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Green Eyed Monster

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Summary: Someone's turned into the proverbial Green Eyed they have a reason to be jealous? Will it all work out in the end?

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CSI > CSI New YorkDennSedaiFR21411,701052,65121 Apr 1024 Dec 11No

NOTE: This story is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page.

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and associated characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. CSI: New York belongs to CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer, etc.

Acknowledgments/Notes: This is a response to the 'Hug A Donor' Challenge and also to Challenge # 3136, 'Andrew Needs A Date' challenge by LiastraLee.

If anyone is interested in being a beta-reader for this fic, drop me a private review. My usual beta-reader is dealing with a lot of real life crap and not able to help at the present.

This chapter is smut and sex heavy. Pay attention to the warnings. This part picks up right after the last chapter left off. It's very Don/Danny sex and naughty fun.

KEY WORD WARNINGS: Bondage, Domination, KINK, Spanking/Paddling, Profanity, Toys, Electro-Sim Play, Masturbation, GRAPHIC MALE ON MALE SEX, Edging (if you don't know ask ), Oral, Anal, Tit Play, Possibly Breath Control/Breath Play, Pretty much any type of kink or naughty type of sex imaginable EXCLUDING Scat, Blood Play, Permanent Markings, Water Sports or other truly dangerous sex play.
"Seventeen sir, eighteen sir, nineteen sir," Don panted out between gasps as Danny brought the carved oak paddle down on his ass again and again.

"Twenty sir, twenty-one sir...."

"You better speak up Don.... if I can't hear you it doesn't count," Danny warned with glee as he felt Don writhing across his lap, and felt the rock hard erection pressing against his own steadily growing hard on.

"Twenty-two sir..... Twenty-three sir, twenty-four sir," Don barely managed to gasp out. "Twenty-five sir."

Danny let out an evil chuckle as Don reached the magic number at last. "And who do you belong to Flack?"

"You master..... please....." Don said pleading for release.

"Stand up Don," Danny ordered softly, letting go of his tight grip on Don's wrist so the younger man could stand up.

Letting out a groan Don slowly stood up in front of Danny, standing at attention, his hands held behind his back, while his rock hard cock bobbed in front of him.

"Hmmmm, seems like you enjoyed getting paddled lover," Danny said with a low threatening tone to his voice. "Since you enjoyed it that much, we might as well finish this first part of the night off, before I introduce you to the toys I've got waiting for you."

Don shivered ever so slightly at that. He knew that whatever it was that Danny had planned, he'd be enjoying it immensely. If he was completely honest with himself, he'd have to admit that Danny knew how to push his buttons and get him to do just about anything he asked.

"Nothing to say Don," Danny asked with a grin, watching as he started to reply and then stopped himself. "Good boy, you can remember simple instructions. Now, before we move on to the real entertainment of the evening, I suppose we should do something about your hard on there..."

Danny cocked his head for a moment as if deep in thought and continued to grin as Don fought to stand perfectly still and remain silent. Knowing how much of a trial that was for his boy. After a minute Danny let a smirk slowly appear on his face.

"First I'll give you permission to make as much noise as you want, but no talking. Groans, moans and such are fine. Second, I'm going to let you come, but there's a little catch there Blue Eyes...." Danny said slowly watching Don carefully and paying attention to his body language. "You have only two minutes in which to come from the time I say go. Second you can only use one hand to stroke yourself off. And third, you're going to have to catch your come in your other hand and lick it all up lover. If you don't come inside of the two minutes..... well then, I'll just have to put a nice little ring on you, and you won't get to come till the end of the night."

Letting out a tiny whimper at that thought, Don didn't say a word or more at all.

Slowly Danny stood up and moved around so that he was standing behind Don. Picking up his cell phone from where it was sitting on the coffee table, he picked it up and quickly set the timer, not yet starting it. Instead he set it back down on the coffee table before stepping right up to Don so that he was standing fully pressed up against his lover's back.

