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Crimson & Red

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This story is No. 2 in the series "May Any Power Protect You". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Jason was sent by a demon; Eric came because he was an overprotective SOB. 50 drabbles.

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Television > Power RangersJadedFR1845,251042,86926 Apr 108 May 10No

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Author: Jaded
Story: Crimson & Red
Disclaimer: I do not own the fandoms here within. They are owned by Disney and Joss Whedon. I make no monetary profit. Though if someone were to give me Jason, Spike, or Eric, I wouldn't be adverse...(cheeky grin)
Summary: Jason was sent by a demon; Eric came because he was an overprotective SOB. 50 drabbles.
A/N: So, uh, a shorter collection of drabbles pertaining to just how Jason and Eric ended up at the Cleveland House. Each drabble is between 100 and 200 words.


Eric had been working with the birds, cleaning out their cage, when he heard Alice's yell. Not even hesitating, he rushed out his house, through their yards, and into the living room of Andrea and Alice' home. Sitting across from her, a cup of coffee in hand, was a young blond woman, a redhead, and a guy with an eye-patch. He eyed them as Alice came over, looking slightly spooked.

“She's the woman from my dreams,” she hissed. Eric snapped to the blond. “She says she has answers.”

Eric debated running with Alice a moment but ultimately realized that if she was like Alice, she could easily have caught them. He crossed his arms instead, planting himself inside the house.

“Then explain.”

Watcher Father
“I think we should talk to her parents--” the redhead began gently but Eric cut her off.

“Andrea is at work and I'm her father,” he told her.

“Okay, I know I'm not a geneticist or anything,” the guy said, looking confused. “But how are you her father? You're Asian.”

“It's called adoption,” Alice broke in. Eric glanced at her. She looked oddly pleased at his pronouncement as she crossed her own arms. “Like he said, explain.”

The blond suddenly snickered. “Looks like Alice' already found her watcher,” she said, eyes twinkling. The other two snorted but they were smiling.

“What's a watcher?” Alice asked curiously.

“Better yet,” Eric said. “What do you think you know about Alice?”

Cult Hair
“We don't think we know anything,” the blond said. She smiled warmly at Alice. “She's been having the dreams so that's enough for us. She's a Sister.”

Eric could hear the capitalization in that. “A Sister? What's that mean?” A thought occurred to him and he glared. “Are you a cult?”

The blond's mouth fell open. She turned to her companions, both obviously fighting smiles. “Why does everyone keep asking us that?!” She turned back to Alice. “Do I have cult hair?” and then back to her friends, who were now snickering outright. “You'd tell me if I had cult hair, right?”

“I'm letting you field that one, Wills,” the guy said, his eye twinkling. The redhead glared at him as she assured her friend she did not have cult hair. The guy wiggled his fingers at them. “By the way, I'm Xander Harris. The ladies are Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg. You're daughter, Alice, right? Is what's known as a Slayer.”

Back Up Plans
Buffy, Willow, and Xander had given them the run-down of the Slayer gig. Eric wanted to say he was surprised but considering he had a piece of technology from the future on his arm, he'd be lying horribly. He and Wes had suspected she'd been chosen as a warrior of some kind but they hadn't considered this. They had, in fact, thought it was a precursor to her getting ranger powers. Tommy had told them once during a Red Ranger BBQ that something similar had happened with his three teens before he gave them the Dino Thunder morphers.

Andrea had already been consulted. While horrified, one look from Eric had assured her he had no intention of leaving their girl out in the cold—he'd be helping out whether Alice wanted him to or not. Even if that meant hiding Alice from the trio. Willow had given the impression that wouldn't be possible given her connection to all the slayers, but she didn't know his connections.

He's just like to see her try and find a Slayer that was no longer on Earth.

Alice had the nagging suspicion that their acceptance of her being a Slayer was bugging Willow, Buffy, and Xander. She also knew that they thought Eric had been bluffing when he said he could hide her from them if they made a wrong move. She didn't think they realized just who they were talking to. If Eric and Wes felt it was needed, they'd call in a favor from the red space ranger and get her off the planet all-together.

Her mother, given the insanity she dealt with everyday, wasn't too perturbed. She'd been scared, obviously, she'd be nuts not to be, but Eric had the talent of being able to reassure the Carmichael women with a simple look.

It was Wes, ironically enough, who was pissed. He hadn't even met the trio yet but he disliked them cause of the whole destiny angle of being a slayer. He firmly believed you made your own destiny. He'd informed Eric that he was coming with to Cleveland, where Buffy said she could meet other Slayers.

