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In the Arms of an Angel

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Summary: AU. Eventual Slash and incest of the Wincest persuassion. Harry made a friend before going to Hogwarts who wanted him to be protected. His prayer was answered.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Harry Potter
Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Supernatural
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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Not mine
The angel’s identity will be revealed either this chapter or next, won’t tell you right now, you have to keep reading. This is not an angel I have seen in an episode but I have only seen parts of s4 so he may have shown up since then, I know he’s talked about occasionally at some point. So consider his behaviour and character AU if he has been shown in episodes I haven’t seen.

Chapter 2

Harry smiled as he played with the feather he always wore around his neck. It was a million times softer and brighter than any of Hedwig’s feathers. He felt...peaceful since his near death and seeing his angel. The Dursley’s taunts weren’t affecting him like usual, despite his inability to seek refuge at the church. Pastor Richard was away at some sort of Church thing for most of the summer and Harry didn’t like the fill-in Pastor so for once he wasn’t spending his days there. He hadn’t seen his protector since the Chamber but he’d felt his presence several times so he wasn’t concerned. He had a feeling the only reason he had seen the angel was because he’d been so close to death.

In a way it was good Pastor Richard was gone, Harry wasn’t sure what to tell him about the events in the Chamber. Would he think Harry was seeing things if he admitted to seeing his angel? Was it bad that an angel was personally watching out for him or good? Harry sighed and then groaned as he saw Aunt Marge arrive. There went his peaceful feeling. With that mass murderer escaping Aunt Petunia was keeping both him and Dudley close by so he couldn’t even escape to the park to avoid her and, if that beast could be called a dog.

“Boy!” Harry slipped his necklace inside his short and hurried down stairs.

Harry moved quietly around Diagon Alley. After a week he already knew pretty much everything about it but he had noticed a few small side alleys other than Knockturn Alley and he had decided to see what they had to offer. He had heard all the whispers about Sirius Black and one cut off conversation about some sort of link to the Potters so he had taken care to conceal his identity. It was amazing what a bit of muggle makeup could do to hide his scar. Not to mention a trip to a magical hairdresser for a change of colour and then some new clothes. Anyone looking for Harry Potter would have a hard time spotting him. The end of last year had taught him something, he could not depend on any adult’s and he needed to be prepared to eventually fight Riddle again. While he knew the angel was watching over him he knew he would not fight Harry’s battles for him.

Harry stared blankly out the window of an unused classroom, trying to accept what he had heard earlier that day. Sirius Black, the man everyone claimed betrayed his parent, was his Godfather. Other than so angry he could burst he didn’t know what to feel. He’d seen enough to know not to simply believe Black was the traitor without concrete proof and something just

“Expecto Patronum...Expecto....Expe....” Harry dropped to his knees as the Dementors overwhelmed his defences. He felt skeletal hands seize him, his mind filled with his mother’s screams and then a blinding light lit the clearing. And the Dementor holding him screamed as it literally disintegrated. Looking up harry smiled as he saw his angel standing over him, blazing sword in hand. The angel stood guard over them and then Harry turned his head and stared as someone conjured the most powerful patronus he’d ever seen, someone who looked kind of like the photos he had of his Dad.

“Sleep now young one.” A familiar voice whispered and Harry gratefully let darkness claim him, safe in the knowledge that everything would be alright now.

“Hello Harry.” Richard smiled at the teenager who managed a smile in return.

“I’m glad you’re back Pastor Richard.” Harry told him as they walked to the back of the church to share some tea.

“How have your studies been?”

“Not too bad I guess. We actually had a Defence teacher who knew his stuff, got sacked for being a werewolf at the end of the year though. heard the noise over Sirius Black?” Harry asked and Richard nodded.
“He’s one of us and...and he’s my Godfather. Not to mention innocent of every crime but breaking out of prison though since he was never given a trial does that count? The longer I attend Hogwarts the more...doubts I have about my parent’s world. There’s just so much bigotry and corruption sometimes I wish I’d never said yes to my letter.” Harry admitted quietly.
“things keep getting more and more dangerous, it’s like someone’s testing me all the time. Why can’t I just be normal?” Harry asked and Richard lay a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Do you know what most of those ‘normal’ people wish Harry? They wish for a life like yours. I do not know why you were chosen but I do know you were chosen for a reason. Keep faith Harry. Once you’re an adult you can leave, even leave the country if you wish.”

