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Green Eyed Monster

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Summary: Someone's turned into the proverbial Green Eyed they have a reason to be jealous? Will it all work out in the end?

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CSI > CSI New YorkDennSedaiFR21411,701052,65121 Apr 1024 Dec 11No

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Chapter Four

"Yeah.... I think I can see that," Danny said slowly drawing the words out. "Full of surprises aren't you kid?"

Andrew just shrugged at that. "What can I say, I may not be up for going all the way, but sometimes.... you just have to take a chance and act on impulse."

Danny chuckled softly at that and shook his head. "Uh huh, I'm sure you do.... well dinner is ready, and we can talk some more over dinner and take things from there... since we're all definitely going to need our strength for later regardless."

Glancing back and forth between Andrew and Danny, Don just shook his head slowly. "Why do I feel like I'm missing something important here?"

Danny just grinned at that. "Because lover mine; you don't know how a geek's mind works half as well as you should by now. But don't worry, we'll still love you."

Andrew just snickered at that.

"Fine, be like that," Don shot back shaking his head in amusement. "I'm sure Andrew won't pick on me half so much."

"I'm not picking sides, sorry," Andrew offered with a sincere smile. "Or at least not in this argument."

"Smart decision," Danny offered with a grin.


Glancing over at Andrew where he sat at the center of Don's leather sofa, Danny grinned, they'd deliberately positioned him so that he was between the two of them. "So, now that you've had a chance to think things over and we've covered some of what you're interested in, why don't you decide what you want to do? No pressure either way Andrew."

"He's right Andrew," Don offered gently. "Regardless of how much we'd enjoy having fun this evening and playing with you, it's your call. If we do play, you can say stop at any point and we will."

"I... I'd like.... I think.... I'd like to start out with watching you two, if that's ok," Andrew said hesitantly."I mean, I definitely would like to play, but I'm still.... I guess a little hesitant. Maybe I could join in a little here and there as well.... if you don't mind."

"Like Don said Andrew, it's all good, for whatever you want," Danny offered. "If you want to treat it as if you're directing a film and tell us what to do, we're cool with it. But let me ask you this, would you trust us to take the lead first and maybe have a little fun with you before you take charge?"

Shooting Danny a questioning look, Don raised one eyebrow in question.

"I... I guess so," Andrew said softly still not totally certain.

Danny chuckled at that. "Nothing bad I promise, it's just that Don got to give you a kiss earlier, so I thought I'd offer something to compare it with; if you have no objections that is?"

Closing his eyes Andrew considered it for a minute before slowly nodding.

Leaning over, Danny offered Don a wink, before he gently let his fingers brush gently over Andrew's cheek. "You can watch what's going on, there's no need to keep your eyes closed you know."

Blushing Andrew nodded the tiniest bit as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Such beautiful eyes," Danny said softly as he let his fingers brush lightly through Andrew's hair, before leaning in even closer. Brushing his lips softly over Andrew's, Danny slowly let his fingers coming to rest at the back of his neck.

Shivering Andrew let out a soft whimper, even as his lips parted ever so slightly in anticipation.

Pressing his lips against Andrew's once more, Danny slowly let his own lips part, as his tongue slowly darted out to trace gently over Andrew's, taking the time to gently trace their outline.

Danny let the kiss deepen gradually, as he felt Andrew's lips fully part under his. While his hands reached up to tangle at the back of his own neck and pull him in closer.

Watching the two of them Don shifted as his own erection welled up, and let out a groan of his own. "Guys...."

Pulling back at last, Danny watched as Andrew slowly panted trying to catch his breath. "So what do you think Andrew? I know Don's panting and has that please take me look going on."

Glancing over at Don, Andrew let out a snicker. "Hmmm, is that what the look is? I guess we must look pretty good together, I know you two do at least..."

