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Per aspera ad astra

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Summary: Harry, Ron and Hermione decide to use a spell to get Sirius back from behind the veil... it doesn't work exactly like they wanted it to. Spike/OFC

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Harry Potter > Spike-Centered > Pairing: OtherlothlorienFR131217,35631910,19823 Apr 104 May 10Yes

Prologue and Chapter One

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to their respective owners. I own nothing. Well, that's not true, I own my OFC... she's mine all mine! Mwahahahahaha! Ahem, moving on...

AN: My first real crossover... the story is finished and I'll be posting regularly.


She was sitting on the windowsill in the library and tried her best not to cry. He was gone… and this time he won’t be coming back. They had lost so many that day. It wasn’t even that big of an apocalypse, but the death rate was higher than anyone expected. Than anyone could possibly imagine.

She turned her head to look at his picture on the wall. “Why did you leave?” she whispered. “You promised to never leave. You promised! Damn it Spike, you’re supposed to be the one who lives forever. The one who will always be there. Isn’t that what you said? You’ll always be there. You promised.” The words were barely audible and her voice was watery and broken at the end.

A month has passed since the last apocalypse. The one that cost them so many. And the Council was slowly healing. No one entered the library, where the faces of the newly dead have joined the too many old faces on the wall.

No one, but the young girl who’s lost her mate.

Chapter one

Library of Anya Jenkins’ school for gifted girls, Cleveland

A young man hesitantly entered the library and approached the woman sitting by the window.

“Kiara,” he said. “Are you going to join us for dinner? I think Giles would love to see you. So would everyone else.”

The brown-haired girl sighed and got of the window sill. “Yeah, I’ll join you. I kinda miss you guys.”

“You don’t have to, you know,” said the man. “Miss us, I mean.”

“I know, Xander, it’s just hard.” She sighed and hugged the carpenter. “I still miss him so much; I wouldn’t be very pleasant to be with anyway.”

Xander hugged her closer. “We all miss him. Hell, I still miss Anya and it’s been years since she died. Grief doesn’t have an expiration date. But you don’t have to be alone. If I can deal with a grieving Buffy with PMS, I can deal with you. We all can. You just have to let us.”

Kiara smiled. “Yeah. Come on, let’s eat.” She started walking towards the door then suddenly stopped. “Andrew isn’t cooking, is he?”

Xander smiled and pushed her out of the room. “No, Andrew isn’t cooking. Actually, Giles prepared dinner.”

“Yay,” exclaimed Kiara. She grabbed Xander’s hand and started running excitedly. “Is he making pasta?”

Xander laughed and nodded. “And he made dessert. Chocolate cake, actually.”

They reached the dinning room and took their sits. Everyone smiled at Kiara and started talking about everyday things. It was just what she needed – something to make her focus on anything but the loss of her mate. When Giles brought in the food the inevitable battle began. When you live in a house full of slayers, you learn to fight for your food pretty soon. Fortunately, the watcher prepared enough food for everyone and after they ate, Giles served dessert in the living room.

When the food was gone, people started leaving. Some had patrol; some just wanted a good night’s sleep. Eventually only Kiara and Giles remained. The watcher poured himself a glass of whiskey and prepared hot cocoa for Kiara.

“Are you alright?” he asked the girl after a long silence.

She considered it for a minute. “No, not yet. But I think I’m going in the right direction. Sometimes. But then I see something of his and I just… I don’t know what to do.” She sighed heavily. “He promised he’d never leave me. Only he did leave me. I realize he didn’t do it on purpose. And I understand he helped save the world and he saved Kat and I’m happy he did, ‘cause she’s too young to die, but sometimes I just wish he didn’t and someone else did. And does it make me a horrible person to wish someone died instead of Spike?”

Giles put down his glass and hugged her. “No, my dear, it does not make you a horrible person. It makes you human. We all sometimes wish someone else took the place of our fallen. Sometimes it’s hard not to resent the survivors. But it’s all a part of the grieving process.” He kissed the top of her head and smiled. “You’ll be alright, little one. We’ll help you through it.”

Kiara gave him a watery smile and rested her head on his chest. “I know. Thank you, Rupert.”

Giles smiled. “You know, you are the only one who calls me by my first name around here.”

The young woman nodded. “You don’t call your father by his last name,” she said absently and visibly tensed when she realized she said it. Giles just smiled and hugged her closer.

“No, my dear,” he said quietly. “Indeed you do not.”

Room of Requirement, Hogwarts

“Are you sure this’ll work?”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “For the last time, Ronald, yes, I am sure. Did you bring anything of his, Harry?”

The black-haired youth nodded. “I have his wand. Where do you want it?”

“Just put it next to the red candle,” pointed Hermione. She lit the candle and stood up. “Everyone ready?” Her companions nodded. “Good. Now we have to form a circle and then chant together. Did you memorize the words?”

“Yeah, about that…” Ron said hesitantly.

“You didn’t learn the words?” sighed the brunette.

“No, I did, it’s just that… well aren’t they a bit simplistic?” questioned the red-head. “I mean they sound like something a 12-year old would come up with.”

“The simpler the better,” said Hermione. “Or would you rather I used a few longer words and some Latin?”

“Look,” interrupted Harry. “Can you argue later? I want to do this!”

They formed a circle and started chanting.

“Bring the one who is Dark, but works for the Light
Who lost all there is, but still fights with might.”

They repeated the words seven times and then watched in wonder as a portal started forming.

* * *
AN2: Well, I hope you liked it. I promise it gets better. Please leave a review telling me what you think. Thanks ^_^
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