“If I last until I’m an adult, between the incompetency of the Ministry and Riddle I don’t know if I’ll live to seventeen.” Harry told his oldest friend and sort of uncle figure.

“I believe you will survive Harry. You are far too stubborn to just give up and die and every year you learn more to help you survive.”

Harry smiled as he felt a familiar presence enter his room, one he hadn’t felt since he faced the Dementors.

“Thank you.” He whispered and he felt a gentle hand rest on his shoulder.
“Why do you protect me?” He asked, not expecting an answer.

“Because I answered a prayer.” The angel answered and Harry gasped.

“You really are an angel.”

“I am Michael.”

“Michael as But surely there are more important things for you to do than keep saving my life? Not that I’m complaining or anything.” Harry rushed and then blushed as the angel laughed softly.

“Every human is important Harry, though you have a Destiny most could only dream of. I chose to watch over you because of your friend’s prayer for someone to help you. It is something I have not regretted.” With that Michael was gone and Harry slipped into bed, much happier than he had been before.

“Someone’s trying to kill me, again. Joy oh joy.” Harry grumbled as he sat looking out over the snow covered grounds. What other reason would someone have for illegally entering him in the Tournament? But who was it this time?
“Don’t suppose I could get a hint?” He asked, not expecting an answer and sure enough Michael remained silent even though Harry could feel his presence. If it wasn’t for the angel Harry would be curled up in a ball crying, everyone had deserted him, choosing to believe he had put his name in the cup. His letter to Pastor Richard and Michael’s silent presence were all he had.

Harry stared at Cedric’s body in frozen horror. He knew he had to move, had to get away but all he could see was the older boy lying pale and cold on the dead grass. He was grabbed and then shoved against something cold and hard, ropes binding him to what he found was a large gravestone. He fought against the ropes, feeling them burn and cut into his skin as he struggled but it was no use. He tried to reach for the small knife hidden in his belt but couldn’t move his hand far enough to actually grasp it. He fought the urge to complexly panic, knowing it was the worst thing he could do, even as Wormtail approached a bubbling cauldron. Where was Michael? The angel had always been with him during these battles? Harry shook his head and focused, trying to get a grip on his magic without his wand. It was hard but he’d done it before when in danger. Apparently this wasn’t going to be one of those times. He watched with mounting horror as Wormtail began the ritual, gritting his teeth as his arm was pierced by the blade but refusing to react otherwise.

But when Voldemort touched his skin Harry could no longer hold the scream in. He struggled to breathe, not paying any attention to the madman’s words as he fought to calm himself and then the ropes were gone and his wand was in his hand. He fought as best as he could, better than even Riddle had expected but it wasn’t enough and soon he was writhing under the Cruciatus curse. He stared in awe at his parents when they appeared and then he was running as fast as he could, grabbing both Cedric and the cup to collapse back on the Hogwart’s grounds.

Harry woke, muffling his scream into the pillow only to jump at the feel of a hand on his shoulder. He rolled over and relaxed as Michael’s warm presence washed over him. He flung himself at the angel, taking him by surprise but warm arms and soft wings swiftly encircled him, protecting him from the outside world.

“It’s my fault. He’s dead.” Harry choked out and Michael pulled back to look him in the eyes.

“Cedric’s death was not your fault Harry. Nothing you did could have prevented it.” Michael assured the young wizard. Something about the boy, Michael knew more about what the child would face in the years to come than his brethren and it saddened him, he had never meant to show himself to Harry and yet he hadn’t been able to simply watch as the child cried. He knew soon he would be unable to watch over harry but he would find another to take his place, the only question was who? It could not be Uriel or any other angel like him, they looked down on humans too much and Harry needed understanding, not disdain. He still had time to find someone.

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