Danny let out a chuckle at that. "As do you and Don, Andrew. Trust me on that, you're lovely enough in your own way. Plus like I told you, Don there has a huge thing for geeks. I bet if you asked, he'd strip and do whatever you said without a second thought. Hell I bet he'd even beg if you wanted him to."

Don gulped and nodded at that. "Please.... guys.... don't tease me."

Andrew just shook his head at that. "Are you serious Don? I mean... yeah you said you liked to sub for Danny, but.... what about.... I mean...."

Don nodded his head madly at that.

"Oh yeah, Don's very serious," Danny said with a smirk as he looked over at Don. "He's even got his own playroom that I hold the key for. He's only allowed in there when he's been very good or very bad."

Don just shivered at that.

Shifting a bit so that he was sitting even closer to Andrew, Danny slowly wrapped his arms around him lightly. "Tell him what you want him to do Andrew, he'll do whatever you want and you can do the same with me as well."

Shivering Andrew considered it for a moment. "I.... I.... just don't know what I want. There's so many things that I could do.... it’s just...."

Danny chuckled softly at that. "Hmmmm, how about I whisper an idea in your ear, you can tell me if you like it or not... I can promise you it's something Don would enjoy regardless of who played what role."

"OK, I guess that's an idea," Andrew said as he thought it over. "After all, I suppose you know him best."

Leaning close to Andrew's ear, Danny spoke in the barest of whispers. "Here's something I told him we could do; back before I gave him permission to play as long as I knew first. I told him, I could put him in my lap and spank his sweet ass while he sucked you off, you should have heard him groaning and moaning when I suggested it to him. Of course, he's got more than a few kinks that he likes."

Andrew slowly blushed at that, even as he shivered. "That's so naughty.... do you really think...."

"Yep, I know he'd like it," Danny said still whispering softly. "His two biggest things, aside from liking geeks are that he's got an absolute love for dirty talk and he loves being submissive. I personally think it's partially because of the job and part of it is just a release from every day stresses."

"Guys...." Don said fighting back the urge to beg.

Speaking in a more normal tone of voice, Danny went on. "See how desperate he is Andrew.... he'd do anything for either or both of us."

"Would you Don?" Andrew asked softly, staring into those blue eyes.

"Yes.... please.... just don't keep teasing me you two... please," Don said softly biting back a groan at Andrew's puppy dog eyes.

Andrew just shivered at the pleading tone in Don's voice. "Danny said you'd probably like...uh that is... to...uh..."

Danny chuckled at that. "What I said to Andrew is that, you'd probably enjoy being in my lap getting your sweet ass paddled, while you blew him. Or maybe we'd reverse positions and Andrew here could spank you, while you blew me."

Groaning Don just blushed at that and nodded his head.

"Or maybe put you in between the two of us and finally let you get filled from both ends at the same time," Danny offered with a husky chuckle. "I know how much you've wanted to try that for a while."

Andrew let out a whimper at that thought.

"So what do you say Andrew, any of that sound good, or something else you'd like to try?"

"That's.... really kinky.... I...." Andrew said stuttering over the thought of dominating Don Flack and Danny Messer being in charge alongside him, or even being taken as well. "Maybe something a bit milder... to start with."

Danny slowly nodded. "That's fine as well, there are times when either or both of us just want something gentler and more vanilla."

"Yeah, sometimes you just want to be held and comforted, rather than being naughty and inventive," Don offered. "What if me and Danny focus on pleasing you Andrew? We could worship you from head to foot, and do anything you want. We could show you what it's like to be teased, tempted and pleased. If you want more than the two of us blowing you, you could fuck one or both of us, or we could do that to you, or anything you could come up with. Or if you want we can keep it to the level of heavy petting and teasing, and not go below the waist on you. Whatever works for you Andrew."

Andrew shivered as he considered all of those various ideas. "What... what if I wanted to start out with the heavy petting and then watch you two go at it for a while and maybe join in. Maybe have you two flip-flopping back and forth before I join in; if I go for the rest of it."