Pressing his own aching hard on against Don's ass, he ground it in ever so slightly, grinning at the groan that Don let out at the sensation. "Such a pretty boy Don, and I promise by the time this night is over, you'll be so exhausted you'll pass out when I let you go to bed at last."

Letting out a soft whimper at those words Don nodded his head ever so slightly in agreement, causing Danny to grin in response. Stepping back Danny picked up the cell phone and spoke softly. "Your two minutes begins now," and pressed the button to start the timer, as Don quickly reached around for his rock hard cock to begin jacking off.

Setting the phone back down, Danny stepped back up so that he was pressing against Don's back once more. Nipping gently at Don's ear, he licked and nibbled drawing out a steadily loudening stream of moans, groans and whimpers, as he let his fingers trail lightly up and down his lover's side, before reaching around to gently tease through the chest hairs, seeking out semi-peaked nipples to idly tease, making Don squeal in surprise.

Pinching them harder, drew an even louder yelp from Don, as he picked up his pace, frantically trying to come before the timer ran out.

Glancing over at the timer Danny grinned, as he heard Don let out an even deeper groan, and felt him start to tense up even more.

Just as he watched the timer hit the twenty second mark, he heard Don nearly scream, and felt the shudders wrack his body, as he came. Letting go of Don, he slowly stepped a few steps back and hit the button to stop the timer with barely a few seconds left to go.

Watching as the shudders slowly died down, and Don's panting subsided he grinned. "Just barely, but you beat the clock Don...."

Moving slowly around to be in front of Don once more, Danny sank down and took a seat on the couch. "Come here big boy, sit down on my lap with me."

Letting out a tiny groan Don slowly did as he was told, very carefully keeping his one hand still cupped, as it held his come.

"Good boy Donny," Danny said softly once he was sitting down on his lap. "Now lick your hand clean for me, show me how well you can obey, and I promise you'll get a special treat."

Letting out a soft whimper Don did as he was told, shivering ever so slightly at the shame and secret pleasure of eating his own come.

Grinning as he watched Don lick his hand clean, Danny waited till he was done. Reaching up, he gently tugged Don's head down and let his own lips part as he kissed him, letting out his own soft moan, as he tasted his boy's come on his lips and tongue.


"So what do you think Blue Eyes," Danny asked softly as he let Don slowly look around they're remodeled playroom. He'd taken advantage of a day off a few weeks back when Don was pulling some mandatory overtime to have a friend put in a leather sling in the one corner that was adjustable and picked up some more toys here and there. Since he was the only one with the key to the lock on their playroom, Don had been forced to wait and find out what he'd been picking up here and there.

Don let out a soft groan as he took in the sling. He still remembered very vividly the one night that he'd talked Danny into taking him out to one of the more hard core sex clubs after a truly crappy week and the sling that they'd played in there. As well as how he'd begged for Danny to get them one at home.

"I.... I....." Don said at a loss for words.

"Uh huh, I figured you might like it. After all you begged and pleaded for one for a while now," Danny said softly with a grin. "And yes, it's adjustable just like the one at the club was. So I plan on putting you in it tonight baby, and making you truly beg some more."

Don shivered at that, as he took in the chain links that made up the supports for holding the sling in place. His eyes slowly widened as the implications sank in. "Oh my god.... just like the one at the club.... you can chain a person up in it....oh hell....."

"Yep, and I plan on christening it tonight several times over with you in it," Danny offered with an evil grin. "I'll start off with you on your back, hands cuffed to the chains so you can't do anything but feel what I'm doing. Then later on, I'll ride you hard and put you away wet. Cause believe me, you're going to be coming at the very least twice more tonight, maybe even more beyond that."

Don let out a soft whimper at that. "Danny....."

"Not one word Donny, you're off tomorrow and I'm on the late shift, so I'm going to enjoy riding your ass into the ground and a lot of other bits of fun as well. So just behave or else I'll put that ring on and leave you hanging on the edge for hours.... and you know I could easily do that."

