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Fear Us. We Are-

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Summary: Xander's a lot like his house-mates. Unappreciated, underestimated, unnoticed- *unexpected*

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredjoshlamontFR153048,62055594324,43620 Apr 1029 Dec 11No


Sorry this took so long! It was one of those chapters that really didn't want to be written. That, and I had to decide how a few plot lines would be tied up and didn't really like any of the options. Xander being captured, for one. Or, y'know, a deus ex with his lightning, which, yes, I know, as it is it really was quite convenient, but it could have been moreso because I really didn't intend to cliffhang with Wayne's team like that- that competent Death Eater character just slipped out of nowhere. Anyway, hope this isn't too boring for a first update in God knows how long. As always, I own nothing!

“Wonky,” Dumbledore called out.

“Yez, boss?” a deep voice rumbled out.

Dumbledore frowned for a moment. “Could you get me some lemon-honey tea, please? I seem to be feeling a bit under the weather.”

“Ohf corse, boss.”

Dumbledore turned to Fawkes with a puzzled expression after Wonky left.

“Did something about him seem off to you?”

“What?” Hannah gaped. “What?

“Well,” Whisky rumbled, “Yuseez, bek in de day, afore all the wizarddins and mugglies and such got split, we’z be heving Sparks, wizards det caught just a teeny bit too much of dere magickings. Deys be doin’ all sortz ohf-”

Hannah made a strangled sound as she pulled her hair. “I don’t care about a bloody history lesson, just tell me how this is helps Xander!”

“Ah…” Whisky rubbed the back of his head. “It dozn’t.”


“It’s so’z he’z not be heving a chance to order us around, ‘coz, hoo boyz, we’z be likin’ de kaos, but not dat much kaos!”

Bloody buggering hell!” Hannah exploded. “If that’s all you can think of, what the hell are you good for?!”

Hey!” one of the… elves snarled. “You dun be talkin’ like that to us! We’z Jaegers!

“Like I give a damn if you’re piss!” Hannah snarled back. “I am Hannah Aderes Abbott of the Abbotts through the line of Alice, granted Distinction by Godric himself! If we’re playing that game, I have Merlin’s Favor by Godric’s Word at my beck.

She drew herself up, eyes flashing and breath heaving.

The jaeger glared at her a moment before breaking out into a grin. “Hi like her!” he said, “She’z feisty!”

“So she iz,” Whisky said, rubbing his chin. “Und since her boss might be tekkin apart the world, we might wanna be listenin’ to her and tekkin him out.”

“But ve’z big now!” Another jaeger objected. “Und ve onle’ takes orders from her.” He jammed his thumb at Hermione.

Hermione’s head jerked up. “Hm, sorry? I was just thinking, if we could bottle him somehow, the power would be enormous…

Whisky smacked his face and muttered something suspiciously profane. “Hoo, boy. I’z forgotten how bed Sparks get. You, sheddup. Und you, little Missy, you don’ be worryin’. Hi be right bek.”

Whisky disappeared with a pop, and reappeared behind Xander carrying a log. A simple thwack and a thud, and Xander was lying out cold on the ground. “Hokay!” Whisky shouted. “Iz safe for de wizardin’s now!”

Neville and Ginny seemed to multiply as they blurred forwards, killing death eaters almost simultaneously.

“DOTZ CHEATING!” the Jaegers bellowed, rushing after them. “YOUZ NEVER SAID SCHTOT!”

Hannah felt it the moment the wizard holding the portkey wards died. “Hotel Whiskey, this is Central- yes, I know, I shouldn’t have left, I- well, no, but- I just-“ She let off a high-pitched keen at the back of her throat. “FLASH FLASH FLASH! All wards are DOWN, recall our Puffs and bring in medical aid, STAT!

She didn’t even wait for an acknowledged before she was running toward Xander full bore.

“How is he?” she asked breathlessly, looking at his charred clothes.

“Not so gud,” Whisky said softly. “I’z be tryin’, but I tink we needs a Spark healer for dis.”

Hannah glanced at Hermione, who was pouting at the loss of her dynamo. “I… don’t think she’d be any help here.”

Whisky snorted. “You tink not? Dun worry, heppens all de time, dot first breaktrough. Jost be heppy de eatheaters din’t do nottin’ like killen’ her mama un’ her papa. Dat be bad,” he shuddered.

“Is there anything I can do?” Hannah asked.

“Nah, you’z be nuttin’ bot apprentice. Hm. Mebbe a jaeger can be helpin’, though. HOI, MIPSY! GETTA OVER HERE!

A large jaeger ambled over reluctantly. “Y’gotta be callin’ me over, boss? Ve’z huntin’!”

“You hev plenty later. We needa profetshonal opinion, here.”

Mipsy took a glance at Xander and recoiled. “Heem? Boss, I ain’t touchin’ dat! He’s all widda ‘eyes seez everytin’ and hyu’z all splat!’”

“That was just the Spark talking!” Hannah pleaded. “Please, help him!”


Yes,” Hannah growled.

“Ve dun gotta take orders from hyu!”

“You heal him right now, or I swear by Merlin, Morgana, and Circe, I’ll shove your fat scaly ass back into those little scraps you called clothes back when you were house elves!” By this time there was almost a visible fire surrounding Hannah.

“Thor’s schnoz!” Mipsy gasped, “Ve sure she ent a Spark?”