New Slayer
“Hey, heard Buffy's coming back,” Jason said, walking through the back door of the Cleveland House. Faith, sitting on the porch and smoking, nodded. Giles, Andrew, and Angel had left back for England the day after Buffy left.

“They found the slayer,” she exhaled a puff of smoke. Jason made a face but didn't comment at the smoking—it wasn't like it could kill her given the slayer healing. “B's bringing her and her protectors back here. She thinks the girl will make a good slayer and it'll calm her guys down.”

“Her guys?” Jason asked, turning to watch as Hannah and Svetlana came around the side of the house attacking each other with wooden practice swords.

“Alice, her parents, and her father's boyfriend,” she explained. “B said the dad's wicked protective of the girl—and B hasn't even met the boyfriend yet but Alice said he's nearly as bad.”

“Wait, her parents plus the...what?” Jason was a bit confused. Faith smirked.

“X said he didn't' think the dad was actually her dad,” she told him. “Self-adopted or some shit.”

Jason nodded. That made a bit more sense than Faith's odd semi-ramble.

“Where are they?”

Jason looked up from where he was helping Svetlana with her math homework. Next to them, Dawn was helping Aiko with English.

“They arranged to stay at a hotel downtown,” Buffy said, flopping on a chair. “I didn't even see them get off the plane.”

Jason, Faith, and Robin all frowned. “How is that possible?”

“Alice's dad's boyfriend is the son of a millionaire or something,” Xander said, sitting on the couch. “They flew first class.”

This was all nagging at something in the back of Jason's mind but for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what the significance was. He turned to Buffy. “They coming to dinner? Dawn and I cooked.”

“We helped!” Rebekah, Hannah, and Sonja all chorused.

“Meaning they sneaked tastes as they passed us things,” Dawn translated.

“Yeah, they'll be here,” Buffy assured them. Jason nodded, frowning. He really wanted to know what was bugging him about this slayer but suspected he wasn't going to find out till he met her.

Figuring it all out
“Wow, nice car!”

Jason looked up at Dominique's exclamation. “It's a rental,” Faith said, looking out. She and Dawn, who was standing next to her, both whistled.

“Nice bodies.”

“Too bad they're gay,” Faith muttered. There was a squeak outside followed by hysterical laughter. Seemed the new slayer's hearing was up to par. He couldn't count the number of times he'd said something inside that the girls practicing in the backyard could hear.

Jason suddenly dropped his cup when he caught sight of the two men with the little blond. He finally figured out why it'd all been bugging him. As Eric and Wes entered the foyer, Jason fell down laughing.

“What's up with him?” Faith asked, frowning at him. Jason waved it away to look up at Eric and Wes, who were staring at Jason in surprise. Straight faced, he smirked at them.

“When were you two gonna tell us you were dating?”

Helping Out
It took close to ten minutes to get everything back under control. When Wes and Eric had begun sputtering at him, Jason had fallen down laughing again, only this time Alice and her mother joined him. The two men had not been amused. Given they weren't aware of the bet Jason had with Tommy concerning them, he didn't entirely blame them.

“You know about all this?” Eric asked, sitting down at the couch. Jason shrugged.

“The LA Eclipse Riots weren't mundane,” he told them simply. “I couldn't sit back and not help afterward. You can't tell me you haven't already decided to help Alice now that you know.”

Eric and Wes exchanged uneasy looks, making it obvious Jason was right.

Alice wasn't sure what to make of all this. The slayers were nice, sweet, and really really crazy (Buffy and Faith were the craziest of them all). She recognized Dominique from one of her dreams—she'd been defending herself against a demon when the Council finally found her. The rest were new.

It was obvious, though, that Buffy and the rest of the adults in the Council were hoping Alice would move to Cleveland, to train with Faith, Robin, and Jason. While the idea of training with the original red ranger gave her a little thrill, she didn't want to leave California. Didn't want to leave her mom or Eric, her big brother figure Wes, her Grandpa Collins (who absolutely loved his nickname) or Phillips, who gave her cookies when no one was looking. She liked her life, thank you very much.

She couldn't help noticing, though, how easy it was to talk to the other slayers. How accepted she felt, how useful and even happy she was. She'd only been here a day and she felt more accepted than she ever had in Silver Hills.

She didn't know what to do.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crimson & Red" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 May 10.

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