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Queer as House

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Summary: When ten-year-old Jenny Rebecca gets sick, it's up to Dr. House and his team to figure out what's wrong with her. Queer as Folk/House, MD crossover.

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(Past Donor)JoyfulFR1546,9252103,31730 Apr 1030 Apr 10No

Chapter One

Title: Queer as House
Author: Joyful
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. Queer as Folk belongs to the folks at Showtime, and House belongs to David Shore and the folks at Fox. I'm just playing.

Summary: About 9 years after the ending of Queer as Folk Doctor Gregory House finds himself with a young patient named Jenny who has a crazy family that won't leave him alone.

Timeline: post series for QAF, and kind of AU for House. It's in the future, all the relevant characters are around, but not necessarily in the roles they are in on the show, because I stopped watching after it pissed me off, lol. Chase & Cameron are back together after a time apart.

Notes: Obviously, this fic contains slash. The amazing Shulik requested a Wilson/House slashfic, so I aim to please.

If you're not really familiar with the character of Hunter, the best Hunter fanvid ever (actually, I'm pretty sure it's the only Hunter fanvid ever, but it's still absolutely amazing) is right here:

I know nothing about this medical stuff, so don't expect the doctory stuff to make any sense, okay? I'm making all the illness stuff up and being very vague.

Oh, Aisha is an original character, she's Justin's daughter with Daphne, and they have split custody.

Chapter One

Jenny Rebecca was not going to cry. She was a Marcus, dammit, and Marcus' didn't cry. Not even when stupid bullies stole their backpack and tore up their homework.

“Dyke. Stupid little dyke,” the bullies taunted.

“I heard half your family has AIDS,” one of the kids said.

“I hope you all die,” another bully said. “All fags deserve to die.”

Jenny clenched her fists. That was the last straw. She turned to Tommy Perkins, the leader of the bullies and kicked him as hard as she could in the balls.

“Bitch,” Tommy's best friend said, pulling back a hand and punching Jenny in the face. Across the playground, her big brother Gus saw the guy hit his little sister and ran towards them as fast as he could.

“Leave my sister alone,” the thirteen-year-old boy said, punching the oldest boy in the face. Several of the bullies were actually younger than Gus, and rabbited at his appearance. The guy Gus had punched hit him back and before long the two were rolling around on the ground.

“Jenny!” a girl shouted,

“Oh no! Jenny!” Another girl said. Gus was off the ground in a second and at his little sister's side. Jenny's entire body was twitching, like Sunshine's hand after painting too long, and there was blood in her mouth.

“Jenny,” he said, running his hand across his sister's forehead. He pulled out his cell phone and called for help.


Lisa Cuddy was walking towards her office when she heard her name called out. She turned around and saw one of her students standing there.

“Hello Hunter.” She had so many students it was often hard to remember their names. This one she knew pretty well. He'd come up to her first when he started medical school, and then again before he accepted his residency. He'd also come to talk to her a few times during medical school, and had taken some of her seminars. He'd had to disclose his HIV status to her. No matter how much Hunter wanted to be a doctor, it wasn't worth the shit he'd go through if he tried to hide his status forever. Dr. Cuddy agreed that if he followed all proper protocol there shouldn't be any need to disclose his status to everyone.

“Hey Dr. Cuddy.”

“What can I do for you? You don't start your residency for another week, right?”

“Yeah. Listen, can you look at this?” Hunter handed a medical file to Dr. Cuddy. “It's my little sister's medical files. She's ten, and she's sick, and nobody can figure out what's wrong with her. I want Dr. House's team to look at her.”

“Hunter, I don't know if Dr. House has the time for the case, but I'll look over her files.”

“Listen, Dr. Cuddy, My sister's brother's dads are loaded, and they've promised that if you can figure what the hell is wrong with JR they'll donate enough money for a new wing, or whatever you need.”

“Your sister's brother's dad?” Cuddy asked.

“Dads. As in two of them. Our family is complicated, there's four of us kids between seven parents. You got a problem with that?” Hunter asked. He knew he shouldn't get defensive, or aggressive, this woman had the ability to stop him from becoming a doctor. But JR was sick, and Hunter didn't care what it took, someone had to fix his baby sister.

“N-no,” Dr. Cuddy said. She wasn't homophobic, it just took her by surprise. “I'll look over the file and talk to Dr. House. Your sister lives in Toronto, it says?”

“Only during the school year. She lives in Pittsburgh with our dads during the summer, normally, but she's spent most of the fucking summer, oh, sorry, bad habit. Most of the summer in the hospital in Toronto. She has dual citizenship, though, if that's a factor.”

“It's not,” Dr. Cuddy replied. “Hunter, I will look these over. I promise. Now, go home and be with your family.”


“House, I want you to take this patient,” Dr. Cuddy said, handing the files to him.

“Oh, but I'm so very busy, can't you tell?” House said.

“Take this case and you don't have to do any clinic hours this week.”

“Ooh, bribery, must be important. What makes,” he looked at the file, “Jenny Rebecca Marcus so important?”

“She's a ten-year-old girl who's dying, and they can't figure out why. She has seizures, clotting problems and lung failure, but they've yet to determine a cause.”

“Interesting, but still doesn't explain why you want me to take this case so badly.”

“Fine. Multiple member of her family have called me today with promises of obscenely large donations if we figure out, and I quote 'what the fuck's wrong with JR',” Cuddy sighed.

“Okay, I will take this case just because I'm hoping you'll drop the F-bomb again. But no clinic duty for a month.”

“Fine,” Cuddy sighed. “Just treat the girl.”

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