“Iz angry witch,” Whisky said calmly. “Same difference.”

“He’z just mostly drained, enyway,” Mipsy said, glancing at the unconscious man. “Uzin’ de Spark like det, ain’t gonna be op for a bit.”

“You’z sure?” Whisky asked. “I din’ see nothin’ on hiz magick.”

Pshht, magick,” Mipsy snorted. “Hyu tink Spark iz dot? Iz all in de mind. Jost be lettin’ him rest, he be gud az new, hyu see.”

There was a large explosion to the west.

Ha, ha, ha!” Hermione laughed. “Whoops!

“Vell…” Mipsy shrugged. “Mostly gud az new.”

The recovery operations went much smoother than the actual fight; the Puffs had been drilled in Spell Aid over and over, and most of the serious wounds were staunched before too much blood was lost. There were a few cases that required Madam Pomfrey’s attention, but they had Neville mix up a potion in the common room and explained it away as a cooking experiment gone horribly sentient.

Other after-effects of the battle, however, were much harder to shake off.

“She told you we couldn’t trust Wayne!” Daphne cried, slamming her fist on the table. Xander groaned softly in a cot to the side.

“You don’t know it was his fault!” Susan snapped. She was feeling particularly guilty for having allowed Wayne’s team in after the Millers. “At least we know they’re still alive, right, Hannah?”

Hannah nodded distractedly, looking worried. “Their portkey links activated briefly, which means they came to, but so briefly we couldn’t get a lock.”

“Not that it matters,” Draco muttered. “Any prisoners are going to be kept under lock and ward like nobody’s business- and unplottable.”

“And why the hell is he here?” Daphne snarled. “What, is he going to go up to his daddy and ask him to please let the widdle huffiepuffs go?

Draco’s face tightened a moment before smoothing out. “Don’t worry; fairly soon you won’t have to deal with my father at all.”

Daphne stared at him before turning in disgust. “Even when you play the good guy, Malfoy, you’re a monster.”

Draco turned pale.

“Enough!” Susan yelled, slapping the table. “Now look, Xander’s out and we’ve got people missing. We need to decide what to do!”

“Well, first we need to figure out what went wrong,” Neville said. “Ginny and I didn’t get there ‘till the end- what happened?

“Ambush,” Tamsin said blankly. “Well, not at first- at first the Harlen girl gave off our position. But there were too many death eaters for a simple raid, and then more came, along with Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.”

Ginny and Neville both sucked in sharply.

“Alright,” Neville said shakily. “Aside from Jenna’s mishap, what could have been done better?”

“We need more teams like Wayne’s,” Susan said bluntly. “Just sitting behind our shields did nothing- we need offense. We were stuck until Xander and you and Ginny came.”

“We also need to have our support personnel stay to their posts,” Megan said pointedly, looking at Hannah, but the girl was too distracted to notice.

“Also a valid point,” Neville said.

“Comms,” Hannah suddenly spoke up.

“What?” Susan asked.

“Comms,” Hannah said again. “We couldn’t tell what was going on, and it left everyone vulnerable. We still don’t know what happened in the house- are the Millers dead? Captured? How did Wayne’s team go down? We don’t know. We barely got the portkey links working, and even that was desperate luck- a professional warder would have locked down every resonance. We need comms.”

“Hannah…” Neville said uneasily, “What else can we do? I didn’t even realize you could send sound until you told us about portkey links. And magical parchment isn’t going to do anyone any good out in the battlefield.”

“No, I mean-” Hannah looked around helplessly. “Justin, don’t you know what I’m talking about? My dad used to mention then, they’re like a portable wireless…?”

“I think you mean walkie-talkies,” Justin said slowly, “But Hannah, technology doesn’t work with magic.”

“In magically-dense places, no, but half-bloods and muggleborn homes are hardly magical, are they? And if we have someone stay outside the anti-portkey wards, we could have them transmit the walke-talkie broadcasts through the portkey links.”

Justin’s eyes lit up. “That could work! Susan, can the portkey links handle different channels?”

“Channels?” Susan asked.

“Conversations- can we have separate conversations?”

“Of course,” Megan spoke up. “We do that already. Not much sense in having everyone speaking all at once.”

“I’m not sure what you’re all talking about, but it sounds like Justin does,” Susan said. “And Auntie says good communication is vital in a fight. I say we put him in charge of this.”

“Right, so, Justin’s on… the muggle stuff, Ginny and I are on extra training, Susan, you’ll train the support personnel here, Hannah… I know you’re busy with Xander, but could you please, please, please take care of Hermione? You’re the closest person to the hou- the jaegers, and I don’t like the thought of her directing them right now.”

The ground shook slightly as they heard a very low thump from below.

Hannah winced. “Right. I’ll go see what she’s done to Xander’s… whatever he was working on.”

“We still need to figure out how to rescue Rachel’s team!” Daphne cried.

“I have an idea about that…” Draco said slowly. He winced under Daphne’s stare.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

“Waaayne…” A soft voice was bothering him.


“Wake up, Wayne.”

Drip. He shook his head. Drip.

“You need to wake up.”


“It’s really quite serious.”


Wayne groaned, and opened his eyes. He stared blearily. “Who…?”


An eerily floating blonde was not who he was expecting.


Luna frowned faintly. “I may have miscalculated.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Fear Us. We Are-" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Dec 11.

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