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A Slayer's Diary in the Uncharted Territories

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Summary: An unreallized reality. John Crichton never passes through a wormhole. Instead the last gasp of a dying Hellmouth sends a bus full of slayers across the galaxy.

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Television > FarscapeYvaineFR1812,6800121,24425 Apr 1025 Apr 10No
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters relating to either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Farscape. This story is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide any financial compensation.

A Slayer’s Diary in the Uncharted Territories

Day One.

Over the past few terrifying months upon the Hellmouth there were many ways I thought I would die.

Explosive decompression was not one of them.

Being exposed to the vacuum of outer space isn’t nearly as bad as it’s made out to be in the movies. It’s cold. Really cold. And you can’t breathe. All I did was pass out after a few seconds. There were twitches of pain along my skin and I think I felt the saliva in my mouth boil away.

Weird, huh? It’s really cold so water boils?

Anyway, I woke soon after to a bus full of screaming slayers.

Shut up, Diary. You’d have been screaming too. We were floating all willy nilly in a shitty school bus in the middle of outer space, nothing between us and the harsh nothingness but a thin metal frame. We had Willow’s not so flimsy spell casting too but we didn’t know that at that particular moment.

My clutching hands were bending and twisting the seat below me as I grasped for support.

Everyone was pretty much freaking out like you’d expect them to. One moment you’re getting over the high of sudden slayer hood and the totally unexpected victory over the forces of evil, then your careening down the collapsing streets of Sunnydale once again assured that you’re going to die before finding yourself in a very safe seeming solid desert road and maybe things are going to be okay when an inky black bolt of complete darkness reaches out like one last gasp of the dying hellmouth and suddenly, you’re freezing and not breathing in the deepest farthest reaches of outer space.

Yes, Diary. I know that was a run on sentence but you’re new. My old Diary is back in a house that doesn’t exist anymore. You’re a rather ragged notebook I found on the floor of the bus. You’re former owner made use of you as a quaint little canvas for his charming penis doodles. You so don’t have room to talk. Frankly, you should be honored to bear my occasional run on sentence.

Anyway, back to my incredible day.

Mr. Giles was shouting, trying to get people to calm down, even as he rather prissily dabbed at the blood dripping from his nose. That was an understandable concern. No gravity meant he was getting his spectacles all bloody.

Everyone was pretty much ignoring him. Dawn was trying to open the back door to get to Buffy who had been clinging to the top of the bus. Not that I had anything against Buffy but there was no way I was letting her open it. At the time I’d been convinced we’d all get sucked out but clearly the bus was in no way some kind of air tight container. She hit me a lot and seemed to be struggling furiously but I barely felt it.

Vi was leaning over Rona shouting at her as she tended to the wound upon her neck, “Wake up! This is nothing! Wake up!” She slapped the unconscious girl even as she clung to the bus seat to keep from floating off. Andrew’s blood splattered face was empty as he floated completely unconcerned that they were in outer space. That fact alone told how screwed up the last battle had been for him. And he hadn’t even had to go into the depths with those things. Oh right…he’d been with Anya…

Buffy came smashing through a window, sending tiny shards of glass everywhere and causing even more panic. Chao-Ahn caught a lot of that in the face. I helped her pick most of it out later and she healed up just fine but it didn’t help with that complex she has where she thinks everyone is out to get her. I couldn’t really blame Buffy for really wanting to be on the inside of the bus in a hurry. Just seeing the vasty nothingness of space through the windows was bad enough but to just be out there? When you could very easily just go floating off at the slightest movement?

Somehow she’d had the wherewithal to slam the Scythe through the roof of the bus creating a nice new handhold (while at the same time nearly giving Shannon a nice new bloody hole in her head) in the few seconds before she passed out. Or maybe she didn’t pass out, being Buffy and all. Vi didn’t pass out. Not that that was a blessing or anything. According to her it was like someone was stabbing her under her skin a thousand times while at the same time feeling like her lungs were trying to rip themselves out of her chest.

Even as she caught a pouncing Dawn in her arms, Buffy’s voice lashed out and either it was her lovely command tone or just the slow mutual realization that we weren’t dying, but the cacophony died down.

Maybe we were hoping for a rousing speech. I’ve never been a fan of our fearless leader’s speeches but even I would have liked a few words of encouragement right then. Instead she called out for Willow. Which makes sense, of course. She was the uber smart and magically super powered one.

