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Through the Monsoon

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Summary: Only those that were broken or had nothing else would dare to try and live in Casway Cove. And Draco Malfoy was those things. Set after DH for Hp and Eclipse for Twilight.

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Just Me and You

There is no Bella bashing in this chapter.

Just Me and You

Bella sighed as she looked at herself at the mirror which was placed on Alice’s lavish vanity. Her brunette hair was curled into soft waves onto her bare shoulders. Her pale skin was carefully covered in make-up so not to cover the freckles that Edward loved so much. Her eyes were done with natural make up and her lips covered in a clear gloss.

Her head was free of a veil that sat on the bed behind her- truthfully Bella was deciding whether to wear it or not as she was worried it might obstruct her view. Luckily Alice had already said she wouldn’t have to wear it if she didn’t want to. There would be more weddings in the coming years.

Bella’s brown eyes sparkled as she thought of the future she and Edward had together and could honestly say in the coming years a wedding or two would be nice- as an anniversary. As the preparations for the wedding progressed over the last few weeks Bella had felt a calm settle over her- the wedding wasn’t as bad as she thought. She would be with Edward forever after it.

That was what she wanted.

Bella’s eyes drifted down to the ring which adorned her delicate finger. The ring was beautiful and Bella adored it. Honestly, Bella would say that Edward could have given her a Haribo ring and she would have loved it just as much. The comforting weight of it on her finger was a reminder of her love for Edward and his for her.

A tap on the door brought Bella from her thoughts and she glanced up to see Alice peeking her head inside the room. Bella smiled at her future sister-in-law as the pixie like vampire floated into the room.

Alice smiled widely at her and she looked over Bella with keen eyes as if checking to see whether her hard work had gone to pot with her absence. Satisfied with her work she danced over to Bella and began to arrange her hair once more.

“The guests have all arrived now,” Alice said in her musical voice.

“Has everyone made it?” Bella asked as her mind wandered to Jake. He was to be her best man but Bella worried the shifter would not show up.

“Yes, everyone made it,” a deep voice sounded from the open door. Bella looked up and in the mirror her eyes meet with those of her best friend.

“Jake!” Bella cried happily and sprung from her seat and hurried to the door. Jake’s large muscled arms wrapped around her gently.

“Hey, Bells,” Jake whispered as he held the slight girl to him. The previous rush of love he would of felt was none existent except for the warmth the settled within him- this was his best friend. His Bells.

“You’re here,” Bella said happily while willing no tears to come to her eyes. Alice would kill her if her make up was ruined.

“I wouldn’t miss your day,” Jake replied as Bella pulled away to look into the larger teens eyes.

“You look happier,” Bella stated.

“I imprinted,” Jacob blurted out. Bella gave a sad smile at the wolf she loved. She truly did love Jake- but Edward was her soul mate.

“Are they here?” Bella asked while looking behind Jake as if said mate would be there.

“No, Draco decided to stay in Canada. I’ll return to him tomorrow once I’ve rested,” Jacob whispered.

“Draco? A man?” Bella whispered.

“Yeah,” Jacob said while inwardly his mind wondered if she would have a problem with that.

“He loves you?” Bella asked.

“Yes, very much so,” Jacob answered with a smile.

“I’m so happy for you. I couldn’t stand leaving you unhappy,” Bella smiled back and hugged him.

“We are both happy now,” Jake said as he held her.

“We are,” Bella hummed.

“Bella, its time,” Alice voice cut in and Bella pulled away from Jake and she looked down at herself self-consciously.

Her dress was not to the floor but fell around her knees. The bodice of her dress was a laced material which clung to her form. The skirt part of her dress flowed from the waist in smooth white until at the bottom the lace appeared again hemming the bottom almost. The shoes on her feet were like ballet shoes making them look small and delicate.

She had managed to convince Alice to not go all out for this dress and shoes- she wanted her first wedding to be simple. There would be time for the big elaborate dress and shoes later on.

“You look beautiful,” Jacob stated.

Bella looked up and smiled as she felt a blush dusting her cheeks at his words. She looked over the shifter who wore black slacks with a white shirt and black jacket. A flower was pined on the jacket- a blue flower which was similar to the bluebell but she knew it wasn’t.

“You look very handsome,” Bella smiled radiantly.

“Let’s go,” Alice said and they all walked from the room.

Through the monsoon
Just me and you

Isabella Marie Sawn became Isabella Marie Cullen at 3.52 that day in the living room of the Cullen’s beautiful home. The reception was held in the garden and Edward and Bella shared their first dance under the eyes of their friends and family. Jake danced with Bella for several dances before he left for La Push.

Billy Black watched as his son walked in through the front door and heed straight to his room and grab a bag with some clothes before heading out to see his old man.

“This is what you want?” Billy asked his boy.

“Yeah, he needs me there. He’s not ready for the world just yet,” Jacob answered.

“Stay in touch, my son,” Billy told the large teen with a gruff tone as if hiding any emotion of sadness from his child, “and take care of that mate of yours.”

“I will, we’ll make it here eventually,” Jacob replied sure of his words. He and Draco would live at La Push at some point but for now Casway Cove would be home to them both,

Through the monsoon
Just me and you

Jacob ran in his wolf form for five days at full speed before he entered the wards which led into Casway Cove. As expected the rain fell heavily over the area and the sounds of distant thunder rumbled in the air.

Jacob’s large paws thudded on the muddy ground and he gave a howl when the house came into view and a blond figure emerged from the house and looked at him. Jacob changed back into his human form moments before he would have arrived at Draco’s door and swept the blond into his arms despite his lack of clothing.

The rain poured and the wind howled but at that moment the lovers wouldn’t have noticed if a dragon appeared as they wrapped themselves around each other.

“You’re here,” Draco whispered into Jake’s ear. His blond hair was soaking and his lips were wet from the droplets of water which caught around them.

“I’m here,” Jacob replied and held the smaller form of his wizard tight as he dared.

All they needed was each other.

That day the sun broke through the clouds once more and shone down on Casway Cove.


And the story is now finished. I doubt there will be a sequel but I don’t know if any inspiration might come along for one.

Please review and thank you to everyone who has reviewed this story.

The End

You have reached the end of "Through the Monsoon". This story is complete.

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