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From the Hellmouth to Las Vegas

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Summary: When Xander's parents die an uncle he never knew has to take him in. (Warning: First chapter is a bit dark, also slash will be invovled)

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CSI > CSI Las VegasJacobPhoenixFR21815,119310017,68323 Apr 106 May 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own either the BtVS or the CSI series

Warning: This chapter is a little bit dark.

Chapter 1

David Hodges liked to think he had a perfectly ordered life; everything had its place in his nice and orderly little life. But little did he know the universe hates order on occasion and it decided to throw him through a loop today with a bit of chaos.

He was working at his lab surrounded by what he assumed were jealous co-workers when he got a call that would shatter his perfect little ordered life; his sister Jessica, of whom he hadn’t spoken with for over 15 years, had been in an accident that killed her and that gross ape she had married and he was the only living relative she had. So he had to attend to some business of hers apparently.

He walked into Gil Grissom’s office and surprised him by saying, “Grissom, I need some time off. My older sister died and I have to deal with some of her business.”

Gil said, “Take it all the time you need,” and watched as David walked out. He thought, ‘I didn’t know Hodges had a sister?’

David was getting ready to head to Sunnydale. He sighed, ‘What business could Jessica have anyways?’ he thought as he drove towards California. That night at a small hotel in L.A he tried to find about the police accident but was buried in more red tape than seemed necessary for a small town.

The trip was alright though as he passed into Sunnydale he looked at the cheerful small town houses and hated it already, what in god’s name possessed Jessica to move here and why did he have to go to this1630 Revello Drive to settle her business?

He finally got to the address, knocked on the door and looked surprised when a young blonde girl came out looking at him and he was surprised to see that she had an axe.

She looked at him and said, “Uhh, hello?”

“Hi, I’m David Hodges. I was told to come here to deal with some of my sister’s business.”

“Oh god!!” she said quickly, “I’m Buffy and come on in,” as she pulled him in.

“Wow,” he groaned, “you got quite a grip.”

She grinned, sat him down and said, “Look, mom’s going to be here in a couple of minutes, she’s just buying some food.”

“Okay,” David sat down and looked around and thought, ‘Nice place,’ and looked around, he heard movement coming from upstairs. He looked at the girl and tried to remember her name and asked, “Uhh, who’s upstairs?”

Buffy looked down and said, “The reason why you’re here,” and ran upstairs and he heard something like, “It’s going to be alright, he doesn’t seem like a bad man.”

She ran back downstairs and said, “Sorry about that.”

“Is everything alright up there?” David asked. ‘This girl is acting really weird,’ he thought.

“Yeah,” Buffy said uneasily as she got up, she looked at David and asked, “Would you like a cup of tea?”

He nodded and sat there, wondering what was going on? First of all; he hadn’t been in contact with Jessica for years and now here he was at a house in the suburbs.

Buffy looked down at her feet and sighed, “My mom will be here soon and she and our high school librarian will explain everything.”

David looked up surprised and wondered just why would the high school librarian have to explain things, he looked up at her puzzled and she said, “We’re part of the, Uhh, mythology club.”

He looked at her and said, “Mythology club? Are you kidding me?”

She replied, “Uhh, no, we’re part of the club,” and brought out a book.

David picked up the book and read out, “Vampires,” and snorted out, “What nonsense.”

Buffy was about to respond when she saw her mom and Giles walk in and sighed with relief when they came in.

Joyce looked at the man sitting on the couch and said, “David Hodges?”

“Yes, I’m him.”

She smiled and sat down next to him and said, “Thank you for coming,” and added, “I guess you want to know why you’re here?”

“Yes,” David said, “I haven’t even seen Jessica in years.”

Giles sighed and said, “Then I must assume that you don’t know about your nephew Xander then?”

“Wait, I have a nephew?” David stammered out.

Giles nodded and walked upstairs and saw Xander, still clinging to Buffy’s Mister Gordo. He sat down next to Xander and gently lifted him up and he looked at Xander’s face, the bruises and cuts that Angelus had inflicted on him were still fresh.

“G-G-Giles,” Xander sobbed out, “is he here to take me away?”

“Yes, he is. Your parents will was very specific about who is allowed to take you in the event of their deaths and they placed several ironclad stipulations in the will prevent myself or Mrs Summers from taking you in.”

Xander groaned, “Why can’t I just stay with you?” and allowed Giles to take him in his arms.

“I wish you could my boy, I wish you could,” Giles replied and added, “Mr Hodges seems to be at least a reasonable man.”

Giles took Xander by the hand and led him downstairs to where Xander saw a man sitting next to Joyce the man, who looked up at him and hissed slightly.

David looked at the dark haired and hissed slightly at the cuts and bruises covering his face and though his fellow lab workers insisted that he was a brown nosing sycophant he actually had a kind streak that he never showed. He walked to the boy and said quietly, “How did this happen?”

Giles couldn’t expose Buffy’s secret and told David an edited story of how this happened, Xander sat down.

“So,” he pointed at Buffy, “her psychotic ex boyfriend tormented my nephew like this? Is this bastard in jail?”

“You could say that,” Buffy said remembering what Drusilla had done to Angelus after she had found out what he did to her kitten and how she carried Xander back to their house and told her that she punished her daddy for what he did to her kitten.

“Well, that’s kind of good, I guess,” David said as he looked Xander over and he asked, “But what am I doing here?”

“Well you see Mr Hodges, Xander’s mom wished for you to take custody of him.”

“Say what!!?” David yelled and promptly fainted.


A/N: A friend asked me to write this for him as a birthday gift and I agreed to it. So what did Drusilla do to Angelus for hurting her kitten, whom I am having related to her distantly, and how will Xander take to have to be moved Las Vegas?

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