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Queer as House

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Summary: When ten-year-old Jenny Rebecca gets sick, it's up to Dr. House and his team to figure out what's wrong with her. Queer as Folk/House, MD crossover.

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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

“Hello,” House said slipping into James Wilson's office and locking the door behind him.

“Hey,” Wilson said. “How's the new case?”

“Still an enigma, but she's only been here a few hours,” House said. He walked over to James and sat in his lap, leaning over to kiss him. Wilson kissed House back, setting his hand against the back of House's head, pulling him against him. House slipped his tongue into Wilson's mouth and Wilson let him. They kissed for a few minutes before Wilson pulled back.

“Greg, not here. I have an appointment in five minutes, and you have a patient.”

“We could have a quickie,” House suggested, waggling his eyebrows suggestively, causing his lover to laugh.

“Greg, go see your patient.”

“Yeah, like that'll happen,” House said. “Don't need to see her to treat her.”

“I thought you were getting over your patientphobia,” Wilson said.

“And I thought the reason I had minions was so I didn't have to see patients.”

“Go see your patient. She's a scared little girl,” Wilson said. “Go fix her.”

“Fine. But I want another kiss first,” House said, like a petulant child. James sighed, kissed his lover again, and then shooed him away.


“Jennifer? I'm Dr. Hadley and this is Dr. Taub, we need to draw some blood.”

“I'm Melanie, this is Lindsay, We're Jenny's moms.”

“Nice to meet you,” Thirteen said, as Taub grabbed the stuff for the blood draw. Bruckner, the new resident, was sitting next to his little sister, holding her hand. Thirteen kept thinking that Melanie seemed very familiar, and she kept thinking she knew the name Bruckner. She'd been to Pittsburgh once or twice, but it had been a long time since she and Leda had been there.

“Melanie Marcus,” Thirteen said. “Now I remember you. We have a mutual ex-girlfriend.”

“We do?” Melanie asked.

“Leda,” Thirteen grinned. Melanie and Lindsay gave each other knowing looks, and then Thirteen turned her attention back on Jenny

“Where are your dads?” Thirteen asked.

“Daddy had to go home to approve the issue of Rage, and Pop had to go to work,” Jenny said. “They'll be back on the weekend.”

“Rage?” Thirteen asked. “Wait,” she looked at the file again, “Novotny, your Daddy is Michael Novotny? The author of Rage?”

“Yep,” Jenny and Hunter said together.

“Everyone will be here on the weekend,” Hunter said. “Can't have Jenny missing Gus's birthday party, can we?”

“Is that your other brother?” Thirteen asked as she prepped Jenny's arm, and Taub stood the looking stiff and uncomfortable.

“Yeah. We usually live in Canada, but since everyone wants to be with me,” Jenny rolled her eyes, but it was clear she didn't mind having her whole family with her. “Gus is going school in Pittsburgh and staying with his dads.”

“I still can't believe you're letting him go to St. James,” Hunter looked up at Mel and Lindsay, completely ignoring Thirteen. “After what happened to Justin.”

“That was thirteen years ago, Hunter, they're much less repressive now,” Lindsay said.

Jenny flinched as the needle went in to draw the blood, but she squeezed her big brother's hand and leaned her face into his chest. Hunter was so protective of Jenny. Of course both her big brothers were, but Mel and Linds saw something else in Hunter's eyes. When Jenny had gotten sick, Hunter and Ben had been horrified. Jenny Rebecca was the one member of their family who was supposed to be spared all the hell of illness and hospitals. Michael was still negative, praise God, but he endured every hospital visit, every cold, every flu, every setback with his husband and son. HIV was as much a part of Michael's life as it was Ben's and Hunter's. But they had all wanted to spare JR the hell of the hospitals. So, as long as Mel and Lindsay were there to be her mommies, they were okay with letting Hunter play teddy bear and guard dog. He was damn good at it.