Letting out a whimper at the warning, Don stared at the floor and decided that this was definitely one case where submission and acceptance was the better part of valor. "Yes sir."

"Just think about this instead lover mine," Danny said in a soft pitched voice. "I've got all kinds of interesting toys waiting for you... including some that I doubt you've ever imagined trying out. We'll get to try most of them out tonight and you won't know what's next because I'm going to blind fold you. So you'll have to rely on what you hear and what you feel... bound in the sling, helpless while I play with you till you can't take any more and then some."

Don shivered at those soft spoken words and let out a whimper of want and need. "Please...."

"Climb up in the sling Don, and we'll get started," Danny said softly standing still as he considered the various toys he'd picked up. Glancing up as he heard the soft clink and creak of the sling, he watched in amused silence as Don managed to carefully position himself in the sling and slowly got adjusted and comfortable.

"Oh yeah, you look so beautiful like that Flack," Danny said letting out a soft groan of his own at the sight of Don spread out and waiting for him to play with him. "So perfect."

Don just shot a smirk at Danny as he wiggled a bit more getting himself more comfortably seated in the sling. "Hmmmm, and do I get to put you in it sometime?"

Danny just smirked back at that as he slowly stalked over. "Only if you're damn lucky and have been very good."

Passing by Don he stopped at the chest that held their various toys, and went through the drawers laying out the first few things that he would need for the evening. The silk blindfold so that Don would have to rely solely on touch, taste and hearing, the padded cuffs that would ensure that his lover could only writhe, beg and plead in the sling, but not leave any unpleasant marks or bruises behind when he inevitably struggled, as well as the padded shackles for his legs.

Don shivered as he watched Danny from the corner of his eye laying out the restraints.

"Yeah, you're going to be just like you were at that club Donny.... all helpless and vulnerable, and I’m going to enjoy making you beg," Danny said as he stalked gracefully back to the sling and slowly attached the various restraints laying gentle kisses over Don's wrists as he hooked them up, before offering teasing caresses to his legs, as he did the shackles up. Pausing a moment more, he leaned down and took a gentle kiss. "Just remember, you can use your safe word at any time lover."

Don gulped and nodded at that.

"Good boy," Danny said softly as he drew back and returned with the blind fold, slowly putting it on. "Just remember, I'm going to push you even further then usual tonight, but you'll be able to stop it at anytime."

"I know.... I'm more than willing Danny, I trust you."

Danny slowly nodded at that, as he cinched the final knot of the blindfold tight.

Returning once more to the chest, now that Don couldn't see what he was doing Danny carefully selected a number of much more exotic toys than they'd usually played with, plus a few old friends. Laying them out, he considered what he wanted to start off with. The TENS Unit, and the brush that went with it would definitely be a lot of fun and more than a little shock to Don, and the velvet gloves that he'd picked up would be enough to make him beg and plead for release when he teased him with them.

Of course he'd also laid out an old favorite of his to tease Don with, a slim, long vibrator that was perfectly shaped to hit his prostate and tease some other spots as well, that would be great fun to tease Don with while he was sliding into his lovely little mouth. God, Don was such a slut about wanting to be filled up completely at times.... maybe later this week he'd make him wear a nice cock sheath and a remote controlled vibrator, keep him on edge that way.

Coming to a decision, Danny picked up the velvet glove and slipped it on, before returning to Don's side. Reaching over, he let his fingers ghost oh so lightly up and down Don's arm, smirking at the involuntary shivers the barest of touches drew from him.

Shifting his attention to the other arm, Danny used the same light touch once again, drawing a tiny whimper from his lover, “Like that baby, there's lots more ahead for you tonight baby boy, I'm going to make you beg and plead."

Drawing back, Danny let his ungloved hand, gently trail back and forth over Don's chest, offering a gentle teasing caress as his fingers ran through the hairs there, stroking at semi-peaked nipples before darting off again, only to return unexpectedly.

"Please.... Danny....." Don said with a tiny whimper as he tried to arch up as best he could into those teasing fingers.

