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Recharging the Power Shifters

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Summary: Xander Harris gets zapped to a new galaxy. There, he must find out what the One Who Sees means to the Atlantean Expedition. Xander/Ronon. Rated FR21 just in case. Takes place after both series has ended.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Atlantis ProjectcryefourmeFR212946,3071323877,97621 Apr 1023 Dec 12No

NOTE: This story is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate Atlantis. Though I wish I did. If I owned either program THEY wouldn’t have been canceled. I am not making any money in the writing of this fanfiction.


Xander Harris walked through the deep desert. He had a backpack filled with survival supplies on his back. Water canteens filled most of that pack. He was walking at a fairly swift pace heading for the next oasis marked on the map that was tucked in his tan long sleeve shirt. Apart from the ragged brownish red mark on his leg the only color he was wearing was the same as the sand around him. Tan long sleeve shirt, tan tank top, tan cargo pants, and tan combat boots. Even the boonie hat on his head was tan. He was also talking into the bluetooth that sat on his left ear.

“Yes, Willow, I am having fun here in Cairo.” Xander lied with great efficiency. “I’ve been walking alongside the Great Pyramids and I have even seen the Sphinx. No Buffy my camera broke and I haven’t been able to buy a new one so no pictures of the Xan-man with the great wonders of the world.” He walked on talking to his friends.

“Dawnie, I would love to have you come down to Egypt and spend some time with me but I’m sure you would love to spend this time living it up with your sister. Once you’ve finished those 2 doctorates then G-man would love to have you see him in London to translate some of those musty old books. Willow doesn’t Kennedy get all jealous that you talk to me every day for hours, your ignoring your girlfriend, Naughty girl. Kennedy honey you have my permission to drag your girlfriend off the phone to do what ever you wish.” Willow’s eep and Kennedy’s cackle answered him as 1 of the 3 people on the other end of the phone conversation hung up. Xander shook his head.

Xander’s cell phone beeped at him. He smiled when he looked at it. “Buffy there is a sale on at Dewey. Aren’t you in Venice?” 2 more clicks in his ear greeted him and he smiled. “It’s just way to easy to get the girls off the phone.”

He continued his direction carefully checking his map and taking compass readings every 15-20 minutes or so. At noon he stopped and found the closest sand dune and sat down for a bite to eat.

He dropped his backpack beside him and pulled out not only food but also a first aid kit and a fresh pair of pants. After stripping his dirty pants off and taking off the soiled bandages he shook his head.

“Holkatha demons are the sleaziest dirtiest creatures I have met in this desert. All my water has gone to try to keep this gash clean.” He poured the last of the water in this canteen on his thigh to try to clean the blood off. 37 still seeping stitches came into view. He screamed in pain as the warm water touched his skin. He dried off the stitches and rewrapped it with fresh clean dressings. Then pulled on his clean pants and placed the dirty ones back in his pack along with the empty canteen and first aid kit. He buried the dirty bandages.

“Have to get to the oasis before nightfall.” He whispered to no one in particular. He checked the map. “Still going the right way.” He walked on, pulling off his eye patch and rubbing the skin. He placed the patch in his pocket. He walked until dinnertime and found that the oasis was in view. He decided to continue to the oasis and eat once he was in the shadows of the trees he could see there.

“Looks like there is a caravan at the oasis. Maybe they can use another guard.” He walked faster, his festering leg not slowing him down at all. He grabbed his eye patch from his pocket and put it on.

He jogged into the shade of the oasis just as the sun was setting. “مرحبا ، هل هناك من يتحدث الانجليزية؟” He asked (Hello, Does anyone speak English?). He stood there with his hands to the side looking as non-threatening as he could.

The caravan guards snapped to attention their hands going to their guns.

“Wait,” A heavily accented male voice rang out. “I speak English. What do you want stranger?”

“My name is Alexander LaValle Harris, called Xander, called the White Knight, also known as the One Who Sees. I seek passage through the desert to the home of the Thrandalian. I am on a hunt. I seek to destroy the Holkatha.” Xander stated plainly knowing that to lie to these people is death. The man pointed to the fire and Xander sat beside him.

“Xander Harris, there is a price on your head, a very large price. We the people of the horse could make use of the protection that would come from turning you in, but I SEE a different path for us.” The man who spoke said. “I am Seehad. I am a seer. I am also leader of my people. I will allow you sanctuary among my people for a price.”