Kennedy responded from the middle of the bus in a panicked voice, “She’s here! Oh god…she’s…” Her words trailed off.

I pride myself on my observation skills and that I hadn’t noticed Willow up to that point is embarrassing. In my defense, I was at the very back of the bus and there were a lot of slayers floating haphazardly between me and her. But at the same time our resident witch was floating very precisely perpendicular to the floor with her arms outstretched towards the walls. Despite the rest of us flailing around, she remained perfectly motionless. And there was a rather gruesome halo of suspended bubbles of blood all around her head. That should have been hard to miss.

Buffy with Dawn in tow along with Xander and Mr. Giles pulled and swam their way to Willow even as everyone else around her besides Kennedy pushed back away from all that blood.

There were a lot of unhappy words at this point.

What? I don’t feel the need to transcribe every spoken word into my Diary! Plus at that point a small black spaceship nearly collided into the bus. Luckily for us the pilot managed to dodge out of the way just in time. Unluckily for him he then went flying into a massive rock that was nearby. It was a fiery explosion but there was no sound oddly enough.

I feel like you’re judging me, Diary. That I so casually write about some alien person blowing up or that I’m ignoring the awful state Willow must be in. I write to maintain my sanity not to express my angsty feelings. I saw that thing snap Amanda’s neck like she was just a rag doll and then discard her, blood dripping down her face, eyes staring. Caleb slaughtered Dianne and Molly in a handful of seconds. Chloe’s swinging body in her purple pajamas. Those memories are in my head and I won’t ever lose them. If I’m inured to all this death then so be it. I’m supposedly a Slayer now. Death is me. Yay.

A handful of girls noticed the explosion and started yammering about it but most were focused on the drama around Willow. And with good reason, it seemed that Willow was the reason we were all breathing and not freezing. Unfortunately, that expenditure of magic was slowly killing Willow. I have no idea how magic works but she’d apparently once nearly destroyed the world so it seemed like providing some air and warmth wouldn’t be such a big deal. She wasn’t responding to Xander and Kennedy’s frantic words. Buffy was just staring at her blankly while Mr. Giles advised them not to disturb Willow as a disruption could end the spells keeping all of them alive.

Xander snapped, “And what if she dies right here, Giles? What if she chokes in her own blood while we stand here and do nothing?!”

His fury was understandable. He didn’t want to lose another person he loved. Anya had died in the school. I’ll miss her awkward commentary.

That Mr. Giles didn’t like being the voice of reason at this particular moment was evident in his tone but he was still prepared to do it anyway, “Xander… I understand how you feel. But Willow is doing everything she can to keep all of us alive right now. To wake her from this trance would kill her without doubt, just as it would all of us.”

Unhinged a bit Xander turned his singular burning eye of rage upon Mr. Giles, “So? Your point being? Look where we are! We’re in the middle of space. I don’t see Earth! That means like millions of miles away. She’s going to die in minutes like this.” Turning back to Willow, he softly continued, “She deserves to have some peace, not die like… this…”

I was kind of curious to see Willow a bit closer. Other than the blood I couldn’t tell what was so awful about her current state as opposed to the apparent peace and relaxation of freezing to death and asphyxiation. Is it a bad thing that I’m still disappointed you don’t just explode when you’re exposed to the vacuum of space?

Buffy who had frost all over her lips, spoke her voice freezing Xander’s attempt to touch Willow, “Stop it, Xander. She’s not giving up. You’re not giving up.”

They were staring at each other and I felt a lot was passing between them. At least I hope it was because those words seemed rather weak to extinguish the fire that had been burning in him a moment ago.

Turning from Xander, Buffy’s hard eyed gaze spread to take in us all. She called out, “We’re not giving up.” And then came the speech. It was pretty good. But then when you’re floating in a bus in the middle of interstellar space with nothing but a dying witch’s magic between you and certain death, your standards tend to lower a bit. And then came the Scooby Gang brain storming session sans their best brain.

First problem. How to help Willow? Without Willow we were all toast on a stick. Xander said something about merging souls or something. But Mr. Giles shot that down. Apparently, there were magical items and spell ingredients for that, not to mention the prime participation of their currently comatose witch. They were pretty much stumped after that when Kennedy suddenly demanded the Scythe from Buffy. Mr. Giles was nodding his head in agreement; apparently the Scythe was a conduit to a powerful force. He said a lot but the gist apparently was that Willow might be able to use it as fuel for her spell instead of her own life. So Kennedy was soon pressing the rather ridiculous looking weapon gently against one of Willow’s open palms.