"Mmmmmm, love teasing you Don, it's so much fun," Danny said with a catch in his voice as his own cock stirred further, hardening up nearly painfully. "Especially with how responsive you are. Such a pretty little slut, especially when I'm making you beg or fucking your sweet mouth.... or riding that tight ass till we both come screaming."

"Please..... oh god.... Danny.... please....." Don said falling even deeper into the mood. One of his most shameful kinks was how easily Danny could turn him on just talking dirty to him. It just went right through him and damn near made him loose control.

"You think I didn't figure out your nasty little kinks, such a naughty, slutty bottom boy Donny, you like it when I treat you like my personal toy don't you? You love it when I talk dirty to you, when I tease your sexy body, and fuck that sweet mouth of yours, make you wrap your lips around my cock, and fuck that ass with toys.... yeah such a naughty, dirty boy aren't you Donny?"

"Oh god.... Please..... Danny.... please... master....." Don said whimpering and begging.

"Shall I fuck your mouth first.... or shall I play with your sweet little ass, hmmmm both are so wonderful to play with.... or maybe I should enjoy both at the same time.... use one of the new toys I got on you?"Watching Don, Danny silently considered his choices for a moment. "Maybe I should just undo my pants and fuck your pretty little mouth while I’m still dressed.... would you like that my naughty little slut? Would you enjoy being completely naked, while I'm still dressed and fucking your pretty mouth and ass, making you beg for release?"

"Oh god.... please.... Danny.... master.... please.... want you.... please...." Don said begging even as he tried to shift back and forth in the sling.

"Such a naughty little slut there, so desperate to get fucked and played with aren't you Donny? Such a fucking cock tease, teasing both me and Andrew.... knowing that you were making me jealous, but not caring," Danny said in a low silky voice. "Can you imagine what Andrew would think of seeing you like this Donny? Can you imagine how much he'd like playing with a nasty little slut like you, hmmmmm? Maybe have you sucking him off, while I spank your pretty little ass, before I fuck him as he's fucking you?"

Don let out a whimper and a groan soon followed as his aching cock twitched at those mental images. "Please... master... please... fuck me, use me, make me yours... please...."

Danny let out a soft chuckle at that. "Such a pretty and oh so naughty little slut, aren't you Don? So desperate to get fucked, begging and pleading, if you weren't in that sling, I could just imagine you on your knees in front of me begging to have your sweet lips wrapped around my cock, maybe sitting back and enjoying a beer as I fuck your sweet mouth and make you choke on it."

"Please.... Danny..... please...."

"Such a pretty little slut, I can't wait to see you gobbling down Andrew's cock, like you do mine, maybe have you on your back and both of us fucking you from opposite ends at the same time, leaning in and kissing while your sweet lips are wrapped around one of our cocks and the other one's shoved up your ass making you squeal," Danny said laying out an elaborate fantasy for Don. "Reaching down and teasing your nipples, making you buck and squirm while we take our time fucking you. Is that what you want and need Don?"

"Oh fuck.... please.... Danny..... Master.... please...." Don said groaning as his hard cock bounced in anticipation of such a thing happening.

Letting out an evil chuckle Danny reached down and slowly undid the button on his jeans and then unzipped them. "Such a pretty little slut Don, I'm going to fuck you sweet little mouth first, I'm undoing my pants and then I'm going to pull my hard cock out and fuck those sweet little lips of yours."

Listening to Don's whimper of want and need Danny smirked. "Yeah, I'm going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours, and stretch those sweet lips around my cock, I'm going to make you choke it all the way down."

Reaching down, Danny slid his boxer-briefs down a little and let his aching cock pop out. "OH yeah, going to enjoy fucking your pretty little mouth, and then when I take that sweet ass of yours, oh yeah, you're going to be squealing and screaming for me slut."

Taking a few steps Danny closed the distance between them. Reaching over he ran a thumb gently over Don's lips, tracing them once, then a second time before speaking up. "Open up my pretty little slut, I've got your treat right here Donny, open wide for me."