Hunter looked darkly at Dr. Taub. They'd never spoken, but Hunter strongly disliked the man. Another student last year had told him that Dr. Taub had given a long rant about how doctors with HIV shouldn't be allowed to practice, and how all people should have to reveal their status publicly. He also knew through the grapevine, and from sizing him up now, that Dr. Taub was a homophobe, and only tolerated Dr. Hadley because she was, Hunter guessed, bisexual and therefore less threatening. Hunter guessed that Thirteen was bisexual because A) she had mentioned Leda, B) Hunter heard she used to date Dr. Foreman, and C) Hunter was sure she had checked him out earlier.

“After Dr. Thirteen and the quiet creepy man leave, can we have pizza?” Jenny asked.

“Is she on a special diet?” Melanie asked the two doctors, smiling as Dr. Taub flinched and glowered at Jenny's description of him.

“Pizza's okay,” Thirteen said, “But you've got to have an MRI first. Did your brother tell you to call me Dr. Thirteen?”

“Yes,” Jenny said, still not looking at the blood, but keeping her face in Hunter's chest. “Can I have music?”

“At the Children's Hospital in Toronto they let her play music during the MRI,” Lindsay explained, “So she wouldn't get scared in the tube.”

“I think we can manage that,” Chase said from the doorway. “There's an iPod jack in the room and everything. You guys just about done?”

“Just about,” Thirteen said, filling an other vial. “So, Jenny, do you have any pets?”

“In Toronto,” Jenny said. “I have two cats. But I can't have any at my Dads' house.”

“Why not?” Chase asked. “Allergies?”

“No, we can't have the litter boxes of course,” Jenny said matter-of-factly. Hunter held his sister a little tighter. Ben wouldn't mind if people knew he had AIDS, but Hunter had to work at this hospital, and with people like Taub it would not do him any favors to disclose his status.

“Toxoplasmosis,” Hunter said quietly. “Our Dad Ben just progressed to full-blown AIDS two years ago. He's doing much better now, but cats are not a luxury we can afford.”

“Ahh,” Thirteen said. That was one skeleton unearthed. House was always after them unearthing all the skeletons and revealing all the secrets. “All done. Now Dr. Chase and Dr. Foreman can take you down for your MRI.”

“Can I have my iPod?” Jenny asked, and Hunter grabbed Jenny's pink iPod off her bed and handed it to her.

“I'm coming with,” Melanie said.

“Why don't I see to that pizza, baby,” Lindsay said, kissing Jenny on the head.

“Will you come too, Hunter, or do you have to go to work?” Jenny asked.

“I don't go on for two more hours, until then I'm all yours,” he promised.

Jenny listened to her iPod while Dr. Chase pushed her wheelchair and Hunter walked next to them. Melanie hung back asked Dr. Foreman lots of questions.

“So, you're married to Dr. Cameron, right?”

“Yes,” Chase answered.

“Didn't she take a married name?” Hunter asked.

“She did, but it would be confusing if we were both Dr. Chase, so she goes by Cameron at work.”

“She's an immunologist, right?” Hunter asked.

“Yes,” Chase answered.

“That's the specialty I want to go into,” Hunter said.

“Because of your dad?” Chase asked.

“Yeah, and because of all the others,” Hunter said. Silently thinking about himself.

“I suppose, growing up in the gay community with gay parents meant you've known a lot of positive people.”

“Yeah,” Hunter said. “I didn't grow up completely with them, though. I was fifteen when they took me in as a foster kid and seventeen when they adopted me. They're awesome dads. Right JR?” Hunter asked the girl who was pretending to listen to her iPod but was really listening to the adults.

“Yeah,” Jenny said, unashamed. “They're the best dads.”

“Even better than Gus' dads?” Hunter teased.

“Well...” Jenny said, trying decide if she should remain loyal to her dads or to her brother's dads.

“Gus' dads bought her a pony,” Hunter explained to Dr. Chase, who grinned.

