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Through the Monsoon

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Summary: Only those that were broken or had nothing else would dare to try and live in Casway Cove. And Draco Malfoy was those things. Set after DH for Hp and Eclipse for Twilight.

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Dark Clouds Comin' Up Again

Banner by dollarformyname! Thanks hun!

A/N: This is a Harry Potter/Twilight small story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Song used is Monsoon by Tokio Hotel. This song will be used throughout the whole story.

Rating: Mature

Author: Touch of the Wind

Pairings: Draco/Jacob

Summary: Only those that were broken or had nothing else would dare to try and live in Casway Cove. And Draco Malfoy was those things. Set after DH for Hp and Eclipse for Twilight.

Dark Clouds Comin’ Up Again

The beach was empty and silent- only the waves crashing against the shore and the rain falling heavily created any sound. However, over time one would almost feel that this sound created a silence which phased out all other noise.

The sky was a bleak grey and a light mist continually hung in the area. The area had an unnatural feel to it- there was no cluster of houses signalling a community for it had long since been abandoned.

Casway Cove was located near Lunenburg. It was previously a thriving Dark Wizarding Community but after the sea had taken it toll on the land too many times the residents were forced to move. It had been empty for hundreds of years now.

The area was famous among the Wizarding World for its wet weather. It could not be assumed that the weather was natural. The weather was often compared to monsoon season in other countries- except there was no dry season there. It had been speculated that the magic of Wizard’s had been so deeply entrenched in the area that all the negative dark magic had created a curse of sorts. A loop in which the weather always rained and storms would light up the sky every week.

There were a few days though throughout the week were the wind would die down and rain would fall steadily all day- sometimes even tapering off. These were days when flood waters would seemingly disappear lending evidence of these curse that so many believed in.

In the cove there were a few places with had a form of protection against the elements. These were located more inland. In one area a house stood, it was tall, gaunt and isolated, looking out towards the sea like a silent sentry. The windows were large and almost gothic in appearance. It seemed that most of the house was window- to anyone it would seem that the house had many eyes and you could always be seen by it. There was a large door on the front which had heavy iron handles and small windows near the top to allow someone to look out at anyone on the doorstep.

The house was narrow but was four stories high- the land surrounding the house was wet and muddy like the rest of the landscape- though their was heavy stone slabs heading towards the house forming a pathway. About 100 yards away from the house was a stone wall which surrounded the house and had one small Iron Gate placed at the end of the pathway which had long since rusted it swinging with a groan in the slight breeze.

Light flickered from the windows of the house- the orange glow and shadows which continually moved showed that electricity was not used in this house but candles and fires lit and warmed the no doubt cold and dark house. Only those that were broken or had nothing else would dare to try and live in Casway Cove.

And Draco Malfoy was those things.

I'm staring at a broken door
There's nothing left here anymore
My room is cold, it's making me insane

Draco Malfoy was sat in a worn chair by the roaring fire which did nothing to warm the silent man. His blue eyes were fixed on the door which had a hole in it- evidence of a rage from the Slytherin Prince. The walls were a green wallpaper which was faded and peeling in places. The furniture was worn and torn in some places. The stone floor was scuffed and smooth from wear. An old rug was placed in the middle of the room but had long since become frayed.

Draco gave a sigh as he reached over to the table next to him and grabbed the mug from the dark wood. The liquid inside was steaming and Draco took a small sip of the tea inside before holding the mug in his pale hands to warm himself.

If anyone had seen Draco Malfoy now they would have not recognised the man as the arrogant and Malfoy Heir. His skin had grown paler than normal giving the man an almost ghostly appearance. His body was now slim, having lost what muscles he had through lack of exercise, and his hair lay limply against his forehead. His expression was pained and his figure was hunched in the chair as if the Slytherin has collapsed in on himself.

In the Wizarding World it was well known what had happened to the Malfoy Heir. After the war he had married Astoria Greengrass who has just turned 17. He had grown to respect his wife and three months after their wedding they received the news that Astoria was two months pregnant. However, at her sixth month of the pregnancy she had difficulties and went into early labour. A baby boy was delivered but the child had died the next day.

Draco and Astoria named him Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

The day that Scorpius died was the day that Draco Malfoy froze. He felt a heavy cold settle in his body and refuse to leave. He threw himself into work keeping everyone at arms length. It was due to this that he didn’t see the pain he wife was suffering alone.

Astoria had loved her son since she found out she was pregnant. Draco would often say she was born to be a Mum. Loosing Scorpius had broken her heart. If Draco had let anyone near he would have seen his wife loosing weight- the bags under her eyes growing as she refused to sleep. He might have seen the madness grow in her eyes- he might have bee able to stop her from poisoning herself.

On the day he found her the ice inside him shattered cutting and tearing at his heart. Draco fled the Wizarding World after Astoria’s funeral and ran until he hit Casway Cove- a place as desolate as he was.

I've been waitin' here so long
Another moment seems to have come
I see the dark clouds comin' up again


Please let me know what you think! Also if you like Tokio Hotel then let me know!
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