Letting out a groan Don did as he was told, even as he caught the scent of musky Danny and let his tongue dart out to lick at his lips, as he felt for his lover's cock. "Please..."

Chuckling Danny gave in, taking the final half step he grasped his cock and gently brushed it over Don's lips, smirking at the moan of want and need that his lover made. "Yeah, such a pretty little slut there aren't you Don?"

Pressing in slowly, Danny smirked at the grunts and groans that Don was making as he slowly fucked his mouth, taking his time and not rushing straight in. "Such a pretty slut, with your lips wrapped around me."

Wiggling his hand out of the velvet glove, Danny let his fingers idly tease through the hair on Don's chest, gently circling around and lightly gliding over the peaked nipples, drawing soft whimpers and moans out of his lover as he continued his slow steady pace of thrusting in and out forcing himself to stay in control no matter how much he wanted to just slam in and out of Don's mouth making him choke on his hard cock.

"Such a pretty little slut Don, maybe I should have you smooth everywhere and see how you enjoy that glove caressing your smooth skin, hmmmm would you like that? No one would know but you and me, shave you down completely and run the glove back and forth over your beautiful skin till you've come a few times before I fuck your sweet little ass."

Drawing in a sharp breath as Don swallowed him all the way down, Danny let out a soft moan. "Oh so that's how you want it my pretty slut, then you can have it harder.... "

Tweaking Don's peaked nipples between his fingers he twisted sharply drawing a gasp out of his lover and sliding that final little bit in before pulling back and slamming in and out at a much more rapid pace, as he continued to twist and pinch at Don's nipples with one hand, while the other trailed through his short hair, and supported his neck.

"Oh yeah, getting closer my pretty little slut, going to make you beg and plead after I come for release, but you're not going to get off again for a while. I've got a few special toys to use on you. Things that you haven't ever dreamt of trying out. Would you like that my pretty little slut?

"Oh yeah, going to come in your mouth my sweet little slut, going to fill you up and make you lick me clean pretty boy," Danny whispered as he felt himself drawing closer and closer to the edge as he slammed in and out harder and faster. "Fuck. so damn close, going to spill my seed down your throat and make you take it all."

Letting out a loud groan Danny swore softly. "Fuck.... going to come.... any.... second... now...."

Don let out his own whimper as he felt Danny tense up even further and pulled back as best he could as he felt his lover come, swallowing eagerly down the salty-sweet fluid gulping as fast as he could to keep up.

"FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," Danny screamed as he came and felt Don swallowing him down. "OHhhhhhhh GGGooddddddddddd."

After a timeless measure, Danny finally pulled out desperately panting, as he fought to stay standing, even as Don was panting to catch his own breath as well.

"God, such a sweet mouth Donny, and such a good little slut to swallow me down like that."

Don slowly cleared his throat before speak, his own voice scratchy and husky. "God.... love you Danny, you're so good to me. Hell, you know how to push me right over the damn edge yourself."

"Mmmmm, yeah well you do the same to me Flack. Just like I do to you." Danny said softly. "Up for some more fun still or do you need a break?"

"Hell yeah, as long as you're good I'm up for it."

Danny let out a soft chuckle at that. "Sure, give me five minutes first. I'll grab us a drink and then we'll try out some of those toys I've got for you. The one I'm not too sure about, but we'll try it anyway. So let me know what you think, ok?"

"Sure.... but what toys are they?"

Danny just chuckled at that. "You'll see when I use them. Until then, you'll just have to enjoy the wait."

"Bastard..... teasing me like that," Don shot back. "And Danny...."


"Let me think about that one thing, might be fun to try, but I'd imagine it'd be itchy as hell when it grows back."

Danny snickered at that. "Who says I'd let it grow back Flack? You might end up liking it as much as I would and I’d make you keep yourself smooth."

"Fuck.... you're evil, you know that right?"

"Uh huh, and you're not?"
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