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Xander Harris: A Galactic Journey

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Summary: Thanks to a Chaos Mage and a rogue Asgard, the life of Xander Harris is irrevocably changed.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredivanjediFR1834,26335423,84927 Apr 1012 Jun 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: If I owned anything, I wouldn’t be publishing here. No copyright infringements intended. Applies or the rest of the story as well as the Prologue story.

Author's notes: An alternative story to 'Sunnydale Alteran'. It is following the same prologue, and focuses on the SG1 storyline.

“Greetings.” A monotone voice said. Xander opened his eyes slowly, and the next moment, he jumped on his feet in shock. The thin grey blanket that had covered his body slid to the floor This was definitely not his home, and the bed, while comfortable, was not his own. The walls were in dull gray color, and looked like metallic. The bed itself was nothing more than a protrusion from the wall.

As his brain took in those details, he realized he was naked, but that thought was but immediately gone from his mind once his eyes fell n the source of the voice. Standing near the entrance of the room was a Roswell Grey.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Xander groaned, rapidly slipping the pants found next to the bed on. “I go in bed, and wake up to find out I’ve been kidnapped by aliens.”

“I mean you no harm.” The little grey alien said, seeing that the boy assumed a defensive stance. As soon as he put the piece of clothing on. “And I apologize for not being able to help you sooner.”

The human boy had a biting retort in his mouth to the first part of the statement the second got to him. Xander watched the alien through narrowed eyes.

“What was that supposed to mean? And who re you, anyway?”

“My name is Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet.” The eyes of the comic – educated boy widened at the pronouncement.. “On behalf of the Asgard people, I apologize to you for what was done to you by one of us. I assure you the actions of the kidnapper will not go unpunished.”

Well, the guy seemed friendly, and Xander couldn’t exactly think of a way out of this one. Playing along for the moment seemed to be the only option, so the boy relaxed his stance.

“I don’t understand. What was done to me?”

“You were taken from your homeworld about four of your months ago.” The alien explained. “You were mostly kept in stasis during that time.”


Something akin to a sigh escaped Thor’s tiny lips. “A number of mistakes were made in the past that resulted in the decline of the Asgard species. Some of our number, such as Loki, has come to believe that a solution can be found in experimenting with specimens of your species. Such actions have never been approved by the majority of our people, but unfortunately, that didn’t stop Loki.”

Oh boy.” Xander thought to himself. “Just my luck, to be kidnapped by an alien mad scientist.” In the back of his mind, the boy could almost hear Jesse quip “the X – man’s luck always tend to suck”

“So, can you take me back home?” Xander asked aloud.

“Unfortunately, that would not be practical.” Thor answered. “In order to avoid attracting too much attention, especially now that your civilization has made its first steps on the galactic scene, Loki is known to replace his test subjects with clones for the duration of his experiments. Normally, the clones would die within a week due to Loki’s inept methods, however, the nature of the genetic alteration your body was subjected to prior to the kidnapping has prolonged your clone’s life, and if the data Loki has gathered from you indicates that the damage shall be undone with time. And while this could allow for you be switched back, the background information Loki has collected for you suggest that your experiences would be too divergent for you to be successfully switched back with your clone. Especially since the consequences of Loki's final experiment on you are as we believe they will be.”

Xander's eyes narrowed. “What would that be?”

“Loki has determined that the event that has altered your body has left a large amount of knowledge locked into your subconscious. He performed a risky procedure to unlock that knowledge. A normal Earth human would not have survived it. The procedure has activated portions of your brain, granting you abilities you would have not been able to gain access otherwise for many years, or even not at all. We have some knowledge of such abilities, and since it was one of our own that has created the problem, I am authorized to offer you assistance in learning to control them. “

“I see. “Xander nodded. It seemed the grey guys were not too bad, if they were willing to clean up their mess. “So, what now?”

“I am aware of what lies underneath the settlement you lived in, and what it attracts.” Thor said, a trace of disgust creeping in the Asgard's monotonous voice. “While my people are unable to access the reality – warping energies that are behind the concept of magic, we do have some knowledge of the phenomenon. Loki's observations clearly indicate an unsuccessful, incomplete transformation into an Alteran as the source of the changes you have suffered. This would suggest that the memories Loki unlocked belong to an Alteran. However, without more precise information I cannot formulate an appropriate course of action.”

“Perhaps I can help with that.” A disembodied female voice said. A being which seemed as if it was made from white light appeared in the room, and before their eyes coalesced in middle – aged woman clad in a white robe.

“Quite a mess you got yourself in here, didn’t you, Alexander Harris?” the woman said with a chuckle.

Xander glared at the woman, her name suddenly popping in his mind, along with Merlin's opinion on the most like her

“Ganos Lal.” The boy drawled. “What are you doing here? I thought your kind did not meddle into the affairs of the lower planes.”

“We do not.” The woman said. “However, I was, long ago, assigned to watch over the work of Moros, or as the Terrans know him, Merlin. Thanks to one fool, Merlin’s memories were copied into your mind, and much of you was permanently altered to mimic his physiology.. I am forbidden to do anything about the powers you could develop thus, and with most of the knowledge locked in your subconscious, there was no need to me to take any actions about it. That has changed, and it was decided that you cannot be allowed to keep the knowledge Moros gained when he ascended . Everything else, you may use as you see fit.”

With those final words, she turned into a being of light again, and vanished, leaving two completely flabbergasted beings in her wake.

‘Well, that was different.” Xander quipped.

“Indeed.” Thor agreed. Somehow, Xander identified his response as excited. “I must speak with the Council immediately.”

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