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Crimson & Red

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This story is No. 2 in the series "May Any Power Protect You". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Jason was sent by a demon; Eric came because he was an overprotective SOB. 50 drabbles.

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Author: Jaded
Story: Crimson & Red
Disclaimer: I do not own the fandoms here within. They are owned by Disney and Joss Whedon. I make no monetary profit. Though if someone were to give me Jason, Spike, or Eric, I wouldn't be adverse...(cheeky grin)
Summary: Jason was sent by a demon; Eric came because he was an overprotective SOB. 50 drabbles.
A/N: So, uh, a shorter collection of drabbles pertaining to just how Jason and Eric ended up at the Cleveland House. Each drabble is between 100 and 200 words. Technically, you can read this without reading its sister story, Dusting Duo but it would probably help.

Alice was the exception to practically every rule he'd ever created for himself. She had pretty much free reign of his house; if she needed something, he did everything in his power to get it. Being bisexual, he knew she was the closest he'd probably have to a daughter.

Wes thought it was hilarious. When the other rangers left for their own time and Eric became co-commander of the Guardians, the billionaire got to know Alice better. And he, like Eric, became smitten with the precocious little girl. After Mr. Collins and Phillips met her...well, Alice would never want for anything, that was for sure.

Helping Out
“Hey, Eric, can you watch Alice for a few hours? I have a job interview.”

Eric looked up to find Andrea, his neighbor, standing where their yards met. “Did you finally take Mr. Collins offer?” he asked, cause, really, she would be a step up than Collins current assistant. And unlike Ms. California runner up, Andrea actually needed the money and the health benefits. Alice's recent bought with pneumonia was proof enough of that.

Andrea hesitated. “Philips stopped by the other day and we talked. I...I want what's best for Alice.”

“Then go. I'll watch her.”

“Alice, you're going to be late!”

“I can live with that!”

Eric rolled his eyes at Wes, who smirked back. Eric had offered to have Alice stay with him when Andrea had to accompany Mr. Collins on a trip to New York. They'd had this argument three times already.

“Alice, I'm not covering for you again,” Eric said.

“Why must I go to school?” she demanded. “It's not like I'm going to college. We can't afford it.”

He and Wes snorted at the idea of her not going to college. She eyed them.


“She really doesn't get it, does she?”

Eric looked over at his partner, their office at Guardian headquarters cluttered as usual. Eric didn't even know what half the stuff was—Wes had brought it.

“Who, Alice?”

The blonde nodded. “Does she seriously not know Dad's adopted her as a granddaughter?” he asked, frowning. “That he's already decided he'll be paying to send her to the best college she gets into and any college he can bribe? I'm buying her first car, by the way, so don't get ideas.”

“And Andrea thinks I spoil her,” Eric mumbled.

Alice frowned as she stared at what had, just moments before, been her alarm clock. When it'd started ringing, she'd lashed out to shut it off. Instead, it crumbled into itty bitty little pieces.

This wasn't the first time she'd done something like this either. The other day she'd accidentally squashed the lock on her locker and had to get a new one from the janiter (she'd told him it was a prank by another student).

Then there was the dreams. Dreams of hundreds, thousands of women, all fighting monsters. All like her. Strong. Powerful.

What was she turning into?

Jason ran a hand through his hair as he looked up at the Cleveland house he'd been sent to. The demon-reader he'd met had assured him he'd get some answers here.

Jason had been in LA during Jasmine's reign. He'd seen the things that went bump in the night and he couldn't go back to pretending they didn't exist. It wasn't who he was. So, he'd gone hunting for answers. There had been very few until he'd found Lorne, a precognitive demon.

Lorne'd seemed pretty certain Jason's future was with this Slayers Council. He just hoped the guy was right.

Jason eyed the lethal looking brunette who'd snuck up on him. He suspected telling her a demon had sent him would not be a good idea.

“His name was Lorne--” he began and the woman went still.

“Lorne?” she finally asked. “Green skin, red eyes...”

“Penchant for blinding leisure suits?” Jason finished, wryly. “Yeah, that's him. Nice guy.”

“He alive?”

“Yeah,” Jason answered, recognizing the tone. She was relieved—this guy was a friend. “He made me sing. Sent me here. Didn't tell me exactly why.”

She snorted. “Course he did.”

He'd told Faith his story, how he'd saved Lorne from a huge ass demon looking for an easy target. Lorne had taken one look at him and demanded he sing. It was only after he'd talked Jason into singing the Rolling Stones that he'd explained his power.

Faith and Robin, head of the house, had accepted his story but warned him if he tried anything funny, all the girls could use weapons.

One mention of his karate training later and he'd been dragged into their workout room to teach a bunch of teenage girls how to use a sword properly.

A week later, he'd finally figured out why Faith had put him to training the girls in weapons use. She could use them, Robin could use them. Neither one of them however knew just how to teach the girls the proper techniques. They needed discipline, the basics, not just melee fighting.

“Why are you teaching them melee fighting anyway?” Jason asked, frowning deeply. “Shouldn't they be worrying about dates and school and, you know, normal teenager stuff?” Faith and Robin exchanged looks. It was the former principal who finally spoke.

“Did Lorne explain about the Slayers?”

The Zone
Christine watched as the new guy, Jason, did a kata routine in the backyard. He was shirtless, his skin glistening with sweat, and he looked like he was in the zone.

Christine had only been a slayer for a year but she knew what the zone was like. Slayers went there when they fought and when they meditated. Both paths were peaceful in there own way.

Faith said he'd been sent to them not knowing about their destiny. That he hadn't known why he was teaching them, just that he had to. Now, though, he did.

He was finding his zone to deal. She could relate.
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