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The Most Useful Gift

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Summary: If two pregnant women are kidnapped by the same person at the same time, is that one kidnapping, two, or four? Glee/Criminal Minds Crossover.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. That's Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk.


Quinn was just starting to show, true, but JJ was waddlesome. But hugging her felt the same and Quinn squinched her eyes shut as tears started to build up. Only part of it was hormones. The other part, the important part, was warm, friendly, familiar arms wrapping around her in comfort.

“Passing through on business?” Quinn mumbled into JJ’s shoulder.

“Isn’t that how it normally goes?” JJ asked, wryly amused.

“Dad says you do a man’s job,” Quinn said, testing the waters as she pulled back.

“Your dad likes to talk out his ass,” JJ said, rolling her eyes.

“JJ!” the full-figured blonde that had joyfully introduced herself as, ‘Penelope Garcia, supreme goddess off all things tech,’ hissed.

Quinn’s breath had caught, though. “He threw me out. When he found out I was pregnant.”

“Oh, forget about talking out his ass,” Penelope said, instantly up in arms. “He is an ass.”

Quinn’s breath released on a startled giggle. She didn’t know what to say, couldn’t really find it in herself to argue.”

Penelope turned to JJ and asked, “That’s illegal, isn’t it?”

JJ was idly playing with Quinn’s hair as she frowned, thinking. “Since she’s under 18, it could technically be abandonment.”

“I don’t want to cause any trouble,” Quinn said hurriedly, trying to nip that in the bud. She didn’t want to draw any more attention to this situation than there already had been. “It’s no big deal.”

JJ cocked her head, eyes serious and tone gentle. “How’re you paying to see a doctor? Where are you living? How are you going to take care of a baby without help?”

“My boyfriend has a job,” Quinn said automatically before reality caught up with her and tears started to slide down her cheeks as her breathing hitched. “My ex boyfriend. And I was staying at his place, too, and I don’t know about that now. But I know I’m not keeping the baby. I’m not ready to be a parent.”

“He broke up with you because you got pregnant?” Penelope asked, aghast.

“No,” Quinn said after a second, quiet. She wanted to say yes, to lay the blame at anyone else’s feet. She just wanted to be innocent in something. But she couldn’t do that. “The baby isn’t his. I told it was. I made him believe it. I caused him to tell his mother, his single mother that he’d gotten me pregnant.”

And she fell to pieces, right there in the backstage area of Sectionals. JJ gathered her to her, shushing her and gently drawing her hand down her hair. And there was no judgment, no admonishment. There was just love and understanding and everything family was supposed to give one another. Quinn was struck all over again by how grateful she was to have JJ as her cousin.

Penelope went off to join the other people that had come with JJ, probably updating them on the foibles of JJ’s pregnant teenage cousin. Quinn couldn’t bring herself to care.

JJ pulled back and looked her in the eye. “Let’s take a walk? Get out of this madhouse for a little while?”

“Okay,” Quinn nodded, drawing in a jerky breath.

They somehow found a backdoor out of the place and were walking up the alley to the street when Quinn was grabbed from behind and the barrel of a gun pressed into her temple.

“Take off the badge and any weapons you might have or I’ll blow the little bitch’s brains across the wall,” a low voice said and, oh God. Quinn knew that voice.

JJ slowly dropped her badge and gun next to the door and stood raising her hands. “You don’t want to do this. Just let us go.”

The woman holding her laughed and jammed the gun harder into Quinn’s temple, causing her to yelp. “Everything got so messed up. But I can fix it. Everything’ll be fine. I’m going to fix everything. Starting with you two. Now, take those handcuffs and put them on, behind your back like a good girl.”

“JJ, she’s crazy,” Quinn said breathlessly. Her nerves were stretched taut and she couldn’t catch her breath. “She’s really, really crazy.”

JJ put on the cuffs, looking Quinn in the eye as she said, “Everything’s going to be okay.”

“Well,” the woman said, “Maybe not for the two of you.”

And Quinn’s world went black as the butt of the gun suddenly met her temple.
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