Don smiled at that. "Now that's definitely workable Andrew. Danny?"

"Oh yeah, I could definitely go for that, start out teasing and teaching Andrew here, and show him how to tease and play with both of us as well, then put on even more of a show for him, maybe some sixty-nining, I can tease your hole open and you could do the same to me. Then we'll take it from there." Danny offered with a grin. "Hell, you know where the condoms and lube are at Don, so grab them before we get too caught up with things."

Grinning Don nodded and headed to the bedroom to grab the large tube of lube and a handful of condoms, as it was always better to have extra rather than too few.

"You sure you're good with this kid?" Danny asked softly as Andrew leaned back against him. "Because neither of us wants to pressure you. And it's not an issue for who takes who, we're both fine with bottoming, especially for someone new to all this."

Andrew relaxed a bit more at that. "I'll keep that in mind.... not sure if I’ll be going that far but...."

"But it's all good," Danny said softly as he hugged Andrew gently.

"Hey, no fair getting started without me," Don said as he walked back into the living room. "Should we do this here, or would the bedroom be a better choice?"

"Hmmmm either works for me, I know we've played out here in the past," Danny offered with a grin. "But the bed is definitely a lot easier on the back and for cuddling afterwards.... or even for using some of the lighter play cuffs, instead of the heavy duty ones."

"I... I think I'll vote for the bedroom, if that's all right," Andrew said with a hesitant smile. "Maybe just start off with Don stripping for us, then maybe you afterwards Danny? Not all the way, just down to boxers, or whatever it is you guys wear."

Danny closed his eyes and pictured that for a moment, "Mmmmm nice thought there. That way both Don and I could tease you and each other at the same time."

Andrew let out a moan of pleasure at that thought. "Oh god...."

Don just offered a warm smile at that and nodded. "If you want it to Andrew, I promise we won't force you or rush you at all. If you need a break at any point it's good."

"I.... I do want this... it's just.... it's so much like a fantasy, I'm almost afraid I'll wake up and find out it was a dream."

"Sometimes dreams do come true kid," Danny said. "Hell, I lusted over Don here for a while but never figured it was going to happen. So I settled for what I could get which wasn't all that great. Sorta like fast food compared to a homemade meal. Both will fill you up, but one really satisfies that hunger."

Don shivered at that, knowing how much it took for Danny to admit such.

"So shall I lead the way gentlemen," Don offered with a grin and a mock bow.

"Mmmmm definitely," Danny shot back. "That way we can enjoy the view of what's to come yet."

Andrew just blushed at that and smiled in anticipation.

Setting the condoms and lube down on the end table Don just shook his head. "Keep it up Danny, and it'll be your turn to bottom instead of my turn." he said mock growlingly.

Turning around he bent over partially, "Not that I can blame anyone for wanting as fine an ass as this is," he went on, giving himself a gentle smack.

"Uh huh, keep it up and I'll spank that pretty ass a brilliant red before both Andrew and I ride it together. I'm sure you'll be squealing and begging if we do that, not to mention unable to sit right for a while. Just imagine what Stella will be thinking when she sees you can't walk right."

Don let out a whimper at that, as the last time they'd played a bit too hard he'd ended up with a case with Stella and she's given him some curious looks and raised eyebrows.

"Not unless I've got a day or two to recover," Don said shaking his head. "Can you imagine what Montana would say? You know she'd have to ask or go off and complain about it. Stella's reaction was bad enough."

Danny burst into laughter at that. "Yep, I remember her asking me if I had any idea why you were moving so awkwardly."


Danny just smirked and shook his head. "I said I couldn't comment, which made her raise one eyebrow and shake her head."

"Evil Danny," Andrew said laughing at that thought.

"Yep, and damn proud of it."

"So shall I lead the way, or are we going to sit here talking," Don asked with a grin. "And don't worry Danny, I'll get you back for that one."

The End?

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