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Forging Family

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Summary: After the Winter War, lines are crossed and second chances are made.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, Buffy the Vampire slayer, or any of the characters contained therein. The first two chapters will not show the crossover but it will be in the third. I'm only putting this in the story once so for future reference base ages in the Buffy-verse around the fact that Dawn is 23 in this story. Also, for the Bleach characters I will be using the Japanese titles and means of addressing peers. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Beginning in the End

It was finally over, the Winter War had ended. Toushirou stood panting in the middle of Karakura, Aizen' blood dripping from Hyourinmaru's blade as the traitor's severed head lay at his feet. He had done it; he had killed the bastard that who had manipulated poor Momo. Toushirou was in a state of shock, unable to believe that this was it. All around him the Espada were either dying or surrendering to the Shinigami they fought against. As much as he wanted to help out, needed to check on Matsumoto and Hinamori, Toushirou was hurt quite badly himself. As the adrenaline began to fade, blood loss took its toll, and the diminutive ice master fell into unconsciousness.

Awareness returned to him slowly, and though Toushirou felt stiff from lying on a hard surface, the pain he should have felt from his wounds was absent. Opening his eyes slowly, the young captain was greeted by the yellow glow of healing kidou and the face of squad four's Fukutaicho. Toushirou turned his head to his left, away from Kotetsu with a groan; but when his eyes landed on Inoue treating Matsumoto's wounds, an overwhelming sense of relief filled his heart. As the light from the kidou disappeared from around him, Toushirou sat up slowly, getting his bearing before attempting to stand. He turned to thank Kotetsu-Fukutaicho for treating him, but the statuesque woman had moved on to another patient.

Now on his feet, Toushirou took the chance to observe his location. He was back in Seireitei, that was for sure, and he would bet that he was also somewhere in the fourth squad's barracks based off the heavy antiseptic smell permeating the air. Reaching out, Toushirou pinpointed Momo's reiatsu and found that she was alone. Without further ado, he set off in her direction; intent on seeing his surrogate sister's condition first hand.

The first thing he noticed when arriving at the room Momo had been placed in was the smell. The air held a heavy scent of copper, due mostly to the bloody and still wet uniform that she refused to remove. Tobiume was nowhere to be seen, and Toushirou felt a pang of guilt stab at his heart as he realized he was glad that Momo didn't have her zanpakutou close by. Her hair hung limp and knotted against her back as she stared out the sole window in the room, and Toushirou could almost see the paper that was clutched tightly in her hand. He was sure that it was the same letter she had gotten when Aizen faked his own death and implicated the tenth squad Taicho as the culprit.

"Momo? Are you alright? You really should get cleaned up; your uniform will stick to your skin when it dries otherwise."

"It was you wasn't it?" Her voice was barely above a whisper as she spoke, and she made no motion as her gaze lay unfocused on the tree outside.

"What do you mean?"

"You killed Aizen-Taicho didn't you? You killed him and let that bastard Ichimaru waltz right on by. If it hadn't been for Ayasegawa-san the real traitor would have gotten away. Tell me, what price did Matsumoto-Fukutaicho have to pay to spare that fox's worthless life? What did she do for you that made you kill an innocent man while the real traitor got a free pass? Tell me Hitsugaya-kun! Tell me!" Momo had turned away from the window and stalked toward him, her voice gradually rising to a yell. Toushirou was in shock, he had no idea what to say to her.

"I never gave Ichimaru a free pass, if I had the chance I would have killed him too. And Aizen was never innocent; he was a traitor for over a hundred years. Ichimaru and Tousen were little more than his minions. He manipulated you Momo, why can't you see it? The war is over now, and once Unohana-Taicho releases you we can go visit Granny. Won't that be nice? We can go spend time with her and be a family, just like old times." Toushirou fought to keep his voice calm and gentle as he spoke. With his hands raised as though to placate the distraught girl, the young man did his best to smile reassuringly.

"We can go visit Granny? We? We nothing! Do you really think I'd let a murderer anywhere near my Granny? You are a monster! How long until you decide that she deserves to die just to satisfy your own sense of right and wrong? How long until you have me branded a traitor? I wish Granny had never taken you in! If I could change anything I would have left you in the streets to die. You are not my family, Hitsugaya-Taicho! Never come near me or my Granny ever again or I'll kill you myself, you murderous bastard! I never want to see your face again!"

Toushirou was in shock, he hadn't been expecting Momo to go off on him like that. Between the pitch and volume of her voice, and the fact that she was close enough for him to smell green tea on her breath, he had no idea how to react. So surprised was he, that when Momo shoved him backward toward the door, Toushirou toppled over like a house of cards. Stumbling to his feet and out of the room, the boy desperately sought an exterior door. Finally finding a way out of the building, Toushirou collapsed against the wall, an invisible weight seemed to push on his chest, making every breathe a chore.

His mind had shut down, not even Hyourinmaru could get through to Toushirou. With no set destination in mind, other than as far away from the girl he used to call sister as possible, he ambled onward. So far gone was the young captain, that he never sensed his attacker coming until he felt a sharp pain in his neck. And then the world went black.

Yay! Chapter 1 is done. Look for chapter 2 soon, and I promise to tell you exactly what happened to Toushirou.
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