That the witch’s fingers curled around it of their own accord was reason for a little celebration.

Second problem. We weren’t going anywhere. Stuck here, Willow’s magic could hold out forever and we’d just starve to death. This was a head scratcher. Without magic we were pretty much screwed. You know that could be our motto. Without magic we are pretty much screwed. I like it. Describes our situation perfectly pretty much from the get go. I mean, if not for magic we’d all be non slayers and all killed by a hoard of super vampires instead of merely some of us killed by a hoard of super vampires. Actually, now that I think about it without magic there’d be no vampires and no slayers. I’d be a normal girl who only had to be concerned with waking up in time to go to school each day. Okay…so with magic we are screwed. And without…okay, don’t really know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, I thought Faith’s idea was awesome. Form a human chain of slayers out to that big asteroid out there and then swing the bus forward with our awesome slayer strength. When Mr. Giles pointed out that wouldn’t do us much good, she merely shrugged and replied, “Going somewhere’s gotta be better than going nowhere.”

That’s when yours truly finally stepped out into the spotlight. I called out, “Um…hey guys? We’re already moving. Look at the rock.” I pointed out the window.

Yep, that’s right. Powers of observation for the win!

The enormous asteroid was very clearly rotating or we were very clearly moving around it. I’m just assuming its more likely that a tiny yellow school bus is moving rather than a gazillion ton meteor that’s probably been here for a bazillion years. The point was that there had been no movement at all earlier. Or wait that spaceship had collided with the asteroid. Maybe that’s why it was moving. I was rather depressed for a moment that I’d been wrong.

But then a ridge in the rock passed by and a whole new vista opened up.

Through the windshield just past Mr. Wood’s shiny bald head (you know I feel bad that I thought this cause he was apparently really wounded at the time but now it seems like he’s going to make it so….all good, I guess), I could see a huge bronzish ship made of smooth curving lines. There were also more of the little black spaceships flitting around it like little wasps stinging a cow. Little wasps shooting little bolts of light and causing tiny explosions on the ship’s pretty surface.

There were various exclamations at this point from the girls. I find it telling that there wasn’t a lot of celebration from the central Scoobies. No funny quip from Xander. Nothing vaguely irreverent and cutting remark from Buffy. Not even a word of disbelief and a worried wiping of the glasses for Mr. Giles. Faith was focused on tending Mr. Wood’s wound. They all looked tired. Dead tired. Buffy turned away from it and I could see she actually looked angry.

I’m not sure why.

You’ll find I’m a very disciplined Diary writer but it has been a very long day. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean I’m going to quit but you’ll have to forgive me as I skip forward a bit.

Somehow we were pulled into the ship. Andrew had hollowly proclaimed it to be a tractor beam but his heart clearly wasn’t in it. In fact, I think I heard him whisper to himself, “Why didn’t I die?” Yea, that’s a reminder, Diary. He perked up on the ship but that’s probably a front. Going to have to check on him.

The important part is that we were drawn into the massive ship. Gravity returned with a vengeance and we slumped to the floor as did Willow, she dropped the Scythe and collapsed into Kennedy’s arms. As we passed into a large golden bay once again dominated with softly lilting and curved lines, everyone’s focus was entirely upon Willow.

That’s because she died.

Okay, that was pretty cruel. But it’s not like you’ve had time to develop an emotional attachment to her, Diary.

She was dead. Stopped breathing. No heart beat. Lots of blood everywhere.

Xander performed CPR for a long time. Several minutes while the bus softly touched to the ground and Buffy reluctantly pulled herself away from her fallen friend and began ordering us around like we hadn’t just nearly been beaten and stabbed within inches of our lives, and then frozen and asphyxiated. “It hurts. You’re wounded. You’re tired. You’re scared. Too bad. You’re slayers now. You’ll heal. You’ll get over it. Get off the bus and form a line. Get ready for whatever comes next.”

Did I tell you how much I love her speeches?

P. S. I don’t want to be a red shirt.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Slayer's Diary in the Uncharted Territories" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Apr 10.

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