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Summary: Slash. Willow goofs another spell and the gang has to deal with the rather live consequences. John Winchester is not happy.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherKirallieFR151127,06988335,34429 Apr 1030 Jul 11No

CHapter 2

Disclaimer: Not mine

Chapter 2

“What part of no unsupervised magic did you not get Willow?” Was the first thing the redhead heard upon waking.

“Xander?” She groaned, opening her eyes to see her oldest friend leaning against her desk.
“Why are you mad?”

“Why? Maybe because you keep making the same mistakes! You pulled a soul from hell Willow! Do you have any idea what the consequences could be? Do you? Of course not because you decided to change the spell.” He snarled and she shrank back before straightening defiantly, he had no right to lecture her on magic.

“Xander.” She started but he cut her off angrily.

“No Willow. When will you learn? Magic is something to mess around with! What were you even trying to do?” He snapped.

“We need help! Buffy deserves time off.” She answered defensively and he just stared blankly at her.

“That’s it? That’s your excuse for pulling a man from hell and then de-aging him? I’m disgusted Willow. You’re playing with things better left alone. You don’t even think do you? Spells are written a certain way for a reason.”

“What would you know about magic Xander? Stop trying to pretend you know anything about it! I’m trying to make things easier.” She staggered to her feet and into the bathroom, locking the door.

“I’m going to the Magic Box to see just how bad things are. Stay here or come.” He called, leaving the dorm and heading for the shop. He was so angry that the few hunting vampires actually kept their distance and went for easier prey.

John tensed as the door slammed open only to reveal the young man that had been there when he’d woken.

“Xander?” Giles called but he kept walking.

“Not now Giles.” Was the angry answer.
“I’m going to finish those shelves.” He made his way to the back of the store and they soon heard the sound of a hammer pounding nails into wood.

“Oh dear.” Giles murmured but then went back to checking John over.

“Well?” John demanded when Giles finally moved away.

“Everything seems in order. Despite her alterations to the spell there seems to be no ill effects.” Giles informed him and John relaxed.

“So will you explain to me why the hell you have a witch working for you?” John demanded.
“We tend to kill them.”

“You’re used to dealing with demon witches then? Willow and Tara, who is away at the moment, are Wicca witches. Tara was taught by her mother and is well grounded. Willow...had had a more mixed teaching.” Giles tried to explain and they both turned when they heard a snort of amusement.

“She approaches magic like she did science, put things together and see what happens. And she sees nothing wrong with!” Xander stated.

“Now Xander.”

“No Giles! You’re not the one that ended up a dog for a week or a girl that time. Either teach her properly or find someone who can.” Xander snapped and John found himself agreeing with him.
“Come on, you can take my spare room.” Xander said to John who followed him from the shop, curious.
“Sorry you had to hear that, ongoing argument.”

“Considering I’m here as a result...” John tensed as a blonde figure appeared.

“Not tonight fangless. Dealing with a Willow screw up.” Xander snarled and Spike raised his hands in surrender.

“So no couch?” The vampire asked and Xander shook his head, making sure to keep between John and Spike.

“Not tonight.”

“Right, I’ll go find a nice crypt.” The blonde wandered off and John stuck close to Xander as they walked towards an apartment building. Xander opened the door and then led John to a third floor apartment.

“So how much did Giles tell you?” Xander asked after pouring two glasses of coke since he didn’t keep alcohol in the place.

“Nothing really. I’d like an explanation please.”

“Don’t blame you. Okay so a hellmouth is what it sounds like, some sort of dimensional weak spot or something. It opens and you get hell on earth, literally. Local team patrols nightly and consists of the Slayer, who you haven’t met; Willow who was the witch from before; Giles; Tara, Willow’s girlfriend and a good Wicca; my ex Anya who used to be a vengeance demon and is now human; and the bleached wonder from earlier who is Spike the vampire but he can’t hurt humans anymore thanks to the military. We keep the deaths down as much as we can and stop the demon of the week from opening the hellmouth all while managing school or work.” Xander explained and John just stared in shock. They worked with vampires? And how did a demon become human?
“Anyway I have to be at work by eight so I’m gonna get some sleep. Feel free to help yourself to the kitchen and bathroom, spare room’s the third on the left.” With that Xander left John alone to think about what he’d learnt.

One thing was for sure, this was a very messed up town.

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