“No, my dads are the best. I get all my comic books for free.”

“And comic books are better than ponies?” Chase asked. He was looking forward to being a dad so much.

“You don't have to muck out comic books,” Jenny said, which made Chase laugh

“So, why do you get free comics?” Chase asked.

“My Daddy Michael owns a comic book store. He also writes a comic book that Uncle Justin draws,” Jenny said.

“What's it called?” Chase asked as hi rolled Jenny into the MRI room.

“Rage: The Gay Crusader,” Hunter said. “Jenny, give me your iPod, and I'll give it to the doctor up in the booth and he'll put your music on, okay?”

“Okay,” Jenny said, surrendering her pink mp3 player.

The doctors settled Jenny in and then Foreman, Chase, Mel and Hunter all went up to the booth. True to their words, they plugged in Jenny's iPod and Hunter cued up Jenny's favorite playlist.

“What is she listening to?” Foreman asked with a look of disgust on his face.

“Wizard rock,” Hunter and Melanie said at the same time, as the technician started up the MRI.

“What the hell is wizard rock?” Foreman asked.

“Music based on the Harry Potter books,” Hunter said. “JR loves those books. And there are hundreds of bands, mainly people on the internet, that write songs about Harry Potter, and about other books and nerdy stuff too. One of our dads has an entire CD of music about superheroes.”

“Well, better Harry Potter than that Twilight crap,” Chase said. “My wife bought those damn Twilight books and read them all in, like less than a week, and wouldn't stop talking about them for weeks.”

“Sounds like Daphne,” Mel said. “When she was pregnant with Aisha she went through those books like crazy.”

“Emmett reads them too,” Hunter said. “And so does Justin. They go on and on about how dreamy Edward Cullen is. It's enough to gag a maggot.”

“I've been meaning to compliment you, Hunter, on cleaning up your language. College was good for you.”

“Thanks, I've been trying,” Hunter said. “Although I slipped up talking to Dr. Cuddy the other way when I told her Jenny had spent most of the fucking summer in the hospital. It sucks, though. She always loves the parades.”

“You dropped the f-bomb in front of Cuddy and she didn't fire you?” Foreman asked, shocked. “Not even House does that.”

“Dr. Cuddy is really cool,” Hunter said. “I think every hospital would be lucky to have someone like Dr. Cuddy in charge. She's one of the best people I've met here.”

“Cuddy? Cool?” Chase asked.

“Are we talking about the same Lisa Cuddy here?” Foreman asked.

“Yeah,” Hunter said. “You don't think so?”

“I never thought of her as cool,” Foreman said. “She's my boss. It would be hell on earth, however, dealing with House without her.”

“House, yeah,” Hunter sighed. Melanie saw something flash in Hunter's eyes. “Chase, Foreman, House is the best in the country, right? I didn't make a mistake asking Dr. Cuddy to show House JR's file, did I?”

“No,” Chase said quickly, and Hunter saw Mel relax. She was looking at her daughter's brain images the same as the doctors, but she didn't know what they meant. “House is the biggest asshole in the world,” Chase started.

“You haven't met Brian Kinney,” Mel interjected quietly.

“But he's also a brilliant doctor. If anyone can figure out what's going on with Jenny, Dr. House can.”

“Good,” Hunter said.

“Have you met Dr. House?” Foreman asked.

“Not recently,” Hunter said. “How's the image look?”

“You're a resident now, what do you see?” Chase asked.

Hunter stared at Jenny's brain, looking around, describing it all to the doctors, who nodded and agreed with him. The analyzed, and then they finished and let Melanie take Jenny up for food. Hunter kissed his sister on the head, and then ran off to change and clock in. Melanie was pretty sure she understood that Hunter had known Dr. House a long time ago, back in his former life. Hunter had been doing really well at coping with his past, had been in therapy for years, and would tell his family stuff when he was ready.

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