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Of vampires, still waters and confused heroes

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Extras for 'Love Is ...'". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Both Spike and Neville have a plan that involves Harry. Harry doesn’t know yet that he’s involved, though. Mentions slash.

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Harry Potter > Spike-Centered > Pairing: Neville LongbottomCorruptedSmileFR1311,280051,36022 Apr 1022 Apr 10Yes
Disclaimer: I have it said before, but I’ll say it again: I don’t own anything you recognise and I’m not making any profit from this.

All characters from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Harry Potter’ used in this fictive story will be returned unharmed to their respective owners.

Pairing: Spike/Neville/Harry

Crossover? B:tVS/Harry Potter

Rating? FR13

Spoilers? Let’s just make this spoilers for all B:tVS seasons, okay? And for all the Harry Potter books as well. Some things I’ll keep, some things I won’t.

Summary: Both Spike and Neville have a plan that involves Harry. However, Harry doesn’t know yet that’s he’s involved.

What happens in this story? Neville and Spike smirk, while Harry looks adorably confused.

Story: Of vampires, still waters and confused heroes.

He was looking at them again. All that looking was getting on his last nerve. No, Neville, don’t think about him. You know he’ll somehow hear your thoughts and then he’ll come over and he’ll be all smirks and thinly veiled come-ons and sexy attitude and . . .

Oh, no. He’s coming over. He’s coming to talk to him. Harry. Them? Whatever. There was no way in hell that he would Harry fall under his spell. Unless he was interested in the both of them, of course. Hmm, not such a bad thought.

Neville looked critically at the vamp slinking towards them. Not such a bad thought at all. He smirked. Spike faltered for a second, not used to someone else but him doing the smirking. Neville saw one of the slayers grab his arm.

Oh, the vamp didn’t know it yet, but it was going to become an all-or-nothing kind of situation. All-or-nothing for him that is, though Spike himself didn’t know it yet. Harry was going to be either his or theirs. No way in hell would Spike get Harry all to himself.

Neville looked at Harry, then at Spike, who was looking in their direction now. Yes, this time he would get what he wanted. Or should that be who he wanted? He had been taking his time with Harry, not wanting to spook the younger man. But now with Spike in the picture, he should step up his game as Luna called it. He rolled his eyes, that phrase probably came from one of her muggle friends.


Spike was taken aback, not used to anyone smirking at him. Usually he was the one who was doing the smirking. And, of course, someone decided to take advantage of his momentary stumble to grab his arm.

He turned slightly yellow eyes on the person who dared to do that to a master vampire on a mission. No, not a mission. He had obviously spent too much time in the whelp’s company, because his speech patterns were rubbing off on him. It was simply a seduction plan. The one thing he wasn’t certain about, though, was whether or not he would seduce only one person or if he would allow himself to seduce two hot mortals. Hot in more than one meaning. *leer*

He was surprised to see that it wasn’t the whelp who had grabbed his arm, but the dark-haired slayer.

“I’d be careful if I were you,” she told him. Spike merely raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t underestimate Neville. He’s got something up his sleeve, you know he does.”

“Of course, I know,” Spike scoffed.

“I don’t think you do,” Faith said, throwing a look in Neville’s direction. “I’ve seen that look before, it’s an all-or-nothing kind of look.”

“All-or-nothing, eh?” Spike said thoughtfully.

“Yes,” Faith answered. “All-or-nothing for you, that is.”

Spike glared at her when she said that.

“It’s the truth,” Faith said. She gave a nod in Neville and Harry’s direction. “Either you want, and get, both of them or you get not even one of them. I’ve seen that look before.”

Spike looked at Neville, then at Harry and back at Neville again. He did this a few times, while Faith patiently waited for his reaction to her news.

Seeing the slow smirk spreading across his face, Faith knew she had gotten her answer. Spike had finally made up his mind about seducing only one or seducing both. Looking at the leer on his face, he had decided on seducing both.

“You’re going for it, aren’t you?” she asked knowingly. Spike looked at her, smirk still on his face.

“Yes,” he simply answered and he walked off.


Faith startled at the cough that came from behind her. Turning around, she saw that Xander was standing there, a broad grin on his face.

With his eyes, he followed the direction Spike had taken and said to her, “I don’t know who I should feel sorry for the most: Harry, Neville or Spike.”

“Definitely Harry,” Faith said. “Because I just know that that boy is going to freak out in the worst way when he finally figures out that those two are after him.”

“Don’t know about that,” Xander said thoughtfully. “I think he has a few hidden depths. Then again, so has Neville, apparently.”

“Apparently?” Faith asked.

“Yes,” Xander said. “All the wizards and witches here seem to think that Neville’s to nice and sweet and innocent to do what we think he’s going to do.”

“They obviously never heard of the proverb still waters run deep,” Faith said with a grin.

“Proverb? Look who’s sounding all smart,” Xander teased her. Faith rolled her eyes at that, but dignify it with an answer.

Faith turned to look at the three who were very much into whatever conversation they were having and said to Xander, “The best thing about all this is that you just know Spike is going to come up with a carefully planned out idea—”

“—that will go down the drain as soon as he gets fed up with it,” Xander finished for her.

They burst out laughing, making everyone around them look at them. Those who knew the two of them, looked at them with fear in their eyes. Because Faith and Xander standing together? Or even worse, standing and laughing together? Well, let’s just say that something good never came from that.


Harry was one of the first people to look up at that sound of laughter coming from Faith and Xander’s direction. He shuddered. For some reason he knew that they had been talking about him right before they burst out laughing. Now, if only he could figure out why they started laughing . . .

Harry came back to reality after hearing Neville say his name in a worried tone. Both Spike and him were looking at him worryingly.

“Fancy the slayer?” Spike said, deliberately making it seem as if he could care less about the answer.

“Not the slayer,” Harry confessed.

“Someone else then?” Neville asked, trying to play it cool as Luna had told him. That girl came up with the oddest things to say sometimes.

“Yes,” Harry sighed, a dreamy look in his eyes. “Someone else.”

He was so lost in his daydreams that he missed the jealous looks on Spike’s and Neville’s face. And he missed the look they threw at each other. The one that said that they were going to find out who this someone was and make sure that they back off.


A/N: Oh my, did I just do this? Sorry people, once again one of those spur of the moment things I appear to be so fond of. Because Harry having fallen for someone else? Was not planned. But has he really fallen for someone? Or is he playing a game with Neville and Spike? Remember that the Sorting Hat wanted to put him in Slytherin, probably for a good reason.

This is dedicated to all you people who wanted to see some more interaction between Spike, Harry and Neville. Hope you liked it.

Reviews are welcomed, while flames will be mocked.

The End

You have reached the end of "Of vampires, still waters and confused heroes". This story is complete.

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