“This is the price!” Seehad stated and shouted an unintelligible word and the world cracked. In a hail of fire and lightning the world splits in twain and Xander disappears.

Light-years away on a distant planet a red dot show up on a board. The scientist watching the board scratches his head wondering how someone had ended up 2 miles out in the ocean.

“Mr. Woolsey, Have Colonel Sheppard and Ronon been surfing off of the East Pier again?” Dr. Radek Zelenka used the comm system to call Richard Woolsey.

“Not that I’ve been informed.” Richard Woolsey replied. “They were informed last time that it was a breach of rule 67 subsection G34. So I don’t think they would risk loosing the privilege of going through the Gate just to do a little surfing so close to home. Why?”

“We have a life sign about 2 miles out by the East Pier. Ever since Rodney and I have modified the sensors we now know that that life sign is human.” Radek replied.

“Colonel Sheppard, SGA 1 to the Jumper bay stat. Dr. Keller to the Jumper bay.” Mr. Woolsey stated over the ear comm’s to everyone involved. “Radek you too.”

“Understood.” Replied 6 voices at almost the same time. Mr. Woolsey walked down to the jumper bay and found Radek waiting for him.

Radek was studying the computer pad in front of him, murmuring in Czech the whole time. “Ne, ne, to ne plavat pryč z města. Otoč se ty idiote. To mě poser na bok Ten chlap je hloupý.” (No, no don't swim away from the city. Turn around you idiot. Fuck me sideways this guy is stupid.)

Mr. Woolsey just raised his eyebrow at what he thought were the normal frustrated words coming from the Czech man. Once everyone was in the jumper bay Mr. Woolsey gestured to Radek to explain what he found.

“I found a life sign just over 2 miles out in the ocean. With the recalibrations done to the sensors we have ruled out that the life sign is anything other than human. It is swimming farther out to sea as though it doesn’t know we are here.” Radek explained quickly. “We have to save him or her before they drown. I don’t have any ideas on how to get the life sign on board the jumper but I have downloaded the relevant data to my pad here and well the life sign is now starting to falter. We have to hurry.”

“Go.” Mr. Woolsey stated.

“I can pilot the jumper and hover over the water beside the person then Teyla and Ronon can get them into the jumper.” Sheppard stated as everyone scrambled into the jumper. Rodney nodded as he grabbed Radek’s data pad and sat down. Radek frowned but watched as the jumper took off.

The jumper took only seconds to cover the distance between the city and the life sign. Sheppard was flying low in order to not fly past.

“There.” He said as he spotted a tan clad man floating on his back in the middle of the ocean. He slowly and carefully brought the jumper down to hover beside the man so that the back was towards him. The man started to tread water looking at the great big golden sausage coming towards him in confusion.

As the door came down and 2 hands stretched out towards him, he started to swim backwards away from the jumper.

“Come take my hand.” Teyla directed to him. “We can help you.”

“Nope just fine thank you. Don’t need the help of anyone in the giant Twinkie.” The man replied.

“Twinkie, are you from Earth?” McKay stated as he walked to the back of the jumper.

“DUH. Give the man the Nobel Prize. We are on Earth.” The man exclaimed. “What other planet can we be on? Atlantis?” He shook his head and kept on swimming. The people on board looked at him funny for a minute.

“Give me you hand. I can not allow you to stay in the water when I can give you aid.” Ronon grunted at him. “If you don’t I’ll come in after you.”

The man just rolled his 1 eye and dived under the water. He swam under water for a very long time. When he came back up for air he was over 100 feet away from the jumper.

“Ronon I wouldn’t go into the water. I think that guy is part fish. Besides he’s heading towards the city now and if we trail him to make sure he’s fine he’ll hit the city just fine.” Dr. Jennifer Keller stated. The team in the jumper watched as the man swam towards Atlantis.

“Sheppard to Woolsey, come in please. The life sign is a 1-eyed man with a hell of an attitude problem. Right now he’s swimming towards Atlantis instead of away. He would not take help from us when we offered, so we are going to trail him and if he has troubles then we’ll haul his ass out of the drink. Until then we’ll tail him. Sheppard out.” Sheppard tapped his ear comm and then concentrated on flying the jumper just in view of the never flagging swimming man. Ronon looked at the swimming man.
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