what was that for?”

She just gave him a look. He had to ask?

“Ok, you mind telling me why you're trespassing?” the man was closer now but still far enough away that she could tell he wasn't stupid enough to get up close and personal with strangers. Smart man.

The Doctor gave her a look and she fought back a smile as he realized he'd out his foot in it and tried to recover. Within seconds the Doctor had his physic paper out and was showing it to the man.

“Environmental Protection Agency.” the man kept eyeballing the paper.

“Yep, that's us.” the Doctor put up the paper, very smartly before the man could realize it wasn't a real badge. “Are you aware Mr....”

“Perelli.” the man offered.

“Mr. Perelli, are you aware that you posses a very dangerous tree?”

Mr. Perelli looked up at the tree. “Dangerous?”

“Lethal, actually.” she offered up. She didn't want to think about what might have happened if someone else had provoked those nasty little things. She had enough nightmare fodder already, thank you very much.

Still, the potential images were in her head, things that could have been. She frowned and looked at the tree again, only giving half an ear to the Doctor and Mr. Perelli talking. The Doctor's comment from before coming back to her. Yes, she had tried to warn him. Yes, she had felt something. Still did actually. But what?

She concentrated and put her slayer senses to use, letting them sweep over the old and dead tree. Old, yes. Very very very old. But not dead. Something else. Something....dormant, maybe. No, that was wrong. It wasn't dormant, not any more at least. She frowned. It felt like magic but not and it made her finger tingle.

“.....big clown out front?” she finally tuned back into the conversation between the Doctor and Mr. Perelli fully. Kids digging where they shouldn't and now something very much wasn't right in Blackwood Falls. Something that sat oddly with her. She wasn't exactly sure what it was yet though.

Movement caught her eye as the Doctor began to walk away, his back to her. Not that she needed to see anything but his back to be able to read him like a book. Her head tilted to the side as a thought occurred to her. She knew him, really and truly knew him. Knew things that no one living knew. She could read him like a dog eared book that had been read so many times that tape and rubberband were the only things holding it together.

But she knew him. And he knew her. So why hadn't he seen it yet?

She shook her head and started after the Doctor. They had more important things to do. Like find out what the little Perelli had dug up. She stopped suddenly, turned and looked back at Mr. Perelli. “By the way, what's your son's name?”

“Rick.” he looked worried. “My son's not in troule is he?”

She gave him a smile, mask on, must make people feel safe even when the world is ending. “No, not with us. We just need to ask him a few questions.” and then she turned and kept going.

By the time she'd caught up with the Doctor he was already walking down the sidewalk back toward the little downtown area. “What was it you felt?”

Oh so no fuss no muss. Just straight to the point. Fair enough. “I don't know. It felt...” she considered for a second. “ felt like magic. Only not. Like the difference between a coffee made with half and half and one with whole milk.”

“That's....” he stopped dead and looked at her. “You're coffee obsessed. Twelve step program, that's what you need.”

“Says the man who strokes his ship and calls her 'sexy' when he thinks no one can hear him.” at that his eyes widened and she smirked at him before heading off down the sidewalk. She completely ignored him muttering behind her and just smiled.

This was how things were supposed to be.


Please review. I need to know if I can still write this universe.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Not Quite Paradise" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jul 11.

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